Wonderchef Juicer Review {Best you can buy in 2022}

Wonderchef Juicer Review {Best you can buy in 2022}

Today, there are many appliances for juicing available. A cold press juicer also juices, but there are huge differences regarding juicing results. It’s obvious that the more expensive Juicer you’re buying, the better juicing experience is going to be.

Well, does that rule simply everywhere? Certainly, not!

Just look at this Juicer, which is costing around 3K (might change with time)!

Can you really figure out that this Juicer costs around 3 thousand only? We don’t think so.

However, the bigger thing is its tremendous performance and impressive yield from various food items. We tried juicing 14 different food items, prepared numerous shakes and smoothies, and after that, our expert concluded as the best Juicer to buy in 2021!

Let’s go deeper!

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Wonderchef Juicer Review 2021

Wonderchef Juicer

Available in four different colors, Wonderchef Juicer looks super amazing in all its variations. If all four color choices are placed in front of you, we bet that you’ll get confused about which color model to buy! In our testing, 4 out of 6 experts exclaimed that the black model is gonna blend the best with all kitchen aesthetics.

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Why to choose this juicer over mixers and food processors?

Guys, cooking has highly evolved now, and we feel the need for a specific appliance for each task. As a result, you have to spend a lot of brain space management in your kitchen, especially on the platform.

We recommend this juicer over mixers and heavy food blenders because this one is so compact, and its sleek design doesn’t make it compromise with the performance such as Sujata Juicer Mixer Grinder, and Hestia Cold Press Juicer Review

Superfast, reliable motor

Guys, most of the cheap juicers don’t last long. So, you’ll find complaint percentages very high with even the most recommended juicers.

We found many complaints against top-recommended juicers from top brands like Bajaj and Philips! This is so because the motor needs to spin really fast, and many times, it collapses even if you are not overusing it. This highly implies especially on the cheap model.

However, in case you buy cold press juicers, then this issue occurs less, but currently, we’re discussing a 3000 rupee juicer. Its motor spins at 22,000 RPM and still manages to live much longer than the competitors.

The benefit of its superfast motor

The superfast motor has several benefits, but the biggest one of them is the extraction of micro-nutrients from fruits & veggies. This makes whatever you drink digest easily in your stomach.

If someone falls ill in your home, and the doctor suggests not to provide any heavy food, then you go for the juice option, right? If you have this juicer, it becomes too beneficial in such a situation.

2 Top Quality Unbreakable Jars

You get amazing Unbreakable poly-carbonate jars with Wonderchef Juicer Mixer Grinder, which permits you to watch whatever happens inside while juicing, and that crucial as well, isn’t it?

Controlling the fineness of whatever you are juicing goes too easy due to transparency. As a result, you can deice how long you have to run Wonderchef Juicer Mixer Grinder for juicing any specific food item.

The quality of these jars is so reliable that even in case you (or your naughty little ones) drop it from the kitchen’s platform, they won’t break. However, they are filled with juice, your juice will be on the floor — not a good scene: )

Now, these jars are actually unique. There are 2 distinct advantages of such a design where the blades are at the bottom. Firstly, it ensures no leakage, and that way, and the motor is protected against any sort of harm. Secondly, cleaning the blades goes too easy!

Ultra-sharp blades

Yes, blades form the important part of any juicer, and much depends upon how sturdy the blades are. Wonderchef Juicer provides such tremendous results because of its high-quality blades only. 

These blades are precisely constructed; whether it’s the shape or the material, it doesn’t let you complain. Most importantly, the sharpness of the blades doesn’t go away even after long use. Just take care while washing it!

Function – it’s too simple!

You’re holding your juicer, then your grips go weak, and juice (or any other food item) spreads here and there! Has that happened with you as well?

No such worries with this model, like this super stable model ensures hands-free operation. No holding while operating, and we highly appreciate that! It has no buttons/switches!

Guess what, it SANJEEV KAPOOR’S favorite choice!

The great Sanjeev Kapoor‘s personal choice and he has exclaimed that for the sake of his health, he himself uses Wonderchef Juicer every day; that’s true!

You get Sanjeev Kapoor’s special recipe book with it for free, which contains exciting recipes of healthy juices, chutneys, smoothies, dips & masalas.

Wonderchef Juicer Specifications, Pros and Cons


Product dimensions 10 x 10 x 18 cm Colours to choose from 5
Product weight 1.5 Kg Motor Speed 21000RPM
Loading Capacity 80ml (small jar) & 250ml (big jar) Power 380 watts
Items included Free 6pc Glass set & recipe booklet Warranty 2-year

  • Super sharp blades.
  • Turbo fast motor.
  • 2 highly durable unbreakable jars.
  • The functionality is too simple.
  • 4 different colour varieties to choose from.
  • Sorry nothing to expose here.

The Final Advice

We use several easy devices such as  air fryer etc. but the question isn’t just about usability. It’s also about cleaning convenience.

Besides multiple benefits regarding easy usability, great features, and high safety, you’re enjoying Reliable Service.

This Juicer Mixer Grinder adheres to German Quality Standards and gets inspiration from Italian Designs. So, it’s entirely reliable. This juicer, behind being an expert at juicing, is highly reliable at grinding batter for dosa!

Regarding motor heating, this juicer is much more reliable than the competing juicers. However, if you have to prepare large quantities of juice or dosa batter, you need to ensure that you are giving rest to this juicer at intervals.

This juicer, in case, catches heat, gets up ready again to work only after cooling down for 15-20 minutes. We tested that in our lab!

Overall, this model is undoubtedly the best juicer at this price in 2021. experts at Top 10 Products India and Sanjeev Kapoor say so!

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