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Best Food Dehydrators in India [Secure Your Food Days]

A Food Dryer Dehydrator is a piece of equipment that eliminates moisture from food items like fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. Food dehydrators aid with the preservation process of foods by removing moisture with various heating sources like convection or radiation.  Extending the life span of different fruits and vegetables can ensure their availability for a longer time. There are many…


Which is the Best Juicer for Carrot and Beetroot?

Compared to normal fruits, juicers made for beetroot and carrots require more power and have a superior design. Otherwise, there'll be many fragments that are not crushed in the pulp. Based on our testing and user reviews, we present the following list of the most effective juicers to juice beetroot and carrots. The most important aspects we took into consideration…


Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum MG 139 Review

Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum is one of India's most popular mixer grinders. More than 2000 users have given it an average rating of 4.2 stars, making it among the top products from Preethi. This review will consider its construction quality, performance, security, ease of cleaning, and noise, among other things, to aid you in making an informed choice. 9 Things…


Best Steel Chopping Board in India [Enjoy Chopping With Perfection]

Many people who have had the experience of using plastic and wooden cutting boards know that it is difficult. Wooden cutting boards, if not properly cleaned out, can develop mould quickly. Also, plastic isn't generally thought to be a good choice since microplastics can cause food contamination. Furthermore, it's not that hygiene-friendly as well. Companies began introducing stainless steel cutting…


Philips 7707 Mixer Grinder Review & Testing Results

Philips HL7707/00 is just one of the options for those looking for an efficient mixer grinder that also functions like the capability of a food processor. Its design is elegant and attractive. But is its performance up to its stunning look? What are its build performance and security features? Does it sound like a snore? We'll look into it all…


Preethi Zion vs Preethi Zodiac Food Processor [Comparison Guide]

Preethi Zion MG227 and Preethi Zodiac MG 218 are among the top-selling mixer grinders manufactured by the company of Preethi. Although they look alike, their style and functionality are plenty different. We'll examine every point deeply in this guide and compare them wisely to bring you the best model & it's benefits. However, before we start, Philips food processors are…


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