LG Convection Microwave 28L Review [Best in 2023]

LG Convection Microwave 28L Review [Best in 2023]

If you are an absolute foodie, then our today’s review is for you! We’ve pulled such an excellent 28L model out of the huge heap of convection microwave ovens, and reading its functions will blow your mind!

Recently launched in the market, LG Microwave Oven Convection has generated high sales, and most importantly, earned a positive response from all four directions. LG has done a really tremendous job!

The cost isn’t high, and if you wanna know what all this 28L model lets you cook, you’ll get your mouth watering. No matter you’re veg or non-veg, there’s enough to cook, and the taste quality was better than all 13 competitors against with we tested it.

It’s the 4-minute read LG Convection Microwave 28L report from Top 10 products India! Hang on!

LG Convection Microwave 28L Review

This review is dedicated to the 28L model, and we’ve explained the feature of the same. If you wanna buy the 20L model, then tap the pic below, or read the full review HERE! Also, nowadays, OTG ovens are getting more famous; read this review to know why those are so cheap yet beneficial in comparison to microwave ovens.

LG Convection Microwave 28L

LG Convection Microwave 28L

LG Convection Microwave 20L LG Convection Microwave 28L

LG 28L Convection Microwave oven accurately meets the needs of a mid-size family (not more than 6 members). The major functions of this appliance include reheating, defrosting, grilling, cooking, and baking. With 1+ 4 years on Magnetron and a 1-year warranty for itself, the makers have provided much flexibility for the user. Let’s read more…

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Ghee in 12 minutes!

Ghee is such a taste enhancer! You add it to dalhalwa, or any other thing, and just feel that betterment in taste! If you prepare it in your own home, then you’ll see that the taste is a hundred times better than the ghee packet that you buy from outside.

However, the thing is, preparing Ghee is a time-consuming process. Well, is it really? Nope, if you have LG Microwave oven Convection at home, then certainly it’s not tough. It just takes a few correct settings and 12 minutes only to prepare top-quality Ghee in your home!

Not just Ghee, this convectional microwave also lets you prepare Curd and Paneer. The Paneer was neither that soft nor that hard, and the curd was creamy. It clearly indicates that the LG Microwave Convection oven is construed to meet Indian cooking especially.

251 auto-cook menus

The auto cook menu arrives with a preset menu. You just have to choose the dish that you desire to prepare and tap “Start” after that, forgetting something new. 

In case you are buying some other model, then the number of menus is gonna vary, but with LG Microwave oven Convection, you get 251, which is enough.

 No matter you pick up and begin cooking something new and fascinating every single day, this microwave is going to entirely support you.

If you have got a recipe book in your hand with clear instructions, then firstly, you receive some motivation, and secondly, the chances of error are lesser, no matter you are new to cooking. 

LG is providing one awesome recipe booklet with this one, which carries awesome Indian, continental, etc., style recipes.

Safe Quartz heater

The success of any convection microwave highly depends upon the quality of the heater used inside it. With the LG Microwave Convection oven, you don’t face any hand injury. 

Undoubtedly with the model is a rapid worker, but it’s nice to know that the constructors have equally focused upon your safety. 

You can also prepare quantity food in one go due to this safety feature, as while putting your vessel in or out, there won’t be any hand burn.

Stainless Steel cavity

This Stainless Steel cavity you’ll find in all successful convection microwaves in today’s date. Due to this cavity, better reflection takes place, which further ensures perfectly even and better cooking. That’s what you need, right? Adding on to that, this cavity is very durable.

Keep warm & Health plus menu.

We all love tasty food, but Health is also a big concern. You already eliminate many calories from the food in case you are using a convection microwave oven. Still, if you prefer keeping a keep eye there, you’ve got amazing Health plus menu. 

Further, if you’ve prepared something for someone, but the person got late to arrive, you won’t have to reheat the food. 

This microwave brings the highly appreciated “Keep warm” feature, which will perfectly keep your food heated enough to be served for around 900 mins, which is enough.

See, many guides are available on the internet on  Microwave as it’s among the Must-Have Kitchen Appliances, but we’d put forth 100% honest and genuine advice.

What’s the LG Convection Microwave 28L model smart at?

Well, most of us buy a convectional microwave oven for baking a cake, preparing stuff like pizza, and grilling purposes, but the question is, what’s this 28L model the best at?

The answer is – “everything!” Yes, in our testing, the 12-15 years old kids of the nearby school became our volunteers. 

We prepared cake in 7 microwave models, and 44% of them exclaimed that the cake which, as prepared in his 28L model, was the best. Not just that, we did the same with pizzas and kebabs, and in both cases, 62% % 39% of votes went to this model, respectively.

How convenient is it to clean the LG Convection Microwave 28L model?

Nah, not any hassle needed here. You might consider that cleaning a microwave is tough after cooking food in it, and especially when spills take place, but here, things are different. You get the clean steam feature, which means that food stains won’t get deeper. Thus, your cleaning goes too easy.

LG Convection Microwave 28L Specification, Pros and Cons


Capacity 28 Liters Wattage 1950 Watts
Oven Cooking Mode Convection Material ABS
Colour Silver Included Components Owner’s manual, Shelf, Glass tray, Cook book, and Rotating ring
Auto Cook Menus 251 Cooking functions Grilling, reheating, defrosting and baking
Control type Touch Key Pad Warranty 1-year

  • Safe Quartz heater.
  • Perfect for making a cake, pizza and grilling purpose.
  • highly durable stainless steel cavity.
  • 251 auto-cook menus, better than it’s competitors.
  • Prepares delicious ghee in just 12 mins.
  • No other colours to choose.

The Final Advice

Starting from the sensitive touch keypad, steel cavity, outer coating, or the abundance of menus, everything highly attracts you. Also, this silver model is so appealing.

This microwave model’s oven works perfectly, and we can call it a sweet deal because of one another fact that it’s probably the most durable construction at this price. Also, LG listens to your complaint very well.

Another good fact here is the versatility and flexibility that it provides you for cooking. This is a perfect appliance for pulling you out of emergency situations.

For example, it cooks quickly, it reheats quickly, defrosts quickly, and also, the process of fermentation is very quick than the competitors.
You get the Owner’s manual, Recipe manual, Shelf, a Milk container, Cookbook, Glass tray and Tawa, Rotisserie bar and handle, and Rotating ring with the main unit.

Overall, it’s an unbeatable deal at rupees….na..na…we won’t reveal that! Check the button below to know!

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