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Top 20 Best Hand Blenders in India – Comprehensive Guide (October 2023)

The hand mixers are lightweight & handy appliances, which are a great alternative for food processors, regular mixers, and wet grinders.

It’s a very time-consuming process to set up heavy food processors and cleaning them up after every usage, whereas a hand mixer can conveniently do simple mixing tasks; besides that, it’s very easy to clean.

A hand mixer also can blend ingredients in small quantities, which saves much time as compared to heavy food processors or mixer grinders.

A hand mixer is obviously great for creaming recipe ingredients and completes multi-purpose tasks at rapid speed with perfection like mixing, blending, mashing potatoes, whipping fresh cream, etc.

The motor, built quality, comfort grip, blending & mixing speed, durability, noise level, etc. are certainly the most important factors of a hand mixer, in which our expert team highly-focused but while testing 53 hand mixers, we encountered that 60% of them failed to give good results.

What further?

Then our expert team did 6-step testing on remaining hand mixers with different food supplements and finally concluded the 10 best hand mixers with max-performance.

Wanna buy an amazing hand blender online in India? Here we go!

If you want to know about hand mixers deeply (please do before buying), then we’ve provided an information guide simultaneously. It’ll increase your knowledge about hand mixer’s motor, built quality, comfort grip, blending & mixing speed, durability, noise level, etc., and after that, the selection will surely be easy.

How to use Hand Blender

Well, there actually isn’t anything to put you in complications or confusion. Just read the following steps.

STEP 1: Obviously, always stick to the provider’s directions… for electrical plugs utilized, how to wash, blending time, blending quantities, food that your Blender will and won’t mix.

STEP 2: Turn off the power while you put the blade or shaft’s ends on or off.

STEP 3: Make sure you have the right attachment /accessory for the activity in hand. (Examine all the occupations it can do underneath)

STEP 4: Turn the power on; in case you have a cordless hand blender, at that point, ensure the batteries are energized. Check your guidelines manual to check whether you should turn the power on before it enters the food or after ( if your Blender cuts ice, it’s regularly better to begin the force subsequent to placing the blade on the ice.)

STEP 5: Put the Blender into the food yet ensure the holder has enough room with the goal that the food doesn’t sprinkle over the top! A thin compartment is likewise obviously superior to a wide one. 

Attempt to make that vortex activity where you get the food make a vortex as it goes around and afterward in under the blade.

STEP 6: Don’t place the Blender into bubbling (boiling) food on the stove!

STEP 7: Hold it at a slight edge and off the base of the compartment; move it around somewhat through the food until you get the ideal consistency. 

(Remember, you can likewise move its container, and not simply the Blender, with the goal that you can smooth out all the knots.) Check to what extent you should mix for before taking a break – the higher the force and speeds ( rpm) you have, then the more you can, as a rule, keep the Blender on. A few assignments simply take only seconds, others possibly 20-30 seconds.

STEP 8: When you’re set, while holding it over the holder/container, tap the shaft on your other hand to get overabundance food off. Absolutely never tap the shaft on the container as that is awful for the Blender. Show signs of improvement propensity for tapping tenderly on your different fingers.

STEP 9: Turn it off/unplug it BEFORE you segregate any parts.

STEP 10: Wash the blender end/the blade parts right away.

Which Hand Blender is the best Under 1000?

1. Inalsa Hand Mixer Easy Mix200W

Inalsa Easy Mix-200W

Here comes another fabulous hand mixer from Inalsa for easier cooking. A 7-speed controller is present, which provides various varieties of speed while whipping cream, beating eggs, chopping onions, and meats, which you won’t find in other hand mixers. Whipping cream with a hand blender saves much effort!

The stainless-steel finish whisker & beater are easily detachable, and the cleaning will not be a big deal. A powerful 200W DC motor performs all your blending, whisking & chopping operations flawlessly by providing the high-power and control.

This model highly dominated over Prestige hand blender in our testing. Hence, the Inalsa blender is what we’re recommending here.


  • The In-Built Eject Knob helps in cleaning, whereas the slim grip makes your hand mixer machine easier to hold and maneuver in a large cup or mixing bowl.
  • Premium-grade stainless-steel stem is used, which ensures long-life use along with smoothness.
  • Stainless steel Jar Blades are specially designed & tested extensively for providing the best results.
  • With the help of a compact chopper accessory, which comes with this hand mixer, smoothly chops the herbs, chocolate, onions, nuts, cheese, etc. 
  • A break-resistant multipurpose jar is there, and dough hooks are provided, which will ensure your meal preparation easier.

The Final Advice

Inalsa Hand Mixer Easy Mix is great in every sort of use! Many attachments and different features come with this hand mixer.

It will make also increase your cooking tactics and will provide fast & perfect results. Inalsa Hand Mixer’s overall durability is also fantastic.

This hand mixer with great versatility comes at a reasonable price, which makes it a not let go deal!

2. Boss E111 125-Watt Portable Hand Blender

Boss E111 125-Watt

Now, this brand isn’t as famous as Bajaj, Insala, Phillips, etc., but the E111 model from Boss has dominated over many of those and grabbed the spot of second-best hand blender under 1000.

This 125watt Indian-made blender is very durable and has satisfied its buyers a lot. Its mechanism is all perfect, and so is its design. There are 3 color variations.

The motor is warranted for 2 years. In contrast to other cheap blenders, the complaints regarding functionality and performance are very less.


  • There are two variable blending speeds, which definitely bring convenience. Cheap blenders generally lack this feature. 
  • Besides being powerful, the blades are super sharp, which perfectly grind and blend your food and thus brings tremendous blending results. 
  • It weighs only 998g and is a perfect tool for attaining faster results every day. There is a wall mountings stand also. 
  • When you hold this blender and control its switches, you feel nice, and that’s because of this blender’s ergonomic design.

The Final Advice

Without spending any higher than 1K, you can easily blend your fruits, veggies, purees, shakes, etc. You can blend masala together. Thus it saves your cooking time also.

It blends eggs in moments, and that saves your precious morning time. Doesn’t that bring relief to you? Then why not buy Boss E111 125-Watt Portable Hand Blender?

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3. Orpat Hand Blender HHB-100E WOB

Orpat HHB-100E WOB

Costing around 700 rupees, Orpat Hand Blender HHB-100E WOB has broken records in sales! Around 4000 blenders are sold on Amazon, with a healthy satisfaction rate of 85%. It’s a simple and practical design.

It’s truly a handy appliance that is inside everybody’s budget! Additionally, the build quality is impressive. Chopping, blending, mixing tasks don’t seem that big, but have you ever concentrated upon how much additional cooking time these tasks increase? With this blender, you surely save a lot of time.


  • His switch is safe and sleek. Besides that, it’s placed pretty perfectly—full marks to the elegant design. 
  • 18000 RPM is the speed, which means mixing and blending take place perfectly, without consuming much time. 
  • The stainless steel blades are rustproof, sturdy, and of perfect shape. Washing and storing it is easy. 
  • Many hand blenders come with a short power cord, measuring around 1m, which many times lead to accidents! here, you’re getting a convenient 2m power cord!

The Final Advice

This blender states simplicity at its best there is no-frills. Push the button, and choose whether you wanna blend, beat eggs, mix, etc.
In true words, this is a sort of blender, which deserves a place in everyone’s kitchen. It’s tremendous for preparing baby food also. Cost doesn’t let you neglect the deal.

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4. Boss Hand Blender B101 (125-Watt)

Boss Hand Blender B101

Boss B101 Portable Blender is another feature-rich top-rated hand mixer, which helps you to make your desired smoothies freely, and it can complete your mixing, blending, and whisking tasks easily. This ultra-stylish designed hand mixer with great durability from Boss offers you much at a budget-friendly price.

the n instruction manual comes with this hand mixer, in which the attachments installation and using process will be easily handled even by beginners.


  • This amazing hand mixer comes with 3 ultra-sharp stainless steel blades along with a whisker, mincer, and beater, which works fabulously in chopping, dicing, and slicing.
  • The Wall mounting stand increases its stability obviously, and two modes are available in speed settings, which are low & high. Boss has made it compact designed, which will save your precious space in the kitchen.
  • A 125-watt motor is fitted inside this hand mixer and works smoothly by consuming just 230V. Its normal yet versatile design lets you clean it properly without any headache. A

The Final Advice

Boss B101 Portable Blender provides tremendous results in completing daily chores. It’s an ergonomic handle, and control switches are soft and comfortable.

It needs much less maintenance as compared to other hand mixers and also provides similar results at a low cost.

Believe me, investing in Boss B101 Portable Blender will save you much time as well as effort. Boss hand blender price is amazing! Just grab this model on Amazon.

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Which Hand Blender is the best Under 2000?

1. Philips Daily Collection HL1655/00

Philips Daily Collection HL1655

We all know that Philips offers high-quality home and kitchen appliances for various years and is a highly-trusted brand. Philips Daily Collection HL1655/00 blends fruits & vegetables rapidly along with perfection.

Its specially designed sharp blades support the blending of ingredients like dhal, spinach, tomatoes, lassi, purees, and milkshakes.
Its blades are totally built of food-grade materials, which will last longer and will ensure safe usage. Its ergonomic design helps in easy gripping, whereas the rust-free metal arm comfortably blends hot & cold dishes.


  • This hand mixer’s unique body shape makes it easy to clean, and warm water can be utilized for wiping splattered stains and other food particles.
  • For fast processing, this mini hand blender uses a 300-watt energy-efficient powerful motor, which can be utilized by turning on the button, which is placed at the top of the hand mixer.
  • Two different stainless steel sharp blades make daily cooking much easier by whipping cream, eggs, and whisking beverages like a breeze.
  • The single trigger press feature is three, which ensures easy holding for the quick blending of ingredients.

The Final Advice

Philips Daily Collection HL1655/00 is great for home purposes, and its durable attachments help in blending, chopping, and whisking. 

However, this hand mixer is covered with a 2-year warranty, in which you can cost freely repair it within the given specific time.

We highly recommend Philips Daily Collection HL1655/00, and it will boost up your daily cooking speed & skills. To know this hand blender price in India, tap the button below.

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2. Morphy Richards HBCP 400W Hand BlenderMorphy Richards HBCP 400W

Certainly, Morphy Richards HBCP Hand Blender performs fantastically in multi-purpose tasks like whisking, chopping, blending, etc.
It comes with an ergonomic design along with smooth gripping for moving it conveniently. The calibrated jar allows you to blend milkshakes, fruits, vegetables, etc., in large capacities.

After adjusting the speed settings, the variable temperature controller certainly provides great results. It’s better than Pigeon as well as Butterfly models.


  • The stainless steel shaft is ideal for immersing food on the pan and controlling at hot conditions. Two-speed soft push buttons convenient to use for setting your desired speed.
  • The detachable whisker lets you enjoy by beating eggs, churning curd for buttermilk or lassi, etc. The whisking blade can be detached from the blender, which helps you to clean it thoroughly for smooth functioning.
  • The detachable leg of this hand mixer with an easy locking system makes the cleaning process safe and fuss-free.
  • Its stylish & sleek design grabs the customer’s attention, and people have provided great reviews about Morphy Richards HBCP Hand Blender on Amazon and are very happy with its performance & capabilities.
  • Like the previous hand mixer, it’s also covered with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. It also comes with beaker and chopper attachments, and also it’s very lightweight.

The Final Advice

The Morphy Richards HBCP is completely fantastic. It performs very well in all cooking activities, no matter it’s blending, chopping, whisking, etc.

Its 400-watt powerful motor consumes only 230V voltage and provides fabulous results in blending. The overall durability of this hand mixer is great. After all that, buying this little fellow is a totally fabulous deal.

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3. Amazon Brand Solimo Hand Mixer (200-Watt)

Amazon Brand Solimo

Solimo Hand Mixer brings enjoyment to cooking & baking by making your blending, mixing, and whipping tasks simple. It’s fully equipped with detachable attachments, which makes it easy to clean.

It comes with a 5-speed functioning system, in which you can turn the knob to 1-2 for simple mixing and 4-5 for completing heavy mixing tasks.

We recommend you to start with slow speed if you’re a beginner so that you won’t splatter the ingredients out of your mixing bowl. Move further to know what other features this hand mixer provides you.


  • A separate eject button is provided, in which ejecting beaters and dough hooks for cleaning will be done by just a single push.
  • This hand mixer comes with a powerful motor (200W), which is efficient as well as effective in its job of whipping, blending, and mixing. The dough hooks attachments can be used from medium to high speed for easy kneading.
  • The beaters and dough hooks are made of rust-free SS304 stainless steel, which is food safe and is highly durable.
  • This hand mixer is built in such a way that it offers you a comfortable and soft grip, which can be directly used in mixing bowls.

The Final Advice

Solimo Hand Mixer will be a perfect accompaniment for you. It will completely help you in daily baking & cooking tasks. With the help of this hand mixer, you can make your own delightful desserts like a pro.

A 1-year warranty is what Solimo offers you. This hand mixer is undoubtedly great value for money. Check the electric hand blender price by clicking the button below.

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4. Philips HR3705/10 Hand Mixer (300-Watt)

Philips HR3705

This hand mixer from Philips with cone-shaped beaters works rapidly and incorporates air into your batter for providing a smooth & fluffy texture. Its dishwasher-safe and smooth surface accessories help you with easy cleaning.

This model is better than Philips hand blender HR1351 C as well as HR1350C. We are exclaiming that after performing 8 tests. 

If you want more power, then Philips 600 watts model is a recommendation. Certainly, the big reason for recommending this helping hand with chopper is its power and durability.


  • A large eject button is there for releasing the beaters or dough hooks with just a single click on the button.
  • This lightweight hand mixer with a compact and ergonomic design makes your mixing tasks comfortable.
  • The 5 different speed settings allow you to set your desired speed as per task freely.
  • A couple of beaters and dough hooks are made of premium-quality stainless steel, which is dishwasher-safe & highly durable.
  • The powerful 300-watt motor provides perfect-end results with the least effort while whisking and mixing. The operating voltage is just 220-240.
  • The cord wraps around, which fixes into place easily with the help of a clip, which is provided with this hand mixer for tidy storage.

The Final Advice

Philips HR3705/10 Hand Mixer is very heavy-duty and works at turbo speed while completing various cooking tasks. A 2-year warranty is what Philips offers you with this hand mixer. People have reviewed that it’s highly helpful for making cake recipes.

Our expert team highly recommends Philips HR3705/10 Hand Mixer; you’ll be impressed by its working abilities. To know Philips hand blender price, tab the below button.

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5. Maharaja Whiteline Turbomix 350 watt

Maharaja Turbomix 350W

Blend endless tasty purees, smoothies, and juices by utilizing Maharaja Whiteline Turbomix Hand Blender. Its unique body with ergonomic design makes convenient operations and gives it loyal looks.

It comes with tremendous features like the chopper, beaker, hanging loops, and sharp blades for tackling blending processes at one go.
This hand mixer comes under a 2-year of manufacture warranty, which applies from the date of purchase.


  • The metal shaft and stainless steel sharp blades are the most durable and rust-free.
  • The Integrated hanging loop helps for fixing the blender on walls, whereas the detachable foot makes it easy to clean.
  • The 350-watt power-packed motor of the Maharaja hand blender is capable of blending the toughest food ingredients smoothly with low power consumption.
  • The beaker attachment of 800ml is capable of making tasty beverages without utilizing separate utensils. Besides that, you’re also getting a chopper jar 500ml with Maharaja Whiteline, which perfectly fulfills your chopping requirements.

The Final Advice

Maharaja Whiteline Turbomix Hand Blender provides more than enough at this cheap cost. It’s excellent for home and commercial use for preparing tasty smoothies, shakes, fruit salads, purees, etc. As it’s an Indian product, the cost is very low as compared to other foreign hand mixers.

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Which Hand Blender is the best Under 3000?

1. Bajaj HM 01 250W Hand Mixer

Bajaj HM 01

Here comes the HM 01 Hand Mixer (250-watt) from Bajaj, which gets you away from tough cooking tasks, and helps you in mixing, kneading, whisking, beating, etc.

So, prepare your bakery favorites conveniently at your home with Bajaj HM 01 Hand Mixer. Also, it’s master if you’re making cakes.
The Dough Hooks of this hand mixer works at rapid speed and certainly are best for kneading the cookies, pizza, bread, etc.

Further, the beater attachment is ideal for beating eggs & making creams, whereas the speed controller helps in adjusting the speed settings in three different modes.


  • After pushing the power-on switch of the Bajaj HM 01 Hand Mixer, the 250-watt powerful motor helps in the rapid-blending of vegetables and organic fruits, which consumes much less energy as compared to the other hand mixers.
  • It’s an easily operable, attractive & stylish designed hand mixer. In addition to that, the medium, high and low is its speed settings.
  • Certainly, it’s a compact design, and just 1.1 kg weight makes it handy & easily operable to complete various tasks effortlessly.
  • The slice or push switch facility is there, which is convenient and safe to operate. Further, it’s a long-lasting & sturdy hand-mixer, which works with low noise.

The Final Advice

It crossed all our testing and proved itself a feature-rich, stylish, and certainly, the most useful hand mixer. Its eject button feature allows you to remove all its attachments, which leads to easy cleaning.

Bajaj provides a 2-year manufactures warranty with it. Now, rather than using big food processors, mixers, and blenders for completing easy tasks, try the Bajaj HM 01 Hand Mixer.

2. Inalsa Robot INOX 1000 Hand Blender

Inalsa Robot INOX 1000

The Inalsa Robot INOX 1000 makes everyday food preparation easy & fun. It mixes fruits and vegetables and converts them into very tasty smoothies, which are very healthier for all-age group people. However, Inalsa crafted it compact in design & lightweight, which makes it easily portable.

It’s the best hand blender with the jar. At this price, in our testing, the Inalsa model defeated Wonderchef hand blender by a heavy margin even after the Wonderchef model was an electric one! That’s insane!


  • Its extra-sharp stainless steel blades chop ingredients smoothly & rapidly. Additionally, the blades are detachable, which means the cleaning process will be safe as well as easy.
  • Even beginners can easily control it with the help of a detachable SS stem and ergonomic handle. 
  • The 800-watt power-packed motor helps in preparing heavy-load works without consuming much power. Just a single tap is needed on the button of this hand mixer to start this powerful motor. 
  • A sturdy and long-lasting multi-purpose hand blender jar (600ml) is there, which helps in blending fruits & vegetables in large capacities.
  • For adjusting the speed as desired, a dual-speed controller is there, and the bright, attractive LED light gives it an expensive look.
  • All accessories are simple to assemble & disassemble, which allows you to clean Inalsa little fellow effortlessly. Additionally, a 2-year warranty is provided by Inalsa.

The Final Advice

Undoubtedly, this gadget has an anti-slip design, and high-quality material is used for comfortable gripping.

The Slapsh free technology is there, in which the blade-shield design of this hand mixer is built in such a great way that it prevents the splashes while blending\mixing.

This helping hand comes with high-end features and is ideal for home use yet comes at an affordable cost, which made it completely worth the purchase. Check the bajaj hand blender price now!

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3. Black+Decker BXBL6002IN 600W Hand Blender

Black+Decker BXBL6002IN

Who isn’t familiar with Black & Decker? This powerful multi-purpose blender has won many hearts! Salute to its design & built quality.
Many customers have mentioned that their everyday blending, mixing, and chopping became too easy for them after buying this blender.

It consumes less space in the cupboard. It’s true that power makes a huge difference, and let us tell you, it’s a 600W thing! It totally defeated Kent’s hand blender ( a bit more expensive) and Havells model in our testing.


  • The slim and smooth touch body is too stylish. It brings a “nice” feel whenever you hold this blender, and also, when you operate it, there’s minimal vibration. 
  • The blender shaft is easily removable, making cleaning much easy for you. 
  • In our testing, this blender prepared smoothies in the least time. Means, t this price, it’s the fastest solution to your hunger! 
  • The package includes a chopper attachment, 700ml cup, whisk, wall rack, and also a removable blender shaft.
  • A 600-watt motor ensures various kitchen tasks are carried with ease and finesse.
  • A variable speed control permits you to choose the desired speed for getting optimum blending or whisking results.
  • Multi-purpose stainless steel blade ensures smooth blending and pureeing.

The Final Advice

The blades and whisk attachment are constructed of stainless steel, which can also be used for hot food. It’s a complete blending and mixing solution for you and does its job better than expected.

Undoubtedly Black+Decker BXBL6002IN 600W Hand Blender is a great return of your money. 2 years warranty is also there. yes, it’s a sweet deal to grab!

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4. Koryo Multipurpose 6-in-1

Koryo Multipurpose 6-in-1

Make your cooking works easier as well as faster with the help of Koryo 6-in-1 Hand Blender KHB9567. It’s truly a fantastic model with unique features and an ultra-stylish design.

Firstly, it can be easily operated due to its flexible functions. Koryo offers a 1-year manufacturer warranty with this hand blender.
Besides that, the design is sleek & elegant; the handle is totally comfortable to grip tightly. Let’s know more about it.


  • Two switches are there, one is for turning it ON/OFF, and the second is for turbo mode, which is highly helpful while crushing hard ingredients.
  • Stainless steel shafts and ultra-sharp stainless steel blades are completely rust-free and can be detached while cleaning.
  • The stand is super sturdy, with no issue even running it on the turbo mode.
  • Also, setting up this hand blender is very simple, and the power cord is big enough to plug it even if the switchboard is far away.
  • It measures 19.2 x 21.8 x 29.3 cm, which means it can be fit easily and will not consume much of your kitchen’s space.
  • A super-powerful motor of 600 watts ensures faster blending. The stainless steel beater whips impressively.

The Final Advice

Koryo 6-in-1 KHB9567 will be highly helpful while preparing lunch and dinner with speed as well as perfection. A 600ml chopper jar is included, which is highly durable. Besides that, you’re also getting a 550ml multi-purpose jar for mixing & blending ingredients.

Don’t worry, and this model is completely BPA-free. Lastly, there’s no heating issue, even running on turbo speed for a long time. Koryo 6-in-1 Hand Blender KHB9567 arrives at your home at a budget-friendly price while carrying enormous facilities & features.

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5. Prestige PHM 1.0 250W Hand Blender

Prestige PHM 1.0 250W

Now, this hand blender form Prestige is tremendous in all ways. Guess what; you’ve got 5-speed variations here, isn’t that cool? Its 250-watt power and high efficiency allow you to prepare a lengthy list of recipes.

This Prestige appliance is very promising and has earned many good regards from the users.For whisking and blending food, this blender is perfect, and especially for baking recipes, this blender proves to be a perfect tool. Pretty fewer complainers exist!


  • His appliance comes with twin mixers, and that doesn’t make blending faster, but smoother also.
  • The High-quality stainless steel beater of this blender is capable of blending dry and wet ingredients with the same perfection. 
  • Two high-quality stainless steel attachments are there, ensuring trouble-free performance.
  • It’s a lightweight hand mixer whose design is perfect for providing you a comfy grip. Besides easy-grip handle, full marks to its appearance!

The Final Advice

What do you think? Do professionals always use ultra-expensive appliances for cooking and all? No, not at all! Talking about these under 3000 blenders, it’s a part of the kitchen of many professionals and food enthusiasts. Buy Prestige PHM 1.0 250W Hand Blender, and it won’t let you complain!

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6. Duverra Immersion Powerful 500WDuverra Immersion Powerful 500W

There were certain reasons for choosing this 3-in-1 Immersion model in our review. You get a BPA-Free Chopper (500ml), a 304 Stainless Steel Whisk, and a Measuring Cup(700ml).

Due to bigger capacity, you save your mixing and blending time, and especially you are in an activity like making a cake, or baking cooking, then its huge capacity is something that you really appreciate at that time. You enjoy a 2-year warranty.


  • This hand blender is sturdy enough to blend even very hard food items, and many blenders at this price fail to do so. 
  • This highly versatile blender can be used in making smoothies, milkshakes, salsas, toast sauce, soups, meringue, chutney, and more.
  • The maximum speed of this blender reaches up to 15000 times a minute, helping you in making your favorite shake easily and fast. 
  • Just by pushing the button of the Duverra Immersion 500W model, you can access its slow and fast speed as per the need for different food.
  • 500W high-speed, highly dependable, powerful low noise motor allows you to use this blender as a food processor, egg beater, and hand mixer! 
  • Due to its Anti-splash design, your kitchen remains spotless. Detaching the parts of this blender for cleaning is never a hassle.

The Final Advice

In true words, it wouldn’t have been a pain if this hand blender were available at 500 rupees more than the actual price.

CE, GS, and ROHS certification provide you confidence in buying it, and also the 2-years warranty. Regarding functionality, durability, and performance, there is nothing to mention as “negatives.” this rust-free, easy-to-use, and attractive blender is entirely worth the purchase.

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7. Usha 3732 Hand Mixer 300W

Usha 3732 300W

Here comes The Usha 3732 hand mixer that is designed for completing several kitchen tasks effortlessly, such as making cookie dough batter, cake batter, whipping heavy cream, mash potatoes, and egg whites.

The handle is made for comfortable operation as well as avoiding fatigue during longer duration or heavy mixing tasks. Besides that, the overload protector will help the motor from not getting damaged. A 2-year warranty is provided by Usha. It measures 19.4 x 9 x 14.6 cm.


  • he turbo feature let’s you add a boost to the selected speed setting by pressing a button. It can simply be undone. Once the button is released, then the mixer will return to its original speed setting.
  • High-quality beaters are highly helpful for whisking sauces, mixing the batter, whipping light & fluffy ingredients.
  • The stainless steel dough hooks are provided for mixing or kneading bread dough or heavier batters. These dough hooks are also helpful while gently mixing pastry dough.
  • The five-speed setting is there, in which the first is for slow stirring and combining, second is for combining liquids with dry ingredients, and finally, 3,4 and 5 are ideal for fast operations.

The Final Advice

Usha 3732 hand mixer proved itself a great kitchen helper by doing several tasks effortlessly. Also, the air vents are placed strategically help to prevent clogging from the batter. The two-pin power cord provided with it is 1 meter long, which leads to flexible usage.

Usha 3732 is a great hand mixer for making delicious food with speed & perfection. We highly recommend Usha 3732 Hand Mixer due to its amazing features & abilities that you’ll require in your kitchen work.

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Which Hand Blender is the best Under 6000?

1. Panasonic MX-SS40BSM Hand Blender (600-Watt)Panasonic MXSS40BSM

This is the hand blender with great features here. Panasonic MX-SS40BSM is a sober-looking, feature-rich, and budget-friendly hand mixer, which provides you a unique comfort grip. It’s built quality is overall fabulous. It’s sleek & sober design attract customers to buy it.

A 600-watt powerful motor is what you’re getting with this little fellow, which operates at 220-240 volts. It’s easy-handling and various attachments allow you to mix & blend various ingredients smoothly.


  • Panasonic has made it compact yet powerful with 100% BPA free highly durable materials. However, its smooth body shape simply allows you to wash & clean it.
  • You’re also getting a food-grade transparent large chopping & slicing jar, which is long-lasting.
  • Its long power cord allows you to utilize it even if the switchboard is far away from the kitchen. This hand blender’s wall-mountable utility increases the firmness and stability while using it.
  • The metal shaft and sharp blades are made of high-quality stainless steel, which is also rust-free.
  • A safe & smooth button is there for turning off\on its 600W motor. Panasonic offers a 1-year manufacturer warranty with Panasonic MX-SS40BSM.

The Final Advice

Now, Panasonic MX-SS40BSM is a best choice as it includes all essential accessories like beater, whisk and mincer, which will save your cooking time a lot. Besides that, the variable speed control is step less.

All cleaning process of this hand mixer is very easy, as the shaft and blades are detachable. Undoubtedly, it’s hard to find such other hand blender providing this much facilities at a reasonable price. Thus, Panasonic MX-SS40BSM is totally worth purchasing.

2. Bosch MSM67190 Hand Blender 750W

Bosch MSM67190 750W

Bosch MSM67190 Hand Blender is a simple yet powerful model with several features and attachments. Since it’s a Bosch product, the quality will never be an issue. Its sharpened four-winged QuattroBlade ensures perfect results.

It has all the innovative food processor attachments with inserts, in which you can do the chopping, grating, slicing, and shredding effortlessly. Besides that, the weight of Bosch MSM67190 is just 2kg (including all the accessories.)


  • It’s really hard to find even the 10 level speed controller in a hand blender, but here, the speed is adjustable up to 12 levels. The turbo settings are undoubtedly impressive.
  • Ultra-powerful motor (750-watt) makes all the blending tasks fast yet perfect.
  • The ergonomically designed sleek body and handle allow you to grip it smoothly & tightly.
  •  The user manual is there to explain to you every single point regarding ‘how to use this gadget.

The Final Advice

Bosch MSM67190 is undoubtedly a heart-winning model, makes every task, such as blending, mixing, whisking, etc., as easy as possible. It measures 5.5 x 6.2 x 21 cm, and a 2-year warranty is what Bosch provides you with this hand blender.

The black color makes it look attractive and every single part utilized to make this little kitchen appliance is 100% BPA-free.
Also, the stainless steel parts are totally rust-free. Thus, Bosch MSM67190 Hand Blender highly impressed us with its tremendous performance, and we highly recommend it

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3. Bosch Lifestyle MSM2650B Hand Blender Bosch Lifestyle MSM2650B 600W

Now, Bosch Lifestyle MSM2650B is another Hand Blender from Bosch while providing some different features when compared with the previously discussed model. Again, durability is not an issue with Bosch’s products.

The power-packed 600-watt motor speed up your work. Let’s cherish the below section to know what features & specifications does Bosch Lifestyle MSM2650B has to serve you.


  • So light as well as an ergonomically designed handle that fits in your hand smoothly, hence increasing your grip on it.
  • The innovative and ultra-sharp 4 winged QuattroBlade, in which pureeing, blending, and chopping tasks will be done in no time while providing you fantastic results.
  • Whisking attachment is there for whipping cream as well as egg whites instantly and provides desserts a light & airy consistency.
  • Don’t hesitate while doing pureeing and mixing; the splashes will not annoy you, thanks to its splash-free blender foot.
  • Handy mini chopper easily chops herbs, parmesan, nuts, and other hard ingredients quickly with perfection.

The Final Advice

Bosch Lifestyle MSM2650B is an all-rounder in a hand blender, speeds up your daily cooking tasks without consuming much time. As safety is the first concern, Bosch has made it totally BPA-free. Besides that, the juice mug & plastic container are super sturdy, thanks to the high-quality plastic usage.

The blades and chopper container are removable, makes your cleaning task easy. Bosch Lifestyle MSM2650B has every single feature and accessory that’s required for cooking tasks. All things considered, and it’s definitely worth the purchase.

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4. Braun Multiquick MQ500

Braun Multiquick MQ500

Braun Multiquick MQ500 is a great choice, especially if you’re a soup or sauce lover. You can effortlessly mix and blend everything from tasty sauces to delicious hot soups with this innovative hand blender.

Braun has provided a 1-year manufacturer warranty with this little fellow. It measures 15 x 9 x 25 cm, which means it’ll not consume much of your kitchen space.

12500 RPM ultra-fast speed completes every task in a blink. A sturdy plastic jar is also what you got with it.


  • This hand blender is wall mountable; the wall mounting kit is provided. 
  • Easily detachable to clean effortlessly.
  • The ultra-sharp blades are intentionally bent for mixing, rotating, blending, and grinding perfectly with speed.
  • The whole body of Braun Multiquick MQ500 is highly durable, and a 600-watt powerful motor is a fitter inside it.
  • The shaft and knife are made of high-quality stainless steel and are completely rust-free.

The Final Advice

Braun Multiquick MQ500 Hand Blender is a great kitchen helper, which deals with all the tasks such as blending, whipping, chopping vegetables, making purée, making cake batter, etc. Besides that, every single part used in making this helping hand is totally BPA-free.

The weight is just 998g, whereas the grey & white color of its body gives it loyal looks. During the test, Braun Multiquick MQ500 defeated 25 other hand blenders with its rapid working speed, which highly impressed us, and undoubtedly, we highly recommend it.

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Note – Before we start the buying guide section, Hestia Cold Press Juicer Review will shock you since this cold press juicer topped among the other 32 models in terms of features, performance and durability.

Buying Guide

Now we’re going to help you to buy a hand blender online by describing the big considerable factors and features of a good quality portable gadget.

A kitchen appliance that makes your work simple and efficient is a blender. With the correct appliance, making your preferred dishes is simpler than you might suspect. Gone are the days when we utilized massive and overwhelming blenders to finish their assignments.

A little gadget such as these helping hands is a mystery appliance that is utilized in numerous expert kitchens. Certainly, the conservative Blender is utilized like a spoon to mix various food things. 

Thinking about the adaptability of the item, KENT has presented a keen hand blender, which will make your kitchen errands simple.

Advantages of having a Hand Blender

So, why are you reading the this review? Following are the benefits of this appliance:

Small and Portable

Small and Portable

Certainly, one of the primary purposes behind utilizing a hand blender is its little and convenient design. As a large portion of the kitchens has constrained space, numerous mortgage holders search for a versatile and handy appliance that makes their work simple.

KENT Blender is compact and simple to store as it doesn’t utilize a ton of room when you are cooking. Most of such gadgets here likewise accompany a separable shaft, which makes it simple to store the appliance.

Adaptable Appliance

A feature that makes the hand blender interesting is its flexibility. These models are perfect for blending food things as well as be utilized for chopping food items. 

Regardless of whether you have to puree soup or whip a snappy plate of mixed greens dressing, a blending machine is the correct appliance for you.

The appliance likewise facilitates the manner in which you make a ton of dishes, for example, soups. With only a spin, With the assistance of a hand blender, you can, without much of a stretch, mix the fixings to get a smooth blend.

Quiet Operation

Quiet Operation

In contrast to heavier blenders, hand blenders make less noise. Truth be told, the drenching blenders are practically quiet. The motor of the Blender is encased in the handle.

At the point when the Blender starts its operation, it turns the stainless steel rod that’s present in the wand. Subsequently, all the sound created from its motor is in the casing, along these lines making the appliance amazingly quiet.

What all are the Hand Blender uses?

What all are the Hand Blender uses

This inexpensive kitchen appliance supports you in various ways in preparing food. Let’s see:

Valuable in Preparing Soup: In case you have ever pureed hot soup without a hand blender, you would realize how troublesome it is. To make it simple and brisk, you can utilize this appliance. You can just pour soup in the skillet as opposed to moving hot substances into a blender container. 

Getting ready Smoothie and Milkshakes in No Time: Regardless of whether you’re setting up a rich milkshake for dessert or a smoothie loaded up with fruits for your breakfast, an immersion blender would be the best alternative for preparing light drinks. Simply include the ingredients, for example, yogurt, fruits, and milk, into your container and mix. You can likewise do likewise in your bowl or glass.

Get ready Baby Food: In case you are getting ready food for a baby like pureed potatoes, a hand mixer blender is probably the best choice and an astounding option in contrast to a potato masher for a smooth squashed potato.

Beating Eggs: Are you preparing fried eggs, omelets, or frittatas? Just go for the hand blender to beat the eggs. It is quick and simple when contrasted with whisking or beating with a fork. It likewise guarantees that the yolk and white are consistently joined. You will consistently get the cushioned eggs, and every one of your clients will be glad and flabbergasted.

Blending Pancake Batter: Hotcakes are cherished by youngsters and are, in every case high sought after. There would be occasions when you would have to prepare numerous orders in less time. At such a period, your Blender will turn into your lifeline. Simply blend the hitter for flapjacks in with the Blender and leave the strain about dashes of flour holing up behind.

Making Whipped Cream: Presently, you don’t have to haul out the stand mixer, as you can whip cream inside a couple of moments without putting forth numerous attempts utilizing a submersion blender. It will spare your time and vitality.

Making Pesto Sauce: Making a pesto sauce was never so natural. With hand blenders, all you have to do is a speedy spin of the drenching Blender to change a major handful of crisp herbs, tender greens, olive oil, nuts, and parmesan into the ideal sauce for your pasta.

Blending Hummus: In case you would prefer not to utilize a total food processor for a straightforward assignment of blending hummus, you can utilize a blender, as it makes it helpful to prepare a brisk cluster of hummus without any preparation.

Pureeing Tomato Sauce: Here and there, people favor the vicious and thick sauce. Most of us lean toward the one which is more smooth; a fast spin of the Blender can work.

Do you want something better than a blender? Which can carry all your heavy tasks of crushing, mixing and blending? Cherish Sujata Juicer Mixer Grinder Review and the versatility of this model will surely impress you.

Master tips

Following are the key focuses gave by our master group on what to look when purchasing a Hand Blender:

Concentrate on your needs

Concentrate on your needs

We would exhort you to consider two significant focuses.

  • What you need it to accomplish for you.
  • The amount you need to spend.

Which of these is the higher need for you? Except if you are going for the top evaluation and top value blenders that do everything, at that point, it’s about compromising. Isn’t everything in life!

It could be a great opportunity to just concentrate on what you need it for and not stress over to what extent it will last or all that it could accomplish for you later on! 

For instance, we have been seeing an ever-increasing number of individuals as of late go for the Bosch MSM67190 750-Watt blender, so we’re watching out for it.

It’s a very much evaluated 3-in-1 set that flaunts that it flawlessly mixes and purees baby food, vegetables, and potatoes. Seeing its reviews in general, it positively is by all accounts very much cherished for these errands.

Possibly the plastic blades additionally claim to youthful mums, or perhaps it’s the ideal potato pounding that interests those with joint hands. 

Or possibly it’s the oh-so reasonable costing, and the 90 days no questions fired guarantee for showing how assured they are in their abilities! 



For rare light things, you needn’t bother with a lot of intensity/speed. For thicker, heavier, harder food, you need more, and better, force and control. 

Passing judgment just on the number of watts, however, can be somewhat of a distraction. Most vendors and small analysts tout that over 200W is acceptable or that the higher you go and the more speeds you can have, the better the Blender is. 

It absolutely appears to imply that the cost goes up. This is likely why you will see the larger part in the 400W – 800W territory, and this works for most designs. 

Build quality

Notwithstanding, on the grounds that one Blender has a higher wattage number, it doesn’t mean it is essential, or that it will ensure better outcomes, or even that it will last more. 

So it’s not just about the pull! It’s increasingly about the sort of and quality of the design and speeds joined with the capacity to convey the outcomes you need.

Obviously, in the event that you needn’t bother with it to do a lot of volumes, or in case you are just blending delicate or cooked foods in any case, for instance, pureeing for baby foods, creaming soup, or straightforward smoothies, then you would presumably be cheerful with a blender under 200 Watts. 



Speed is significant, and you should have the option to control it. So, it’s imperative to have a high and low speed or a range where you can shift the speed for various employments. 

You need a quick speed to have the option to pound or barrage things, however a pleasant slow one for progressively fragile jobs such as whisking, emulsifying sauces, and mayonnaise.

Check if it’s anything but difficult to reach and change the speeds while blending. So, is it easy to operate buttons or dials? 

Is it simple to press the buttons? Some possess a delicate touch design. We have assessed this angle by trawling through all the user surveys we can discover!

Note – Is weight gain concerns you and makes you step back from greasy, oily and fried dishes whcih you love the msot to eat? The modern air frying technology is the solution! Cherish the 15 Best air fryer in India and select a model according to your needs. However, if reading that 10k+ words review is a daunting task fr you, you can cherish Prestige Air Fryer Review and know about this amazing yet cheap air fryer model.

Material – plastic or metal?

So, what is the material the hand blender is comprised of and is it the equivalent for every one of its parts? ( the blades, their defenders, the handle, the shaft, fundamental motor body part as well). What are the repair service and warranty?

Consider how frequently you should utilize your little Blender. Will it certainly last? We took a gander at metal versus plastic. A few clients report spillage… of both parts and fluids! These are the things you have to look out for. 



People likewise appear to inquire as to whether the blades will scratch their non-stick pots, pans, etc. We have never realized anybody to have issues with scratching, and we think this boils down to how you use it, so read the guiding manual when you get it. You will notice the fundamental materials are commonly plastic and/or steel.

You certainly receive what you pay for, and hardened steel or brushed chrome hand blenders normally will cost more. Further, expenses can be spared, or quality can go up, contingent upon what you look like at it if the shaft ( the end with the blades in it – which can be known as the wand, arm, or leg) is made of an alternate material to the primary ‘motor’ part.

The motor part is typically at the highest point of the Blender – the part where you fold your Hand over. So it’s implied that the more plastic utilized, the less expensive it ought to be. 

Remember additionally that the more plastic utilized, the less tough it tends to be, and it will get recolored all the more effectively.

So in case you use Turmeric a great deal, at that point, be set up to claim a yellow recolored plastic blender shaft!

Metal blender shafts are more common to strain under pressure in comparison to plastic ones. Certainly, this is the place we have known about bits splitting off some plastic ones. So it’s better to settle on the amount you will utilize your hand blender and what you have to utilize it for. 

Design & Commotion levels

Design & Commotion levels

So, here we took a gander at ergonomics, blade height, and leg length. So, is it simple to hold, and use, and also clean? Do you have arthritic or little hands and need a pleasant thin neck area. 

Is it simple to turn on and off? Would you certainly be able to get your fingers or thumb on the catches or dials effectively?

So, does it overheat, and will it be excessively loud or begin vibrating in your Hand? It appears that the less expensive the model, generally the noisier it is, yet that is not generally the situation. So pay special mind to this in our survey rundowns. 

Blade design

Blade design

While narrating the Best hand blender in India, we highly concentrated on the blade’s design, sharpness, and sturdiness. 

For little amounts, for example, baby food, be certain that you have a blender that will arrive at the food and not sprinkle! Ensure you have a measuring glass or a small, slim enough container to mix into.

Additionally, watch that the blades aren’t too raised up to be powerful with little amounts or finding a good pace of the measuring utensil. 

Certainly, you will discover a few brands have one-of-a-kind trademarked protected blade advancements to speed up, force, or improve a purée. 

Power cord

There is nothing more irritating than the power cord not arriving at your pot, and an extra-long cord is a genuine luxury. 

A perfect wavy one is likewise a lot simpler to use than a long dangly straight one that can get the way. No wire at all is additionally engaging in a cordless blender.

Certainly, we’re going to take a gander at this in more detail in a blog article on battery-worked blenders versus electric blenders. 

Leg length – simply like us human beings, the more extended, the easier it’s going to be! In any case, at that point, you’ll fall down someday due to a longer cord! 

Size and weight

Size and weight

Above all else, is it simple to control, agreeable to hold, not that heavy or unbalanced? Is the weight pleasantly adjusted? Is it sufficiently little, and is it heavy or light to hold – does that make a difference to you? 

We read a great description in someplace that they ought to be no longer than an (A4) piece of paper and about as bulky as a (2lb) pack of sugar. 

We always recommend, go for something average regarding size and weight, as too light and too heavy, or we say, too big or too small, all have negatives. Just stick to the basic size and weight. 

Finger inconvenience

Do you figure you would mind holding a button in for some time, or do you lean toward clicking force and speeds on/off, up/down? Or, on the other side, is it better to have a dial you can turn? Obviously, consider the quality of the dials and buttons, plus how conveniently they are located. 



Also, is it simple to clean? Everybody is, by all accounts, generally worried about how to clean a hand blender. Is your submersion blender dishwasher safe?. It’s so natural to simply run the blade end under the tap for a couple of moments when I turn the Blender off.

For stubborn food, around 20 seconds under the warm lathery tap, or turn the stick blender on for a couple of moments when it’s under soapy water, and that ought to clean up everything. 

A straightforward design is ideal, so food doesn’t wait in little nooks. Further, you ought to have the option to wipe the engine and legend clean simply.

Some stick blenders have blades attached ( for example, they don’t fall to pieces from the shaft); others come with interchangeable blade closes. 

In case you can change them, is it simple to take them now and again? In case you truly prefer to utilize the dishwasher, simply check which parts of the Blender are dishwasher safe.

Typically some will be, some aren’t. One last point to consider is if the Blender gets exceptionally hot with use; if so, at that point, let it cool down before washing. 

Attachments and accessories

Attachments and accessories

So, this is the place the accessories make their mark. Certainly, most blenders have an entire host of bits and accessories that accompany the essential Blender.

A basic stick blender should accompany a blade that mixes or blends. They can likewise accompany a couple of additional blades to a superior slashing or whisking work. 

In addition to that, some hand blenders accompany bowls, containers, containers, or small handling units as additional connections.

Certainly, a few containers accompany handy lips for pouring and tops for putting away food. You can get conveying packs and divider mounts for a few. 

Further, the more connections you have, the more you are building up into a food processor, so consider how you will utilize this machine and if a progressively solid processor is the thing that you need on the ledge at any rate!

Value for money

Value for money

So, what’s it worth to you? Further, what would you be able to stand to spend now? Typically we feel you get what you pay for, yet the most significant thing is to make sure your cash is continuing something that will be generally valuable to you. 

So you truly need to consider what you need to utilize it for, else you will begin the build a pointless collection of kitchen devices you don’t actually need. So, spend only as per your needs.

In case you simply need to give one a shot, you can get fundamental starter models, which will essentially be a plastic, on/off, one speed, cleave/mix a little sort of device.

Certainly, with mid-range models, you extend the usefulness with accessories, the sturdiness with maybe a steel shaft, and the force with wattage or more speed (rpm) settings. 

When you are setting off to the expert level, you are generally paying for design, notoriety, quality, much progressively enduring sturdiness, and obviously better usefulness.


To what time will your hand blender last?

Certainly, the more significant issues in reviews are the life span. Will your hand blender last? Complaints regarding the finishes breaking, as a rule, originate from overuse or abuse of plastic shafts. 

The better the material, the more it will last. The sturdier the material, the heavier jobs it can tackle, however! Plastic shafts can take on food color; however, it’s effectively moved with a bit of vinegar.

There are general answers to everything, and a bargain is the name of the game! Certainly, whichever Blender you found on our listing is durable and user-friendly.

The Conclusion

So, there were cool blending machines in all price ranges, and we’ll do a recap now!

Talking about the blenders under 1000, it is Inalsa Easy Mix-200WBoss E111 125-Watt blender is another cool choice under 1000. 

Further, an under 2000 hand blender provides you better control and high durability. You should choose Philips Daily Collection HL1655 if you have a 2K budget. Morphy Richards HBCP 400W is the second-best choice here.

Under 3000 rupees, you’ll find blenders providing a multipurpose facility, and for saving time and increasing perfection, you should choose Bajaj HM 01 or Inalsa Robot INOX 1000. in our last category (under 6000), the blenders provide professional level perfection and convenience.

Grab something like Panasonic MX-SS40BSM or Bosch MSM67190 750W, and know-how fast you can prepare dishes! For baking hug cakes or preparing a large number of cookies, you can select any of our under 6000 rupees category blender.

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