You are currently viewing Sanyo AC Review 2023: Don’t buy before reading this

Sanyo AC Review 2023: Don’t buy before reading this

Undoubtedly, an AC is considered the best solution when it comes to battling heat, but buying an AC is away from the budget of most of the middle-class Indians in today’s date also!

However, today, we’ve brought a detailed Sanyo AC Review of an amazing and easily affordable AC. It’s Sanyo 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC costing below 25K actually, isn’t that amazing?

Sanyo 1 Ton 5 Star


#1 9.6 94%
AmazonBasics 1 Ton 3 Star


#2 8.8 81%
Blue Star 0.8 Ton 3 Star


#3 8.4 77%
Blue Star 1 Ton 3 Star


#4 7.9 72%
Hitachi 1 Ton 3 Star


#5 7.6 68%
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  • The prices may change with time

Note – The price may increase in summer, so its better choose an AC model now.

In a Hurry? The straight answer is – Yes, you should certainly buy this Sanyo AC at around 23K, as it scores 9.6/10 in our testing.

Rank under 25K AC models #1
Cooling 10ft. x 10ft. room (normal mode) 9 Minutes 10 Seconds
Cooling 10ft. x 10ft. room (turbo mode) 3 Minutes 40 Seconds
Cooling 12ft. x 15ft. room (normal mode) 10 Minutes 45 Seconds
Cooling 12ft. x 15ft. room (turbo mode) 5 Minutes 15 Seconds
Rapid cooling performance 9.8 (Average of other AC below 25K – 8.1)
Consistency 9.3 (Average of other AC below 25K – 7.8)
Durability 9.5
Electricity Units saving 48% more than any other AC at this price
Overall score 9.6

Note: Cooling time was the time taken to bring the rooms’ temperature from 30 degrees C to 16 degrees C.

Now, as this AC is so cheap, are you doubting about some cons here?

Please don’t worry; our 11 members of the specialized team have fully tested this 1 Ton model and have brought honest facts. In short, it’s the best AC around this cost, but you should definitely need our whole report, which will consume just 4 minutes! Jump down to the Sanyo 1.5 ton model review if you want higher capacity and exclusive more features.

Shall we go in detail?

Sanyo AC Review 2022

Sanyo AC 1 ton 5 star

When we brought Sanyo AC to our testing lab, we ran it continuously for 16 hours (at 24 degrees) without a single break to measure the exact energy consumption. Surprisingly, it consumed just 9 units.

Generally, this is a 1 Ton model, but its cooling is really effective. Even if you use it for 8-10 hours a day (turning it off once your room is entirely chilled), then it will consume just 4-5 units for a whole day, and that’s super amazing. Its ISEER value is 3.95, which is really applicable. It’s even better than the previous 2019 model. Who doesn’t like saving bills?

Sanyo AC Body looks

Sanyo AC truly impressed our experts with its amazing performance, but we’ve found some NEGATIVE POINTS that you must know by reading Sanyo AC review 2021! Keep reading.

Sanyo Ac Build quality

Your AC’s durability highly depends upon the build quality, besides your usage. However, this AC is a fresh launch, so we weren’t able to gather data from the users regarding durability, but we covered this part from another angle. We gathered the data of the previous model of this AC, and there, regards regarding durability were awesome.

After that, we brought that old model to our lab to make a complete comparison of both to detect how many changes are there in the build quality. Well, it’s almost the same, which means this model is also going to please in terms of durability. In Lloyd AC Review and Reconnect AC Review, we found that this model from Sanyo was even better considering the build quality.

Sanyo Ac Remote

Sanyo AC inner body

Yes, for the remote, there were some complaints with the 2019 model. It was somewhat small, due to which certain buyers exclaimed that they performed wrong clicks by mistake. That time, the buttons’ quality was good, but they were pretty closely packed.

Fortunately, with the 2021 model, you’re getting a bigger remote, bit bigger buttons. The quality of the remote is the same, but yes, you won’t press the wrong button for sure. This remote comes with a backlit operation.

Sanyo Ac Operation

When you turn on this Sanyo AC, it is automatically set at 24 degrees C. You can tap the Glacier mode button on its remote, and you’ll find your AC throwing cold air rapidly. The success of any AC highly depends upon how fast the AC chills your room. Fortunately, this 1 ton AC does better than expected in its glacier mode. The Sanyo split system is fantastic too.

What about the competition

We don’t prefer writing negatively about any specific brand, but we clearly noticed in our lab that this 1 Ton model from Sanyo performed better than the 1 Ton model’s from LG, Haier, Videocon, and Amstrad. We recently published an informative article on Amstrad AC review too. Read it to know more.

Also, Croma has added some amazing technologies in their AC models. Read our Croma air conditioner review to find out.

Not just the cooling capabilities, but regarding consistency and durability also, the Sanyo model seems much more promising. At the same time, it’s cheaper than the competitors!

What Are The Special Features of Sanyo AC?

Sanyo AC main unit's inner body

Full Inverter Technology

We all differ, and so are our AC usage patterns. Sanyo Inverter ACs differ rotor speeds to suit as per the situation, which further results in dramatic energy savings as well as lessens power cost.

Always At Your Service

Sanyo provides you complete peace of mind and provides timely service response through its huge service network of 350+ service centers.

Glacier Mode

You enjoy this AC’s jet speed cooling right at your fingertips. Just turn on Glacier Mode that permits 35% higher fan speed over normal mode, delivering instant cooling in lesser time.

Clean Air

Sanyo Inverter ACs come with the built-in PM 2.5 and reliable anti-dust filters that ensure the removal of dust, pollen as well as suspended particles. You enjoy good health in your every breath.

Eco Function

The Eco function is really appreciable. Your power bills go low with this function on Sanyo Inverter AC’s remote that optimize performance for low energy operation.

Auto Restart

Forget the hassle of resetting the temperature of your AC after a power cut as Sanyo Inverter ACs automatically resume real settings once the power is back.

Sleep Function

You make every night good and comfy with your Sanyo Inverter AC as it auto-adjusts temperature for a sound sleep.

Self Diagnosis

Here, we kill all uncertainties. You receive error codes shown on the temperature display area of this AC for convenient troubleshooting.

Hydrophilic Fins

You can ensure top-level protection against salt and rust damage with corrosion-resistant hydrophilic fins. These fins promise longer condenser life.

Copper Condenser

This AC arrives with 100% pure copper coils for faster heat transfer and resistance to corrosion.

R32 Refrigerant: We, as individuals, need to take equal care of our planet as we do ours. Sanyo air conditioner arrives with the latest Eco-friendly R32 Refrigerant. It shields the condenser from accidental fire hazards while ensuring no damage to the ozone layer.

Timer Function: No more requirement to wake up in the mid-night to turn off the AC. You can set your Sanyo Inverter AC model to turn on/off automatically at whatever time at the touch of its remote’s button.

Note – There are two models from Onida that we’ve reviewed recently. Onida Inverter AC Review and Onida AC Review are worth cherishing since there are some astonishing features worth your interest.

Sanyo AC Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth buying a Sanyo AC and is Sanyo a good brand?

The answer is yes! Sanyo AC undoubtedly is a great model with efficient cooling & lesser power bills in comparison to the other 1 and 1.5 ton AC models.

Is Sanyo AC a power-saving model?

According to Sanyo, this model is highly energy-efficient and consumes just about 4-5 units for an entire day when you run it continuously!

What are the Dimensions?

If we talk about Sanyo Ac’s dimensions, we can’t say it’s compact. However, it’s a normal-sized AC model. It measures 100.0 (Length) x 23.0 (Breadth) x 29.5 (Height).

How an Inverter AC work?

According to Quality AC, Inverter air conditioners basically work a similar way. For the proffered temperature, the Sanyo air conditioner speeds up or slows down by adjusting the output it has accordingly for compensating for changes in temperature throughout the entire day.
This will work for both heating & cooling modes of ACs. The inverter air conditioning system always constantly try keeping the power needed to a minimum.

Sanyo AC Specifications


Energy Efficiency 3 Star Control Console Remote Control
Installation Type Split Battery Cell Type Zinc Carbon
Capacity 1 tons Voltage 230 Volts
Color White Batteries Included Yes
Noise Level 40 dB Material Plastic

Sanyo Ac 1 ton Pros & Cons

  • Its sleek & stylish design makes your home look more beautiful.
  • Sanyo AC is great at silent operations.
  • Highly energy efficient.
  • The price is very reasonable in comparison to its competitors.
  • Even after being so reasonably priced, this AC is actually the best power saver in its segment.
  • The complaint percentage is close to zero!
  • The remote comes with a very strong sensor.
  • The remote has lesser buttons than the competitors, but all though necessary buttons are present.

The Final Advice

In true words, if you are planning to neglect this AC, then you are hardly going got get any reason for negligence. As this AC is promising to save this much energy, there are high chances that in the upcoming time, this AC is going to be the hot choice in the market.

We Indians look upon the price first before grabbing any appliance, and right from there, Sanyo starts attracting you. Talking about 2-3 years back, ACs around 30,000 rupees were actually ridiculous, made much noise while operating, and sucked high energy.

Besides that, durability also used to be questionable. Now just look at Sanyo 1 ton model! Whether it’s the build quality, energy efficiency, or rapid chilling features, you feel amazed n all departments.

After testing 11 ACs around this cost, our experts have chosen this Sanyo ac unit as the ultimate choice and scored it 9.8/10, which has never happened before.

In case your Sanyo AC’s remote malfunctions, then it’ll be a better idea to buy Sanyo AC remote online rather than finding it by yourself at various shops.

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Sanyo AC 1.5 Ton Review 2022

Sanyo AC 1.5 ton 3 star

Now, after cherishing the Sanyo AC 1 ton model, here’s the expert review pon the 1.5 Ton model with a brief explanation.

If your research is to discover a highly efficient yet more powerful air-conditioner for your large room, then considering the 1.5-ton model from Sanyo can be a better choice. 

Sanyo 1.5 Ton 5-star Inverter Split AC is an ideal purchase for individuals seeking superb cooling & fresher filtered air in their home with no hesitation from electricity bills (As this model has maximum energy saving ratings.) 

The 5-star energy rating just proves that this model has passed the highest savings possible electricity consumption checks. Most importantly, our experts were shocked by the unbelievable efficiency of the Sanyo air conditioner 1.5 Ton.

Is it worth buying a Sanyo AC?

Obviously, the most advanced and best innovation makes the Sanyo brand better for the users. The easily usable system is always convenient for everyone.

It further makes the Sanyo air conditioner a tough competitor for numerous other air conditioner brands available in the market.

When selecting an air conditioner, a sophisticated and sleek appearance is the hot subject that matters a lot in conversation among the purchasers. The Sanyo air conditioner will offer your room a most attractive, welcoming appearance with its elegant design. 

Sanyo also offers their air conditioner with an unbelievable surprise function, and it’ll hide the display completely for temperature suggestions making it look like a clean charm hanging in your home. Also, it can be accessible to handle by a radiant backlit remote.

Another aspect, which consumers nowadays concern themselves the most with “how eco-friendly the ac is?” Don’t hesitate. Sanyo addresses this essential environment-friendly issue by using the best (till now) gas for the coolant; it’s R32

This R32 gas is highly helpful and healthy for the environment in comparison to other coolant gases. The R32 gas has low emissions for preventing bad environment and aiding global warming and assisting to save the ozone layer. Sanyo ACs are among the most energy-efficient products having SEER-13 technology

The SEER-13 technology will assist you in saving 30% of energy consumption by making sure every air conditioner is functioning efficiently and is beneficial to the user. 

Sanyo 1.5 Ton AC Review: Special Features

sanyo ac outdoor unit unboxing & testing

1. Self Diagnosis Feature

Among the most basic complaints of air conditioning systems is that discovering a concern is highly challenging until the issue gets worse. These circumstances will lead to expensive repairs.

If you buy Sanyo split AC, then stressing over such unpredictable problems is not required. This device will not permit you to remain baffled as it’ll quickly display the error codes on its IDU temperature level display place when the issues can be managed to get resolved easily.

This self-diagnosis feature will make repairing highly simple. As diagnosis for small concerns is there, having to pay for costly repair has low chances to occur. Also, this feature you’ll find in Panasonic AC as well. To know more about Panasonic brand’s AC models, you can look through the recently published Panasonic AC Review. 

2. Sanyo AC – Style

While testing and opening secrets of this model in our Sanyo AC Review, the stylish and streamlined design of the Sanyo 1.5 ton model was among the most pleasing things, installing this air conditioner on your wall will make your area highly attractive. 

Among these products’ most striking elements is no other than the temperature screen hidden feature in a classy way. Discovering this feature in other ac models is a rare case. 

The remote arrives with Sanyo ACs is backlit, and it involves an ergonomic style. The radiance of its remote is wonderfully dark.

You will find the temperature level control buttons, the power on/off, and on these models’ remote will provide exceptional ease of use.

3. Sanyo AC – Glacier Mode

Sanyo AC Air Filters

All Sanyo split air conditioner models are geared up having a glacier mode in helping the user experience a lot better cooling.

This jet-speed cooling will be enjoyed with the touch of a button while you switch to Glacier mode in Sanyo AC; the fan speed considerably enhances. 

In fact, anticipating a fan speed boost of up to 38% while keeping the air conditioner on Glacier mode is too unique when compared to the medium mode. What’s the benefit of Glacier cooling? It’s highly helpful for instantly cooling your room in a quick method.

4. Duo Cool Inverter Innovation

The designs of Sanyo AC feature a fantastic Duo Cool Inverter Innovation for increasing users’ comfort level. You will be able to delight in supreme convenience without even having to stress over the energy bills. 

Undoubtedly, this feature is essential, and it attracts several individuals towards the conclusion to purchase Sanyo 1.5 ton AC model. You will discover two different AC compressor’s rotors, which will promote more energy-efficient cooling rapidly. 

The power can be changed with the help of a variable speed compressor on the basis of the heat load. The Sanyo AC will not make any worrying sound. You can remain peacefully and unwinded while you run it.

5. Sanyo Ac – Anti-dust Air Filters

While narrating this Sanyo AC Review, our experts found that the quality of AC filters plays a crucial role in identifying the entire efficiency of an AC.

Therefore, the Sanyo brand has come with an integrated PM 2.5. Therefore, you can enjoy efficient anti-dust filters, which will assist you in removing fungi, pollen, dust, germs, and some other suspended particles. 

This device promises efficient purification, and it will produce the cleanest and pure air for protecting your family members’ good health.

The auto function enables its fan to work efficiently even after you switch off the system. This function will automatically stop the growth of awful odor or mold inside the AC unit. 

6. Sanyo AC – Control features

The Sanyo air conditioners are integrated with advanced control functions, for example, sleep function, auto reboot, and time function. The On-timer/Off-Timer will make the operation fairly simple. 

Waking up at night to switch off the device can be a daunting task, but Sanyo eliminates it for you. It features a 24-hour clock along with an ON/ OFF timer program. In simple words, just set the Sanyo AC at your most preferred time to turn on/off automatically. 

Luckily, The sleep function will adjust the temperature instantly to ensure a peaceful sleep. The auto-restart function will remove the requirement of resetting the temperature level again and again after a power failure. 

Fortunately, the original settings will instantly be brought back when your home’s power will come back. You can also come across the Eco Function mode accessible on the AC’s remote.

This feature will lower the power intake and will make sure energy-efficient operation for keeping the bills of electricity consumption low. Also, if you want a portable solution, we recommend you cherishing Blue Star Portable AC Review.

7. Sanyo Split AC – Hydrophilic Fins

Smart buyers frequently identify how an AC is offering security against deterioration or corrosion to ensure high durability.

Most importantly, Sanyo Split ACs will offer you hydrophilic fins, and that excellent defense against rust is gonna secure it for years to come. 

This feature further safeguards the AC against salt & rust harms with admirable efficiency. Its hydrophilic fins are a lot more efficient in comparison to other common coils, and it ensures the high longevity of your AC’s condenser too.

8. Sanyo AC – R32 Refrigerant

Luckily, the designs of Sanyo AC models can surely be taken as environmentally friendly devices with a clear consideration of user convenience. These devices look after your comfort requirement while following the most reliable way. 

They also ensure the world in an accountable approach. The R32 Refrigerant that’s eco-friendly is accessible on the Sanyo cooling items.

It uses the much-required protection for the condenser against unintentional or accidental fire. This feature also ensures that no harm is done to the ozone layer.

9. Sanyo Split AC – Copper Condenser

The comfort level, which a cooling system offers, mostly relies upon the condenser’s quality of an air conditioner. Sanyo air conditioners are equipped with 100% proper copper coils, and they provide exceptional practical benefits. 

Two separate rotors are there in AC’s condenser of these designs, which guarantee quick heat transfer as well as its rust resistance, which offers you life-long convenience for the users.

10. Advanced inverter innovation

People use a device, for example, an AC or refrigerator, in several ways depending upon the special situations they face. There is a fair distinction in the usage of distinctive individuals. 

The inverter technology of Sanyo ACs is highly sophisticated, and it enables them to alter rotor speeds in accordance with different situations.

As a user, you might consider consuming the lowest energy possible. The fast-rising energy bills will never end up being an impactful concern for you if you use Sanyo AC models. 

Sanyo AC 1.5 Ton Specifications


Energy Efficiency 3 Star Control Console Remote Control
Installation Type Split Battery Cell Type Zinc Carbon
Capacity 1.5 tons Voltage 230 Volts
Color White Batteries Included Yes
Noise Level 43 dB Material Plastic

Sanyo Ac 1.5 ton Pros & cons

  • Its sleek & stylish design attracts numerous buyers.
  • Sanyo AC is fantastic at silent operations even with this 1.5-ton model (just 43 dB).
  • Great energy efficient.
  • The price is very reasonable even with a 1.5-ton model in comparison to its competitors.
  • The complaint percentage is close to zero!
  • The remote arrives with a highly strong sensor.
  • Better coverage area in rapid cooling considering its plus 0.5 tons.
  • Not a big price difference between 1 and 1.5-ton models.


  • No cons were detected with this 1.5 ton AC model.

The Conclusion: Which Sanyo model is good 1 Ton or 1.5 Ton?

The Final Advice

Through this Sanyo AC Review, you might have already found that Sanyo air conditioners truly offer you hardly any reasons for disregarding their air conditioners. 

As this AC brand will ensure to conserve this much energy, high chances are there that this air conditioner is gonna be the hot selection in the market.

In fact, we Indians look upon the expenses initially before opting for any appliance, and right from there, Sanyo AC’s fantastic energy efficiency starts attracting you. Also, it was able o defeat Marq AC and Midea AC in terms of overall cooling performance.

If we go back to AC’s costing around 30k rupees 2-3 years back, those were ridiculous, made much sound while working, and drew fairly high energy.

Guys, there’s no need to get confused regarding whether 1 ton or 1.5 ton AC to buy. Guys, everything in both the ACs, including features, consistency, durability, rapid cooling, energy efficiency, is the same.

The decision depends upon the size of the room. 

If your room is bigger than 12 x 15 feet, then you should go for the 1.5 tons. Most importantly, it costs just around 3 thousand extra. Similarly, for small rooms, Sanyo 1 Ton AC proves to be more than enough. 

No worries regarding build quality and performance, as both models are excellent. 

After evaluating nearly 22 AC’s around this expense, our experts have selected Sanyo air conditioners as the best possible choice and scored it 9.8/10 overall.

If your Sanyo AC’s remote end ups are getting broken due to an unintentional accident, then purchasing the Sanyo AC remote online is better rather than discovering it on your own at several shops.

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