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Samsung Juicer Mixer Grinder Review — Which Alternatives Are The Best?

The juicer mixer grinder is a must for everybody's kitchen. A juicer mixer grinder is among the most useful kitchen additions you can make. This multipurpose appliance combines a mixer, grinder, and juicer, as the name says, making it incredibly versatile. It satisfies all of your demands, from experimenting with different spice combinations for new dishes to obtaining a fresh…


Bosch Mixer Grinder Expert Review 2022

In Indian kitchens, one of the most common and necessary appliances is the mixer grinder. We mostly utilize the mixer to prepare chutneys such as coconut, ginger, and tomato. Aside from that, a mixer is used to grind spice mixtures for use in different curries and masala fillings. A mixer grinder, like many other kitchen tools, saves time and allows…


Panasonic Rice Cooker Review – A Tough Competitor For Other Cookers Out There

Panasonic recently added a new product down their already remarkable cooker line - Panasonic SR-WA22H (E) Automatic Rice Cooker; the cooker looks quite promising and comes with exciting new features. However, is it worth the hype? Will it keep up with the existing name of Panasonic? Panasonic rice cooker supports auto cooking with an auto cut-off and comes with a…


Prestige Electric Rice Cooker Review & Features Guide in 2022

Prestige recently introduced another product in their cooker line - the all-new prestige electric rice cooker. Prestige Electric Cookers has always been renowned for their quality and authenticity. However, is this new edition to the product line as amazing as it claims?  Electric Rice Cookers work more efficiently than the regular cooker. They help the kitchen stay cooler when the…


Whirlpool IceMagic Refrigerator Review — A Big Energy Saver

Whirlpool IceMagic is one of Whirlpool’s best creations, thanks to the amazing technology used to improve the performance and make it more efficient. Special technology has been used that locks in the coldness and maintains the temperature at extremely low levels. This helps in keeping everything fresh and intact with no spoilage or rotting. Moreover, as the temperature is maintained…


Kenstar Food Processor Review in 2022 – Truly Worth Money?

Kenstar's food processor is one of the finest kitchen tools the company has ever created. This food processor comes with several outstanding features that make this jack-of-all-trades capable of handling a wide range of tasks perfectly. This amazing kitchen tool is crafted with heavy-duty plastic material, premium aesthetics, and a space-efficient design that will definitely complement the decors of your…


Wonderchef Cold Press Juicer Review in 2022

The best juicers are those that are tailored to your specific juicing requirements. Getting the juicer that matches your space, needs, and tastes can help you get the most out of your budget, whether you're a hardcore juicer who presses fruits and veggies morning, noon, and night, or you merely want a thirst-quenching sip of celery juice after an arduous…


Prestige Non-stick Cookware Set Review – Features Explained

Although the concept of using Non-stick cookware has been in the market for just a few years, the craze about using Non-stick utensils has not really gone down. With people becoming more conscious about their lifestyle and changing their food habits significantly, the use of Non-stick cookware in the kitchen has gone up. Many people are reducing the amount of…


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