Top 18 Best Split AC in India 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

Air conditioners aren’t an option; they’ve become a vital element of our lives. Isn’t it? Imagine how easy our lives have become thanks to the usage of AC. When we feel hot, it is easy to turn on the AC and relax in the cool air.

Have you ever considered giving a thought to the kind of AC you’re using and the characteristics and features it offers? If not, this article could be the ideal piece to help you.

It contains all the pertinent information about the various kinds of AC to highlight some of the most effective air conditioners for 2022 available on the market; it has everything you need.

This is India’s first biggest comprehensive guide on the best Air Conditioner in India with 12k plus words. We have conducted this guide after reviewing 38 different AC models. You can find a dedicated review for each from this link. Before you start, the best choice for a 1 ton AC model is Sanyo AC. It scored 9.6 in our Sanyo AC Review. Now, a 1.5 ton model for bigger spaces is the Blue Star 1.5 ton model.

The Best Air Conditioner in India May 2022

1. Blue Star 5-Star 1.5 Ton Split AC 

Blue Star 5-Star 1.5 Ton Split AC 

It is one of the top split AC equipped with 1.5 tons of capacity. Blue Star is one of the brands that understand users’ demands and requirements and provides them with the highest quality of services and detail using the AC. Blue Star is among its most durable and cost-effective AC available for purchase in 1.5-ton capacity.

If you’re a beginner, and don’t know much about AC technologies, the Blue Star 1.5 Ton model can be an ideal choice. It has a great cooling capacity of 1.5 ton. This will be suitable for small to medium size rooms. Also, it contains a precision cooling feature that will ensure the individual gets the desired temperature in the surroundings. It adjusts its cooling capacity following the temperature requirements of the space and that of the surrounding environment.

The advanced technology can aid users to use the Blue Star 1.5 Ton Split AC even in high temperatures. In addition, it uses Brushless DC motors which enhances the efficiency that comes with this AC. Electronic communication in this motor assures that the AC is working non-noisy and doesn’t interfere with the users’ functioning.

This air conditioner from Blue star contains the cold plasma technology. It will help in maintaining the room’s temperature for a longer time in comparison to other AC models. You get a deceit filter as a component for this AC. It will eliminate all negative particles from the air and make it fresh yet clean to breathe. You get decent cooling experience throughout your room with this robust AC.

You get a four-dimensional Swing automated system with this AC. It will ensure uniform cooling. Also, to maintain the desired temperature, it comes with the auto-swing function. It will throw the required amount of air at every edge of your room and fresh the air thoroughly. Besides that, the dual-rotor inverter compression is there with Blue Star 1.5 Ton AC. It will highly increase the reliability, effectiveness, and efficiency of this AC. Thus, you enjoy high durability.


  • Lesser vibrations during operations.
  • Great for rooms of medium size.


  • Most energy efficient model at this price.
  • Super sturdy construction and high performance.
  • All vital features are available.
  • Operates at low noise, making it perfect in your bedroom.


  • Hardly anything to mention, and that’s why it’s on #1 spot. 

Do you want to know more about Blue Star AC? We have a comprehensive Blue Star Portable AC Review for you that will clear all your doubts.

2. Hitachi 3-Star 1.0 Ton Split AC 

Hitachi  3-Star 1.0 Ton Split AC

If you’re searching for an AC that can give you the most efficient cooling and fits within your budget, the Hitachi 1.0 Ton Three-Star Split AC (RAPG311HEEA) is the ideal option for you. This AC is among the most reliable models under the brand name Hitachi that is affordable for most people. You can rely on the quality of the brand Hitachi and feel confident by knowing that it is among the most reliable products you can pick from the Hitachi brand.

Before getting into the Hitachi, 1.0 Ton Split AC features, take a look at the design. If you’re among people who prefer a simple but appealing design, you’ll be awed by the style that is the case with this Hitachi 1.0 Ton Split AC. It is available in white and is simple in the layout of buttons to allow easy and swift access to all of the options for this AC.

Regarding the characteristics in terms of features, it is a great choice for its features. Hitachi 1.0 Ton 3-Star (RAPG311HEEA) Split AC is packed with every feature you anticipate from your split AC. It has a capacity of 1 ton, perfect for smaller spaces like bedrooms, for instance. Therefore, if you think of using the Hitachi 1.0 Ton 3 Star AC in your spacious living space, you may be unhappy with the cooling performance.

To add to its offerings to complement its features, it has a 3-star rating from BEE, which guarantees that the AC can function with the least amount of power. So, you can rest assured that you’ll lower your electric bill using it regularly—the Hitachi 1.0 Ton Three-Star Split AC (RAPG311HEEA). Also, you get a guarantee for 1 year for its body AC and a 5-year warranty on the compressor included within this AC.

The silent operation of this AC is also awe-inspiring and won’t disturb you during your normal activities. It alerts its users when they clean the filter by displaying an alert for cleaning the filter. Cool mode, in addition to the dry mode available on this AC, is a part of the appeal of its operation.


  • R410a – Environmental friendly
  • Great for small spaces
  • The noiseless operation
  • Auto fan speed


  • Great track record of the brand.
  • Amazing customer reviews, and there are hardly any negative reviews for this AC.
  • Amazing performance of the turbo mode.


  • Good for only small to medium sized rooms. 

Know more about Hitachi brand, you can read this Wikipedia guide to make a firm decision whether Hitachi is the brand you want to go with or not.

3. Voltas 3-star 1 ton split AC 

Voltas 3-star 1 ton split AC 

Voltas is among the most well-known brands in the electronics industry. It is among the brands recognized for its high-quality products that meet the needs of its customers. This Voltas split AC with 3-star rating and 1.ton capacity is an example of the models that fall under the Voltas brand that has maintained the company’s name most professionally. It is among the ACs that you’ll enjoy using since it is packed with numerous features with desirable looks.

In the beginning, it is rated three stars, which means it can help you save the most money on your energy bill and lower energy consumption. The capacity of 1 ton of this AC is ideal for small spaces that measure up to 120 square feet in size. Additionally, the product comes with a 1-year guarantee against any defects that could occur and a guarantee of 5 years on the compressor.

The most important thing to be aware of is that it is not an inverter AC. Therefore, you won’t get a variable speed fan for the compressor. You should choose the AC among the Voltas option if you’re comfortable with the decision that you will be using the compressor with no variable speed since it won’t regulate how much refrigerant is circulated within the AC.

You get the copper coil inside the condenser in Voltas 1 ton split AC. It will ensure efficient cooling. However, how does this condenser help? Well, it will make sure that the maintenance will be required the least. In this way, Voltas AC 1-ton will provide you satisfaction with its amazing cooling effects. However, if you have a low budget, you can go with Voltas Air Coolers

If tt’s not the case, the Voltas 1 ton, 3-star split AC comes with several extra options for its users that improve the experience for customers. It comes with an auto-restart feature that is activated when there is a problem with the normal operation or operation of the AC. Additionally, you also have the option of timer and swing modes, turbo, sleep mode, and remote controls.


  • Effective cooling combined with energy-savings.
  • Ideal for smaller rooms.
  • Easy to maintain.


  • Very comfortable price point.
  • Cleaning the filters is very easy.
  • horizontal flaps move automatically.


  • Not the most attractive by looks.

Are you not sure about Voltas brand yet? You can cherish the Wikipedia guide on Voltas Brand.

4. Whirlpool 3-Star 1-Ton AC Split  

4. Whirlpool 3-Star 1-Ton AC Split  

Are you sick of enduring the heat and searching for an AC that gives you instant relief from the summer heat? If so, you need to consider this model: Whirlpool (SAI12K31D5P) AC. It is backed by the Whirlpool brand name and is a reliable choice in terms of performance and reliability.

You get 6th Sense Speedy Cool Power Saver Technology with Whirlpool 1-Ton 3-Star Split AC. It will make it distinctive with the competitors in terms of better cooling performance. Basically, this function circulates temperature throughout the room. This technology will ensure the overall improvement of the room’s cooling including the corners.

Alongside delivering the cooling throughout rooms, sixth sense technology also helps to reduce a large portion of the power usage and, consequently, the energy consumed. So, if you’re hoping to receive a low energy bill thanks to instant cooling, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the Whirlpool Split AC’s efficiency. The 1-year warranty for the product and 10 years of warranty for the compressor in this AC is a part of its distinctiveness.

Another aspect you’ll be amazed by is its capacity to purify the air while cooling it. The Whirlpool 3 Star Split AC 1 Ton (SAI12K31D5P) will ensure PM 2.5 filtering and create clean air that is healthy as well as cool. Even in temperatures as high as 54 degrees, its capability to operate flawlessly is something you will not see in the majority ACs. AC.

You get the Self-diagnosis feature with Whirlpool 1 Ton 3-Star Split AC. It will identify your home’s outside temperature and further alter its operation. In addition, there are four sleep modes included with this air conditioner. It can enhance the satisfaction of user by providing efficient cooling. The pure copper condenser coil usage helps reduce the work required by customers of these Whirlpool 1 Ton Split AC.


  • Quick and simple cooling when temperatures are high
  • Great for small spaces
  • Copper coils for maintenance-free, easy


  • Comes with pure copper condenser coil. 
  • Automatically determines the outside temperature and adjusts automatically.


  • Fit for small-medium rooms only.

You can know more about Whirlpool brand to clear more doubts. Also, their other appliances such as Microwave Oven and Washing Machine are awesome that we reviewed. We can be sure that Whirlpool do provides durable products.

5. Carrier 3-Star 1 Ton Inverter AC

Carrier 3-Star 1 Ton Inverter AC

Inverters AC of several famous brands have dominated the market and completely delighted the customers. If you’re looking for an inverter AC that has been designed to reflect the best of brand name value while looking attractive on a budget, then the Carrier 1 Ton AC with Copper condenser and 3 star energy ratings could be the ideal option for you. The AC is just amazing; with the many options enabling it to make this AC make a statement while delivering cool air to customers.

First of all, this Carrier 1 Ton 3-Star Copper has three-star ratings, which means you can be certain that it will not use up the majority of your energy and electric power. Because of this, it can reduce users’ expenses, especially if you’re worried about this because of the frequent usage of the AC. Additionally, the one ton of capacity in this Carrier 1 Ton 3-Star Copper is intended to deliver immediate cooling effects to rooms with small windows.

This Carrier AC’s copper gives the perfect justice to the condenser copper coil. Since the AC is specifically designed for small spaces, the copper coil condenser offers energy-efficient cooling and low-maintenance requirements. The extra 1-year warranty on the item and the five-year warranty for the compressor provides the required assurance to consumers that their AC is completely protected from any damages or defects.

Contrary to other non-inverter AC, It has an adjustable speed compressor, which regulates the rate of flow of the coolant for this carrier one-ton 3-Star copper. This allows the AC to alter its work and temperature to the weather and temperature outside conditions.

Additional features such as stabilizer features assure that the operation of the AC is stable, regardless of fluctuations in the temperature. The auto-start feature in the Carrier 1-Ton 3-Star Copper assists to adjust the normal operation and the benefit of sleeping mode. Additionally, you get the advantage of a leak detector that safeguards your AC against any problem with its operation.


  • Simple maintenance
  • Great for small spaces
  • It is easy to identify the leakage of refrigerant


  • High durability and even performance.
  • Doesn’t produce much noise even while operating in turbo mode.


  • Maybe around 1000-1500 rupees more than what it should be.

Also, you can gain more knowledge about Carrier Global brand by a wiki guide.

6. LG 5-Star 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC  

LG 5-Star 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC  

If you’re looking for an AC that offers the most appealing combination of appearance and distinctive features, consider this model: LG 1.5 TonAC. This AC is backed by the name and brand of LG and is easy to trust by both people and users. LG has taken care to include all of the features of this AC to improve the user’s experience.

If you use LG 1.5 Ton AC on a daily basis, still, the light bill won’t be an issue for you. You get the highest 5-star rating by BEE that guarantees the customers of this AC will have to pay very little for the energy and power of this AC’s functioning. LG Air Conditioner with 5-star rating can be the best choice for medium sized rooms with its 1.5 ton capacity. For example, rooms ranging between 150 and 111 square feet in size will be all cooled with this AC.

This AC is built upon dual-inverter technology that allows it to be well-suited to the different speeds that the compressor operates at. Therefore, this AC is a great choice for variations in temperatures. It is also possible to use this AC even in extremely hot temperatures and regions with the highest humidity. It comes with a warranty of one year on the product and a time frame of 10 years for the compressor.

If we talk about the LG 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC’s condenser, you get a 100% copper coil with it to perform its cooling work efficiently. Copper coils are so that they can reduce energy consumption and the maintenance effort of users. You’ll also be captivated by the ease of cleaning this air conditioner that gets cleaned without any specific requirement.

The AC is well-equipped with low coolant detection features which inform the user that the coolant level drops within the AC. Micro dust protection filters inside this AC aids in keeping the air pure and fresh as well as cool. Beyond that, an attractive benefit you can enjoy with this AC is the ability to effectively control the operation of it during monsoon seasons too.


  • It can detect the low level of coolants.
  • Ideal for rooms with medium size.
  • Can work effectively even in humid climates.


  • Well-suited to the different speeds (because of its dual-inverter technology).
  • Operates perfectly even in very hot temperatures.
  • Can very well cool medium-sized rooms.
  • Low coolant detection features.


  • Just a little expensive.

LG’s brand information can also help you get more knowledge on are there ACs really well or not. 

7. Samsung 3-Star 1 Ton Split AC

Samsung 3-Star 1 Ton Split AC

Make the summer heat an enjoyable weather experience using the efficient usage of the Samsung Inverter AC. It is so constructed that it looks great within your home decor and appears attractive in your pocket since it’s among the Samsung ACs with a reasonable price that you can test. This gives you the perfect combination of style and features you’ve always wanted for your AC.

You get an power-saving  digital inverter with this model. It allows for simple flow control of the refrigerant coolant avaualble inside the AC. it uses less power and energy without sacrificing quality or efficiency. Because of its speedy cool mode. You cna use  Samsung 1 Ton Inverter Split AC to immediately chill your room. Additionally, you can count on the cooling power from this air conditioner no matter if there is extremely high temperatures.

The 3-star energy rating of this Samsung AC will ensure that energy consumption will be under your control. In short, you get the advantages of using this inverter technology based AC without the tension of energy consumption. It makes the Samsung Inverter Sp;lit AC with 1-ton capacity an efficient cooling device under budget even if you use it for years. Also, 1-ton capacity of SAmsung AC is a perfect fit for rooms with approximately 120 sq feet.

The warranty is 1 year for the item, 10 years on the compressor, and 5 years of the warranty period for the condenser. Aren’t these amazing deals to get? Buy the Samsung 1-Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC to enjoy incredible cooling in your space.

The AC uses an alloy condenser that provides instant cooling. However, it needs particular attention when it comes to maintenance. This is why you need to keep an eye on the maintenance requirements of this AC to ensure that you maintain the functionality you expect this AC.

The sleep mode available in this AC allows users to get restful sleep, which improves the comfort of users. The AC components are resistant to corrosion by making use of Durafin.


  • Built-in stabilizer to adjust the temperature
  • Ideal for smaller rooms
  • Anti-corrosion components


  • Equipped with an energy-efficient digital inverter.
  •  Amazing cooling power even at extremely high temperatures.
  • Consumes less energy in its usage.


  • Failed our drop-down test.

Another thing about Samsung we would like to appreciate is their all appliances are highly durables and maintains great performance for years. For example, you can read about the other reviewed appliances of Samsung such as Microwave, Juicer Mixer, Washing Machine and Refrigerator too.

8. Samsung 5-Star 1.5 Ton Split AC 

Samsung 5-Star 1.5 Ton Split AC

Samsung is the name trusted by everyone in the field of electronic gadgets. The reason behind the high popularity of Samsung products is that they offer their clients the perfect balance of its attractive design and distinctive features. Its 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC model is one of the Samsung brand models that completely meets its customers’ expectations.

Looking at the Samsung Inverter Split AC has attractive looks and a design that will grab everyone’s interest. The stylish design and split models ensure that it does not take up much space and looks great when paired with the decor. The design is first noticed, and this AC is a perfect example of this.

Next are the functions and features of the AC that are more attractive than they appear. To begin with, the Samsung Split AC is equipped with a BEE rating of 5 stars, making it among the most efficient AC available. In addition, its inverter technology reduces energy consumption in its operation.

Another attractive benefit you will get from the inverter version in an AC is that this AC can control the flow rate of coolant throughout the operation. The various compressor fans operate at the appropriate speed and consequently adjust the speed of their operation depending on the temperature both inside and on the exteriors.

The 1.5-ton capability of this AC is enough for medium-sized rooms that range from 120-to 180 square feet in area. Additionally, the warranty on the item is one year, while for the compressors, you will get a warranty of 10 years and 5 years on the condenser. Samsung Inverter Split AC with 1.5 Ton of capacity is a decent choice. It guarantees you get the desired comfort during use.

The condenser in AC is made of aluminium, which is less energy-intensive. However, it requires more maintenance in comparison to Copper coil condensers. Additionally, you get an integrated stabilizer in this AC that adjusts its operation to the temperature requirements.


  • Anti-corrosion
  • Great for medium-sized rooms
  • Sleep mode


  • Attractive looks and the design grabs everyone’s interest.
  • Looks great when paired with the decor.


  • An expensive choice.
  • Its condenser demands more maintenance in comparison to Copper coil condensers.

To compare its air flow, we would surely say Sanyo AC 1.5 ton can be an affordable yet great choice. You can read Sanyo AC review here to know more about it and compare it with this Samsung’s model.

9. Blue Star 3-Star 1 Ton Inverter AC

Blue Star 3-Star 1 Ton Inverter AC

Blue Star has been operating for quite some time and, therefore, fully understands the demands and requirements of customers. Its Split Air Conditioner with 1 Ton capacity is specially designed for users who want simplicity in design and how the machine functions. This Blue Star 1-Ton 3-Star Inverter Air Conditioner is one of those products that doesn’t bother its customers by requiring any particular maintenance or care and simply provides them with the necessary coolness.

Straight to the main point, Blue Star Inverter AC is available in white that is compatible with the majority of the decors for homes. The long vents on this AC make sure that cool air flows to every as well as every corner of the space. The inverter technology used to operate this AC will also assure customers that it won’t use much power. It will be focused on reducing power consumption and energy in the best way it can.

To entice users into purchasing the Blue Star 1 Ton, 3 Star Inverter Split AC company gives a one-year guarantee in the form of a standard guarantee, along with the extended guarantee of two years that gives you a total warranty of 3 years. Warranty. In addition to the warranty, you also get a 10-year guarantee on the compressor of this AC. The 1 ton capacity of power in this AC is perfect for smaller spaces like 120 square feet.

The 3-star energy rating is to ensure the users can adapt its operation to the outside temperature while controlling the rate of pollution within the AC. Copper condensers used in the AC will reduce the effort needed to maintain the Blue Star 1-Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC. This feature, called blow Clean, included with this AC will encourage customers to purchase the item since it can be easily cleaned during use.

The seven advanced filters in this AC assists in making the air cleaner and purer, and make it cooler.


  • It uses less energy and is simple to maintain.
  • Ideal for smaller rooms.
  • It comes with additional filters.


  • Long vents for a perfect air flow throughout the room.
  • Special blow clean feature.
  • Even after a very prolonged use, the energy consumption stays lesser than most of competitors. 
  • Huge 10-year guarantee on the compressor


  • Can’t cool an area more than 120 square feet that efficiently.

If we compare it’s performance as a final turns, Lloyd AC is a better choice in terms of turbo cooling. You can read Lloyd AC review to know more about it.

10. Carrier 3-Star 1.5 Ton Split AC  

Carrier 3-Star 1.5 Ton Split AC  

Carrier has not been a brand new name in electrical appliances, and this Carrier Split AC model provides all the proof by the name and reputation of Carrier as a Carrier brand. It is among the most efficient split inverter air conditioners on the Indian market that will delight the customers without causing complaints. The capacity of the Carrier AC is 1.5, which is perfect for rooms of medium size.

This AC is equipped with an energy efficiency rating of 3 stars which assures users that it consumes minimal power throughout its operation. So, regardless of whether you’re using this.

Carrier Split AC at extreme temperatures will obtain the desired cooling results without stressing about your electric bill. In addition, you’ll get a warranty of 1 year for the item and a guarantee of 5 years with the compressor.

Performance is a vital point while purchasing an inverter AC. This means there will be no changes in its speed. In other words, it will run at a constant rate. Therefore, this model is a good option for continuous cooling at the same temperature.

To let the AC perform at its peak and extend its lifespan to last longer, the AC uses a condenser made from a copper coil. Copper coil condensers are considered the most efficient on the market because it helps in reducing the maintenance required for this AC product. For that, the copper condenser coil used on this Carrier 1.5 Ton AC increases the user’s comfort and decreases the need for maintenance.

The most distinctive feature unique to this AC is its following feature. The AC swing will follow your movements wherever you move and provide the greatest cooling throughout the day. Additionally, additional features such as connected filters, sleep mode auto-restart, etc., all work together to give the AC the necessary charm to be different from the rest.


  • Follow me to use the functionality to ensure effective cooling
  • Ideal for rooms with medium size
  • Non-inverter type


  • A perfect AC for instant cooling.
  • Long durability.
  • Most of the customer reviews are positive. 


  • Only 5 years warranty on the compressor.

In terms of saving energy while providing efficient cooling, Midega AC 1.5 ton (Read it’s full review here) proves to be better in our testing.

11. Blue Star 3-Star 1.5 Ton Split AC  

Blue Star 3-Star 1.5 Ton Split AC  

There are all the options you like with blue stars. Blue Star brand and this Blue Star 1.5 Ton model is the most obvious evidence of this. This AC is a different amazing product that has the value of a blue star and, therefore, offers users the finest features. The energy rating is three stars for this AC, which means you can be assured that it will use the most electricity when you use it.

The design for the Blue Star Split AC is equipped with a basic design and digital display. Its white-coloured AC is compatible with all décors of the room, allowing users to put it in any location they’d like. In addition, the wide ducts and the LCD make it simple for users to modify the settings they want to use for the best performance.

Next, we will discuss the Blue Star Split AC. It has 1.5 tons of capacity, which allows it to be used in moderate-sized rooms with no issues. Additionally, you receive the necessary 1-year guarantee on the product and a four-year guarantee on the compressor. Inverter-type technology in this AC aids in reducing the maximum amount of energy consumed.

It is equipped with a copper condenser that reduces maintenance costs for this AC’s capacity. The copper coil condenser ensures that the AC efficiently provides immediate cooling effects within the room. Also, you can count on the uniformity in the air distribution in this AC because it distributes cool air into every corner.

The addition of three advanced filters to this AC can enhance air quality by eliminating harmful chemicals in the air. This means that you’ll get pure and healthy air to breathe and cool air for you to feel comfy. The self-diagnosis feature in this AC takes it a step further and adjusts its performance following the room’s temperature, and is automatically shut off when needed.


  • Filers are attached to improve the quality of air
  • Ideal for rooms of medium size
  • Automatically detecting the room temperature


  • Can cool moderate-sized rooms in no time!
  • No big electricity bills.
  • 1-year guarantee on the product.


  • Only four years guarantee on the compressor.

Besides talking about the durability, Amstrad AC (read the review) is better in terms of turbo cooling, energy efficiency, etc.

12. Whirlpool 3-Star 1.5 Ton Split AC

Whirlpool 3-Star 1.5 Ton Split AC

Are you still searching for the perfect cost-effective AC while being precise in its functionality and design? If so, you’re in the right place by purchasing Whirlpool’s 1.5 Ton model. The AC is among the few AC that comes with elegance and style and new features that will impress anyone, and we say, anyone.

The appearance and style of this model from Whirlpool may appear basic. However, they’re extremely impressive in making a wonderful impression on anyone who sees them. The huge ducts and the swing motions are precisely executed so that the room can get the required coolness in a short time. The display of the working temperature within the center of the body is stylish and useful simultaneously.

Moving forward to meet the energy requirements for the Whirlpool 1.5 Ton Inverter AC, it has an overall rating of 3 stars from the BEE. It’s a guarantee because it requires low power to run its functions. In addition to its BEE rating for energy efficiency, you can be certain that AC is constructed using inverter technology, which can provide the required energy-saving requirements for its use.

The special feature is that Whirlpool’s 1.5 Ton Three-Star Inverter Split AC (1.5T 3DCool Eco 3S-W) uses the 6th sense technology for power savings. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to ensure that this AC can save a significant amount of energy while maintaining the quality of services demanded by customers. The system detects temperatures in the space, and it then provides the required quantity of air.

It uses the copper coil condenser that lowers the maintenance cost for this AC since it offers immediate cooling required by users. The 1.5 ton capacity of the Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC (1.5T 3DCool Eco 3S-W) is ideal for rooms of medium size.


  • Energy efficient
  • Can efficiently cool rooms of medium size
  • Simple detection of the quantity of air required


  • 6th sense technology for power savings.
  • Copper coil condenser that lowers the maintenance cost.
  • Automatically detects temperatures in the space.


  • In terms of immediate cooling, a few competitors dominate over this one. 

Most importantly, Whirlpool’s 1.5 ton model had a tough competition with Panasonic AC. To compare in a better way, you can read the whole Panasonic AC review.

13. Daikin 3-Star 1.5 Ton Inverter AC 

Daikin 3-Star 1.5 Ton Inverter AC

Daikin’s 1.5 Ton model is the most preferred option for people searching for a powerful air conditioner that does not put too much on budget. This AC is designed to be affordable for customers at a reasonable cost and comes with a variety of features that will impress customers with the quality of their work. As a consumer, you can believe in the operation and quality of the Daikin 1.5 Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC (FTKH50-SRV16).

Three stars for this Split AC model will be such that it provides the necessary assurance to customers that it will use less energy even in the use of the AC. This AC’s BEE rating is so precise that there’s no reason to worry about the electric cost when you have this incredible Daikin AC model.

You are covered by a warranty for 1 year with this product and can therefore feel secure by the performance and operation of this AC. The operation of his AC from Daikin is effectively supported by the power chill technology. This is a method by which it will instantly chill the space in which it is employed.

The technology in this AC allows you to use this AC even in extreme temperatures. If you live in an area that is humid and you are searching for an AC that will work in the surrounding environment, this AC is your only option. There are three variations in the fan’s speed, which can be easily adjusted depending on the requirements.

The capability of 1.5 tons included in this AC will ensure that this AC can be used in rooms of medium size. Additionally, it uses a copper condenser coil, which impresses users with its low maintenance costs. Overall, the Daikin 1.5 Ton Split AC model will be worth the money because it will provide all the features you would expect from an AC.


  • Automated detection of temperature is required
  • Ideal for rooms of medium size
  • Noiseless operation


  • Comes with special power chill technology.
  • Performs well in extreme temperatures also. 
  • Easily adjustable three variations in the fan’s speed.


  • Energy consumption is slightly higher than a few other 1.5 ton 3-star models in the market.

Daikin’s most tough competitor in terms of overall performance was Onida AC. You can see the full details of Onida AC’s 1 & 1.5 ton models here to easily compare the features, price, etc.

14. Voltas 3-Star 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC 

Voltas 3-Star 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC

Escape the monotony of summer and enjoy the comfort you need from cool air thanks to the usage of Voltas 1.5 Ton Inverter AC. This AC is specifically designed to ensure that it understands the demands of people who use it and makes sure that its customers are impressed with its efficiency. Additionally, the manufacturer of this AC, Voltas, has developed an AC that is efficient in the Indian climate.

Its Voltas air conditioner is a great choice in medium-sized rooms since it has a capacity of 1.5 tons. Additionally, it is assured of using less energy with this AC because it is awarded a 3-star rating according to the BEE. This means that even if you use this AC regularly, you can still save a significant amount of energy and electric cost.

The inverter technology used in the way this AC has been constructed controls the circulation of coolant within the AC. It can thus be sure by the efficiency of this AC to provide uniform cooling. It also alters the compressor’s speed and alters it according to the changing temperatures in the area. It’s constructed to reduce humidity in the air. It also allows the user to feel lighter and more relaxed.

There is a guarantee of 1-year for the entire item and the condenser. There is also a five-year warranty for the compressor. This means that you can enjoy the Voltas AC model totally without worrying about any issues or damages which may arise when using this AC. This AC is a piece of equipment that won’t leave a gap that will be awe-inspiring with its work.

The features such as sleep mode and turbo swing provide the required charm in the functioning of this AC because they eliminate the requirement of users to manage the functioning of the AC. You can set the timer using this AC in addition to enjoying the convenience of having access to your operations using the remote with LED.


  • Reducing the amount of maintenance needed
  • Ideal for rooms with medium size
  • A noiseless operation


  • Amazing features like sleep mode and turbo swing.
  • Five-year warranty for the compressor
  • Alters the compressor’s speed as per the changing temperatures.


  • The operating noise doesn’t hurt you, still there are a few models quieter than the one. 

Voltas and MarQ, both AC’s performance aren’t as satisfying as others. However, MarQ AC stands out with it’s unique features. To know about it, visit the entire review here.

15. Godrej 3-Star 1.5 Ton Split AC 

Godrej 3-Star 1.5 Ton Split AC

When you’re searching for the top electronic products, there isn’t a brand comparable to the quality and excellence of Godrej. Godrej is a renowned brand. Godrej company has existed around in the business for a long time and has earned a renowned reputation on the market, ensuring that customers believe in their products. If you’ve chosen to purchase the Godrej 1.5 Ton model with 3 star model, You will be happy.

This Godrej AC is equipped with 1.5 tons of capacity. This is enough for medium-sized rooms that uniformly require cooling. In addition, you also get a 3-star rating for this AC, which guarantees the users that this AC will operate with minimum power consumption and help reduce the cost of electricity. So, you can use the Godrej AC with 1.5 ton capcity without worrying about your electricity bill or energy consumption.

Because it is the case that this AC by Godrej is not an inverter model, which means it is operating at a constant rate for the compressor. This means that you might have to alter the temperature requirements. However, you are not required to sacrifice what quality cooling you’ll receive. There is also a warranty for one year on the whole product and 5 years warranty on the compressor used within the Godrej (GSC 18 SGN 3 CWQR) model.

Regarding its style, In terms of design, the Godrej brand is well-known for its simple and clean appearance and design. Its AC of Godrej is no exception. Godrej brand is one of the tops that can be expected in terms of design and appealing appearance. The minimalist design and sleek design are perfect for your home decor.

It is built with a condenser coil made of aluminium and thus requires very little maintenance from the user’s end. In addition, other features like the LED display and arctic cooling, I-sense technology, and stabiliser-free operation make this AC one of the top among the many options on the market.


  • LED display
  • Ideal for rooms with medium size
  • Operation without noise


  • Stabiliser-free operation and special I-sense technology.
  • One year warranty on the whole product.
  • Customer reviews are mostly positive.


  • Failed our drop-down test.
  • Performed average in our continuous 24 hours run test. 

Our final advice on Godrej AC would be a comparison with Croma’s 7 different models through this review. This is to clarify whether Croma is really suits your needs accordingly as there’s a variety of choices available.

16. Voltas 3-Star 1.5 Ton Split AC 

Voltas 3-Star 1.5 Ton Split AC

This is among the top non-inverter AC you can purchase with the Voltas brand. Voltas is among the most respected brand names in the business and therefore can be completely trustable with its brand quality and the benefits offered. You’ll love the blend of style and features in this Voltas 1.5 Ton AC.

Beginning with its appearance, Voltas have provided a simple and elegant design. The basic design and appearance of this AC permit it to be adaptable to all room decors. The digital display of the temperature of this non-inverter AC will keep the user’s comfort high and acts as a capture characteristic of this AC.

In terms of the capacity of the AC, it will give you an overall capacity of 1.5 tons which is enough to make this AC the perfect one for medium-sized rooms. Its 3-star reviews of Voltas AC under the well-known brand BEE ensure that the AC has very low energy during its use. Since it’s not an inverter, this AC will use more energy than expected from an inverter AC; however, that is not enough to make you concerned about the Voltas Air Conditioner.

In order to complement the operation of the AC to enhance its performance, to complement the performance of this AC, the Voltas brand provides a guarantee for one year on the entire unit, in addition to the 5-year warranty with the compressor. The AC comes with a condenser coil made of aluminium that could require a bit of maintenance on the user’s part. Simply take care and maintenance for this AC regularly, and you’ll be accomplished in obtaining the best quality of performance from this magnificent machine.

To make your life easier and easier for you, the Voltas 1.5 Ton model offers the exclusive characteristic of setting on and off timers which allows for more efficient operation for the AC. The remote control in LED included with this AC provides easy access to all features provided through this AC.


  • Timers that turn on/off
  • Perfect for medium-sized rooms
  • Non-inverter type


  • Aluminium condensers need less maintenanec.
  • exclusive characteristic of setting on and off timers.


  • Uses more energy than expected.

Among Voltas’s all AC models, the 1-ton Reconnect AC from Reliance would clearly stand out with its performance if you compare it with this AC. But be aware, both have there won disadvantages. You better know them (read this review to know) before selecting one top choice.

17. LG 3-Star 2 Ton Split AC 

LG 3-Star 2 Ton Split AC 

If you’re searching for an AC that will efficiently cool large rooms with no compromise on quality, then the LG Split AC is the best option for you. The model is part of the brand name LG. It is among the most reliable models that can amaze everyone who uses it with its functionality and quality of service. The LG Split AC can be used in the majority of the regions in India because it was constructed with various climatic circumstances in consideration.

Since this AC has a capacity of 2 tons, it can be used in rooms up to 200 square feet. The energy rating of 3 stars included with this AC ensures that it was made to use less energy and power. While being at an affordable cost, the LG 2-Ton Inverter air conditioner can save on energy bills and make it one of the top alternatives available.

The split type inverter AC ensures that it can adapt its performance to the requirements and demands of its customers without causing any discomfort. This AC adapts its operation according to the temperature outside and effectively controls the flow of coolant. The variable speeds of the compressor permit this AC to function efficiently even in the extreme temperatures of India.

The LG brand is committed to ensuring that its products will never inconvenience its customers. They have designed this product with copper coils for the condenser. Copper coils as condensers reduce the maintenance required of this AC and, as a result, improve the comfort of users. Apart from providing all of these advantages, this LG 3 Star model can also function efficiently and efficiently.

The combination of Micro Dust protection filters works in the direction of pure air. It eliminates nearly all dust and impure particles out of the air and makes it safe for the user’s use. You can also use this AC during monsoon time without worrying about humidity.


  • It is easy to identify a refrigerant condition
  • Useful in large spaces
  • A reduction in humidity as well as the removal of dust


  • LG AC models have a very clean track record, and so is this one. 
  • Micro Dust protection filters.
  • Adapts its operation according to the temperature outside


  • Deals with humidity well, but not the best one to do so at that price. 
  • Failed our quick chilling test.

A 2-ton AC can be costly considering eh light bills you’ll have to pay. instead, you better look for the Sanyo 1.5 ton modal (read entire review) with almost similar cooling experience while providing you amazing cooling efficiency and the price is affordable too.

18. Voltas 3-Star 2 Ton Inverter Split AC

Voltas 3-Star 2 Ton Inverter Split AC

Do not let the weather determine the efficiency in the performance of your air conditioner. Pick Voltas 2-Ton model  to enjoy the necessary ease in all seasons, with the highest cooling quality. It is known for its consistent all-year-round cooling without being affected by outside climate.

This AC has a capacity of 2 tons, which makes it ideal for use in large spaces. In addition, because it is focused on providing uniform distribution and circulation of airflow, it is also possible to use this AC at your events and not feel any humidity around. The large ambient cooling provided by this AC will provide the desired cooling, even when the temperature outside exceeds 50 degrees.

The 3-star rating for this product is intended to boost users’ confidence that this AC does not use a lot of power and energy, as well as the assurance to cut down on the power bills. The warranty also covers one year for the whole unit and condenser and five years of total warranty on the compressor used within the Voltas 2 Ton model. The auto-diagnosis function of this AC assists it in adjusting to working according to the user’s requirements and the temperature in the room.

The anti-dust filter in this AC ensures that the air is cool and pollution and dust-free. Therefore, you are assured that you are getting the best health and quality of your air. The LED display increases the comfort of users and enhances the overall appearance of the AC, which is compatible with all kinds of rooms.

Additionally, you can set the timer on this AC, which decreases the requirement for the user to be present for monitoring the functioning of the AC. The glowing button included in this AC makes it straightforward to operate in the dark. The copper coil used as a condenser helps reduce the need to maintain this AC.


  • Also, the focus is on air filtration
  • Great for large spaces


  • Instant cooling and reduced humidity.
  • Energy consumption is low.
  • LED display makes this AC look even more attractive.


  • A few customers do have complaints about different things. Overall, the customer review section doesn’t give that much confidence. 


Which Is the Best Air Conditioner in India? Quick List:

Here is the entire list of the best AC models in India that we have tested till now. You can click on any of the following model to read its entire review and compare the features, price, overall performance, etc. 

How to Buy a Perfect Split Air Conditioner in 2022?

These are just a few aspects to keep in mind before making your final purchase decision for the air conditioning. Concentrating on these aspects will allow you to make the best decision about the AC to satisfy all your requirements and demands. Here are a few aspects to consider:


AC Types

In the beginning, the first thing you need to remember is the kind of AC you require. There are two kinds of AC available on the market, and you can pick the one you prefer. The two kinds are:

1.) Windows AC

As the name implies, this AC requires a window installed and put in. They are less expensive than other kinds of AC and simpler to install because they don’t require drilling holes to be made in the wall.

The window AC is also not a part of the wall’s internal space compared to the other kinds of AC available. This is ideal if you have compact and small spaces to cool. However, it can take a while to cool for larger spaces and rooms.

2.) Split AC

This is the second kind of AC you can pick if you don’t want an AC window. They are designed to use less energy, which means they save the energy of the people who use them.

Another benefit you can enjoy with Split AC can be that they do not create any noise during their operation. Because it uses large blowers, it can chill the room more quickly than windows AC. Additionally, the condenser and the compressor for this kind of AC are situated on the outside.


After you’ve settled on the type of AC, the first thing that you should be looking at is its capacity AC or the amount that is the AC that you will require. In contrast to the model of the AC, it is possible to have more options when it comes to deciding what capacity to use for the AC. If you’re thinking about why the capacity of an AC matters so much in the first place, if you don’t choose the right power of your AC, it will not achieve the cooling effect you want.

The power of the AC is dependent on a variety of internal variables, among them include:

  • The room has windows
  • Room size
  • The temperature in the location
  • The flooring of the space
  • The room’s orientation

It is essential to have a clear understanding of all these factors before making a decision based on the weight or capacities of the AC. If you’re not sure about any of the aspects mentioned above, here are some general guidelines for the size of the AC that you require in your room.

  • For rooms larger than 180 sq ft, you require an AC that is 2 Ton or greater.
  • If you have a small space that is less than 120 sq ft, you will require an AC that’s 1.2 Ton.
  • If you want to have a medium-sized room between 180 and 121 sq feet of space, you require the AC to be 1.4 to 1.5 Ton.

Inverter Technology:

Inverter Technology of Air Conditioner

Have you heard about inverter technology in your AC? Are you aware of the advantages the inverter technology within your AC will bring? It wouldn’t be right to affirm that inverter AC has brought the Ac industry to a new level. The ACS they have used has dealt with users’ most important yet common concerns in the most effective way and produced one of the top kinds of ACs.

Inverter technology is a result of the fact that the variable speed of operation that the compressor operates at. A sensor is fitted within the AC that can regulate the variable speed of the compressor used in the inverter technology used by the AC. Based on the room’s ambient temperature, this inverter AC alters the energy consumption, which can be more effective and more efficient than the non-inverter-based AC.

The inverter technology of the AC can also help manage the refrigerant gas flow rate of the AC, which further aids in the lower consumption of energy used in the operation of the AC. In addition, there are just a few of the advantages you will gain when you use inverter technology within your AC:

  • Conserving the natural surroundings.
  • Conserving your electricity bill and cash.
  • A noiseless operation.
  • Longer lasting than AC that is not inverter-free.
  • It can be used in any climate.
  • Performs at a significantly more rapid rate than the non-inverter technologies Ac since they can cool the room at greater speed.

If you’re still using a non-inverter air conditioner, it’s time to upgrade to one equipped with inverter technology.


Air Conditioner Features

In addition to the standard features included in most ACs, is it beneficial that the model you select for the AC comes with other options? These extra features aren’t offered with all versions of the AC. Therefore, you could have additional features that are available with various models.

You can select any extra features you want to include in your chosen AC and then search for the AC with the most number of these features. Be aware that these extra features aren’t mandatory, and the more features you have, the better it will be. However, you are fine if you do not get all of them. As long as you comply, as long as you can work the AC.

1.) Noise level:

You must determine if your selected AC is silent or not. The AC must have an amount of noise that is comfortable for users and shouldn’t interfere with any other users’ activities.

2.) Speed of cooling:

Choose an AC that offers many options for the speed of cooling. Don’t choose an AC with an unchanging cooling speed as it won’t be able to adjust the speed of cooling according to the outside temperature. This is why the AC with variable speed is recommended to have the desired Convenience of adjusting the cooling temperature for the AC.

3.) Quality of indoor air:

In addition to cooling the room, your air conditioner will also be responsible for the overall quality of the space. To ensure this, it is recommended to pick an AC that comes with a reliable dehumidification system attached to it. This can help the AC keep the humidity levels in the room while keeping the desired level of coolness.

4.) Digital display:

A digital display on your AC can make it easier for users to understand the temperature and other operational units that the AC is operating. Additionally, the digital display improves the appearance of the AC.

5.) Installation and maintenance are easy:

The mode you choose for AC must be simple to set up and must be simple to maintain, which will add to the ease of use of the users.

6.) Convenience:

Keep in mind that you purchase an AC to improve your comfort, and that’s what your AC must also be focused on. It should come with many accessories that simplify your task. The kinds of accessories you could seek out are remote controls, Bluetooth accessibility, automatic sensors, Wi-Fi enablement, and many more. It would be great to have the accessories you want with your chosen AC.

7.) Timer:

The advantages that come with a timer feature are clear. It’s unnecessary to wait for a timer to turn on between turning on and shutting off your AC in the evening or even in the daytime. Simply select the desired time in the Timer, and then allow automatic switching on and off of the AC without having to keep track of it.

8.) Reliability:

It will be advantageous if the AC is solid. It increases users’ confidence in the AC and provides confidence in the performance of the chosen option.

9.) Air purifiers:

The AC that comes with air purifiers is simply an added benefit to the functioning of the AC because it will not just cool the air surrounding it but also cleanse the air of harmful chemicals.

Power Consumption & Star Rating:

inverter AC usage

Do you want an AC that uses less energy and power but still provides you with the amount of cooling you want? Everyone would like to have an AC. To make the best choice for the AC for lesser energy usage, you have to look at the power consumption and the star rating.

Recently, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has come up with a new method of looking at and analyzing the power consumption of an AC, which is called the Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ISEER). The star rating of an AC analyzes its power usage of an AC following the stars’ ratings. Air conditioners with a greater star rating will use less energy.

It is said that when you have an increase in the ISER ratings, the savings in power for your AC will be higher. So, it is advisable to seek out an AC with a higher score on the ISEER because it uses less energy and can help you save money in the most efficient manner possible.

Coil (Copper or Aluminum):

AC coil comparison

If you’re familiar with the operation of the AC to some extent, you’re aware that the condensers in the AC use a coil to cool the air and transport it. Here, the kind of condenser coil plays an important role since it improves efficiency and determines the amount of power consumed by the AC.

There are two types of coil materials that are widely used to enhance an AC’s efficiency and cut down on the expense and energy usage of the AC. They include:

1.) Coils of copper:

They are simple to maintain and offer more longevity than other coils used. They are also favoured since they are extremely efficient and allow faster cooling in short periods. The copper coils cost more than the other types but have the highest anti-corrosive qualities, making them the ideal choice for areas with a lot of coastal activity.

2.) The aluminium coil:

Going straight to the primary issue, aluminium coils are more affordable than copper. The aluminium coils have a lower heat transfer capacity than copper and a less lifespan than copper coils. It is nevertheless possible to shape aluminium into any desired shape since it is more flexible than copper. They need more maintenance than copper coils.

Consider these important details regarding copper and aluminium coils before deciding which one to choose.

Compressors (Reciprocating vs Rotary):

Compressors (Reciprocating vs Rotary)

Once you have the necessary knowledge and understanding of the coils used in AC, It is crucial to know about the compressors that are used within the AC. In all likelihood, the compressor is the main component for the AC and should therefore be considered the most important factor in choosing the AC. In addition to the various types of compressors, let’s know what the compressor does.

The primary purpose of the compressor’s job is to compress the refrigerant gas from the AC into a liquid with high pressure. The compression process is carried out at a high temperature. Then, the high-pressure liquid goes through the condenser coils, loses its heat, and escapes the AC as cool air.

Let’s take a look at the different kinds of compressors that are available on the market. There are two types of compressors. They are:

1.) Reciprocating Compressor

It’s like the car engine, which uses a piston and cylinder. The piston operates in a reverse direction, resulting in the compression and release of gas. It is easy to maintain and can be used under high pressure. But, this kind of compressor creates quite a lot of noise, and the air is pumped out at a high temperature.

2.) Rotary Compressor:

Another type of compressor is the rotary one that is present in the majority of AC today. It is made up of numerous rotating rotors that are arranged so that they can have very little space between them. The rotors are operated to turn in opposite directions and cause air to move through them at very high pressure. They are quieter and can be used in large offices and industries. Additionally, the air pumped out of the compressor is of a low temperature. In contrast to reciprocating compressors, rotary compressors can be quite expensive and need a lot of usage to ensure optimal performance.

Air Conditioning Refrigerants:

Air Conditioning Refrigerants


Many times, you have heard that experts suggest you change the refrigerant or coolant of your AC if it fails to offer the amount you want in cooling. Isn’t it? Have you ever wondered what the coolant or refrigerant in the air conditioner is? In simple terms, air conditioning refrigerant is a key component with a significant role in the efficient functioning of air conditioning.

The primary function of refrigerant in the air conditioner is to absorb heat in the room and release it to the surroundings. If the refrigerant functions effectively by transferring heat out of the room, there are great chances that the space will cool down faster and in a more efficient method.

The refrigerant or coolant is initially available in a gas form that passes through the compressor and is transformed into a liquid form at high pressure. After going through the compressor coils and lowering the temperature during the transformation of the liquid into gas then, the air conditioner lets out the cool air while taking out the hot air.

The various types of refrigerants are listed below:

1.) CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) (CFC):

They are also called R12 refrigerants. They were the very first coolants employed in air cooling units. Also, they are efficient and reduce the level of ozone in the air. There are very few ACs that make use of this cooling fluid today.

2.) Hydrofluorocarbons (HFC):

The coolant of the entire world is becoming ever more dependent. It’s very like the R22 coolant, but it is environmentally friendly since it does not remove the ozone layer from the atmosphere. The air conditioners of India are ready to use the coolant since they provide the required efficiency while also causing no negative effects on the environment.

3.) Hydro-chlorofluorocarbons (HCFC):

This coolant was also referred to as R22, a replacement for the R12 coolant due to environmental problems. It is among the most popular coolants used today in all air cooling units. Although even this coolant is not that environmentally friendly, there are high chances that it will soon get replaced with some other coolants.

4.) Hydrocarbons (HC):

This coolant will be the next generation of coolants in air cooling units. It is among the most eco-friendly coolants on the market, and many companies are looking to make the most efficient use of this cooling agent in air cooling systems. In recent years, most Inverter-based air conditioners are made with this coolant which has ensured the bright prospects of the coolant for the coming air cooling systems.

Suppose you’re thinking about what the reason is to have this information regarding the coolant that is used in air conditioners. In that case, it’s because of preserving the quality of the earth’s environment. Because the selection of the coolant could alter the ozone layer of the air, you should not use an air conditioner with a coolant which leads to the destruction of the protective layer of ozone in the atmosphere. Therefore, select the most effective air conditioner that uses the finest coolant to operate.

User’s Review:

The last thing to do is you could look up other users’ reviews of similar AC. It’s often better to get an idea of the product based on someone else’s experience. Check out the reviews and scores that other users have given to your selected AC and determine if they’re worthy, and you can purchase the item.

Although not all reviews are authentic, you can at least understand what you can expect from the AC and how it operates by reading these reviews. They are more accurate than not knowing whatsoever. Do you agree?


Another aspect that must not be overlooked when choosing the AC is the budget. Be sure to establish an established budget in mind when you plan to purchase an AC because it will give you an estimate of how much you can afford to purchase the AC. It will also aid you in not getting overwhelmed by the various choices available in the market since you will be able to stick to the budget you’ve set.

The budget you have set can also help you avoid the negative consequences of spending too much while purchasing the AC. Once you’ve bought the AC and other costs like the installation, material bills, etc., come in, adding to the total price for the AC. Therefore, it is recommended to stick to your budget plan to avoid issues later on.


AC warranty

There is no reason to buy any electronic appliance without having an appropriate amount of time warranty. The warranty assures the consumer that the purchased equipment can be repaired easily in the event of any issues or damages that are caused. However, if you don’t have any warranty on the product, you’ll have a tough time dealing with difficulties and issues that might be experienced with the product or the operations or the work it provides.

To avoid this issue, always request the seller to specify the warranty period included with the item you are considering. If you are able, select the one with the longest warranty period.

After Sales Service:

The name suggests that it discusses the benefits you will receive following the purchase of the AC. What’s the importance of it? Imagine that you are having issues regarding the performance of your AC, and you attempt to contact the customer support team but haven’t received any response.

Instead of helping you resolve your issue, the customer service team ignores the issue and does not provide any solutions you’d expect. What would you think? What would you do?

If you’re in this situation, there is nothing more than regretting your decision to not pay attention to the after-sales service. With the guarantee of after-sales service, you are assured that your item will receive the maintenance required regardless of when you purchase it.

This also assists the AC to run better and last longer than an AC, which does not get special after-sales service. It is no wonder which will ensure the efficient functioning of the AC, and you as the consumer will reap the benefits.

Star Ratings (EER, CoP, ISEER):

AC star rating

The star ratings that come with the AC depend on the AC’s power consumption and efficiency of the AC. EER refers to Energy Efficiency Ratings. The term ISEER refers to the Indian seasonal energy Efficiency Ratio. The parameters employed to determine AC have a direct correlation to star ratings.

This implies that the greater value of the star ratings indicates the greater worth of the ratings for energy efficiency. This is also the case for ISEER. The AC with high ratings of star ratings will function with low energy consumption, which means it will conserve a significant amount of energy when it is in operation.

It also comes through the understanding that an increased value of ISSER and EER will result in the highest energy savings. Therefore, it is important to select an AC with a higher value of EER and ISSER so that it will conserve the most energy.

FAQs For Air Conditioners

1. What is an inverter air conditioner?

Inverter AC is the ACs that can change the speed of their compressor. The compressor for the inverter air conditioner has a variable speed, controlled using an electronic sensor. The inverter AC alters their power consumption based on the temperature in the room and therefore proves to be more efficient than non-inverter AC.

The different speeds of the compressor aid to control the flow of refrigerant gas and consequently helps use less energy. You can purchase any inverter AC on the market by the well-known brands providing the best advantages and features.

Here are some additional benefits you will receive by choosing an inverter AC instead of a non-inverter AC:

  • Provide faster cooling to the space
  • It saves money and reduces electric bills.
  • They last longer than non-inverter AC
  • They are green
  • It is silent and quiet

In the coming years, increasing numbers of ACs are being equipped with the latest technology of an inverter to be suitable for the requirements of consumers. Additionally, since it has been proven that inverter ACs work superiorly to standard AC and can last longer, consumers are also opting for inverter ACs.

If you’re interested in fans, you can check our reviews on the top ceiling fan and the best pedestal fan.

Suppose you have any additional questions or doubts regarding the information and details regarding any of the ACs. In that case, you can leave a comment below, and we’ll get back with the most helpful possible advice from the experts.

2. Which brand is best for AC?

The choice of the top company to purchase AC depends on several aspects, but it’s based on the demands and requirements of the clients. Numerous brands offer various kinds of AC with various characteristics and features. Customers should take an eye on the available options before deciding to purchase.

Apart from focusing on deals or features and your requirements, you must be aware of the company that you plan to purchase AC.

Some of the most popular and well-known brands or companies that offer the most effective AC include:

  • Whirlpool
  • Voltas
  • Samsung
  • Hitachi
  • Daikin
  • Panasonic
  • LG
  • Sharp
  • Carrier
  • Blue Star
  • Sanyo

These are a few brands you can count on to provide you with the most efficient AC to meet your requirements and satisfy every need most efficiently. There are a lot of firms that provide you with a variety of kinds of AC. The choice of the firm depends on the preferences of the customers.

You can choose any one of them. However, you must ensure that you make a legitimate deal you are creating.

3. Are you able to purchase AC on the internet?

Yes, it’s secure to purchase AC on the internet. There are a variety of websites where you can purchase AC at a less expensive cost than offline options. In recent years increasing numbers of consumers are moving towards using the internet to purchase products, especially electronic goods.

Most customers worry about whether it’s safe to purchase AC on the internet or not. It’s a valid concern that you are paying a substantial amount to buy the AC. In addition, recent online scams and frauds have led to customers feeling slightly unsure about purchasing AC on the internet.

However, you can be certain that you are buying the AC by using the internet but only if you’ve chosen the genuine brand. You are secured from fraud on the internet when you purchase the AC by choosing the secure method of purchasing.

Before making a purchase decision on the AC, make sure you verify the authenticity and legitimacy of the company from which you plan to purchase the AC. Do not compromise on these points by relying on local sellers available online to purchase the AC.

4. How do you connect the air conditioning unit?

The installation of the AC is just like any other part of the functioning of an AC. It is essential to ensure that you are installing the AC because it will determine whether your AC is working correctly or not. Several items need to be considered when installing the AC correctly and steadily.

  • Verify the connections of the pipes
  • Select the best place to install the AC
  • The selected location must be unaffected by any disturbances
  • Install the pipe of the AC inside the wall
  • Verify all electrical connections of the AC

The best method to ensure you’re in control and get it right in installing the air conditioner is to trust the professionals. Get the help of the professionals of the AC manufacturer and let them complete the work. They are aware of all the demands and complications required to set up the air conditioner and will complete the job with precision.

5. How do I determine what size air conditioner I’ll need?

Choosing the appropriate size AC for your space is vital to achieving the expected performance. In the majority of cases, we have noticed that customers don’t know the proper size of AC they require, and consequently, they purchase the incorrect size AC, which results in not being satisfied with its performance.

Deciding on the dimensions of the AC that you require will take into consideration the following aspects:

  • The climate conditions of the area where you reside
  • Room size
  • Room location
  • The AC is used every day. AC

Once you have considered the various aspects and weighed them all, you can determine the size of AC you require. To determine what size AC you’ll need, simply multiply the length and width of the room and multiply it by 25 BTU. This will give you an idea of what AC will most likely meet your requirements in terms of cooling.

6. How does an air conditioner function?

The majority of us believe that AC is a means of generating cooling. Are you also convinced of this? If yes, then you’re unaware of the real functioning of AC. The AC does not generate cooling. Instead, they operate by removing the warmth from the room and later cooling the room.

The air conditioner can remove heat from inside the rooms. This results in making people feel cooler. This is the most straightforward explanation of the operation of AC that most people can comprehend. If we are talking about the particular terms that describe the operation of an air conditioning unit, it’s based on three fundamental principles:

  • Condensation
  • Evaporation
  • Compression

First, the refrigerant gas comes into contact with the refrigerant gas of AC and is compressed to transform it into a highly-pressured hot liquid. This hot liquid passes through the condenser, removes the heat, and cools it. The cooled gas is released through the process known as evaporation which creates a cool sensation.

You can regulate the pressure and rate of cooling of your AC by adjusting and controlling the speed of cooling for the AC. Additionally, you can alter the operation of the AC by the temperature outside.

7. Air conditioner or air cooler: Which one is the best?

There has been an ongoing debate over the most important issue of the best for working the air cooling system. Despite years of usage, there is still a lot of confusion among most people who use the appliances about which of the two has the better performance. Although both appliances work under different conditions, each is compared based on how they work.

The choice between them is contingent on the preferences and needs of the customers. Some users might prefer an alternative appliance from these options that can meet their requirements. The main distinction is:

  • Know your needs in the most precise and clear way before deciding on either cooling or the air. This will help you choose the best option.
  • The air conditioner can function, while the air coolers work best in humid conditions.
  • The air cooler operates by regulating the airflow, and it is possible to use an air conditioner that can work in a closed room.

8. How can you save electricity using an air conditioning unit?

Many people remain hesitant to use AC simply because they believe that they use more electricity and, therefore, will result in larger energy bills. To a certain extent, it’s not completely wrong. The usage of AC is more energy-intensive and creates more power bills.

However, if you only employ AC to reduce your electricity usage, you could also conserve electricity by having an AC. These are easy ways to reduce your electricity usage and make use of AC without compromising your convenience.

  • Use inverter air conditioners because they use less energy and provide quicker cooling.
  • Make sure to keep the AC temperatures lower at night.
  • Stop the vents.
  • Make sure you are checking the ducts.
  • Close all the doors and windows shut while using the AC. This will aid in the quicker cooling of the room.
  • Now and then, you should have your AC serviced.
  • Shut off the AC when you have reached the temperature you want for the room.

These are easy tips you can implement to keep the AC’s efficiency and save energy costs. With a little attention to the operation of the AC, it is possible to save significant amounts of energy with the operation and operation of your AC.

9. Which is the best 1.5 ton AC with low electricity bill?

Buying a 1.5 ton AC can be beneficial to cool small to medium size rooms. The simple answer to this is Sanyo AC 1.5 Ton Model. It scored a total of 9.6 star rating in our previously published review on Sanyo AC (read it here). However, please visit any of the following articles to know more about the 1.5 best AC models’ overall performance and compare features, price, etc.

Rank Company Capacity Price Details
#1 Sanyo 1.5 Ton ₹30,990 Read Here
#2 Lloyd 1.5 Ton ₹40,999 Read Here
#3 Panasonic 1.5 Ton  ₹42,990 Read Here
#4 Midea 1.5 Ton Read Here
#5 Croma 1.5 Ton 31,990 Read Here
#6 Amstrad 1.5 Ton N/A Read Here


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