You are currently viewing Hestia Cold Press Juicer Review: Read It Before Investing 16K!

Hestia Cold Press Juicer Review: Read It Before Investing 16K!

Hestia Appliances has a Sentiment of 20 years in the Medical sector and makes products to take care of the overall health of the people in general.

The company pins down in healthy living appliances like juicers, blenders, egg boilers and comes with superior mastery in technology and revolution.

The Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer is one of the Sensations from the brand that has helped thousands of lives to reverse their disease like diabetes, lose weight, improve complexion.

Hestia Nutrimax 91% 9.6 A+
Hurom HP Series 84% 9.1 A
Borosil Health pro 81% 8.5 B
Philips HR1855 Viva 76% 8.3 B
Balzano ZZJ827ML 200 72% 7.9 C+

This model from Hestia Appliances is an extremely well-built and structured kitchen appliance for customers wanting to adopt a Healthier lifestyle!

It is built to extract almost the last drop of juice while keeping most of the nutrients, vitamins, and phytochemicals intact. It draws out thick juices without air bubbles and less oxidation for long-lasting freshness and natural taste.

Hestia Cold Press Juicer

But why to choose Hestia over any other colds press juicer brands?

Nutri-Max offers maximum permanence for absolute peace of mind: 1 year on electronic parts besides 10 years on motor.
Solid built quality: 7.5Kgs of total juicer weight with 4.163Kgs of motor weight to give you a minimum dwelling usage life of 12 years.
Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer is a proven work-horse, being used not only in residential but also in commercial establishments.
It offers on-premise support covering every pin code of India.
This brand promises to never out-source servicing to ensure gold-standard in service if you ever need technical support.
This juicer offers absolute Lucidity in terms of component level cost and 365 days availability of every single spare part to ensure nil downtime.
Hestia Appliances has achieved a landmark in 710+ districts of the country with around 84000 satisfied customers (and counting).
It’s an Indian company dedicated to offering the best the line product, materials & customer experience to its customers.

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A gander at the specifications of  Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer

Dimensions 35x 35x 45cm
Weight 7.47 kg
Feeding tube / Hopper 7.5 cms wide
Motor 240 Watts, weighing 4.163 Kgs Long-life Condenser run slow AC induction motor.
Rotation 46 RPM
Worktime 30+ mins of continuous working time
Auger, Strainer material GE ULTEM (FDA) & SS 304
Quiet Operation <45dB
Juice bowl, Juice lid 100% BPA Free Eastman Tritan Co-Polyester
Cleaning Semi-automatic cleaning by pouring 500 ml of water into the juicer while it’s ON.
Commercial Use 1 year on Electronic parts and motor.
Warranty Residential Use year on Electronic parts and 10 years on motor.
Voltage 220-240V Single Phase 50 Hz. 5-Ampere plug

Features of Hestia Cold Press Juicer that win hearts!

Hestia Cold Press Juicer Review

Convenient and user friendly design:

In terms of convenience, this model can be compared to Hestia Cold Press Juicer. The juicer is configured such that the Juice bowl has Double outlets, which distribute the pulp and juice separately. The juice outlet also has a smart cap that prevents Overfilling and makes transferring the juice to a cup or glass very simple and mess-free.

The process of cleaning very simple, just sprout 500 ml water and run it for 30 seconds, and the Remaining residual pulp will be Split out. Then rinse all parts under running water. Isn’t that sweet?

Large feeding tube:

Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer motor test

Hestia Nutri-max Offers a long and 75 mm wide feeding tube. It helps you to drop a higher quantity of fruits in a single time. Even long and hard carrots are also acceptable. And for thrusting them in a juicer, it also provides you with a Pusher.

ULTEM strainer:

The stainer of the juicer is  measured with a 3.7mm minimum with a laser-etched Stainless Steel 304 fine-filter screen. PEI rating: V0, 170 degrees Celsius.

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PEI ULTEM auger:

The functional Auger on the Hestia Nutri-Max CPJ is designed to naturally squashes out the juices from the fruits due to the lowest pitch (2.4mm) between the Auger and Strainer. Auger adopted the Aero-space grade Ultem PEI material and is highly durable & extremely abrasion resistant for the better experience of the user.

The patented knobs are ideal for very effective squeezing. It has metal hollows on the bottom, which results in less noise and adds more stability to the process.

Powerful motor:

Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer motor test (3)

This mighty appliance weighing 7.47 Kgs is equipped with a 240W Condenser run. Also, the AC Induction motor rotates at 46 RPM with the highest torque in the market to Max, even hard-frozen fruits or coconut chunks with ease.

The operating voltage of this juicer is 220 to 240 Volts AC. This motor is paired with the tallest auger, which is so capable of squeezing that even the very last drop of fruit or vegetable will be delivered in your glass.

Food grade components:

Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer motor test (2)

The main components of this juicer are made of standard-quality BPA & BPS-Free “Tritan” Plastic. The material provided is without any endocrine disruptors and non-carcinogenic.

They are a habitat for a wide temperature application ranging from -15 to 85. They are sorted and resilient today -to-day usage. For cleaning the components, simply draw them in running water, and there you go.

What did our experts like in our testing


best features of Hestia Cold Press Juicer

Ease of operation This product can also be operated by a primary kid of your house as it has an in-built forward and reverses function, which makes this product very easy to operate.
Light Weight The weight of the product, is almost 7.5 kilograms which is pretty much lighter when contrasted to another cold press juicer in the market. This is also one of the reasons which attract customers to purchase this cold press model.
Ease of cleaning You get brushes for the cleaning purpose of the product so that the time of the user is saved while cleaning it. We appreciate this because, as the cleaning is easy, there are hardly any chances of food particles staying behind after washing and affecting your health.
Maximum juice extraction This Product ensures that a drop of juice from fruit or vegetable is to be served in your glass. Especially the mechanism of the juicer is well organized so that it can squeeze each and every drop of fruit for you. The mechanism keeps on working the same for years and years.
Preserves nutrition The quality of the juice extracted is high that is full of health and goodness. The juicer doesn’t burn away the good qualities of the juice due to excess heating.
Premium Looks The product looks vibrant and very classy, and the black and red color doesn’t just look appealing but also compliments your kitchen’s interiors.


Does it juice wheatgrass too?

It works well when used with cucumber, so it can extract wheatgrass as well. Assuming that, we tested it in wheatgrass as well, and it scored 9.3/10 in that.

How is Hestia Cold press juicer better than Havells?

Juicing with hestia Juicer

Well, Hestia’s model ruthlessly crutches Havell’s model. The same happened with Hurom in our testing. Let’s go deep:

Havell’s Nutrisense 150W CPJ

A DC motor is out of comparison; it makes more noise (60db against our 45db), and the lifespan is much smaller than an AC motor. The Max torque is also way below the AC motor.

Also, its technical run-time is a 15-minute cycle. Tertian plastic is something we’ve never heard of. Industry talks about Tritan BPA-free plastic.

No information on the auger material was provided, though it is not Ultem PEI; it is the first generation auger with 3.85 inches in height. The only plus side to it is its price range.

Hurom HP series 150 watts

Motor is a very important part of any kitchen appliance. While testing this cold press juicer, we also compared its motor to a few low cost kitchen appliances such as Sujata Juicer Mixer Grinder, and came to know, how powerful and dependablea cold press juicer’s motor is in comparison to other types of juicers.

They are the original patent holder of CPJ. But Hurom is like the Mercedes in terms of range. They have units ranging from INR 18500 to INR 39900/- However, we only compared this product to their top of the line product (Elite or HAA – Alpha-model) and let me assure you, technically, Hestia’s motor is superior, as it offers 240W, we offer 3 strainers, patented large knobs, etc.

After spending INR 40K, we’ve seen known customers returning their products. Nutri-max is at a 57% discount and doesn’t offer any higher perceivable difference in juicing output, taste texture of the juice.

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How to clean Hestia Nutri max cold press juicer

hestia nutrimax cold press juicer juice yield

We use several easy devices such as cold press juicer. air fryer, etc. but the question isn’t just about usability. It’s also about cleaning convenience. 

So, how easy is it to use Hestia’s juicer?

If there are fewer components in your cold press juicer, then it’s easily cleanable if you are looking for simplicity; Hestia has no extra attachments, which makes the cleaning more convenient for the user.

The parts of this juicer are easily de-attachable, which ensures easy cleaning. This juicer comes up with a manual guide that provides an easy understanding of the steps of cleaning it.

While other juicers out there are hard to clean as their components are not dishwashers, this problem is not with this model as its components are totally dishwashable and can be cleaned easily.

No matter the weight of this juicer is heavy, but as we mentioned before, the parts are de-attachable so, that means we automatically cut off the weight, and now it becomes easily cleanable.

Is Hestia cold press juicers made of stainless steel?

Yes, Most of the parts of this model are made up of stainless steel. Most importantly, all parts are BPA Free which means the toxicity rate is zero, and it will ensure safety.

The final advice by THE EXPERTS


Why should you buy Hestia Nutri-Max

Now, after knowing all the benefits and knowing about what it offers, let’s open the secrets of our testing on this model. As cold press juicers are the best in terms of extracting the juice from vegetables or fruits while ensuring the highest rate of nutrients, it’s considered as the most superior juicing machine among all the types.

However, why should you choose Hestia over other cold press juicer models?

The major benefit we encountered was, it provided 26% more pulp yield, more natural taste, and most importantly, it ensured almost 30%+ nutrients of the ingredients in the juice than the other 24 models which we tested.

After reading till down here, you got the conclusion that this juicer is completely worth buying after our testing results which have surely impressed us.

If this cold press at 4.8/5 stars on Amazon with 1800+ user reviews, and 9.8/10 in our official testing, still can’t please you, then God only knows what can 🙂

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Ravi K.

Ravi has been exploring electronics, creating custom PCBs, programming lower levels of hardware, structures & durability of various household and kitchen products, and a lot more for a long. His expertise ranges from basic technology to more advanced programming in artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

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  1. Vishva Yadav

    I had a Kent slow juicer and it used to work well but now it’s been years, now it seems hestia nutrix max is better than that model, so im purchasing it. Can i get it in installments?

    1. Nishant

      Hi Vishva, surely this model have proved itself a lot better than not just Kent, but some other brands as well.

      Yes, the installment system is available. We suggest you to look through Amazon’s installments plans to know about per month expenses and plans.

  2. meet patel

    I tried a Kent cold press juice but the pulp yield was too low of the fruit I crush. Please tell me is the pulp yield of this juicer is good?

    1. Nishant

      Hello Meet, you don’t have to worry about anything with pulp yield. This juicer is fantastic and provides the highest juice percentage while keeping the nutrition secured. It performed better than other 24 cold press models we tested.

  3. Venkat

    Hi Sir thank you for your detailed review. I just want to know which one is best between Hestia CPJ and Kuvings CPJ. I am ready to buy anyone of these two in a week. Please let me know your choice sir. Thanks in advance

  4. Prabhu

    Hestia or Kuvings which one is best sir?

  5. Nitesh Sethi

    Is Hestia Nutrimax good for making Almond milk?

    1. Nishant

      Hi Nitesh.

      Yes, Hestia Nutri-Max performed really well in crushing nuts such as almonds, cashews, walnut, etc. Thus, making almond milk will be super easy if you crush nuts with this cold press juicer.

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