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Prestige Air Fryer Review 2024: Should you buy?

 Air Fryer is not a new concept to us now, and most of us know how to operate this particular appliance. It’s an amazing one, though, as it increases your life, doesn’t it?

While performing tests on various of these for our Best Air Fryer Review, this model from Prestige gained our attention. With 2L capacity, this one has beating competing air fryers pretty well, especially on the basis of price and costing around Rs. 4200 (might change with time), this air fryer doesn’t just look awesome but also promises perfection!

This one beat the much expensive Havells air fryer model in our testing and proved itself worthy enough to be reviewed by our expert team. Also, there’s another amazing air fryer with 2.8L of capacity from Glen.

Should you buy it? Well, read our report first!

However, if you are a single individual, Glen Air Fryer 3044 will cost you below 5k with sufficient capacity while providing this amazing technology.

Prestige Air Fryer PAF 6.0 Review

Prestige Air Fryer

Easy to Operate Control Knobs: Any appliance, first of all, needs to be easily operable. With one knob to control each temperature as well as the timer, you gain total control over the frying process.

The timer control permits you to set the timer for up to 30 minutes, and with the temperature controller, you can vary the temperature. In terms of easily operability, STok Air Fryer was the only model who cna able to compete with it.

Notably Made Frying Basket: The perfectly designed, high-capability frying basket of this fryer comes with a high-quality non-stick coating.

It allows hot air to be rapidly circulated, so your food is cooked quickly, perfectly, and evenly. This fryer arrives with a safety switch, which assists in easy managing of its basket. It can conveniently be washed and can be easily pulled out, and is dishwasher safe too.

Prestige Air Fryer PAF 6.0 unboxing

Smoke Vent: Prestige PAF 6.0 model is skillfully designed with a smoke port, which keeps your kitchen fresh and clean by absorbing undesirable smoke. It makes it convenient to clean and retains the appliance from oil.

Compact Design: This air fryer and compact design require a lesser distance to accommodate well in your kitchen. By circulating air, this fryer can perform various operations like fry, bake, roast grill, etc. They are making it incredibly healthy and versatile.

Note – You can cherish the some decent OTG Oven models as well if you’re interested in making more dishes. Also, Morphy Richards OTG models performed the very best among all other we tested.

Out testing experience

For our testing, we ordered all the air fryers from Amazon. Competition is full tight among these air fryers, and as it’s not that complicated appliance, most of the air fryers available do a good job, but some trouble regarding durability and perfection.

When we unwrapped this one from prestige, we weren’t surprised by looks, as this is exactly how an Air fryer looks. Before turning it ON, we examined its build quality, and we were pretty pleased. It’s shiny, and maintaining that shine isn’t tough at all. Just normal wiping (not with a wet cloth) is needed. 

After that, we examined the heat waves inside (using some expensive thermal devices) after turning it ON, and the hot air was circulating pretty evenly inside. So, whatever you fry, bake, etc., you’ll get a uniform result. We tested cooking 3 different dishes, and french fries were actually the best.

We can’t say that there is no taste loss at all. What you cook inside it gives you the taste of what you are already familiar with, but the taste won’t be 100% the same. 

Prestige Air Fryer PAF 6.0 body looks

We can say it’s 90% the same, and we bet that you won’t even feel that! Regarding control, just set the two knobs as per desire, and do nothing! Your kid can prepare snacks with this air fryer, and it’s that simple!

Then we tried cleaning, and it was as simper as we expected. We opened this machine to understand the inner components. 

That’s important to figure out durability, though. The heating element is very promising, and the same we find in certain expensive thermal appliances.

Note – Besides these amazing OTG models from Agaro, the competition was tough with Prestige. Also, not just OTG models, but AGARO has an amazing Vacuum Cleaner model as well that high impressed us.


At last, we donate whatever we test, but we wanted to test this air fryer from every angle before recommending you, so we performed 3 feet and 5 feet drop down tests! Yes, you read that correctly!

We actually didn’t expect a 4000 rupees appliance like this to be that sturdy! Guys, nothing happened to the fryer in both drops-down tests. We gave it A++ regarding sturdiness. What else you want after that?

Also, we have recently tested another amazing air fryer model that high impressed us with it’s latest features and performance. Read Hilton Air Fryer Review to know more.

Prestige Air Fryer PAF 6.0 frying

Prestige Air Fryer PAF 6.0 Specifications, Pros and Cons


Product Dimensions 25 x 25 x 29 cm Model Name PAF 6.0 (ASIN – B07JZJZQL3)
Temperature range 80 to 200 degree Celsius Recipe book included Yes
Frying basket capacity 2 L Power 1200 watts
Timer 30 minutes Cooking functions Fry, Bake, Roast and Grill
Smoke Vent Yes Warranty 1-year

This is box title
  • Control knobs are easily operable.
  • Frying gasket with non-stick coating.
  • Easy cleaning and maintaining.
  • Smoke vent absorbing undesirable smoke.
  • Compact in design & easy to store.
  • Even heat distribution.

Prestige Air Fryer PAF 6.0 timer setup

This is box title
  • 2 L capacity might not prove enough for bigger family.

The Final Advice

Less oil directly means more health. Isn’t that the truth? You can enjoy oil-free chips, meat, snacks, etc., without guilt. What else is there? The food tastes awesome, like the petroleum fried foods you’re familiar with.

This Prestige air fryer permits you to fry, grill, roast, and bake perfectly in a healthy manner, utilizing its innovative features, including 30 minutes timer, conveniently controllable knobs (which we highly appreciate), easy to clean, carrying handle for convenient portability and accessories. It arrives with 1200 watts of power, and we already mentioned the capacity up there.

If you wanna prepare quick cookies before settling on your sofa for watching a cricket match, then this model is perfect. Also, if you are having fried breakfast, such as Wada in the morning, better you stop using oil, as it’s very harmful (unless you are using high-quality Olive Oil). Better get something like this air fryer, and guys, it’s not expensive!

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