Is Buying Philips Hand Blender Daily Collection Hl1655/00 Worth?

Preparing Cake, Smoothies, and Dip is not a simple task. Without a helping hand, such as a Hand blender for preparing those items in no time. It can be a knight in the shining armor of your Kitchen for making such tasks easier for you.

For housewives, it can be the best supporter to prepare the ingredients by doing tasks such as mixing, blending, whipping, etc., effortlessly.

Most importantly, this blender is capable of handling heavy tasks for a long time as well. As Philips is the brand of this amazing little fellow, you’ll not have to worry regarding the mixer’s durability.

Among the top choices in India, Phillips brings you its HI1655/00 model, which is a Dynamic and Convenient manufactured beast by Phillips. Talking about this blender, it comes with a rod of stainless steel and also with removable blades for Tearing and Thrashing.

And you know what this model will make your task of preparing salad for your guests in batches as easy as preparing an evening tea.

Just by Chopping and mixing veggies conveniently for a couple of minutes, and your delicious dinner salad is ready. The Secret behind its magic of preparing such salads with that much speed is the 250W power-packed Motor.

Overall, it’s a decent branded blender with a long life span. However, the testing results and features besides the buying guide we have all covered in this review.

Philips Daily Collection Hl1655/00

What Makes Philips HL1655/00 Hand Blender Different From Other Models?

While Purchasing a Splashing blender, you should be aware of the specific feature you wanted. That may be a motor power or the perfect weight. Besides that, you will eliminate stress on each and every feature of your purchase. That will also ensure the price factor.

Remember, “Customers are king and king never bargains” so, paying an accurate amount for the accurate product is necessary. Philips Hand blender is capable of quickly blending larger quantities of ingredients in just 20 min. Also, an amazing toaster from Philips has satisfied our experts the most from 23 other models! 

To prepare delicious and crispy toasts and breads, you can visit Philips Toaster Review to find what amazing features this model contains.

For the perfect grip, this model is designed with a rust-proof metal arm, which will make your job of blending hot and cold dishes more comfortable. The best use of these specially designed blades is for blending dhal and spinach as well as good for Lassi, Puree, and milkshakes.

Work of supporting the blender is done with the help of the rust-free stainless steel and blades for cold and hot ingredients. And the steel which is used is less reactive with air, and food-graded material will be safe to use.

Besides this model, you can cherish Best hand blenders and mixers and choose from 20 different models that topped in our testing.


Philips Daily Collection Hl1655/00 Features

Ergonomically Designed: The customization of the product is ergonomic design so that it can give you a better grip while holding the blender. Easy Storage: This model has additional features of a wall bracket for trouble-free storage of the appliance

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Removable Blades for Whisking: One of the best features of this model is that they are providing you two different blades for the whipping process and make it more effortless. These two blades can easily whip cream, egg, and whisk of beverages.

Powerful Motor: With the help of a super motor of 250W, which takes care of rigid ingredients. Although, this innovative product can easily blend ingredients in just 20 min.

Single Trigger Press: This blender is so well built that by just pressing a single button, blending of ingredients is possible with one of the phenomenal features easy to hold.

Less Grooves Body Shape: Its Stylish and Unique body shape without any type of trench on the body will ensure easy cleaning.

You’ll be shocked by knowing another impressive blender almost beat this model in terms of features! Read Prestige PHB 5.0 Hand Blender to know more.

What's Cool?
Rapidly mixes, blends, whips for your dishes with just a button press.
The design has no grooves on the machine’s body, which makes cleaning highly simple.
Interchanging the blades is possible with this blender. It will also help to make whisking simple.
With a power-packed 250W motor, even the tough ingredients will be easily mashed, making some delicious cuisines.
What's Not Cool?
A bit noisy if used at full speed.

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Philips Daily Collection Hl1655/00 Review & Benefits

PHILIPS HL1655/00 Hand Blender Benefits

To put your hands on a beneficial blender, features, and additional benefits is what most matters. However, besides the benefits, the price can also be a crucial factor.

Paying for other benefits is what this amazing blender from Philips ensures. Here’s the whole list of what our experts found interesting and advantages while testing this little fellow. Besides that, Bajaj hand blender also impressed us!


Smooth button to press:

Buttons are what most blenders slip at. Mostly, customers complain that blenders’ start/stop button stops working after a few weeks. The machine should not require repairs.

It must be a helping hand rather than being a painful punch. Philips Hl1655/00 smooth button assists you in easily adjust the blender’s speed while you blend the ingredients.

Uneven body of the blender:

An uneven blender’s body might lead to a slippery control. If the surface of a blender is rough like this model, it’ll lead to a solid grip. This benefit ensures comfortable operation, making it joyful while ensuring safety.

High power of the Motor:

As the blender’s motor capacity is highly important, Philips offers you a great RTP speed. It makes your tasks quick yet perfect. This better motor capacity will also ensure that the blender never shakes while handling tough tasks and keep providing the perfect blend for the dishes. 

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Lightweight and portable:

A lightweight blender can ensure high mobility to quickly move from one task to another. Also, you can hold a utensil along with it if you’re a good chef and love multitasking in cooking. This blender makes it suitable for you as the weight is fairly low, and the design is sleek and compact.

Material of the blender:

A blender must contain blades that are made of stainless steel material. This wool highly enhances the durability of the blades. Also, such blades never react with the chemicals of the food.

As it might be leading to corroding the blades. Don’t worry; the blades of this little fellow are made of stainless steel only. Besides that, the body is BPA-free.


As versatility can be the main benefit in your gadget, ensure that the hand blender can help you with as many dishes as possible. Starting from puree soup to whipped cream, it should be perfect in all small tasks departments, just like this Philips blender.


An ideal tiny kitchen gadget must be sufficient with numerous speed changes, easy to clean, contain many features, and dishwasher friendliness.

All this will make it your favorite kitchen kit. Philips hand blender surely holds this potential, and we are sure it’ll be your perfect assistant in your Kitchen.

Excellent design:

How can you skip this? Having the hand blender with an eye-catching design is what makes it special in a group of ordinary ones. Just look at this blender’s well and intelligently designed.

Also, including the handle to hold it properly. Product design is what matters to almost 65% of consumers to look into while purchasing. By the way, have you been a big pizza and cake lover?

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Nowadays, most hand blenders come with extra blades, stands, whisks, and even a blending jar. So, pay attention when you check.

Coming to the main point that the accessories of the hand blender should be taken care of in a proper manner and easy to clean. How long accessories are good for use purpose that’s what really matters.

Why Choose Hand Blender Over Hand Mixer

Why Choose Hand Blender Over Hand Mixer

This can be a highly deep confusion for those kitchen workers who are beginners and wanna have a helping hand. Hand mixer and blender are like twin brothers from a similar mother. However, their working system is where the difference lies.

The hand blender works in a perfect manner for veggies. Also, everything you can cook within the container. It will help by making the mixture hot and blend it perfectly.

However, what’s so great about blenders? The biggest advantage is a separate container is not necessary for your ingredients.

Using a hand mixer can be easy for whipping cream or eggs. Most importantly, if we talk about handling the cooked food and veggies, a hand blender will be the winner.

However, who don’t like fresh fruit ju9ices in the morning? This highly helps in improving your immunity, but as Cold press and centrifugal juicers are costly, we have a cheap solution for you which numerous people prefers. Read Wonderchef Juicer Review to find out.

On the other hand, if you miss homemade cakes and need icing on them. A hand mixer is possibly the best choice.

People who are too much into the Kitchen are very much confused while choosing between a hand blender and a hand mixer, especially freshers. Don’t worry, after reading this. You will get your respected answer, that’s for sure.

What's Advantageous?

Hand Blender Benefits

Perfect For preparing veggies and puree.
All in one mechanism, You can also cook within the container.
Best for icing Of the cake.
Perfect for the refreshing smoothies.

What's Advantageous?

Hand Mixer Benefits

Good For preparing veggies.
You Can’t cook within the container.
The icing of the cake is not possible.
Homemade cakes are also not possible.

So, after this reading, we hope you choose the one wisely and buy a better product, which is a more suitable appliance for your Kitchen.

Buying Guide

There are plenty of things that a hand blender can perform. Apart from satisfying the basic function, it elongates its use to a number of other different features as well.

Getting it to prepare ingredients in morning breakfast can ease your job. Also, coffee can make your pressure a lot less through the day and make you feel fresh. You can read Why to buy an Espresso machine?

This machine might not look multi-purpose but trust us, after using it once, it will show its magic why it is called a multi-purpose one.

But to understand this function, you have to go deeper into the ocean of blender’s knowledge. Therefore, let us assist you with some crucial buying tips through this blender’s buying guide. A simple and compact machine is a hand blender that is really effortless at use.

But if you want a machine to serve you a satisfying result without any risk and exactly what you want, the below precautions section you must cherish carefully. After reading that, you can wisely choose your preferred product.

Consider The Following Points Before Buying Hand Blenders



If you’re in search of a blender that can perform well in your Kitchen, then instead of adapting a heavy-duty mixer, a hand blender can be a perfect choice, isn’t it? As it controls the texture and consistency, it is also very easy to use and clean.

But when it comes to baking purpose or any other activity that includes whisking, you should look for one that has a detachable blade with it.

Also, there should be a whisking option if you are making your mind to have a simple machine only for the purpose of blending. You can easily choose one which has the blades intact.


There are various mini-kitchen gadgets with variations in features within them. Hand blender concepts are a little different as they operate on different powers and accordingly deliver results.

If the hand blender reaches the utmost speed when you use it, it will work more efficiently as it will help to turn the blades even faster and more effectively with great effort.

At a certain point, when it consumes less power, it will be getting slower automatically. That means the expenses will differ with some additional features.


Since a hand blender is often used, the components should be sufficiently durable. No matter even if the hand blenders are cheap, you should still look for a model with higher durability, such as Philips Hl1655/00.

Many of the reputed brands provide a warranty with their products, and a person should look into the product before buying it. If we talk about other blend’s durability things, the manufactured parts should also be long-lasting so that blenders can have the same efficiency.

NotePrestige hand blender turned out as another fantastic model in terms of durability besides this Philips model.


Another essential point is the price range obviously. However, as hand blenders are cheap, it can be the best solution rather than going behind centrifugal, masticating, or other expensive types such as cold press juicers.

This mixer from Philips is the most advanced technology, and it’s highly cost-effective. Philips is known for offering amazingly durable products, and these hand blenders come in that range only at a reasonable price.

Hence, considering the cheap price point, this blender offers you more than sufficient, and investing in this helping hand is totally worth it. Just like Bajaj Toaster arrives at an affordable price, look for every kitchen appliance with quality and at the cheapest price point.

Additional Features

Every hand blending model is suitable for several works, but those which come with additional features are fantastic to offer great vesiculation.

Among those additional features, the commonest is the replaceable blades, which can be easily replaced with a whisker, a cutter, or some other type of blade.

Besides that, giving them a larger set-off function is possible. A few brands also offer special stand designs to ensure mobility. Also, some come with a tiny hole that makes it easy to hang, saving your Kitchen’s counter space.

The list of the additional features might be endless if we go deep. However, the aspects we mentioned above are the major ones, which you must look for in a hand blender. Fortunately, Philips Hl1655 arrives with almost all of them.

How to use a Hand blender?

How to use a Hand blender


1. Assemble all the food mixture which to be blend in the Stainless-steel container,

Blending containers utilizing glass or plastic utensils will be not apprentice-able and safe, so be careful and choose wisely.

2. Select the ideal vessel

The vessels which you choose have a major effect at the time when you need to take advantage of the hand blender. If the things which you are putting in it for blending are too light, then it might be possible that the blender won’t play his role of blending successfully.

Also, as a result, your satisfaction will be less. As much as ingredients are deeper than the blade, it will blend it so nicely.

Meanwhile, if you need small batches, it is smarter to go for taller and smaller holders. For the purpose of mixing versus a more extensive bowl.

3. Setting up the bender

Put the blender into the respected container containing the mixture of food. You must check wisely that the stick is completely submerged in the mix, and if it does not, make it happen because there are plenty of chances of the mixture being splatter.

4. Always begin with a slow speed

It depends on whether your speed of the unit is verbal at a range. Always go slow but steady with the slowest speed. Then increase the speed according to your willingness. This whole process permits bigger parts to get detached easily before you reach full speed.

Note – Do you want something that will keep your fluids such as tea/coffee warm for as much as 8 hours? Read Prestige Electric Kettle PKOSS Review and bring this cheap yet long lasting solution to ensure fresh traveling and picnics.

How to clean a hand blender with a perfect matter?

How to clean a hand blender

Cleaning a hand blender might be a hassling task. It may irritate you at the beginning, and you might just give up cleaning it. Anyways, chill. Here are some following steps that will make your cleaning process the simplest task.

  1. Prepare a large glass of water. You can add any basic quantity to it, like washing soda or any powder.
  2. Submerge the blender as your blender is connected and plugged into the switchboard. Gently activate the hand blender by putting it within the water.
  3. As soon as the blender starts off, water will clean up the blades of the blender. Unplug the blender after it gets totally clean.
  4. Make sure that you unplug the blender and wash it with kitchen wrap and a towel. Most importantly, your towel should be there to wrap whatever you use. It’s a good absorption quality.
  5. The frequency should be in a recurring manner of washing and cleaning of the blender once a day. When the needs of yours get fulfilled, make sure immediately the process of cleaning will be a must.
  6. For Cleaning hand blenders, the dishwasher and soak are also acceptable. Sometimes you might not be able to clean because of a rush in your life. At that moment, this dishwasher to clean your blender will save you enough time.
  7. Be careful; never clean your blender with your hands on the plugged-in or switch-on condition.

Precautions & safety measures when you use a hand blender

Precautions & safety measures


Always be careful with the power:

You must ensure while working with your hand blender that it’s not switched on after your work is done. The power fluctuation might lead to greater damage to the blender.

Choose the suitable food:

Blending the ideal food is highly crucial. While using your blender with food products that are not meant to be used for this product, you might end up damaging the internal parts of your blender.

Wash it after every use:

It’s crucial to wash the blender regularly after cooking. Most importantly, keeping the blender in an unwashed condition might leave some chemicals in your food the next time when you use the blender. Problems such as cogging of your blender might arise as well.

Try keeping your children away:

If you have10 y/o kids at home, you must keep the blender machine away from them. As it contains sharp blades, any mishandling of this appliance might harm their hands badly.

Stay away from heat:

Wait until the food is completely warm or lukewarm before you begin using your blender. The wearing down of its blades because of intense heat might damage it, and the metal might burn your fingers.

Read the manual keenly:

Ensure that you read the manual keenly before you start using the blender. You must not be messing up with the working method of this machine, as it might lead to irreparable damage.

Don’t mess up with the blades:

Many incidents of accidents involving blades with the user’s clothes. Hands, etc., have taken place. We suggest you keep the blades away from your clothes or body parts while you use them.

Try to take them in a direction opposite to you. It will ensure that while you lose control, the gadget will not harm you.

Sharpening your blades:

With sharp blades, you will prevent the blades’ straining. This process will help in preventing the blades from turning sideways & going off-course.

Keep the machine away from water in plugged condition:

If the plug is currently on, you must not be taking the gadget close to the water, as it might lead to electric shocks. Several incidents where this carelessness led to some harmful accidents such as burning the whole house have happened too.

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The Final Advice!

Final words

If your interest is towards cooking and wanna prepare your favorite smoothies and soups easily at home, an electric hand blender is a little fellow to go with.

Also, undoubtedly it was tricky to select the best hand blender as per your requirement, but we have made it simple by recommending the Hl1655 amazing model from Philips.

This compact product perfectly fits your budget while it is suitable for every individual from kids to the aged as it’s highly simple to use.

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We have picked two amazing models that’s under your budget. You can read Glen Air Fryer 3044 and Prestige Air Fryer Review and know how beneficial you are going to be. 


Nishant Rajput is the CEO and the head author at He recently returned from Melbourne, Australia, after studies. Nishant is an engineer and carries colossal enthusiasm for guiding the Indian public to invest money in the right products. He hires a paid team of experts for analyzing data and narrating comprehensive reviews & guides! Besides that, he's a martial artist, gym freak, guitarist, and singer.

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