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Prestige OTG Toaster Grill Review (Updated in October 2023)

While testing Prestige 3 litre cooker, a few OTGs were also brought to our lab, and the one from the same company attarcted us.

Our day-to-day cooking lives are more comfortable and pleasant thanks to technological advances. There are many appliances that can do many things, from the blenders and cold press juicer to the toasters. OTG, or the oven toaster grill, is one such appliance.

It was specifically made for kitchens. The best OTG (Oven Toaster Grill) in India is like having an apple straight from the tree in your kitchen.

We said so as the dishes you can prepare such as Pizza, cakes, toasted bread, etc. in an OTG turns out a lot delicious.

For them and others, we will discuss the basic facts about OTG ovens like the working, the types of OTG, the features, and such relevant ideas.

Along with this, we will introduce to you the best Prestige OTG Oven which beat the other 23 OTG models you can find in the Indian market.Prestige OTG Toaster Grill

How Good is Prestige Brand?

Knowing about the brand first makes your kitchen appliance purchasing decision a lot easier. Therefore, let’s know a little about Prestige.

Is it really the most impressive brand that offers you quality OTG models? The straight answer to the Prestige brand is a big YES.

For years Prestige has been providing amazing kitchen and home products, and numerous people believe in them due to their fabulous customer support.

Prestige specializes in manufacturing the most durable yet high-performing kitchen appliances such as cookware sets, microwaves, electric kettlesair fryersjuicers, and a lot more!

Going with this brand will ensure years of your product’s guarantee. Thus, the Prestige OTG model will never let you down in terms of providing long-term performance.

What makes Prestige OTG different from competitors?

Now, as you know how Prestige specializes in their amazing product, but the question is, is their OTG model really the best? The below portion will provide you in-depth Prestige OTG features and performance details that our experts concluded after testing this model through various grounds.

How do this OTG’s filaments works?

Two filaments you’ll discover in old OTG models. One is present at the bottom while one is at the top. The mixed action of the two filaments allows the food to be heated and baked according to its intended temperature.

However, the new technology has improved the heating source of this Prestige OTG. This model has come up with a fan and filaments to circulate the hot air inside the enclosed chamber. It’ll lead to even cooking with the perfect temperature control.

How many trays are in Prestige OTG?

How many trays are in Prestige OTG

An OTG oven basically arrives with three trays. You can bake or roast on the first tray. The wire rack tray is used for grilling and toasting. The third tray is the drip tray. It is located at the bottom of the oven and collects all food drips.

With this OTG, the enameled baking sliding crumb tray is there to ensure long-lasting good looks along with easy maintenance.

It will perform better baking results in everyday use. The steel wire racks you get with this model make the OTG ideal for several grilling needs.

Function selector

Function selector

Oven with grilling features such as this model is able to perform many cooking functions. The selector knob present on the left panel will allow you to choose the functions. You will find options for heating, baking, roasting, and grilling.

Also, the below diagram will give you details about the different functions of Prestige OTG so that you can use it conveniently. Besides that, no matter using OTG is not a big deal, a user manual there for terms like “easy operations and instructions” on “how to use.”

Temperature knob

You can adjust the temperature of the chosen cooking function with this temperature knob function. OTG ovens may have a centigrade or Fahrenheit scale.

You should choose the right temperature for the dish you’re making. You can have entire control with a temperature system that offers you variable temperature control in this OTG model up to 250 degrees. It’ll assist in easy identifying of temperature to ensure precise cooking.

Timer knob

You will find the last button on the OTG machine, the knob to set the cooking timer. You need to ensure that the cooking time is right for your dish, as hotspots can quickly form in the oven.

One can ensure that the food doesn’t get overcooked, or worse, burned, if it is left in the oven for too long.

Therefore, you’ll find a convenient timer switch that sets the system for precise cooking as the recipe you’re cooking and saves energy.

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What are the basic features of Prestige OTG?

Prestige OTG

Before you buy an OTG/Oven Toaster Grill, you must be familiar with the basic features. In this portion, you’ll know about every basic capability an OTG must have:



This is the OTG appliance’s inner volume, which is the area where hot air circulates after the door is closed. While considering the basic features, the first crucial thing you must check is OTG’s capacity.

OTG can be found in a range of sizes, from 15 – 20 liters (ideal for 2-3 members) and up to 26 liters – 40 liters (ideal for families).

OTG is a great option for professional chefs to housewives for daily cooking. This appliance is master at providing high-quality restaurant-like food.

It all depends on how frequently you use it and how better you are at cooking. With Prestige OTG, you get 19 liters that’s enough for a small family with up to 4 individuals.

Toasting & Grilling

Toasting & Grilling

Instead of using a traditional toaster, you can toast your bread slices and buns with OTG. That’s why it’s also known as Oven Toaster Grill.

Grilling a variety of food items can be done with the wine rack tray you get with this model. This includes chicken thighs, whole chickens, whole zucchini slices, whole potatoes, and more that are also fabulous to cook in Prestige air fryer to ensure fewer calories consumed.

It’s ideal for those dieting. The only thing you need to do is place the drip tray at the bottom. Otherwise, oil and spices could melt and fall onto the OTG.

You get Enameled Baking Tray along with Steel Wire Rack to ensure your kitchen counter stays neat and clean. It will take all the spills of oils/crumbs in the tray, which is easy to clean.


This is the technical culinary term that describes the OTG used in roasting. You must marinate your chicken or fish, then place it in the oven at the right temperature and timer settings. Fortunately, you get this function with Prestige OTG.


The oven toaster grill is larger than the microwave oven due to its inner capacity. The OTG’s heating plate on the oven toaster grill is smaller than that of the OTG.

Therefore, you cannot cook large quantities with the microwave oven. It’s ideal to choose a compact designed yet high in capacity, just like POTG 19 PC model

Temperature range

The microwave oven and OTG have the same temperature ranges, but the only thing that differs is the time it takes to heat up.

Preheating the microwave oven takes five to seven minutes, while the OTG will take around fifteen to 20 minutes. Also, the temperature range you get with this model is 19-litre. That will surely be sufficient for your dishes.

Manual or Digital Display?

While OTG comes with manual control, you will need to search for the knobs to understand the timer and temperature.

The digital display for the microwave oven is located on the right-side panel. It displays the temperature and setting as well as other important information.

However, with the display system, there is always a danger of it malfunctioning, which might lead to dangerous cases. Therefore, manual control can be an ideal option once you understand it better.


The biggest fact that OTG ovens are getting popular more and more every day is the cost. The OTG appliance is cheaper than the microwave oven.

For normal use, the OTG appliance is more cost-effective than the microwave. Also, you get numerous functions just what a microwave offers you.

For example, you can grill, roast, and bake all inside an OTG, just like microwave ovens. Prestige OTG price is 4,500 rupees. However, the price might change with time.

Most importantly, the features and functions you get with it are more than sufficient. Undoubtedly, this deal won’t let you down.

Compact but high-performing

Sleek Design and Compact

Another important aspect to consider is the oven’s dimensions. This is important as not all OTG are the same size, and not all kitchens have large counter space.

You will need to determine the dimensions along with the big capacity model according to the dimensions of your kitchen based on which other appliances you have there. Never select an OTG oven with large dimensions just for good looks and with less capacity.

Limits on power consumption

OTGs are highly energy efficient in comparison to microwave ovens. You will find a lot in terms of energy consumption as well if your preferred way of cooking is OTG.

You can get a smaller OTG for around 1200 watts. However, as the OTG gets larger, it will consume more power.

The bigger ones with 30-50 liters of capacity will consume around 1700 watts, while the largest 60-liter capacity model will consume up to 2000 watts.

It won’t harm your kitchen counter!

Sometimes you will have to move all the appliances in the kitchen for cleaning or rearranging your kitchen. If the OTG’s weight is too heavy, it may be difficult to lift and move it.

Always choose an OTG with a lighter weight. These gadgets are usually lighter than ovens, but you should still be careful when picking an OTG.


How does an OTG Oven Work?

OTG is covered with a grill and rods, which heat up when they are turned on. You can heat your food fully by having the rods at both the top and bottom. You can also grill the food if you heat the top coil. Make sure both coils are on when baking.

An OTG is essential for anyone who loves baking and enjoys cakes. Making your delicious Christmas cookies every weekend is possible with it, and celebrate it by baking Christmas cakes.

You need to know this. You can’t think of making your favorite chips on an OTG if you have guests arriving in under 30 minutes. It requires some preheating and cooking, which is why its food is so delicious.

Is Prestige OTG available with Rotisserie?

An OTG can be purchased with or without Rotisserie. An OTG with a Rotisserie bar is a good choice if you love grilling.

The OTG has a small motor that powers it. It should be able to rotate 30 degrees so that you will be able to enjoy fully grilled chicken or other veggies.

Are OTG Ovens Safe To Use?

They are safe just like any other cooking device, but they can be dangerous if they get too close to heat, especially if they’re gas-powered.

What is the Difference Between a Convection Oven and a Traditional Oven?

Traditional ovens use thermal radiation, while convection ovens move hot air around using convection currents.

This makes them more efficient than traditional ovens. Convection ovens also cook food faster because they use hot air circulation rather than thermal radiation.

What is the Best Electric Oven to Buy?

A countertop model is the best option for most people who require an electric-powered device to cook at home. It’s also more affordable and easier to use.

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