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10 Best Vegetable Chopper in India 2021 – Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

Cooking requires the ability to chop. Our experts found the best Indian vegetable choppers for you after intense testing, and in this guide, we'll be discussing our top 10 recommendations for the vegetable chopper. Chopping is essential for preparing a variety of foods, including salads, desserts, as well as other eatables. This mini gadget surely seems like a normal working…


Which Exhaust Fan Is Best for Kitchen in 2021? Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best exhaust fans in India for your kitchen? Many houses and flats are suffering from inadequate ventilation. This can be solved by either an exhaust fan or kitchen chimney. However, kitchen chimneys can be expensive for some families/individuals.  Therefore, an exhaust fan can be budget-friendly and suitable choice for you. This helps to remove smoke,…


11 Best Mixer Grinder in India Reviews & Buying Guide

The best mixer grinder is something that can provide you a lot of flexibility and complete your kitchen cooking tasks in no time. Also, the current range of mixer grinders contains a lot of features, and it is hard to decide which model you should choose since many new brands are hitting the Indian market. Modern kitchens surely require a…


Best Food Processor In India Reviews 2021

A food processor is an impressive appliance that can chop, slice, can make juice, and do mixing works pretty well. However, which brand, what features, and which other buying considerations are essential before buying a food processor? You may love cooking; however, the daunting and time-consuming tasks such as chopping and cutting just disgust your mood isn't it? No matter…


Havells Water Heater & Geyser Review 2021 — Is it Worth Buying?

The Havells brand is one of the most prominent Indian producers of water geysers. It has a strong market presence and offers a broad range of electrical products. These products include CFL lamps, geysers, water heaters, and other industrial applications. The company is well-versed in the manufacturing of electrical appliances. This includes the water heater. There are three branches of…


Prestige PHB 5.0 Hand Blender Review 2021

Make your kitchen work lighter by using a hand blender. No matter it's whisking, chopping, churning, or blending, a hand blender makes it easy.  Also, these hand blenders top in terms of performance, overall quality, and convenience only if you select an ideal model. Therefore, as this appliance can become a great kitchen assistant, we researched among 13 different hand blender brands to…


Is the Bajaj hand-blender a good kitchen assistant? Review, features and buying guide!

An immersion blender, also known as a stick blender or hand blender, can complement any well-equipped kitchen. It is a great alternative to using larger appliances for basic kitchen tasks such as a food processor/juicer. It can be used to replace bulky and expensive kitchen tools. It's something we would never want to do in a countertop blender, stand mixer,…


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