You are currently viewing Glen Air Fryer 3044 Review With 2.8L Capacity 2024: ULTIMATE CHOICE

Glen Air Fryer 3044 Review With 2.8L Capacity 2024: ULTIMATE CHOICE

If everyone in this world starts using air fryers, heart diseases will decrease up to 60%, a report says so! When you are spending 15-20 thousand on refrigerators, 10-15 thousand on Microwaves, over 10,000 on juicers, then we feel that you should not feel hurt by spending 4-5 thousand on an appliance like an air fryer, which actually brings such tremendous health benefits!

Buddies, this appliance can prevent your nerves from getting clogged!

Also, if your kids come in between your work and yell, “Mom, I want some sizzling snacks,” you can say – “pull out frozen fries from the refrigerator, and prepare yourself using the air fryer!” Yeah, operating an air fryer like this model is that simple.

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Glen Air Fryer 3044 2.8L Review 2023

Glen Air Fryer3044

Now, this one is also a shiny black air fryer, which is hardly different from others in looks, but do you wanna grab an air fryer just to show off?

Definitely not! Functionality is a much bigger consideration, and that’s where this air fryer pleases you. With very simple operation, this fryer allows you to cook in 4 different styles; isn’t that amazing?

So, is this a durable model? Will the taste of your fries gonna stay the same? How long does this air fryer take to prepare your snacks? It’s the need to find those answers! Keep reading!

Crispier frying


Now, there are so many air fryers out there; why we chose this Glen model to write a full review? That was because when we tested 24 air fryers for forming the best list (tap HERE top read that top 15 reviews), we were entirely amazed by the crisp frying of this model.

French fries prepared by this model were crispier and enjoyable than even much more expensive air fryers. In the cases of most of the air fryers that we tested, food items stayed crispier just for a time phase because the wave operation wasn’t that good in those models.

Fortunately, this one from Glen cooks your food in such a way that it stays crispier for a long. We need to thanks its Vapor Steam feature for that.

Note – You can cherish the some decent OTG Oven models as well if you’re interested in making more dishes. Also, Morphy Richards OTG models performed the very best among all other we tested.

2.8L capacity

At this price, there are other good quality air fryers as well, such as Prestige Air Fryer PAF 6.0 model, but mostly, the capacity is around 2-2.2 Ltr. Here, the capacity is 2.8L, and that’s a big benefit, as you’ll be able to prepare a bigger meal.

There is another benefit here. Now, suppose you fill the basket of a 2L air fryer model fully. Will the cooking go 100% uniform? Will your food be crispier throughout?

Well, fewer chances are there. Now, in the second case, as you have a bigger storage fryer’s basket here, and you fill an equal quantity of food that you filled in the 2L model, where you’ll attain better results.

Why so? Because as there is more free space for the air to move inside the basket, due to a bit bigger size, the crust of the food will receive even crisp. The overall taste will also be perfect.

In smaller models, Hilton Air Fryer was probably the only one that provided full crisp food even after having just 2L capacity. On the other hand, STok Air Fryer was the best in terms of easy usability.

Rapid heating


See, the mood is mood, and no one knows when it will flip. So, if you are feeling the need for crispy chicken strips, it might happen that after 30-40 minutes, you are not in the same mood.

So, what’s the benefit when you are already not getting desired food at the desired time. Fortunately, this air fryer is really rapid.

The makers have added a Big Stainless Steel coil, which ensures the rapid preparation of food without compromising with perfection. Also, this coil is very durable and tends to work consistently even after a long time of purchase.

See, many guides are available on the internet on air fryer as it’s among the Must-Have Kitchen Appliances, but we’d put forth 100% honest and genuine advice.

Usage convenience

Already air fryers are pretty convenient to use, but all of them aren’t fully convenient. However, this model from Glen comes in the list of most convenient and super easy to use air fryers.

Let’s begin from the handle. The handle might appear smooth in the photos, but actually, you don’t have to worry about slipping this fryer from your hand. The handle is of perfect shape.

You get a sufficient grip. Most importantly, it’s of cool-touch material, which makes it very safe. For cleaning the basket, you need to do no hassle.

Just pull it out, drop it in the dishwasher (or clean it manually if there’s no dishwasher), wash it, and put it back, and there you complete.

Adjustable time & temperature control knob is present to allow you to achieve desired results depending upon what you’re cooking. Also, this 1350Watts thing saves a lot of energy.

What can you cook?


In true words, this small appliance is capable of cooking a larger range of food than you can think. Frying, baking, Roasting & grilling are the functions, and on the basis of these, you can cook stuff like fries, burgers, snacks, chicken, muffins, biscuits, meat, and more.

Most importantly, while our testing, our results, while trying all those food items one by one, were awesome!

Guess what, and you also get a free recipe book with this Glen air fryer, which means that even if there’s a lack of experience, you can just follow that book can prepare multiple meals for yourself.

However, if you are a single individual, Prestige Air Fryer Review will cost you below 5k with sufficient capacity while providing this amazing technology.

Glen Air Fryer Specifications, Pros and Cons


Product dimensions 35 x 33 x 35 cm Model Name SA-3044 (ASIN – B074CVYSB2)
Product weight 4kg Recipe book included Yes
Frying basket capacity 2.8L Watts 1350
Colour Black Warranty 2-year
Cooking functions Fry, Bake, Roast and Grill Control type Rotatory knob

  • Convenient to use.
  • Rapid heating technology.
  • Multipurpose.
  • More crispy frying than it’s competitors.
  • high capacity of 2.8L.
  • Sorry, nothing to expose here.

The Final Advice

Why would you purchase an air fryer? For enjoying good and healthy food, yeah? And when already this air fryer is possessing all sweet features, bringing convenience and ease and, promising longevity, then what’s stopping you from accepting this deal?

Once you stop eating fried food for a few days, and you’ll surely notice betterment in your health, as it highly decreases your calorie intake.

Guys, in today’s date, when food has gone so unhealthy, we really need to avoid outside food as much as possible and spend on something like Glen Air Fryer 3044 2.8L model.

You aren’t just preserving your health, but also saving electricity and money that you spend on buying “so-called’ healthy oils.

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