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Lloyd AC Expert Review – A Major Drawback Exposed

Before reading Lloyd AC review, you must know that there are several brands on the market, each of which sells a wide range of Air Conditioners. To market goods, these companies employ a variety of advertising strategies.

In India, heat and humidity are normal, and most of us hesitate while investing in an AC, because of its high expense and heavy electricity bills.

Also, as more and more things become internet-connected, millennials and Generation Z want all of their appliances to be smart, which again increases the expense.

Lloyd is one of the brands that use smart technologies to meet the cooling needs of its customers at a reasonable price. 

So, what is it that is causing people to seek out Lloyd ACs, especially this 1.5-ton model?

In straight words, you can buy this 5-star 1.5 ton AC if you want at around 38K on Amazon, while the 3-star variation is available at around 34K, but in true words, these are both a bit expensive.

Why you should (or maybe not) buy Lloyd AC, and whether some better choices are available (actually YES), let’s cherish this dedicated report prepared after 32 hours of research.

Lloyd AC



Rank under 30K AC models #16
Cooling 10ft. x 10ft. room (normal mode) 11 Minutes 05 Seconds
Cooling 10ft. x 10ft. room (turbo mode) 4 Minutes 18 Seconds
Cooling 12ft. x 15ft. room (normal mode) 9 Minutes 30 Seconds
Cooling 12ft. x 15ft. room (turbo mode) 6 Minutes 22 Seconds
Rapid cooling performance 7.8 (Average of other AC below 40K – 8.4)
Consistency 7.3 (Average of other AC below 40K – 8.1)
Durability 8.1
Electricity Units saving 52% more than any other AC at this price
Overall score 7.4

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Lloyd AC Build Quality

Lloyd AC Build Quality

While narrating Lloyd AC review, the first thing our experts considered is the AC’s build quality. Bring home Lloyd’s ACs made of 100% copper, which aids in the rapid flow of refrigerant, has a significant rate of heat transfer than traditional coils, can handle high pressure, is corrosion-resistant, has long-lasting longevity, and has a low maintenance expense.

However, this one is expensive.

This is a Lloyd Split Air Conditioner with an Inverter. It has a 5-star ranking and a “PM-25 Air Filter,” which aids in the trapping of various airborne pollutants such as spores, dust, pollen, viruses, bacteria, and so on.

It helps to keep the environment safe and stable. This AC will cool down your room in 45 seconds, thanks to the “Rapid Cooling” feature.

Lloyd AC Operation

Isn’t it annoying on a hot day when you get home from deadly sun rays, and the air conditioner takes a long time to cool off if it was turned off earlier? This has been a challenge with the AC for a long time. However, brands such as Lloyd and Sanyo are making positive strides in this direction to reduce cooling time.

New Lloyd air conditioners use Rapid Cooling technology, which is engineered with a 4-way cooling blade mechanism and is capable of cooling a room in less than two minutes, according to the manufacturer.

It achieves Rapid Cooling by using a 4-way blade swing that directs cold air to four separate sides, completing the cooling process even quicker than standard air conditioners.

Lloyd AC’s wireless AC control via WiFi network is one of its key selling points.

This feature saves you the trouble of looking for your remote to power the massive cooling appliance. All you require now is a phone to download the Lloyd AC remote app and power your air conditioner from anywhere. Consider this: you are in your bedroom, but your air conditioner is working in the corridor, and no one is over there. Also, you won’t find this feature in models like Amstrad AC or Marq AC.

You should easily turn off the AC in your hall by lying on your room’s bed without getting out of bed! Other settings, such as temperature, mode, swing, and so on, can also be controlled by the mobile app, in addition to turning on and off.

Compressor and Performance

Butterfly Gas Stove flames

Lloyd premium split ACs are equipped with a BLDC motor rather than a traditional induction motor. BLDC motor stands for brushless DC motor, and the key difference is that BLDC motors use permanent magnets rather than electromagnets like induction motors.

The BLDC motor is well-known for its dependability, performance, and low noise emission. ACs with BLDC motors are conveniently attached to a home inverter. Places with regular power outages are where this AC can be an ideal choice.

No need to rely on inverters during load shedding.

In Lloyd ACs, BLDC motors are supplemented by an electronic expansion valve (EEV), which controls the flow of refrigerant. Regardless of the irregular weather or changing climatic conditions outdoors, EEV helps in smoother and more effective cooling.

Premium Lloyd air conditioners can operate in temperatures as high as 60oC. Besides Lloyd AC review, other tested air conditioners models failed to offer as good as Lloyd AC’s compressor performance. However, Sanyo was the only one, which offers you even greater cooling in comparison to this model. Regarding compressor performance, which actually plays a vital role in cooling, Lloyd was able to beat Reconnect AC. However, Panasonic AC was able to give a tough competition. Read Panasonic AC Review to know everything about it.

How Does Llyod Fare Against Its Rivals?

Lloyd AC Compressor and Performance

Lloyd is one such brand that excels at producing high-quality air conditioners, often expensive. Lloyd air conditioners are loaded with new features.

They have a variety of air conditioners, including window air conditioners, split air conditioners, tower air conditioners, portable air conditioners, and cassette air conditioners.

Many brands, including videocon, Croma, Onida, Sanyo, among many others, compete with the Llyod. However, the only drawback is heavy cost. Still, Midea AC was a no match for Lloyd.

Llyod AC Special Features

Llyod AC Special Features

Cools at 52 °C

The Air Cooled Electric Control Box technology is used to successfully cool the temperature of electric components within the outside panel, resulting in continuous cooling at 52 °C ambient temperature.

Long Air Throw

Cold air enters the farthest points of the space thanks to a greater indoor footprint and a wider outlet, making this an ideal AC for larger spaces.

Smart 4 Way Swing

The AC distributes cold air evenly around the room using the Smart 4-way swing across horizontal and vertical louvers, keeping the room cool and relaxed.

Duo Compressor

Lloyd Inverter ACs use a Duo Rotary Compressor, which provides smoother and more powerful cooling with less fluctuation, distortion, and noise than traditional compressors.

R-32 Refrigerant

Lloyd Air Conditioners make use of R-32 refrigerants. This R-32 refrigerant has no Ozone Depletion Effect and a low Global Warming Effect, so it contributes to the fight against global warming.

Golden Eva Coils

Golden Eva coils shield the air conditioners from the salty air, fog, and dust. It also aids in increasing heat production.

Stabilizer Free Operation

Lloyd Air Conditioners feature stabilizer-free service, which avoids voltage fluctuations while also ensuring protection, savings, convenience, and comfort. (Voltage range: 140 V to 280 V).

WiFi Ready

Simply inserting a small separate PCB will transform your AC from normal to wise. Increase the warmth of your home’s air conditioning. In Lloyd AC review, we would gladly say that this feature is unique and after all those other amazing cooling features, it’ll ensure ease of use.

Blow Function

Lloyd Air Conditioners have a self-cleaning feature that eliminates moisture from the evaporator coils, which helps to deter microorganism growth and foul odors.

Hidden LED Display

A concealed intelligent core interactive dynamic LED monitor that vividly displays the service status. This clever feature allows wise and user-friendly use of technology. You wonlt find this feature in Onida Inverter AC.

PM 2.5 and Anti Viral Dust Filter

The smallest dust particles will be removed by the PM 2.5 Filter. Keep the air conditioner safe and stable by keeping it free of dirt and dust.

Note – Do you want a movable solution that can cool any preferred place of your home? Read Blue Star Portable AC Review as this portable model have some latest technology.

Lloyd AC Frequently Asked Questions

Lloyd AC remote control test

Q1. Do I need to make some special demands for installation?

Yes, you need to book an installation service at an extra cost. You have to pay the engineer accordingly.

Q2. Is it possible to have it installed for free?

No, there are several charges for the installation.

Q3. Is there no such thing as a free installation?

The company charges Rs. 1600 for installation by a service engineer plus Rs. 600 for the stand for the outdoor unit.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Lloyd AC

Lloyd air conditioners have a lower ISEER rating than Japanese makers such as Mitsubishi and Daikin. Another downside of Lloyd AC is that they lack a built-in voltage stabilizer.

So, if your home’s power supply is erratic, you can stop Lloyd ACs or purchase a stabilizer along with the AC.

Lloyd is not a discount company, and if you want a high-quality AC at a reasonable price, you can look elsewhere because there are many companies that sell ACs with more nice features at a lower price.

Lloyd’s build quality could not be as high as that of luxury brands such as Hitachi, Daikin, Mitsubishi, and so on.

Well, technically, Lloyd AC is an incredible piece of tech. However, you can use this type of AC with the same functionalities and features at a much lower price, so probably Lloyd AC is much more expensive.

They could have provided more functionalities. Sanyo offers more features than Lloyd does, with a much lower price.

Besides every tremendous feature we mentioned in our Lloyd AC review, Lloyd did a fantastic job regarding manufacturing this AC, but they surely lack in the “Value for money” segment.


Energy Efficiency 5 star Control Console Remote Control
Installation Type  Split System Warranty 1 year (10-year on compressor)
Capacity 1.5 Ton Voltage
230 V
Color White Batteries Included No
Noise Level 42db Condenser Coil Copper


  • 5-star Energy efficiency is a supreme benefit.
  • Dual speed rotary compressor.
  • Golden Fins Evaporator Coils: Low maintenance is required.
  • Suitable for rapid cooling up to 160 square feet.
  • Anti-Viral Dust Filter.
  • Automatically adjusts power as per room’s temperature.
  • Low noise operation.


  • Too pricey as a 1.5 ton model in comparison to it’s competitors such as Sanyo AC 1.5 Ton.
  • Batteries are required, but you’ll not get them with the main air conditioner unit.

The Final Advice

Lloyd 1.5 Ton is an expensive air conditioning, which is why our experts suggest that consumers who want a decent combination of good quality air conditioning, cool technology, and a fair price choose Sanyo AC. Lloyd is one of the few brands with its own production facility in India.

However, they often release appliances with high prices, people with limited budgets cannot buy these costly appliances. In reality, even though Sanyo used to supply air conditioner parts to other brands such as Whirlpool, Voltas, and Godrej.

Therefore, Sanyo is unquestionably an expert in AC. Overall, Sanyo is a decent option if you’re trying to purchase an air conditioner. It has many interesting features and is unquestionably good value for money. Lloyd lacks that undoubtedly.

If you want a technologically sophisticated AC at a reasonable price and a reliable power source at home, go for Sanyo AC.

Thus, we hope after going through Lloyd AC review, your almost every single doubt is cleared. However, if still Lloyd AC is your final decision, then it’ll surely win your heart in all grounds besides the price segment.

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