Reconnect AC Review: Failed in our MAY 2021 TESTING

Reconnect AC Review: Failed in our MAY 2021 TESTING

Planning to buy a high-tech inverter air conditioner? A wide range of products with various features and rewards are offered by various companies. Given the abundance of available choices, selecting an AC that meets your specific needs becomes a challenging decision.

Reliance’s Reconnect Inverter AC designs may have caught your attention. The Reliance AC brand is regarded as one of the most common AC brands due to its low prices, durability, and exceptional specifications.

To meet the requirement of a tremendous number of customers, the company employs a variety of models.

Are Reconnect Split AC designs worth buying? This Reconnect AC analysis examines the advantages and disadvantages of this model objectively.

However, for quick answer seekers, we’d straightaway advice, buy Sanyo 1-Ton 3-star AC rather this one. Sanyo’s model defeated this one with a score of 9-0 in our testing. Also, even Amstrad AC was able to beat this model in terms of cooling eprfromance.

Reconnect AC VS Sanyo Review


IMAGES Reconnect AC Review Sanyo AC Review
MODELS Reconnect 1.5 ton 5 star Sanyo 1.5 ton 3 star
COOLING TIME FOR 10×12 ft. ROOM 11 Min 10 Sec (Normal mode)

7 Min 40 Sec (Turbo mode)

8 Min 15 Sec (Normal mode)

3 Min 45 Sec (Turbo mode)

COOLING TIME FOR 15×15 ft. ROOM 13 Min 40 Sec (Normal mode)

9 Min 25 Sec (Turbo mode)

6 Min 13 Sec (Normal mode)

4 Min 20 Sec (Turbo mode)


Build Quality 

Since an easy-to-use device is often comfortable for anyone, the Reconnect air conditioner competes with many other air conditioner brands on the market.

There are several factors which indicate this AC as the expensive one.

The sleek and elegant presentation of an air conditioner is a hot topic of discussion for customers when shopping for one. The Reconnect air conditioner will make your space look more elegant and inviting.

But what about performance? Are you bringing an AC just for looks? And it’s competitors don’t look anyway less stunning.

For example, Sanyo AC is more elegant then reconnect AC. Reconnect allows you to control it with a bright backlit remote, but there’s nothing new in that.

Another issue that people are concerned with today is “how eco-friendly is the air conditioner?” Reconnect solves this critical problem by using the cheapest (until now) and most environmentally conscious coolant, R410A petrol, in their air conditioner.

When compared to other coolants, R410A gas is more useful and healthy for the atmosphere. The R410A (see the gap between R410A and R410a Gas)gas has low pollution as well, preventing global warming and assisting in the preservation of the ozone layer.

By the way, AC models of almost all leading brands are using the same refrigeration in the current date. Most importantly, Croma air conditioner models served better than reconnect in terms of durability.


With SEER-13 technology, reconnect air conditioners are among the most energy efficient devices. However, our testing said something else.

On the basis of energy consumption, Models form Sanyo, and Midea proved to be much better at the same tonnage and star-rating.

The SEER-13 technology reduces energy demand by 30 percent by ensuring that all air conditioner features are effective and useful to the consumer.

The level of comfort provided by a cooling system is primarily determined by the efficiency of the condenser. Reconnect AC versions use copper coils but doesn’t prove to deliver the best.

The condenser of these designs features two separate rotors that ensure fast heat transfer and rust resistance, providing consumers with long-term comfort.

Even after having a powerful enough compressor, Reconnect model fails to provide as fast cooling as its competitors. Also, Marq AC Review revealed that it was a negative model. Therefore, reconnect is a better choice than MarQ.

Compressor and Performance

The Reconnect AC designs include a one-of-a-kind Duo Cool Inverter Innovation to improve consumer convenience. You will enjoy comfort but will have to worry about high electricity bills as we mentioned up there.

This is an important aspect that draw people away from the Reconnect split ACs, and towards brands like Sanyo, Daikin, etc.

In the AC’s compressor, there are two separate rotors that support more effective, energy-efficient, and accelerated cooling. The variable speed compressor adjusts the power depending on the heat load.

The Reconnect AC designs produce no disturbing noises. When using these gadgets, you can relax and unwind. The Reconnect AC models have an optimised PM 2.5. Similarly, effective anti-dust filters are there to help extract spores, dust, fungi, germs, and other suspended particles.

This device ensures effective purification and emits only clean and pure air to protect the residents’ health. The auto feature enables the fan to run even though the machine is turned off. This purpose prevents the growth of bad odours or mould within the device.

Again, if you invest around 30K in any of the leading brand’s model, you’ll certainly attain all these benefits. Therefore, you should be reading Lloyd AC Review or Panasonic AC Review to ensure better performance as a 1.5 ton model provides even better cooling.

Reconnect AC Special Features of Sanyo AC which beat this one

Rank under 25K AC models #1
10ft. x 10ft. room (normal mode) Cooling Time 9 Mins 10 Secs
10ft. x 10ft. room (turbo mode) Cooling Time 3 Mins 40 Secs
12ft. x 15ft. room (normal mode) Cooling Time 10 Mins 45 Secs
12ft. x 15ft. room (turbo mode) Cooling Time 5 Mins 15 Secs
Rapid cooling performance 9.8 (Average of other AC below 25K – 8.1)
Consistency 9.3 (Average of other AC below 25K – 7.8)
Durability 9.5
Electricity Units saving 48% more than any other AC at this price
Overall score 9.6

100% Copper for Superior Cooling

The entire Sanyo AC line features 100 percent copper coils, which increases cooling performance and saves electricity. Additionally, 100 percent copper guarantees power, longevity, and ease of maintenance.

Self-Cleaning Technology iClean

Your air conditioner is built to cause you as little hassle as possible by keeping itself clean on the inside. Its iClean mode removes dust, leaves the interiors dry, and avoids infection, keeping your AC in tip-top shape.

R410A Green Gas: Ozone-Safe Technology

Sanyo AC is environmentally friendly and uses non-ozone depleting refrigerant. Reconnect AC comes with the same R410A gas.

Anti-dust Air Filters

The consistency of filters is critical in determining an AC’s overall performance. Sanyo AC projects have an integrated PM 2.5. Similarly, effective anti-dust filters are available to help extract spores, dust, fungi, germs, and other suspended particles. This device ensures effective purification and emits only clean and pure air to protect the residents’ health.

The auto feature enables the fan to run even though the machine is turned off. This purpose prevents the growth of bad odours or mould within the device. The truth is that using Sanyo split AC models will provide you with positive health benefits.

Compressor Warranty of 5 Years on Sanyo’s model

Reconnect, with a guarantee of higher service, gives a 2-year warranty, but most of the other brands offer higher warranty. Sanyo air conditioners are supported by the most dependable compressors, which are protected by a 5-year warranty. When it comes to maintaining the air conditioner in good working order, Sanyo provides service you can rely on.

Glacier Mode

Both Sanyo split AC versions (1 and 1.5 ton) have a glacier mode to help the consumer experience much improved cooling. When you turn to Glacier mode, you will experience this jet-speed cooling by pressing a button; the fan speed increases significantly.

In particular, having the AC on Glacier mode would result in a 35% increase in fan speed as compared to medium mode. What does it imply? It means that immediate cooling can be accomplished in a timely manner.

Hydrophilic Fins

Smart shoppers are actively looking at ways to protect their air conditioners from deterioration or corrosion. Hydrophilic fins on Sanyo Split ACs have excellent rust tolerance.

This function protects the AC from salt and rust damage with commendable performance. The hydrophilic fins are much more powerful than the standard coil and provide the condenser with a long lifespan.

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Is it worthwhile to buy a Reconnect air conditioner, and is Reconnect a reputable brand?

No, that is false! In contrast to other 1 and 1.5 tonne AC versions, the Reconnect AC is a product with lesser cooling and less-effective power bills.

Is Reconnect AC a low-power model?

According to Reconnect, this model is actually energy-consuming, but this claim doesn’t prove to be true. It used more units than other. Sanyo, on the other hand just around 40-45 units a day while running continuously!

What are the Dimensions?

When we talk about the dimensions of Reconnect Ac, we can’t say it’s tiny. It is, however, a standard-sized AC model. It calculates 100.0 (Length) x 23.0 (Breadth) x 29.5 (Width) (Height).

Identical model from Sanyo, on the other hand, measures almost the same.

How Does An Inverter AC work?

Inverter air conditioners regulate the flow rate of the refrigerant by adjusting the speed of the compressor. As a result, the air conditioner consumes less current and fuel. An inverter air conditioner has accurate temperature regulation, and once the desired temperature is reached, the appliance changes its ability to eliminate all prior temperature variations.

Why you should not buy this AC?

There are several issues which our experts found out by conducting so many tests on this Reconnect AC

  • No protective grill for the outdoors unit.
  • The screen button is not clear on the remote.
  • Expensive cost than other divides ACs.
  • The power cord is not offered for the connection to the power source.
  • After some months of use it started making noise at a sound level of 60 dB.

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Reconnect air conditioners offer customers a lot of opportunities to ignore their air conditioners because of their high price and below par quality.

Since this AC brand does not guarantee to save this much electricity, there is a good AC our experts are recommending which is Sanyo AC (Read review HERE).

It will be a popular option in the industry. Before purchasing any Reconnect AC, we Indians consider the price first, and Sanyo begins to please you from there.

Reconnect ACs made a lot of noise when working, and drew a lot of steam. Although on the bright side Sanyo AC is quiet and peaceful as well.

As we mentioned that Indians consider the rates of any appliance first then Sanyo AC comes with modern features at a very low price, the price doesn’t even affect its durability because it comes with solid hardware and is versatile.

Also, it costs 2K lesser! Read that again.

Besides that, toughness used to be a source of concern. Take a peek at the Sanyo AC now! Whether it’s the build quality, energy efficiency, or fast chilling features, you’re pleasantly surprised in every way.

After reviewing tons of ACs in this price range, our experts selected this Sanyo ac device as the best option and gave it a 9.6/ 10 rating. You will be pretty glad after purchasing this one.

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