Is the Bajaj hand-blender a good kitchen assistant? Review, features and buying guide!

An immersion blender, also known as a stick blender or hand blender, can complement any well-equipped kitchen.

It is a great alternative to using larger appliances for basic kitchen tasks such as a food processor/juicer.

It can be used to replace bulky and expensive kitchen tools. It’s something we would never want to do in a countertop blender, stand mixer, or food processor, as for such small tasks, cleaning such large appliances becomes a daunting task.

However, for mixing, whipping, and blending for making make a smoothie to making cake batter, a blender comes in handy.

Moreover, not all hand blenders were able to perform basic tasks like blending, emulsifying, or processing whipped cream as perfectly as a few brands we choose from testing 36 different blender models.

Further, we performed more difficult tasks that determined which candidate deserves a spot in your kitchen.

These included turning fibrous vegetables into creamy soups or crushing ice. Thus, the Bajaj hand blender was able to win our experts’ hearts.

Besides that, Philips turned out as the most impressive Blender besides Bajaj’s model. To read about that model, read Philips Blender Review. Also, you can cherish the huge 20 blenders guide, which includes a comprehensive buyer’s guide as well.

Bajaj Hand Blender

Sufficient POWER and WATTAGE from Bajaj

You don’t require huge motor power since you’ll do tasks such as whipping, mixing, and blending. More power and control will be only required for heavier and harder items.

Judging only on the number of watts can be a bit wrong. Mini-reviewers and sellers generally agree with the fact that blenders with more than 200W are good.

This means 250W that Bajaj offers you with this model is undoubtedly more than sufficient, even for completing heavy tasks. If you require more power, the price might go immensely high. Therefore, going with Bajaj can be an ideal thought.

What is Bajaj Hand Blender’s BUILD QUALITY like?

Just a blender having a higher power number doesn’t necessarily mean that it is essential, that it will produce better results, that it will last longer, or that it is more powerful

It’s not all about horsepower! It is more about the quality and type of the design and the speed combined with the power to produce the results you require

Of course, if you don’t need it to do much volume, or if you are only blending soft or cooked foods anyway, for example, pureeing for baby foods, creaming soup, or simple smoothies, then you would probably be happy with a blender under 200 Watts

Bajaj’s hand blender’s build quality will never let you down. The grip is tight yet smooth to ease your hand and don’t slip during the blending work.

The balk finish offers you a quality look, which can only be found in blenders costing you 3-4k around. Also, cleaning the spilled nutrients/souses on it will be simple with a sleek design.

This Blender is lightning fast!

Bajaj Blender motor

You need to know how to control speed. You should have both a high speed and a slow speed controlling practice.

For pulverizing or blitzing things, you need a fast speed, while a slower one is needed for delicate tasks like whisking, emulsifying sauces, and mayonnaise.

 It’s important to check if the speed controls are easy to access and adjust while blending. Are the buttons or dials easy to reach?

Do the buttons feel soft to touch? That all things we have to make sure are great with the Bajaj hand blender. Also, Its easily reachable 3-speed control function permits you to adjust the speed of its motor according to the ingredients.



Is the hand blender made of the same material as the other parts, and what is its composition? The blades, their protectors and the shaft handle, the main motor body, and also the blades. Which can be the best to ensure high durability?

Firstly, the Bajaj hand blender is made of BPA-free components, which ensures the safety of your food on which you’ll be using this model.

The body metal is made of plastic to ensure its lightweight, while the attachments are made of stainless steel to ensure high durability.

How are Bajaj Hand Blender’s BLADES DESIGNED?

Nonstick pots, pans, and other nonstick items are often questioned by people who want to know if the blades can scratch them.

I have never seen anyone have issues with scratching. I believe it comes down to how you use the blades. The main materials will be either plastic or steel.

You get what you pay for, so brushed chrome or stainless steel hand blenders will naturally be more expensive. Bajaj hand blender is not though yet still it offers you stainless steel blades

There are two options: you can save money or increase quality. If the shaft (the end with the blades) is made from a different material than the main engine part, it can make it more expensive. 

It is obvious that plastic should be cheaper the more it is used. Keep in mind that plastic is less durable and more likely to get stained if it’s used frequently.

Therefore, Bajaj has ensured the blades you get are overall made from stainless steel material.

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A Sleek Finish With Black Color

Which MATERIAL is used in Bajaj Hand Blender

It should look great! Are the colors needed to match your kitchen theme? Red, white, silver, or black? Does it matter if the blenders are vintage-looking or sleek and modern? 

Don’t worry, the glossy and shiny black finish that Bajaj offers you look really advance and will surely shine your kitchen. Also, no cord is there, which might look untidy if you hang this Blender in your kitchen.

Is this hand blender making NOISES?

Is it too hot? Will it vibrate in your hands or become louder when it is overheated? That all depends on how dependable is the Blender’s motor is.

Having low motor power will lead your Blender to heat and make more noises while you do heavy tasks. However, 200W can be a suitable motor power even for tasks that need high power.

Fortunately, you get 250W of amazing power with a Bajaj hand blender that’s surely sufficient sand won’t heat the Blender even after long usage. That means there’s no need to worry about noises rising after long usages.

Is POWER CORD a problem?

A power cord that doesn’t reach your socket is the worst thing. An extra-long one is an added luxury. It is much easier to use a curly cord than a straight, long one. However, a cordless blender is people’s favorite choice since there’s no wire. 

Therefore, the Bajaj blender will never be an issue regarding the cord length since this portable Blender is cordless.

You can take it anywhere you want around your kitchen. This handy gadget won’t come in the way of your kitchen’s other appliances such as air fryercold press juicerOTG, or microwave.

What is the Bajaj hand blender’s SIZE and WEIGHT?

Portability and ease to use, these two terms are determined by measuring the size and weight of your appliance no matter it’s a hand blender or juicer mixer grinder.

So how good is Bajaj blenders portability? Well, the sleek & compact design allows you to have a good grip on it, and the plastic used is lightweight on the outer body, which ensures ideal portability.

Also, the overall Blender is a lot lightweight, and you can easily carry it around and do mixing, whipping, and blending tasks. Most importantly, it will not shake!

What is the maximum amount of KITCHEN TASKS this model can do?

Bajaj hand blender's SIZE and WEIGHT

What is the hand blender capable of, and how effective? Bajaj blender can blend, emulsify and whip up puree, smash, or crush.

It is suitable especially for thick mayonnaise, chunky dips and salsa, pesto, smoothies, and creamy soup, and what about hard nuts or ice! 

This is really the most important part, isn’t it? The simple answer is no. A hand blender can never be suitable for crushing your hard nutshells!

Also, this machine is different from the vertical blenders that arrive with a sharp blade on them. For example, Philips hand blender can allow you to crush such ice and nuts. 

However, this Bajaj hand blender is only suitable for mixing, whipping, and blending tasks! On the other hand, the beater attachment is there.

It’s ideal for making whipped cream, beating eggs to make a meringue, or mixing thin cake batter, which you can further bake in your OTG.


What attachments and accessories has Bajaj offered with it?

Dough hooks of Bajaj hand blender Beater attachment of Bajaj hand blender

These are where attachments really shine. Many blenders come with a variety of attachments. A basic vertical blender should have a blade that blends or mixes. 

You can get a few more blades for a better chopping and whisking job. Many hand blenders include extra attachments such as bowls, jugs, or beakers.

Some beakers have lids that can be used to store food and handy lips for pouring. However, that all again can be found in costly vertical blenders.

You can cherish some of them in our Top 20 Hand Blenders in India Review. Now, with Bajaj HM 01 model, you get the dough hook attachment.

These hooks are ideal for kneading bread dough, pizza dough that you’ll, later on, gonna bake in Agaro OTG to get delicious outcomes. Also, this is suitable for mixing tough cookie batter.

How long will Bajaj Hand Blender last?

Longevity is the most important aspect of every type of appliance. How long will your hand blender last? Mostly, the durability of a blender shatters due to its misuse or overuse

Undoubtedly, the material that’s stronger will last longer. Most importantly, the dough hooks should be of stainless steel only to avoid rust, and that’s what Bajaj offers you. Never opt for a blender with metal dough hooks or other attachments.

Buying Guide

Is it worth purchasing a hand blender?

Traditional blenders can be bulky to use and store. Opting for a reliable, compact hand blender is a more practical purchase for many.

These blenders are lightweight and easy to use, which makes food preparation enjoyable and stress-free.

The majority of models include a few dishwasher safe attachments, such as choppers and whisks. However, some more expensive options include food processors, potato mashers, and grinders.

Which one is better: hand blender or hand mixer?

There is some overlap in the function of hand blenders and hand mixers, but several key differences, too.

Although both appliances can be used for mixing batter, hand blenders and hand mixers can also be used for that purpose. However, they are best suited for cooking tasks, while hand mixers are better suited for baking.

You can use your hand blender to make sauces, whip cream, or blend milkshakes. While some hand blenders come with whisks, the most basic models blend.


Make sure to look out for important features in Your Blender

Speed control and Tight grip of Bajaj hand blender

While it is up to you which type of Blender you prefer, there are other important aspects that you should consider when choosing the right Blender for you.

  • You need enough power to prepare your food. Mixing and whipping require a low power consumption of 150W. However, crushing ice requires more power (at least 400W). You can find blenders with 600W DC motors in India, such as the Philips or Morphy Richards.
  • The blade assembly is made of strong stainless steel that crushes ice easily
  • Variable speed control
  • Blade assembly that can be easily removed or detached for cleaning
  • The locking system is simple
  • Great design and great look!
  • Additional accessories such as a whisk or rubber mat for grip include a beaker, chopper, and additional beaker.
  • Comfortable grip to ensure safety and ease of use

Don’t compromise on your warranty

Make sure you check the warranty. A blender with a lower warranty or none should be avoided. Make sure you understand what your warranty covers, such as blade replacement, motor damage, and minor parts damage.

Look for customer ratings and reviews

Ratings from users or owners can tell you a lot about the product’s strengths and weaknesses. You can read reviews and browse the internet to find out what customers think about different brands and types of blenders. You can get a real picture of the features of the Blender by reading reviews from owners.

Trustworthy brands are the best

Trust a brand. If you have an appliance of that brand and it is reliable, your Blender will live up to its reputation.

Some of the most well-known names in Indian kitchen appliances are Bajaj, Morphy Richards, and Philips that specializes in providing hand blenders.

However, in case Hestia cold press juicer can be the most suitable as this brand is highly famous for cold press juicer models.

Cord or cordless?

There are two types: corded or cordless blenders. What are the differences?

The corded models are generally more powerful and can crush harder items. The cordless models, on the other hand, are more portable and easy to use in the kitchen. However, considering a hand blender’s portability and mobility, obviously a cordless will be suitable for you.


Speed and power

You should also consider the speed and wattage settings of immersion blenders. A blender selling for a reasonable price will have one or two-speed settings. You will need to spend more if you want more control for different purposes.

The power of an immersion blender is also determined by its wattage. A blender with 200-250 watts will be sufficient to crush frozen carrots and other raw materials.

Easy Cleanup

Bajaj Hand blender's Eject button

Many immersion blenders can be washed easily. Some models require that you clean specific parts by hand. You don’t need to spend the time cleaning, so choose the dishwasher with fewer attachments. You can just let the dishwasher do all the cleaning.


Many models come with accessories that allow them to do other functions, such as cutting like a food processor or beating eggs.

You don’t have to buy additional appliances for the same functions, so these extra functions are very convenient. However, more accessories can cost more, so you should consider whether or not you will need them.

Use an immersion blender the right way!

Understanding the limitations of an immersion blender is the first step to making it work. Blending hard foods like coffee beans and frozen fruits can cause damage to your immersion blender’s motors or blades. You should also only crush ice if the manual permits.


Be careful when you use the device. Users may accidentally injure themselves while trying to remove something from the blades with their hands.

These injuries can be avoided by making it a habit to unplug the device after you have finished using it. Also, the de-attach or eject button can be useful while you clean it.


Immersion blenders are an example of electronic devices that are not friends with water. The motor and wires are located in the appliance handle. You should not place the Blender in the dishwasher.

Instead, hand-wash it. Be careful not to touch the blade, as it can cause injury. During the cleaning process, a few drops of dishwashing detergent will suffice.

However, if your Blender has a sleek design and doesn’t arrive with a cord, cleaning it can be easy as every part will be covered with the plastic body.


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