Prestige Electric Kettle PKOSS Review 2023

Prestige Electric Kettle PKOSS Review 2023

There are many benefits of an electric kettle, and it assists you in a different situation, but as this appliance is cheap, over 80% of these don’t work longer. Even if you don’t use them for some months, you can notice a significant downfall in their performance.

Today, we’ve brought you an amazing kettle that our experts have selected as the best electric kettle of 2021, after testing 35 kettles and spending 86 hours incomplete research.

Prestige PKOSS Electric Kettle costs you around rupees 700 (might change with time) and assists you so well, you can’t expect it!

Besides super sturdy construction, there’s much to discuss under this kettle’s excellence!

Welcome to our 4-min read report!

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Prestige Electric Kettle PKOSS Review

Prestige Electric Kettle PKOSS - 1500watts

Auto shut-off feature

Wow, and the Auto shut-off feature in such low costing kettle, is that true? Yes, it is! This feature cuts off the power supply whenever the inside temperature has touched the desired levels, ensures protection of this kettle from damage. This feature directly increases this kettle’s durability.

Besides that, it prevents the consumption of excess electricity. Considering Prestige Electric Kettle’s price, the auto shut-off feature is you’re getting is great!

Perfect spout design & Power indicator

This kettle’s Spout design ensures easy pouring with a removable, reusable perforated stainless steel filter. It strains water whenever you pour. Besides that, this kettle comes with an illuminated power indicator. When power is on, it glows, and when power is off, it darkens.

However, if you are a single individual, Prestige Air Fryer will cost you below 5k with sufficient capacity while providing this amazing technology.

Full swivel base

The Swivel power base of Prestige PKOSS Electric Kettle permits you to plug it in the desired direction with the desired kettle handle position. When you place the kettle on it, then only the contact point will source power.

This kettle is conveniently detachable from the power base for easy portability and usage. You can use its Cord winder to shorten the cord’s length as per the distance you need from the plug point.

Rapid water boiling

Another feature of this Electric Kettle 1.5 liter that highly impressed us was its pace of boiling the water. With 1500W power, the water boils efficiently in contrast to microwave and stove-top.

Large capacity of 1.5Ltr. It suits a whole family. The water attains a full boil within 5-6 minutes period. Furthermore, you can use that boiled water to prepare tea, coffee, hot chocolate, oatmeal, pasta, instant soup, and much more.

One-touch lid locking

Electric Kettle Prestige posses a single touch-lid locking mechanism to ensure a rapid seal for preventing steam from escaping, and that also increases the water boiling speed. Furthermore, more energy than most other brand kettles at this price.

We’ve tested some electric kettles, which had such a lid locking mechanism, but it malfunctioned after some time. However, the one present here is durable and perfect. The one-touch lid locking mechanism is great considering Electric Kettle price Prestige.

Guess what, you can prepare milk!

Yes, that’s true. Most of the electric kettles (especially below 1000 rupees) don’t allow you to prepare milk. Milk sticks and burns due to very high temperatures, but Electric Kettle Prestige doesn’t go that harsh on milk!

We tested the same in our lab and concluded that we could recommend this electric kettle from prestige for preparing quick milk, and it’s so beneficial if you have little babies.

What about cleaning?

Electric kettles hardly need any cleaning. However, make sure that you don’t store water in it and forget it for some days. That will create the smell. If you prepare milk, clean it with kitchen soap’s water.

However, scrubbing it from within can be challenging, as we advise you to clean it right after you clean milk as soon as possible.

If you are traveling and soap isn’t available, it will still be fine if you wash it with water instantly. Some folks who try to cook soups in such kettles find it too difficult to clean after that. We don’t recommend that!

What is cordless electric kettle?

Cordless electric kettles generally consist of two parts, which are the base and the jug. The heating element is in the jug, and it helps in heating the water (or other liquid) inside the jug.

Its base is linked to the power cord, which you can connect to any power outlet for the electricity supply. The most impressive feature of a cordless electric kettle is the auto shut-off feature. When the water hits the boiling point, its inbuilt thermostat ensures automatic switches off of the kettle.

What food can you cook with an electric kettle?

We recommend you not to listen to the advice of cooking soups etc. inside an electric kettle. It’s dangerous, and as we mentioned above, cleaning the kettle properly inside will be too challenging.

The only way you can “cook” with this type of electric kettle is to utilize boiling water, for example, dehydrated meals such as soups, pot noodles, noodle dishes, etc.

Which requires just boiling water to be added. You can soft boil an egg at room temperature conveniently by pouring a good amount of boiling water on in the kettle and keep the egg in that hot water for some minutes.

Can I carry electric kettle in flight?

It depends upon the nation to nation and flight to flight. At some airports, you might be allowed to carry one, but they’ll surely ask you to check it, and you will have to pull it out of the luggage.

That might consume time, and some authorities might waste a lot of you time of yours. Guys, an electric kettle is such a cheap thing, and you can buy a new one if you’re moving somewhere else. What’s the need to carry one?

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Prestige Electric Kettle PKOSS REPORT CARD


Product dimensions 19 x 19 x 24 cm Model Name PKOSS 1.5 (ASIN-B01MQZ7J8K)
Product weight 299 gm Wattage 1500W
Voltage 230V Material Stainless-steel
Capacity 1.5L Warranty 1-year

  • Auto shut-off for safety.
  • Easy one touch lock with touch-lid locking mechanism.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • The price is comfortable.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Power indicator.
  • Quick water boiling.
  • Full swivel base.
  • Two colour selection Red & black.
  • 1.5L of capacity isn’t enough for bigger families.

The Final Advice

From Auto shut-off, Quick water boiling, Full swivel base, attractive design to the one-touch locking mechanism, and power indicator, what else do you need?

The 1.5-liter model provides more than enough at such a price! No matter at which place you are, This heating machine will keep your tea/coffee to remain hot for a very long period.

Does it feel sluggish to boil water on your gas stove with utensils? No worries, just fill this electric kettle with water and switch it on; the warm water will be ready in no time. In case 1.5L of capacity isn’t enough for you, Prestige Electric Kettle 1.8 litre model is available too.

Thus, this small gadget highly attracts you with such amazing features. You’ll get surprised by knowing its price tap the button below quickly!

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