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BoAt Fitness Band Review Review in 2023

In the current era of techno-obsessed people and their plethora of gadgets, we’ve become totally dependent on technology in order to complete our daily jobs, to assist us in planning and managing.

Any person who isn’t familiar with the basics of technology won’t be able to succeed in today’s world.

There are a lot of healthcare and software businesses entering the world of technology, and we are slowly getting used to the new devices created. From children to elders, students, lawyers and writers all have benefited from the realm of software and technology in some way or another.

There are numerous smartphones that were created in the twenty-first century. All of them are designed to simplify life for humanity. Smartphones enable us to connect to our family and friends not just in the United States but all over the world also.

Wireless/Bluetooth headphones and earphones allow for a simple and easy way for you to enjoy your favourite songs and audiobooks.

We also have some smartwatches that are “smart enough” to track how many steps you took in a day, your heart rate, sleep timings, stress levels, play music on your headphones/earphones/ receive messages, and calls  etc., all with nothing more than a button click.

Numerous smartwatches are there on the market, and this has made it daunting to determine which one is perfect. To make the procedure smooth and easy and yes, less stressful, our boAt Xtend Smartwatch review is here.

boAt Xtend Smartwatch

A Quick Overview

BoAt Xtend Smartwatch is one of the one of a kind. It is a Smartwatch that provides you with the finest features that are available, including an in-built Alexa and multi-watch face displays and SpO2monitor heart monitor fitness tracker, alarms, reminders and more.

Connect your mobile via this watch and manage your phone’s ability to receive messages and calls to receive weather updates and live updates. Thanks to the integrated Alexa feature, you’ll be able to access anything you like!


  • Dimensions of the Product: 26cm x 5cm 1cm
  • The number of items: 4
  • Rechargeable battery: Yes
  • Weight 54 grams
  • Type of battery 1 Lithium-ion battery
  • Batteries Included Yes
  • China is the Country from which it comes.
  • Hardware for mounting: USB magnetic charging cable User’s instruction, Warranty card watch Xtend

boAt Xtend Features Overview

  • Built-in Alexa Voice Assistant
  • Health tracker
  • Telephone replacement
  • Watch faces that can be custom-designed
  • Bright light display
  • LCD screen display
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Fitness tracker


  • It aids in tracking your sleep cycle to aid in maintaining an optimal sleeping pattern.
  • A larger screen will allow for improved viewing quality.
  • Built-in Voice assistant for using voice commands to handle reminders, reminders and more.
  • Watch faces that are customizable let you match the appearance of the watch to your mood and your outfit of the day.
  • You can schedule reminders, alarms and alerts at your leisure to ensure that your tasks are planned in a way that is efficient.
  • Automatic light adjustments are made by the watch, which is suitable for the surroundings.


  • The only downside to the watch would be that the display’s transitions aren’t as smooth as you like them to be.

Which is the best feature of the boAt Xtend Smartwatch?

You can connect directly with your mobile

The Smartwatch can be linked to your smartphone directly. In this way, you do not need to reach for your phone each when a crucial message or call is made; instead, you’ll only need to check the screen of your watch.

Multiple watch faces

This Smartwatch has multiple watch faces, permitting you to switch your display anytime at any time. Now, if you wish to have your watch to complement your outfit, you are able to change the display at any time and then match it throughout the day!

Sleep tracking

The boAt Xtend Smartwatch has got the exclusive feature of monitoring your sleep patterns as well! Each night, the watch is able to keep track of your sleeping habits with an alarm feature for monitoring your sleep so that you do not miss the necessary amount of sleep essential for your body.

BoAt’s features are part of the Xtend Smartwatch

Built-in Alexa

The Alexa built-in voice assistant creates reminders, set alarms, and even answer your questions with a simple voice command you have registered. This will eliminate the trouble of having to pull your phone with you for every little need, and you’ll be able to complete your daily tasks more efficiently.

LCD Display

The 1.69 inches large square colour LCD consisting of a 1.69” big square colour LCD possessing a round dial lets you enjoy the finest in the most comfortable feature for viewing. It is possible to view both digital and analogue time by using the capacitive touch as well as a smooth control.

Ambient light displays permit you to see the display in any light accessible by auto-adjusting the brightness so that it best suits your surroundings so that you don’t strain your eyesight.

Fitness partner

Its Smartwatch is the ideal fitness tool for you since it comes with 14 sports mods, 5 ATM water and dust resistance. The sweat and splash resistance allow you to exercise without concerns, making it the perfect fitness companion.

BoAt Xtend Smartwatch tracks your heart rate and SpO2 levels sa well. This keeps an eye on your health and alerts you to any abnormal behaviour. In this way, you remain fit and healthy while at the same time being healthy.


The BoAt Xtend Smartwatch is a different model of smartwatches that were released. With a range of features and the benefits it provides to users, the watch is unique and distinct from other models.

With the advancement of technology giving us everything from reminders to notifications and alarms to fitness trackers with a click of the button, you need to carry the top of the top smart devices with you in order to enjoy the top environment.

Also, there’s plenty of competition to be on the top of the world of technology, and you’d want to have the best of everything to get the most enjoyable experience and ensure that it is worth every cent. The boAtXtend Smartwatch is the best choice when you are looking to choose something affordable but still worthwhile.

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