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Are Pressure Cookers Safe for Cooking?

Are you avoiding the pressure cooker for cooking? You may think that it could explode and cause danger to you and your kitchen too. But do you know? Pressure cookers are now much safer since they were invented. Now the modern cookers are equipped with various safety features that make them safe and acceptable for you. So, you just need…


Must-Have Appliances for Easy Kitchen Chores

Working women are always an inspiration for the new generation kids and have immense strength and leadership qualities to make everyone believe that they can achieve their goals and success. That said, the life of a working woman isn't easy. She has to be an employee, a mother, a friend, and above all, a responsible citizen. That shows you want…


Hestia Cold Press Juicer Review: Read It Before Investing 16K!

Hestia Appliances has a Sentiment of 20 years in the Medical sector and makes products to take care of the overall health of the people in general. The company pins down in healthy living appliances like juicers, blenders, egg boilers and comes with superior mastery in technology and revolution. The Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer is one of the Sensations from…


Six Top Reasons Why Should You Buy an Espresso Machine?

Having that first mug of espresso to begin the day is significant for many individuals. Assuming you can relate, having your coffee machine at home can be helpful to get you the caffeine fixes you need. Then, you simply need to track down the correct one, the one that suits your necessities and financial plan. Many well-known beverages at cafés…


Geek Robocook Electric Pressure Cooker Expert Review

There are tons of different electric pressure cookers, and as we Indians aren't that familiar with this particular cooking appliance, and that makes choosing the right one a bit tough. We believe that the Geek Robocook Electric Pressure Cooker —one of the most popular models in India—is the ultimate best choice for the price. This modern yet super simple appliance…


Top 20 Hand Blenders & Hand Mixers in India for Home Use in 2021 Reviews

The hand mixers are lightweight & handy appliances, which are a great alternative for food processors, regular mixers, and wet grinders. It’s a very time-consuming process to set up heavy food processors and cleaning them up after every usage, whereas a hand mixer can conveniently do simple mixing tasks; besides that, it’s very easy to clean. A hand mixer also…


Do Read Our Kaff Gas Stove Review Before Buying!

Guys, one amazing gas stove has entered the market, which actually left us open-mouthed with its price tag. This much efficient 4-burner gas stove set costing below 6000 rupees? Seriously? To quench our thirst for exploring this stove and for letting you know whether this Kaff's model is worth buying or not, we tested this gas stove to the deepest…

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Best OTG Oven in India Review & Buying Guide in 2021

Science is evolving so well in kitchen appliances, including Kitchen chimney, refrigerator, Convection microwave, Cold press juicer, or we say induction cooktop! Today, we're discussing an appliance that's rapidly becoming a part of most of the Indian kitchen due to its multiple functionalities. The full form here is Oven, Toaster & Grill, and the price of OTG models vary from…

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Prestige Electric Kettle PKOSS Review {Best buy 2021}

There are many benefits of an electric kettle, and it assists you in a different situation, but as this appliance is cheap, over 80% of these don't work longer. Even if you don't use them for some months, you can notice a significant downfall in their performance. Today, we've brought you an amazing kettle that our experts have selected as…


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