MarQ AC Expert Review — Some Shocking Facts Uncovered

MarQ AC Expert Review — Some Shocking Facts Uncovered

If you think by bringing home the MarQ AC to enjoy fun summers without worrying about humid days and uncomfortable evenings, then you might end up regretting it.

Yes, the test our experts conducted on MarQ AC totally dissatisfied us, and therefore, the overall ratings it received were just 4.8/10. Firstly, an air conditioner must save energy, and the maintenance should be simple.

Regrettably, its 100% copper condenser failed to offer durability, which we can say is sufifcen4t in comparison to its competitors.

Its Humidity Regulation and Control feature should be detecting and regulating humidity levels to keep you cool and comfortable all day. But the problem is, none of these features work as promised.

Not just that, but this AC, after a few months, starts glitching in showing exact numbers in the LED display. Due to that, the Sleep Mode might not be capable of offering customized cooling.

Also, you’ll get shocked with the Marq AC Review cons section! We strictly suggest you not purchase MarQ AC before looking through the drawbacks.

If you want a short answer, Sanyo 1 Ton AC model is a lot beneficial and affordable than MarQ AC.


Rank under 30K AC models #22
Cooling 10ft. x 10ft. room (normal mode) 16 Minutes 25 Seconds
Cooling 10ft. x 10ft. room (turbo mode) 11 Minutes 30 Seconds
Cooling 12ft. x 15ft. room (normal mode) 26 Minutes 35 Seconds
Cooling 12ft. x 15ft. room (turbo mode) 19 Minutes 22 Seconds
Rapid cooling performance 4.7 (Average of other AC below 30K – 8.1)
Consistency 5.2 (Average of other AC below 30K – 7.8)
Durability 6.4
Electricity Units saving 22% more than any other AC at this price
Overall score 4.8

MarQ 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split Inverter AC

The Speed of Cooling Was a Big Fail!

While doing research on this MarQ AC and narrating MarQ AC Review, it turned out a big dissatisfaction. We tested this model in a small room – nearly 10ft x 10.5ft, and we would undoubtedly say this air conditioner might not perform as per your exceptions considering the speed cooling of your room.

Turbo mode is a must-have feature in air conditioners to chill your room in no time with the highest fan speed. Most importantly, turbo mode sucks a lot of electricity, and that’s why the AC is always expected to chill the room ASAP being on turbo mode.

This AC consumed a total of 11 minutes and 54 seconds in its turbo mode, which is too late. While on the other hand, Sanyo AC cooled the exact same room within 4 minutes!

We recently tested this model and narrated its review. You can cherish it HERE.

More shockingly, we tested in Sanyo’s 1 ton model, while this MarQ air conditioner model is 1.5 ton. We can say the normal cooling MorQ AC offers you is ok-ok (still not what we expect from a 1.5 ton model). Also, Midea AC Review revealed that their 1.5 ton model’s cooling performance was able to beat numerous AC models.

However, if you return to your home after facing the deadly heat of summer seasons outside, and want instant relief, then the result of this won’t satisfy you at all.

Marq AC Build Quality

This MarQ air conditioner has a 100% copper condenser and low maintenance costs, allowing you to save money on electricity every day. However, it is not the best in the long run, and our expert found it while conducting MarQ AC Review.

When it’s new, it is quiet (both indoor and outdoor units) enough that you can’t tell it’s on, but after some months, it starts being noisy. The build quality is okay.

As per our expert’s recommendation, we would suggest (AC NAME), as this appliance will be worth the price with better build quality than MarQ AC.  There was a tough competition between Asmtrad and Marq regarding build quality. However, Amstrad AC Review revealed that their AC is more durable in comparison to Marq brand.

Marq AC Operation

MarQAC Review Operation

The MarQ Air Conditioner’s simplicity is one of its most good features. This AC is far from a one-trick pony. Rather, it has a variety of operating modes that you can switch from to fit your preferences.

However, it might be confusing to operate because of too many modes and not worth including features. The air conditioner mode, which cools your room, is the same model as any other.

It’s just options, but they are working the same, and it totally depends on how much temperature you set. The automated system isn’t that cool in this range of price.

The MarQ AC has a humidifier option as well, but the operating modes don’t of this function don’t work as well as we expected.

This should remove dry air from your room and replace it with soothing hot air, but as we experimented in our lab, it wasn’t that much helpful.

Furthermore, dry air is known to cause irritation, so you don’t want it in your bed. With so many configurations, this air conditioner becomes a complex air conditioner to manage humidified air, cold air, or just regular air.

Marq AC Special Features

Marq AC Review Special Features

Notice – Croma has added some advanced technology to their newly released models. We have listed 9 of their top performance air conditioner in our Croma AC Review.

Multiple Operating Modes

Among the most appealing MarQ AC’s parts is its air cooling power, which MarQ AC company has offered. However, as some months pass, it starts to decrease its ability to cool your room.

The MarQ AC’s operating modes are pretty much complex to anyone who doesn’t want to waste their time on selecting the preferred mode, as it has multiple functions that kind of work the same.

With too many settings, this AC might seem good for you when you buy it for the first time, but then after some months, you get annoyed by its lousy noise and also unmanageable temperature cooling system.

Sleep Mode

Thanks to the ‘Sleep Mode,’ you will get a full night’s sleep. It keeps you warm even though the temperature outside the room drops later in the evening. This mode not only keeps you warm but also saves space.

Note – There are two recent models we have tested from Onida brand that provides even better features and performance. Therefore, Onida AC Review and Onida Inverter AC Review are worth cherishing.

Different Fan Speeds

You want a flexible and adaptable air conditioner or fan when you purchase it. If the weather isn’t yet hot enough for a fast fan, for example, you must adjust the fan’s speed to a reasonable amount based on the temperature.

Thankfully, the MarQ AC has three distinct fan modes that have been modified to accommodate a wide range of different weather conditions. So, whether you want an ultra-quick fan to keep you cool or just a soft wind, the MarQ AC has you covered.

The fans performed not as expected while researching and conducting MarQ AC Review. The issue is durability, and the fans might end up being slower in just some months since purchase.

Blue Fin Evaporator

The indoor unit’s evaporator fins are protected from corrosion by a blue epoxy coating. This blue coating prevents dissolved water and dust particles from accumulating, allowing the AC to cool more efficiently.

Different Cooling Solutions

In terms of operating modes and fan speeds, we’ve already discussed how flexible and adaptable the MarQ AC Portable AC is, but the pattern doesn’t end there. Aside from the features mentioned above, this small machine also includes a range of options for cooling your surroundings.

Do you want a cooling solution that you can move to any corner of your home? Sounds interesting right? Read Blue Star Portable AC Review to know more about this movable AC model.

Hidden Display and Sleek Design

The MarQ has a modern design and many features, including an On-off Timer. By turning off the LED Light with a click on your remote, the secret digital display on the panel guarantees a restful night’s sleep. 

How Does The MarQ Air Conditioner Work?

How Does The MarQ Air Conditioner Work

In our MarQ AC Review, among the most crucial aspect is, is MarQ AC capable of offering you satisfaction? The MarQ AC is a remarkable piece of technology, however expensive as you can get the same type of AC at a very low price in comparison to the MarQ ac price, and the only thing good about this AC is its service.

In truth, the way it functions is pretty similar and identical in all unique modes. In winter, you want a high temperature, and in summer, you would like to have a low temperature, while this AC isn’t capable of offering different cooling systems.

If the setting temperature is tough for you, then this AC is not suitable for any work-oriented people. In essence, the MarQ AC employs a technique known as thermometric cooling. Using a solid-state semiconductor, this method converts electrical energy to thermal energy.

In fact, this ensures that one side of the system cools to just below room temperature, while the other extracts heat as a result of the temperature differential. As a result, an air conditioning system that does not need refrigerant can be compact and long-lasting. Reconnect AC Review revealed that their AC’s working system is somehow behind in comparison to MarQ AC’s performance.


Energy Efficiency 5 star Control Console Remote Control
Installation Type inverter Battery Cell Type AAA
Capacity 1.5 Ton Power Consumption
1370 W
Color White Batteries Included Yes
Noise Level 80db Condenser Coil Copper

MarQ Ac Pros

5-star Energy efficiency is undoubtedly a supreme benefit.

MarQ Ac Cons

The noise level is fairly high.
Cooling speed is really dissatisfaction in turbo mode.
Some consumers reported that the installation kit isn’t included with the main unit.
Among the biggest drawbacks is Anti-bacteria Filter not available.
No carbon filter is there.
Deodorizing Filter is missing.
Customer support is not that satisfying.
Consistency is somewhat low.

Frequently Asked Questions About MarQ AC

Q: Is MarQ a good brand?

MarQ ACs are superb to get a highly rapid cooling experience while saving a lot on your power bills! MarQ brand never compromises with the quality and offers a 100% copper condenser. Their ACs ensure energy saving as well as requires low maintenance costs.

The Humidity Regulation and Control feature the MarQ brand provides in their Acs are ideal at controlling the level of moisture and humidity to offer you a cool ambience throughout.

Also, the Turbo Mode is great at offering rapid cooling. The Sleep Mode function will cut down the huge power consumption by decreasing excessive cooling. Now, after knowing about all the above capabilities, the MarQ brand surely is fantastic, but in terms of cost with their ac models, we would say other brands are there still, such as Sanyo, who offers the same capabilities while the price is lower in caparison to MarQ ACs.

Q: Does MarQ AC company 0ffers its products at Amazon and Walmart?

According to the venture, it has not distributed the rights to sell MarQ AC on any channel other than its official website. As a result, it is impossible to be available on Amazon, Walmart, or any other third-party retailing site. You can purchase their products from the MarQ AC website.

Q: Will MarQ disturb me as I work or sleep?

No, because of its limited scale and high-tech equipment, it can cool down a room without making too much noise to annoy the customer. This ensures that one can work or sleep without interruption. Most importantly, the performance and noise of MarQ AC might start disturbing you after some months of use.

Q: For how many individuals MarQ AC recommended?

Ideally, one MarQ AC device should be able to meet the needs of one user at a time. However, if anyone sits very close to the person, they might be able to share it as well. The easiest thing to do is to buy a separate AC for as long as the demands want.

Q: What is the best place for MarQ AC?

For optimum performance, MarQ AC should be mounted on a flat surface. It may be a desk, a shelf, a nightstand, or a drawer. It could be placed on any surface that is durable and can be used straight away.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee for MarQ AC?

MarQ accompany has a 30-day refund policy, which means that if a customer is unhappy with the product, they will return it within that time frame. However, just replacement is there in MarQ AC in case you purchase from stores like Amazon or Flipkart.

Note – In order to get tremendous customer support, we recommend going with Lloyd AC or Panasonic AC.

The Final Advice

Undoubtedly, numerous brands are currently trying hard to stand out among the competition. Customers nowadays are seeking as many benefits as possible with home appliances.

Therefore, for choosing the best AC model from a highly reputed brand, going through reviews is an ideal thought.

On the basis of our expert research on MarQ AC, we honestly suggest you not go for it. There are major reasons behind it. Firstly, the MarQ AC price is completely not worth its performance.

While air conditioners should be high performing, especially in the cooling section, this AC was a big dissatisfaction.

Just in cooling a 10ft. x 10ft. room, it consumed a total of 26 Minutes 35 Seconds. That might highly enhance your electricity bills too. Now, if you follow our guidelines, Sanyo can be the best choice! It takes just 9 Minutes (on normal mode) to completely chill your room 10ft. x 10ft. room.

Also, in every ground of testing, we’d surely say Sanyo AC won our experts’ hearts. Also, considering MarQ AC price, Sanyo is affordable (just nearly 26k you can afford this AC.) Visit Sanyo AC Review to cherish what it offers.


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