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Croma Air Conditioner Review 2024 – All Models Compared

Air conditioners are life savers when it comes to scorching heat and sweltering summers. Whether it’s a stand-alone air conditioning system, a centralized one, or a part of an HVAC system, the component should be of superior quality.

Croma air conditioners are currently buzzing in the market due to their lightweight design, compatibility factors, and hassle-free installation.

However, air conditioners are nothing less than a good investment. If it goes wrong, then the entire system might crash. Additionally, you have to render professional services, again and again, to keep everything in its place.

That’s why we like to present you with a detailed review of Croma air conditioners. Let’s see how reliable and efficient they are when it comes to home or office conditioning.

Which is the best Croma AC in India?

Model Capacity Cost Energy Efficiency Installation Type Noise Level
Croma CRAC7722 1.5 Ton
3-star Slipt
46 DB
Croma CRAC7557 1.5 Ton 33,990
3-star Slipt 46 DB
Croma CRAC7705 1.5 Ton 35,490
5-star Slipt 48 DB
Croma CRAC1152 1.5 Ton 23,990
3-star Window
54 DB
Croma CRAC7556 1 Ton 27,990
3-star Slipt 39.5 DB
Croma CRAC7701 1 Ton 27,490
3-star Slipt 42 DB
Croma CRAC7558 1 Ton 43,490
3-star Slipt 46 DB
Croma CRAC7703 2 Ton 38,990 3-star Slipt 44 DB
Croma CRAC7553 2 Ton 33,990 3-star Slipt 46 DB

Note, only one model of Croma is available of 1.5 ton capacity at this time. (CHECK PRICE HERE)

Introduction of Croma

Croma is a branch of Tata Product, and it’s independently manufacturing Croma air conditioners. Well, Croma AC models might vary from each other by the latest means, but the overall specifications remain almost the same.

Coming back to the Croma air conditioners, we would like to mention the most high-rated and reviewed air conditioner in the series. Let’s get started.

Which Croma 1.5 Ton Air Conditioner model is the best?

When it comes to split air conditioners for a medium-sized to a large room, then 1.5 Ton ACs are the best. You can avail Croma 1.5 Ton split air conditioners that come with a 100% copper condenser. They are perfect for 150 to 180 square foot rooms.

On the other hand, the air conditioner from Croma comes with an eco-friendly coolant, R32. The refrigerant is known for minimal global warming effects and zero-ozone depletion consequences. The air conditioner consists of golden evaporator fins.

The air conditioner range from Croma flaunts diverse feature modes such as Turbo, Auto, Dry, Cool, and Sleep modes. In addition to this, the appliance features a two-way air Swing.

To keep air conditioner issues away, the air conditioner facilitates a Self Diagnosis mode. Moreover, the appliance comprises features like auto restart, follow me, and self-cleaning ones.

Additionally, the Croma air conditioner acquires different filters to provide you with a fresh indoor experience. They are high-density filters, cold catalyst filters, anti-mite filters with vitamin C benefits.

The display on the air conditioner is hidden, and you can control it based on your preference.
Air conditioners in this range are white. Here are a few variations in the Croma 1.5 Ton air conditioner.

1. Croma CRAC7722

Here’s the first model under the 1-ton category from Croma.

The price is 29,000 rupees.

However, you are getting a free installation service from the company. From the other models, CRAC7722 offers you more features. Also, it’ll chill your room as per the testing, 14 minutes per 10×10 ft. space.

Croma CRAC7722

The design looks sleek, and 3 stars are the rating for energy consumption. However, we found Sanyo AC 1.5 ton model a lot better in comparison to this AC.

The sound issue was a bit annoying with Croma air considerations, to be honest. Instead, Panasonic and Lloyd were better in terms of cooling. [/su_box]

Energy Efficiency 3-star Control Console Remote
Installation Type Split Battery Required No
Capacity 1.5 ton Warranty 1-year
Color White Material Plastic
Noise Level 46 DB Condenser Material Copper

Features & Benefits

  • 100% copper condenser is there. You’ll not have to worry about any corrosion issues.
  • Efficient cooling power with 1.5 tons of capacity.
  • The energy-saving mode will help you keep the cost low for your electricity bill.
  • The turbo mode will chill your room in no time with speedy air-throwing power.
  • Sleep mode will ensure low-noise operation, providing peaceful sleep.
  • The Auto mode function will keep your room’s temperature perfect while considering the outside weather.
  • R-32 Green Refrigerant will keep the environment safe without producing any toxic.
  • Hi-Grooved Copper Tubes will ensure better oscillatory movement of refrigerant, offering impressive efficiency without consuming high power.
  • PM 2.5 Filter will keep harmful air particles away from your room and will offer a fresh feeling always.

The Final Advice

Undoubtedly, the features and specifications of this model impress you. However, the major issue with Croma ACs is that the quality keeps on decreasing fast over time.

For example, after a few years, the noise level might get high, or the air throwing in turbo mode will start consuming excessive power, skyrocketing your electricity bill.

Instead, take a look at other AC brands as well. Spending 5 mins to read Sanyo AC Review will ensure fantastic cooling for years to come.

2. Croma CRAC7557

The second model from Croma is CRAC7557. This AC, you can say, offers better functionalities in comparison to the first model. However, the cooling power might disturb you after some months of usage.

Croma CRAC7557

The best choice regarding durability in this air conditioner field, according to our testing, can be Sanyo undoubtedly. Essentially, the only thing that impressed us in this model is its turbo cooling mode.[/su_box]

Energy Efficiency 3-star Control Console Remote
Installation Type Split Battery Required No
Capacity 1.5 ton Warranty 1-year
Color White Material Plastic
Noise Level 46 DB Condenser Material Copper

Features & Benefits    

  • Just like the first model, a 100% copper condenser is there. No corrosion issues will be there.
  • The cooling power is somewhat better in comparison to the first model, while the capacity is still 1.5 tons.
  • It has simple and attractive looks. The outer body is highly durable, and so is its inverter’s body.
  • The turbo mode is also there, ensuring speedy yet cold air throw. The range covers with this mode are higher than the first CRAC7722 model.
  • Besides that, Sleep mode can be helpful to offer a peaceful sleep.
  • This Croma AC comes with Golden Fins. It means the coating will secure the heat exchanges by covering this model with a hydrophilic material. It will keep the condenser rust, corrosion, and other external disruptions free.
  • The follow-me feature is a new technology with this model. No matter from which corner of your room you’ll be moving, the comfortable air will keep on coming to you only. 
  • With this model as well, R-32 Green Refrigerant is gonna keep the environment secured without generating any toxicity.
  • Hiding the LED is possible with this AC, which means no bothering with glowing light will be there when you sleep at night. 
  • The composite filter is there, which consists of four filters that will keep the harmful bacteria, dust particles, etc., away from your room.

The Final Advice

This AC is power-packed and can offer you a relaxing atmosphere in your room and a cozy sleep at night with your desired temperature. The energy usage is not that high, and there are some advanced features you might not find in other ACs easily.

As a 1.5 ton model, this Croma AC is recommended as it contains everything you’ll require. To be honest, this can be the best choice in the 1.5 ton variant of Croma. The only drawback with this AC model is the durability of the performance.

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3. Croma CRAC7705

This is a plain Croma 1.5 ton air conditioner with an energy rating of 5 stars. The variant comes with remote control and auto-start technology. Also, inverter support is available. Talking about the major benefit of this mode, it’s undoubtedly the 5-star energy consumption rating.

Croma CRAC7705

However, we would suggest going with Sanyo or Midea 1.5 ton models as those were able to serve better and save a lot of energy in our testing.

There’s another drawback in CRAC7705. The price is not comfortable. If you are paying around 40k for this AC, Panasonic or Lloyd can be a lot better option.[/su_box]

Energy Efficiency 5-star Control Console Remote
Installation Type Split Battery Required No
Capacity 1.5 ton Warranty 1-year
Color White Material Plastic
Noise Level 48 DB Condenser Material Copper

Features & Benefits   

  • Energy-saving mode is great as it’s a 5-star model, it’ll be assisting you with reducing the electricity bill.
  • A condenser built with 100% copper is there. It will ensure that the condenser never gets rusted. The similar type of copper condenser you’ll get in Onida Inverter Air Conditioner too.
  • The turbo mode is there. However, it’s not capable of chilling your room as soon as Sanyo.
  • As always, Croma has offered R-32 Green Refrigerant to keep the environment safe.
  • The 2-Way Auto Swing feature will ensure uniform cooling. 
  • Sleep mode will be supporting you with a peaceful atmosphere at night without making such noise.
  • An anti-bacterial Filter will keep every bacteria or insect, such as mosquitoes, away.

The Final Advice

Unfortunately, we don’t recommend you this model. Firstly, the warranty period is 1 year on the condenser, which might not be sufficient considering the durability. However, you get 10-year (1 bonus year) on this 5-star air conditioner model. Brands like Sanyo, Lloyd, and Panasonic also provide a 10-year warranty coverage though.

The noise level, air throwing, and even the energy consumption as a 5-star model are not as efficient as they should be. Instead, Sanyo 5-star 1 ton can make a huge difference in offering better performance in comparison to CRAC7705.

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4. Croma CRAC1152

If you’re looking for a reliable Croma window air conditioner, then the brand won’t disappoint you with the 1.5-ton requirement. White in color, this window air conditioner was the only one in the 1.5 ton variant from Croma that impressed us.

Croma CRAC1152

We would highly recommend you gong with window AC only if you ensured cooling for years. The sturdiness, we would say, is really impressive along with fantastic built quality and design. Read further to know about the features & specifications of the Croma window air conditioner.[/su_box]

Energy Efficiency 3-star Control Console Remote
Installation Type Window Battery Required No
Capacity 1.5 ton Warranty 1-year
Color White Material Plastic
Noise Level 54 DB Condenser Material Copper

Features & Benefits  

  • The built quality is impressive, Croma has made this window AC unit compact yet effective, and obviously, we can’t ignore the free 1500 rupees installation.
  • Sleep mode, Energy Saver mode, and Auto mode are the available options you can conveniently use with the remote controller.
  • The R-32 Green Refrigerant system will keep the environment free and free of pollution. 
  • Talking about turbo mode, this window AC works really fantastic. 12 mins on the normal mode it will consume to chill your 10×10 ft. room.
  • As always, the copper material will keep the condenser free of rust.
  • Croma offers you a 1-year warranty on both the main unit as well as the condenser. However, we expected a minimum 5-year on the condenser though.

The Final Advice

Just like other Croma AC models, you are getting free window AC installation. This can be the best 1.5-ton choice if you prefer going with window-type ACs. The remote is highly convenient, providing you with all the essential feature buttons.

You can also keep the AC on Auto mode to keep the temperature perfect. It will decide the inside room’s temperature by checking the weather out.

Don’t worry; you can keep CRAC1152 in saver mode if you worry about the electricity bill. As a 3-star window model, it serves perfectly.

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Which Croma 1 Ton 3-Star Air Conditioner Models Are Best In Terms of Cooling?

For small office cubicles and smaller rooms, 1 ton is a perfect size.

Also, Croma presents you with two variants of 1-ton air conditioners. The air conditioner flaunts Eco or energy-saving mode. Additionally, they can detect any kind of refrigerant leakage.

The range of split air conditioners has two variants. The first one is CRAC7701, and the other is CRAC7886. Both are inverter air conditioners. The former air conditioner lacks some advanced features that the later model acquires, such as iFeel, iClean, and 3-in-1 filter system.

1. Croma CRAC7556

Now, let’s talk about the first model in the 1-ton variant of Croma. Firstly, let us clear that Croma didn’t satisfy our experts at all regarding the cooling performance, durability, turbo mode, noise level, power usage, etc.

Croma CRAC7556

The benefits you’re getting with their 1-ton ac are not even half in comparison to other 1-ton variants from Sanyo, Lloyd, Panasonic. However, let’s cherish what specifications and features this Croma 1 ton model provides you.[/su_box]

Energy Efficiency 3-star Control Console Remote
Installation Type Split Battery Required No
Capacity 1 ton Warranty 1-year
Color White Material Plastic
Noise Level ‎39.5 DB Condenser Material Copper

Features & Benefits  

  • Gold fins are provided with this 1 ton AC model. They will remain corrosion-free for years to come; however, we can say the cooling power isn’t impressive.
  • Turbo mode will help to chill your room soon, but it’s not as powerful as Sanyo 1 ton. Also, as per our testing, it consumes greater energy.
  • Wanna set the AC in a way that it will keep throwing cool air on just you? Turning ON the Follow me feature can make it possible.
  • The cooper condenser will also remain corrosion-free, and Environment-Friendly Refrigerant will ensure better protection for the earth.
  • A composite filter will keep the air clean while eliminating the dust particles away.
  • Does the light of the LED screen annoys you? You can just keep it invisible with the help of a remote controller.

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2. Croma CRAC7701

Obviously, the first model is better, and therefore, we listed CRAC7701 as the second ideal AC in the 1-ton variant. This AC was the first model released by Croma’s in their 1-ton category. It comes with features, which we can’t say are attractive enough to please the customers.

If we talk about some other choices, AC from Amstrad, Midea, and Reconnect even will offer you better features and rapid cooling abilities.Croma CRAC7701

Most importantly, when we audited some of the owners of this model, they stated that the experience was worst with Croma’s customer service. They take too long for the installation, and sometimes they asked them to purchase some additional equipment as well.

So what’s the purpose of free installation? Our experts also got sure with the testings that Croma CRAC7701 will decrease its cooling efficiency by almost 40% after a year.

Energy Efficiency 3-star Control Console Remote
Installation Type Split Battery Required No
Capacity 1 ton Warranty 1-year
Color White Material Plastic
Noise Level 42 DB Condenser Material Copper

Features & Benefits  

  • First of all, even in the silent mode, this feature will not work well as the noise level is too high.
  • The energy-saving model is the only one that works fine.
  • The blue corrosion-free fins will offer better cooling performance, durability as well as long-term life of your AC model with the help of an anti-corrosive coating on its evaporator fins.
  • Dry and cool modes are supported with this AC.
  • There’s an auto-start feature available, which works perfectly.
  • Filter 2.5 is integrated into this model. It will keep the bacteria, dust, mosquitoes, etc., away.
  • The LED is hideable. It will get invisible at night, not annoying as other ACs’ LED glowing always.
  • This AC will detect the leakage automatically of refrigerant and will display a warning indicator.
  • The warranty is 1-year like other models, which is fine. However, just 1-year on a condenser is not acceptable.

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Which 2-Ton AC Model is The Best? Here’s The List of Croma 2-Ton Air Conditioner Models

2-ton air conditioners can manage the airflow of the space of 180 to 240 square feet.

With a 3-star energy rating, Croma 2 ton air conditioners acquire high-density PM 2.5 filters along with a hidden display.

You can find two different variants in this 2-ton air conditioner range. The air conditioners have a 100% copper condenser along with Blue evaporator fins. The appliances are meant for better longevity and enhanced performance.

On the other hand, both the air conditioners of this range are inverter air conditioners — the two different models are CRAC7558 and CRAC7703. CRAC7558 model consists of high-density, cold catalyst, vitamin C, and anti-mite filters for better cooling and refreshing experience.

Overall, all the Croma air conditioners come with a decent warranty period. The brand provides you with a one-year warranty on the appliance components.

And, when it comes to condensers, the brand offers you an additional one-year warranty. However, the warranty period for a compressor might vary from four to nine years, depending upon the air conditioner variant you choose.

1. Croma CRAC7558

Now, let’s start the main game. Croma 2 ton AC variation is decided with three different models. Now, this one is the most amazing 2-ton model among them all. The efficiency, energy-saving, turbo cooling, durability, etc., masters them all.

The major drawback again comes in customer support! Even though Croma’s air conditioners are fantastic, but somewhere, they are not providing good installation services.

Croma CRAC7558

Another short explanation for this AC model is the high price fact. The 2-ton models vary between 30-40k usually. However, Croma’s 2-ton model costs you a few thousand more.

While we can’t say highly beneficial that beat all other brands are there.[/su_box]

Energy Efficiency 3-star Control Console Remote
Installation Type Split Battery Required No
Capacity 2 ton Warranty 1-year
Color White Material Plastic
Noise Level 46 DB Condenser Material Copper

Features & Benefits  

  • 2-ton efficient cooling coverage for rooms/halls up to 250 sq. ft. This cooling was even efficient than Onida AC.
  •  It has a 100% Copper Evaporator & Condenser Coil. Which means no corrosion issues will arise.
  •  This Croma AC comes with an inverter rotary compressor that’s highly energy-efficient. 
  • The Gold Fin evaporator, as well as condenser, will remain corrosion-free no matter the toughest elements of nature, such as ozonized air, dust, rain, etc. 
  • The 2-way auto-swing function will evenly flow the air through your room.
  • There’s an auto-clean feature. It means the AC on its own will be cleaning the bacteria or mold inside its body. It is offering you fresh and odor-free airflow.
  • Like the 1-tona nd 1.5 ton variants from Croma, Auto, Cool, Turbo & Dry Mode are accessible in this AC as well with the help of the remote controller.
  • The Hi-Grooved Copper Tubes will enable better oscillatory movement of the refrigerant. This will benefit in preventing the risk of high energy consumption.
  • Theis AC model is environment-friendly. Yes, the R-32 refrigerant is there.

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2. Croma CRAC7703

The second model in the 2-ton variant, this AC sufficiently proves your need of cooling a big hall. Except installation service being lazy, this model will impress you with its fantastic cooling performance. Most importantly, the price is suitable, around 38k you can opt for this AC.

However, you might think why we put it in the second place when the price is reasonable while performing well as well?

Croma CRAC7703

The reason is durability. After some months of usage, the cooling compressor power deducts, while it becomes a zombie in sucking the electricity. In short, going with Sanyo 1.5 ton can be a lot better option. No matter it’s a 1.5-ton model; still, the cooling was better than Croma 2-ton in our testing through.[/su_box]

Energy Efficiency 3-star Control Console Remote
Installation Type Split Battery Required No
Capacity 2 ton Warranty 1-year
Color White Material Plastic
Noise Level 44 DB Condenser Material Copper

Features & Benefits   

  • Like the first model, it also has Copper Evaporator & Condenser Coil. The copper coils enable maximum energy efficiency. Also, this benefits from low power consumption. 
  • Efficient cooling with 2-ton large capacity, which is sufficient for a 250 sq. ft. room.
  • There’s also a 2-way auto-swing system to flow the air evenly through your personal room/office.
  • The Gold Fin evaporator is there. The condenser, along with the fins, is gonna remain free of corrosion even in weather’s worst elements for an AC such as ozonized air, rain, dust, etc. 
  • Inverter rotary compressor inverter will help in saving power while offering high-quality cooling without making much noise. 
  • Keep the LED display hide through the button push from the remote if it annoys you. This feature you won’t find it Marq AC.
  • High-Density Filter, as well as PM 2.5 Filter, are there. These filters will clean and offer pure air to flow across your loved ones. It’ll shield your family from harmful substances & disease-carrying pathogens. 
  • As always, modes like Auto, Cool, Turbo, Sleep & Dry are there with this 2-ton model.
  • A coating of Blue Fins is there, which will guard the heat exchangers with the help of covering it with a hydrophilic material.
  • Croma has taken global warming really seriously. R-32 refrigerant you’ll get with this AC model.

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3. Croma CRAC7553

The last variant is CRAC7558 from Croma. Just like the first two models, everything is perfect in this AC in terms of providing you with a chilled air solution. The features in contains are sufficient, but we can’t say there’s something too special.

It’s suitable for rooms/halls up to 250 x 250 Sq Ft. The annual energy consumption is fine if bought fresh. However, as the performance will decrease over the months, it will surely go even higher, and that’s a big issue with their air conditioners.

Croma CRAC7553

Now, roll over your gaze through the feature and benefits it offers. Instead, if you’re already feeling a need to go with any other brand, we suggest you cherishing Panasonic, Lloyd, Midea, or Sanyo Ac reviews.

Most importantly, this 2-ton variant is not available on platforms like Amazon or Flipkart. Only through Croma’s official site can you get it.[/su_box]

Energy Efficiency 3-star Control Console Remote
Installation Type Split Battery Required No
Capacity 2 ton Warranty 1-year
Color White Material Plastic
Noise Level 46 DB Condenser Material Copper

Features & Benefits  

  • You can enjoy efficient cooling without high energy consumption with a 2-ton capacity.
  • Multiple cooling modes are there. Overall, sleep, turbo, dry and cool are the accessible modes for you.
  • Self-cleaning technology will offer you cleaning and bacteria-free airflow. Push the button in remote, and it will remove the moisture from the indoor unit that’s the cause of mold to form, enabling you to breathe air that’s completely fresh and free of odor. 
  • Swinging the way this Ac moves is possible through the remote. Also, the remote contains a normal AAA battery, which is easily replaceable.
  • The composite filter arrives with this Ac. It will let your family members breathe clean, fresh, and pure air without a bad smell or bacteria. 
  • Like every other model from Croma, you get a 100% cooper condenser with a 1-year warranty.

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Factors to Check whether it’s the one from Croma

Croma air conditioners are quite a new addition to the air conditioning industry. The brand has become popular due to attractive features, excellent flexibility, customized copper condenser installation, and overall affordable prices.

However, while choosing among the Croma air conditioner range, you should be extra careful. Here are certain aspects that you shouldn’t miss while deciding on your AC investment.

  • Start with energy efficiency factors. The more stars the appliance has, the more you’ll save on energy utility. And Croma air conditioners range from 3 to 5-star ratings.
  • The cooling speed is another factor. Croma air conditioners are known for sufficient cooling and follow-me features.
  • On the other hand, Croma air conditioners come with different filters that help to keep your home and office fresh. And, you can’t take a chance with the freshness factor for the selection of an air conditioner.
  • Additionally, the installation, maintenance, and repair services should be convenient for future uses. The customer support and service facility are remarkable for Croma air conditioners.
  • Check the capacity of the air conditioner. We are sure that you’ll get your preferable capacity under the Croma air conditioner range, whether it’s split or window one.

Final Verdict

Gradually, Croma air conditioners are making a permanent position in the industry. These AC models are perfect for home & office use purposes. Even those air conditioners are being modified to fit into an HVAC system.

Moreover, Croma air conditioners won’t affect your budget, and you can have feature-rich appliances without any financial burden. No doubt, they will be a suitable inclusion to your premises this summer. So, best of luck with your next air conditioner purchase!

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