Amstrad AC Review – Negative Portion Exposed

Amstrad AC Review – Negative Portion Exposed

Air conditioning is more important than ever when you work from home. Therefore, we’ve conducted this Amstrad AC Review to clear out some deep points.

You’ll be shocked how this Amstrad AC failed in most of our testing grounds.

Undoubtedly, air conditioning not only keeps you from being irritable, but it will also prevent mobile gadgets from overheating. However, spending in this serious appliance surely would considered twice.

There are still some excellent air conditioner except this AC costing nearly 33K being just 1 ton model. Even you can opt for 1.5 ton AC models at the same price. Also, this Aamtrad AC might fail in providing the desired results.

So, which AC has the latest features, cools powerfully and is still accessible at just right price range?

In short answer, Sanyo AC 1 ton model (9.6 score in our testing) has beaten Amstrad AC (6.1 score) in almost every single department!

Look through the chart below, it’ll surely shock you how Amstrad AC failed in performing and providing good results.


Rank under 30K AC models #25
Cooling 10ft. x 10ft. room (normal mode) 19 Minutes 25 Seconds
Cooling 10ft. x 10ft. room (turbo mode) 13 Minutes 30 Seconds
Cooling 12ft. x 15ft. room (normal mode) 24 Minutes 35 Seconds
Cooling 12ft. x 15ft. room (turbo mode) 17 Minutes 22 Seconds
Rapid cooling performance 5.2 (Average of other AC below 35K – 8.1)
Consistency 4.9 (Average of other AC below 35K – 7.8)
Durability 5.9
Electricity Units saving 24% more than any other AC at this price
Overall score 6.1

Amstrad AC Review


Amstrad Ac Build Quality

These types of air conditioners are among the most long-lasting in the industry. The standard of construction is a bit weak, with some invisible weak points.

The interior unit look is sleek, although it’s pretty heavy – due to its minimal construction. However, our expert suggested that it has too much weight and might harm your wall paint.

A secret LED temperature monitor is available in this AC, which could be switched off if required. It does consume the additional electricity. With a 100% copper condenser inside, heat transfer is very efficient, bit it might be resulting in slowing the cooling time.

If you live on an apartment’s ground floor or a flat building and need an air conditioner to get through the hot summers, then you should not go for the Astrad because you may feel devastated after having some malfunctioning after some months since the purchase, that’s what we found while narrating Amstrad AC Review. We also faced some technical issues in this particular model.

Note – We recently tested some other latest air conditioner models, and Sanyo AC shocked us with its amazing performance. Also, we tested some of the sweet Croma AC models, and listed 9 top choices in our Croma AC Review. If you’re interested in Croma brand, we recommend you cherishing them.

Amstrad Ac Operation

Amstrad AC Operations

A microcontroller in the compressor monitors outdoor and indoor temperatures to smoothly adjust its speed to provide optimum cooling.

Also, when the temperature outside exceeds 52 degrees Celsius, the Penta sensor technology provides optimal cooling inside. However, AC might take some extra time to cool your room because of the slow compressor.

This air conditioner operates well with differing loads and changes compressors slowly; however, it might damage its vital components in the long run.

At 43 degrees Celsius, it is planned to have the optimum cooling capability. Since it can operate in a wide input voltage range of 160 to 220V, the stabilizer-free operation prevents the critical components of this AC from voltage fluctuations.

The Auto-Cool Dry Technology keeps the copper pipes dry and clean with each use. It keeps bacteria from growing inside the appliance and increases air quality.

However, some consumers are not totally satisfied with this output, and they are mentioning that it is damaging the room environment, and the air quality is getting rough after some months of use. The Wave Blade Design ensures even air distribution across the room, but it is not perfect as Sanyo AC.

Compressor and Performance

This dual inverter compressor would come in handy in a tropical country like India, where summer temperatures will reach 40-45 degrees. But it would be so difficult to live under the AC when the compression speed is slow.

This variable-speed compressor will run at speeds ranging from 700 to 6000 rpm only. It’s not enough in this range of price.

According to Astrad, the 100% pure copper condenser provides improved performance and a low-maintenance ownership experience.

However, our experts aren’t really satisfied with the performance. It could have done a lot better as per the build quality.

This Amstrad AC has a gross cooling capability of 6450W and an average power demand of 1302.35 units.

That’s not acceptable at all. Other AC model reviews besides this Amstrad AC Review are what you should be cherishing before making a conclusion to purchase an AC as it’s a long-term investment.

What About The Competition

Well, it’s a new brand in the AC market; however, it is not that successful as Sanyo, LG, videocon and many others. Astrad AC has to be developed with more robust and enhanced power and functionalities to beat tough rivals.

Honestly speaking, there are many ways to look at this AC for its weak points, but as per our test, this one is not worth the price because there are many identical AC that is low priced than this one, such as Sanyo AC.

Amstrad AC Review 2021: Special Features

Amstrad AC Special Features

  • This air conditioner’s remote control has a temperature monitor.
  • This will notify the air conditioner of the current temperature around you and change the compressor speed to make you feel more relaxed. But hold your horses it has limitations in compressor speed.
  • The four-way swing system means that cold air is distributed evenly across the room rather than in a single direction, providing a uniform cooling experience. But it is pretty useless in winter because you need heating more, instead of cooling.
  • The 3-star BEE 2020 rated Amstrad has an onboard filter cleaning alert that will notify you when the filter becomes too dirty and needs to be cleaned. The cleaning process of the filter is very annoying because you have to take good care while cleaning or else you might damage it.
  • Test at 60 degrees Celsius to ensure maximum cooling at high temperatures for the shortest possible time of cooling capability.
  • Provides full defense from power variability—best three-star inverter air conditioner, suitable for Indian power supply conditions.
  • Extra Strength Cooling by using less energy, however, slowdowns while cooling your room.
  • Monitor your air conditioner virtually from somewhere outside your home using your mobile and voice control through Alexa/Google Home. It needs to enhance digital communication with this appliance.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Amstrad AC

Because of the high demand for this AC, it’s not always fully available in stock. It’s like a traditional air conditioner and is not as sophisticated as others in the market.

Our conducted tests on the basis of performance of Astrad AC is pretty low, as per the price it is not showing the results expected by our experts. So they rated this AC 5 out of 10 points, and also, because of low performance at this low range, it is considered an expensive home appliance.

Astrad AC Frequently Asked Questions

Read and kill some crucial questions by this Q & A section of our Amstrad AC Review:

Q1: Is buying Amstrad AC from a third-party store safe?

As the sales of Amstrad is low and it’s not accessible on platforms like Amazon and Flipkart, we suggest you not purchase it from any third party store. We said that as scammers are nowadays increasing. Be aware! Never shop for an AC from a non-trusted store.

Q2: Is there any upkeep needed for the Blast Portable AC?

At all, it is minimal. The tank must be kept full when in service, but the only other maintenance needed is a freshwater filter every six eight months.

Q3: What’s the return policy?

Customers will have up to one month to return the cooler if it does not fit their needs at home or at the workplace.

Q4: Is Amstrad AC company good?

Amstrad understands that clients’ expectations are currently arising, and the competition is tough. Undoubtedly, Amstrad achieved the title of India’s Most Promising Brand in 2019, World’s Leading Brand 2020 under a span of a year of its launch, and Prestigious Rising Brands Asia 2019.

Amstrad ACs are equipped with features, which make one’s life a lot easier while offering years of value. Brought to the clients by experts in the air conditioning industry, Amstrad air conditioners are specifically customized to suit the requirement and individual style.

However, the only drawback is Amstard’s ACs are not in stock to buy from stores such as Amazon or Flipkart. Therefore, it’s a risk to purchase it from third-party stores. Visit their official website and contact Amstard for other details.

Q5: Is Amstrad AC Review Quora a good place to get knowledge about this model?

We strictly do not suggest you follow the tips of Amstrad AC provided by Quora’s answered questions. We said that as people there nowadays are seeking opportunities to promote a product and earn a part as an affiliate. Instead, we suggest you reading our experts’ deeply explained details of Amstrad AC as they did vast research and tested this air conditioner on numerous grounds.

Is it worth buying an Amstrad AC, and is Amstrad a brand considered trustworthy?

Amstrad AC Review

No, it does not! Through our research in Amstrad AC Review, this AC is a traditional model with lower cooling capacity than any other company, but it is significantly more costly.


Energy Efficiency 3 star Control Console Remote Control
Installation Type Inverter Battery Cell Type AAA
Capacity 1 Ton Voltage
270 V
Color White Batteries Included Yes
Noise Level 40db Condenser Coil Copper
WiFi feature is there


The noise level gets high after a long time of usage.
Cooling capacity isn’t sufficient for a medium-sized room.
Air filtration doesn’t work well.
Among the biggest drawbacks is Anti-bacteria Filter not available.
No carbon filter is there.
Deodorizing Filter is missing.
Customer care centers are not wide enough.
Consistency is not satisfying.



Nowadays, you are doing your job at your home because of pandemic reasons, and in India, summer is quite hotter than in many other countries, so to buy a sophisticated AC, you should always check out the best of the best.

According to experiments our experts conducted on the Astrad AC, they have found out that most of the functionalities and essential components have a low build quality due to the fact that it is performing very low.

But you should not worry at all. You have come this far. We won’t let you down because of this low-performing Astrad AC, instead, our experts recently carried out a very good, affordable, high-quality review on Sanyo’s 1 and 1.5 ton models.

Why You Should Go With The Sanyo AC

Sanyo is yet another Japanese-made air conditioner built for Indian conditions. The brand has a pretty long history of producing some of the finest & durable products. This air conditioner has interesting features at a very reasonable price.

Sanyo AC Review



Amazing Benefits Of Sanyo AC Over Astrad

  • A great look that is matched by a great result.
  • You get full value for your money.
  • Built-in air filters to improve indoor air quality.
  • Split air conditioning with inverter compressor.
  • 1.5-ton weight volume.
  • Copper condenser coils earned a five-star ranking.
  • The commodity comes with a one-year warranty.
  • The compressor has a five-year warranty.

The Fabulous Features You’ll Get:

The Sanyo AC has PM2.5 and dust filters built in to increase the efficiency of the air it circulates in the room.

As a result, this AC protects your fitness. The Sanyo AC’s Glacier Mode accelerates the cooling mechanism and allows for a 35% higher fan speed to provide instant cooling.

Sanyo AC has an auto-restart feature that resumes from the last setting after power is restored. This appliance’s Eco feature aims to reduce power usage, resulting in energy savings.

Sanyo AC has a self-diagnosis feature that shows error codes on the temperature monitor for simple troubleshooting.

The Sleep Function regulates the temperature to ensure that you get a restful night’s sleep. This air conditioner is eco-friendly since it uses R32 refrigerant, which does little harm to the ozone layer.

Other noteworthy features include a hidden temperature monitor, a timer button, and a high ISEER ranking.



Nishant Rajput is the CEO and the head author at He recently returned from Melbourne, Australia, after studies. Nishant is an engineer and carries colossal enthusiasm for guiding the Indian public to invest money in the right products. He hires a paid team of experts for analyzing data and narrating comprehensive reviews & guides! Besides that, he's a martial artist, gym freak, guitarist, and singer.

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  1. Mr. Riddles

    Нello it’s me, I was visiting some sites to know about Amstrad brand, this blog is really informative and yes now i know i might have been in a big trouble if i choose Amstrad. Thanks to you, i think Sanyo is better. Now i will go with Sanyo only.

    1. Nishant

      Thanks Riddles, yes according to our testing, Sanyo performed pretty well and we would highly suggest you to go for Sanyo ac models instead of Amstrad.

  2. Bir Pal Singh

    Hi, im kinda confused between the two brands, panasonic, and amstrad. When I looked at panasonic 1 ton air conditioner model, i found that there are many more extra features than the amstrad air conditioner. But after reading your guide and going through the comments of panasionic ac, I found that the ac is not that dependable. But amstrad is good in terms of durability. Also, there is no big difference in the features I mean, for getting a bit more features, should I go with the panasonic ac by sacrificing a bit with the built quality, or i should select Amstrad ac for long durability? I also found that panasonic ac is better in turbo cooling too… Can you suggest to me which brand should i go with, panasonic or amstrad?

    1. Nishant

      Hi Bir Pal, now your question is really intricate, but don’t worry, we have a better solution to clear out things and make it easier for you to choose.

      If we do a quick recap of the Amstrad AC 1 ton model, it lacks some useful features in comparison to Panasonic ac… In short, we would suggest you going with Panasonic AC, as firstly, it’s available on Amazon and can be easily replaced or returned if required, while Amstrad AC is just accessible on their official website.

      Also, there’s a 10-year warranty available on the Panasonic AC’s compressor (which is the core part of every air conditioner.) In terms of cooling, you’ll be surely satisfied with the performance of the Panasonic 1 Ton model.

      Don’t worry, Panasonic is a highly trusted brand, and their customer support is also fantastic. They will surely assist you if anything goes wrong within the warranty period.

  3. Prakash Mishra

    I was thinking to purchase amstrad ac as my friend also had it and he said it works good. But i think i found Sanyo ac better as the price is cheaper and its also available in Amazon. Thanks for suggesting me a better choice. Actually im confused about the light bills consumption, there is 3 starts energy rating in sanyo 1 ton model, but i saw another model with a 5 star rating too, but that one is costly so will it be worth if i purchased the 5 star model instead of 3? How much can i save by 5 star model every month? Can you give me some advice?

    1. Nishant

      Hi Prakash, thanks for your appreciation, it’s our pleasure to help people by suggesting better products. Now, as per your question, which model 3/5 star can be beneficial? Well, in the calculations we did while testing the Sanyo ac models, if you use the 3-star model for 10 hours a day, then it’ll use 6853.2 kWh, whereas the 5-star model will be consuming 5914.1 kWh. So your per day saving will be 939.1 kWh. Now, as per your light bill, if it costs you 0.21 paise per kWh (It might vary in different states of India), then the saving you’ll get every month will be 591.3 rupees. Now the choice is yours. We hope it helped you make a better decision!

  4. Arun Singh

    I had Amstrad air conditioner and it had good features and everything but it after just an year started making very loud noise. I really got disappointing with its performance by using it for some time after an year so i was here to see if Amstrad have bring any betterment in their Air conditioners, but it seems like they have not changed anything at all, just the price dropped but other ACs are also cheap nowadays. So, my decision is Sanyo. It’s cheap and guys with my experience, i suggest you all not to go with Amstrad brand.

  5. Harwinder

    Warranty ke naam par fraud bad meterial ac bad service
    Ek saal ke baad hi paisa do aur ac thik karvao koi warranty nahi jhuth bol k sale karte ye log mat lena koi b

    1. Nishant

      Yes sir, hamara bi vahi kehna hai!

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