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Morphy Richards OTG Review – Features, Buying Guide, and Brand Explained

OTG proves to be a better fit in Indian kitchens in comparison to Microwaves or traditional ovens. They aren’t just less expensive, but also, they’re much versatile and easy to use.

No matter it’s roasted chicken, grilled fresh and juicy lamb pieces, soft and crispy kebabs, creamy cake, soft and tasty bread, or multi-flavor biscuits, OTG proves to be perfect in all departments.

In July 2021, we conducted a long testing session in Bangalore, where we tested 64 OTG models from 11 brands to find which is the best brand and model.

Morphy Richards is the best OTG brand in India, and it scored 9.1 as an overall score, where we considered Value for money, durability, features, ease of usage, public reviews, and 9 more considerations.

Also, we tested a whole range of dishes and figured out that Morphy Richards 60 RCSS 60 L is the best model to buy. It won 6 titles, which has never happened in our 9-year home and kitchen appliances testing career.


OTG MODEL 60 RCSS 60L (Silver) Besta 40L (Black) 28 RSS 28 L OTG (Black)
IMAGE 60 RCSS 60L (Silver) Besta 40L (Black) 28 RSS 28 L OTG (Black)
VALUE FOR MONEY 9.9 9.7 9.5
FEATURES 9.8 9.8 9.6
DURABILITY 9.9 9.9 9.9
LOOKS 9.6 9.2 8.8
9.7 9.6
9.1 8.9
9.3 9.3
9.8 9.1
OVERALL SCORE 9.7 9.5 9.3

See, your money is precious, and that’s why we’ve brought you this honest guide, where we’ve assisted you in choosing the best model. We’ve put abundant money, time, and effort into writing this huge guide.

So, read carefully to b fail-safe while buying one.

But if you’re in hurry, just cherish the infographic below, that depicts our best choice, and buy it with confidence!

Morphy Richards 60 RCSS 60L Oven Toaster Grill (Black/Silver)

Morphy Richards is the Best OTG Brand in India


Morphy Richards OTG Chicken

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5
VALUE FOR MONEY 9.8 9.3 9.1 8.8 8.4
FEATURES 9.4 9.4 9.1 9.2 8.6
DURABILITY 9.9 9.5 8.9 8.8 8.6
VERSATILITY 9.3 9.1 9.0 9.2 8.7
WARRANTY & SUPPORT 9.7 8.7 9.1 8.6 8.1
LOOKS 9.3 9.5 8.9 9.1 8.9
OVERALL SCORE 9.6 9.2 9.0 8.9 8.5

Read This OTG Buying Guide Before You Buy

OTG Buying Guide

Buying kitchen appliances always requires some knowledge, and the same is the case with OTG ovens. However, it’s pretty easy to buy it in contrast to microwaves, refrigerators, etc.

The reason is the working simplicity of this appliance. While buying one, a lot will depend on the size of your family.

Besides that, it depends on whether you’re a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian.

In a very short and straightway, we’ve explained to you some crucial points to note before choosing the perfect OTG for your kitchen.

Size or Capacity 

The OTG arrives in various sizes. A small family comprising three persons (or less) can opt for an OTG with 15 to 20 liters capacity, whereas a medium-sized family can choose a 30L OTG. For joint families, we’d recommend 40-60L OTG. In all these sizes, buying a Morphy Richards model will always be economical.

Usage is important

OTGs arrive with or without a rotisserie. An OTG without the rotisserie will be ok for you if you want to bake or cook simple food. If you love preparing barbecue, you need to invest in a Morphy Richards OTG with a rotisserie.

For people who love non-vegetarian food, we’d recommend going with grilling options. However, vegetarians can barbecue paneer and vegetables, as well.

The rotisserie is a steel bar working on a typical motor system to enable perfect grilling.

Uniform distribution of heat takes place because of rotation. The good thing is that Morphy Richards always provides a great range of accessories and ensures convenience with their models.

However, if you don’t do anything except baking, then without spending high, you can buy Morphy Richards 28 RSS 28L model, which costs you a bit more than 7500 rupees.



The size or capacity of the OTG determines the appliance’s dimensions. However, you need to ensure that there’s enough space in your kitchen to place your OTG.

A strong point to note here is that sufficient space is needed in front of and backside of the OTG to ensure free ventilation.

Power Consumption

In contrast to a microwave oven, the OTG consumes pretty little power. It’s so because the workload of an OTG is less than a microwave.

A 15 to 20L OTG consumes around 1200 watts, but the larger one, such as the 60 L model, can consume up to 1600 watts. A microwave would consume almost double energy.


The OTG costs much, much less than a microwave oven.

Good quality Morphy Richards OTGs are available for around 7,000 rupees (Morphy Richards 28 RSS 28L or 28 RSS 28L Stainless Steel model), while at the same money, you can’t buy a microwave at all.

If you opt for better features and capacity, you can buy OTGs worth Rs 15,000-18,000( 60 RCSS 60-Litre model is the ultimate best choice), as well. In contrast, a standard microwave oven costs nothing less than Rs 9,000 (which is crap), and if you wanna go for features, then you’ll have to spend at least 15,000 always. You know what, you can buy an OTG with double space at the same price.

So, when the microwave is costing more, and even consuming much more energy, then why not buy OTG instead of a microwave?


Usually, all OTGs accompany a specific warranty period. If the warranty period is high, it clearly indicates that the overall quality of the appliance is superb. It is a perfect reflection of the manufacturer’s confidence in their product quality. Morphy Richards is among the brands, which offer maximum warranty periods in the industry and still keep the prices low.

Now that we’ve understood the basics, we shall cherish the features available in OTGs.

Features of an OTG

Features of an OTG

An OTG can come with numerous features depending on the usage and cost. A professional might look for extra features, but a regular homemaker won’t need an OTG with advanced features. Before buying, check these standard features available with OTGs.

Temperature Control 

The temperature setting is undoubtedly a vital feature of the OTG. It depends on the sort of food you plan to prepare. Normally, an OTG comes with a temperature setting ranging from 500C to 2500C. You can set the desired temperature of the inner chamber through the temperature control knob.


Usually, OTGs do come with timers letting you set timings up to 120 minutes. It depends on the brand model, though. The timer function is handy when you multitask. You can conveniently set the timer as per your requirements. After that, the OTG will switch off automatically.

All Morphy Richard models come with a timer; that’s a great fact.


Usually, people loving non-vegetarian food choose rotisserie sets. It is generally a steel rod that is handy for preparing a barbecue and cooking meat. A rotisserie set comprises skewer rods, rotisserie rod, rotisserie forks, and a rotisserie removal tong.

Note – Do you want a fast working handy gadget that will ease out all your small kitchen cooking tasks? Go with Prestige PHB 5.0 Hand Blender.


Depending on the sort of OTG you buy, it comes with these accessories:

Crumb Tray

Every OTG has a crumb tray. The primary duty of the crumb tray is to gather the crumbs and ensure the cleanliness of the OTG’s floor. Removal of the bits becomes much easier on the plate in comparison to on the floor of the OTG.

Grilling Rack

Grilling Rack

The grilling rack proves to be handy for toasting and baking your cookies, muffins, and cakes. You can place huge slices of fish, vegetables, and chicken on the grilling rack. Morphy Richard OTGs lets you place the baking tray above the grill or wire rack.

Baking Tray

The baking tray proves to be handy when you bake cookies, biscuits, bread, pizzas, and cakes. It’s also useful for cooking and roasting non-vegetarian food such as chicken. Your chicken will taste like what you get in expensive restaurants!

You can also bake vegetables on the baking tray. Also, it’s a handy tool for reheating food. 

If you want to look through some other models especially for baking, you can visit Best Ovens for Grilling & Baking.

Pair of tongs

The temperature inside your OTG can be extremely high, which is enough to burn your skin. So, you need a pair of tongs to avoid accidents while pulling out the baking tray from your OTG. All Morphy Richard models come with this feature.

Skewer Rods

Skewer rods are highly useful thin rods that you can use for making paneer cubes, vegetables, chicken, kebabs, and tikkas. The skewer rods are great grilling options.

Mode of Operation

  • The baking option makes sure that the bottom heating element functions with its maximum capacity.
  • The rotisserie option permits the preparation of a barbecue.
  • The mode selector saves you from the hassle of adjusting the temperature manually always.
  • The convection option ensures that both the top and bottom heating element heats to ensure uniform cooking, leading to a great taste.

Heating Element Selector 

An OTG arrives with two heating elements located at the bottom and top, respectively. You can conveniently use the heating element selector as per your requirements.

For instance, baking requires the use of the bottom heating element, but on the other hand, grilling demands the proper functioning of the top heating element. In the case of toasting, you can use both of these heating elements.

List of the Best Morphy Richards OTG to buy

This brand has made 10+ OTG models, and the amazing thing is that you can get one at any price point! Considering value for money, we’ve listed the top 3 models here, which do deserve a spot in your lovely kitchen.

We’ve recommended these after testing 64 models already, so you can rely on our recommendations.


(RANK #1) Morphy Richards 60 RCSS 60L Oven Toaster Grill (Black/Silver) + Daisy 1000-Watt Dry Iron (White)

Morphy Richards 60 RCSS 60L

Today, you’ve got numerous choices for OTG brands, and each brand offers a variety of models. We’ve already explained that Morphy Richards is currently the best OTG brand, and this brand’s best creation is the 60 RCSS 60L model.

You’ll be amazed to know that there are 13K+ Amazon reviews, and our experts estimated over one lakh sales of this OTG model from Morphy Richards. How striking is that!

And we do not even include the sales of other online selling platforms. The number of all sales may be huge, and lakhs of sales of these appliances clearly show that it’s the most dependable OTG in India right now.

So, what’s so special about this 60L model? Well, it’s an appliance that may last a lifetime. In our July 2021 testing in Bangalore, our expert panel titled this model as the “most durable” model in the whole testing, where 64 OTG models were being tested. It’s not a small thing. Besides that, it got A++ for quality for money.

Why Should you buy it?

  • The very first thing is versatility. Using this OTG, you can prepare over a hundred types of chicken dishes only. And if you include other nonveg dishes as well, like Kebabs, grilled lamb, sausages, grilled ribs, etc., then there’s truly much to do.
  • You’ve got a Motorized rotisserie, Convection function, and the Crumb tray allows for easy cleaning. The timer works perfectly.
  • Using this OTG is easy enough to be used by a 12 years old kid. There are very few controls to be remembered in this model. Still, you get better control over cooking in comparison to a microwave.
  • It’s huge. Still, it’s compact, which means it will conveniently fit in your kitchen no matter if you’re suffering from a shortage of space.
  • It’s a 60L model, which means you can even roast a whole chicken for the whole family.
  • Surprisingly, this 60 L OTG consumes less energy than a mini oven. Now that’s shocking yet wonderful.
  • You’re getting a free wet and dry electric iron with it. The price isn’t raised, though. By the way, 60 L models from other brands are much more expensive (they don’t accompany a free gift).

The final advice

This single OTG holds six titles! We’re testing electrical products since 9 years, and no electric appliance has managed to earn six titles from

It holds the title for

  • Best for whole roasted chicken
  • Best for non-veg dishes
  • Most versatile cooking appliance of 2021
  • Best selling OTG in last 7 years
  • Most customers reviewed OTG of 2021 on Amazon.
  • Best overall score (9.8) for any kitchen appliance in the last 3 years tested by us.

In short, there’s nothing to neglect the deal. If the price tag matches your budget, you can blindly go for it.

Byu on Tatacliq

  • Our trust is with Amazon

(RANK #2) Morphy Richards Besta 40L Oven Toaster Grill (Black)

Morphy Richards Besta 40L Oven

After the legendary 60 RCSS 60 L OTG model, here comes the second best creation of Morphy Richards, 40 L model. This one is perfect for assisting cooking for a medium-sized family, and a 40 L capacity truly means a lot.

If you go out to buy a microwave oven with a similar capacity, you may have to pay up to 35 thousand rupees. With 700+ Amazon customer reviews and costing around 10K, this 40L OTG model has broken the sales records in the last 2 months at its price and capacity point.

Considering the quality and versatility you’re getting with this OTG, it’s worth paying 12-13 thousand also, but it’s available at 10K. This one was the second-best performer for non-veg dishes in our July 2021 testing in Bangalore. Also, it managed to score a healthy 9.6 score for veg dishes, which is unmatched!

Why Should you buy it?

  • A 120 minutes timer is available, which helps you in preparing your dishes exactly the way you desire.
  • 0-230 degree C temperature control range lets you cook not just Indian dishes but dishes from all over the world. Also, the controller works 100% perfectly even after years.
  • The bake mode works perfectly.
  • The keep-warm function highly helps you if you when somebody reaches your home a bit late. No need to reheat at all till 2 hours after being cooked and the taste and nutrition will be retained.
  • No matter which function you’re running, the electricity consumption is always going to be pretty low.
  • A removable crumb tray makes cleaning easy.

The Final Advice

In our testing, this OTG won the title of “Baker’s best choice.” Both brown and white breads prepared in this OTG got the maximum score by 20 kids and adults overall, who tasted the breads.

They said it has some magical smokey sort of flavor. Also, the meat load prepared in this model (and 4 more lamb and fish dishes) was so evenly cooked that one of our experts actually decided to buy it.

Medium-sized families most of the time end up paying jaw-dropping bills in restaurants if you plan to grab a non-veg dinner or so. If you aim to reduce the expense of enjoying perfectly grilled or roasted food up to 60%, then you shouldn’t hesitate to invest 10K in buying this 40 L Morphy Richards OTG. That’s equal to 5 times the restaurant bill of a 5-member family!

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(RANK #3) Morphy Richards 28 RSS 28 L OTG (Black)

Morphy Richards 28 RSS 28 L OTG

On the affordable side, you’ve got the tremendous 28 RS 28L OTG model from Morphy Richards, which has earned nearly 1500 Amazon customer reviews and tons of appreciation from happy users.

Getting a 28L model with all necessary features is pretty shocking, especially when similarly priced models are sold at over 10,000 rupees by competing brands. Also, it costs you almost half than a microwave (which consumes double the energy actually).

No matter the capacity is less (but enough for a 4-5 member family), the power is the same as what you get with the 60L model in this listing. You won’t be able to resist feeling shocked when you’ll come to know that every single feature that you get with the 60 L model is available in this model as well.

Why Should you buy it?

  • This fellow doesn’t just cook veg and non-veg roasted and grilled dishes, but it’s actually the Pizza and garlic bread expert.
  • The motorized rotisserie that you get with this OTG comes with forks for grilling paneer tikka and kebabs or broiling or roasting chicken, lamb, fish, and other food delicacies.
  • You cannot prepare better kebabs (both chicken and lamb) in any other similarly priced OTG model.
  • Not just using, but also, the cleaning is very easy. Besides that, no maintenance is needed.
  • The inner chamber is galvanized and rust-proof. We found that the coating is thick and the most durable one at its price.
  • The baking tray of this OTG is featured with a non-stick coating, allowing food to be cooked quickly without the need to add oil. Now that’s truly great for the health, especially for old people and kids.

The Final Advice

In our July 2021 testing in Bangalore, this 28 L model won the title of “Italian specialist,” which means it was the best model for preparing medium-sized Pizzas, Garlic breads, Fondues, and a list of other Italian dishes.

Not just that, we tried 13 types of biscuits and soft cookies while testing, and we can bet that the taste was a hundred types better than the market and packed stuff. If you’ve got old members in your family, they’d truly enjoy soft biscuits and grain bread prepared in this OTG. You can fit it easily and need not worry about electricity consumption.

So, when everything is green-ticked, you shouldn’t move further in research.

Most other reviews are written for generating money, but we write honestly.

We believe in “perfect purchasing,” and if your budget is around 7500 rupees, then 28 RSS 28 L Morphy Richards OTG is our top recommendation, and yes, it deserves to be in your kitchen, doesn’t it?

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  • Our trust is with Amazon

Note – Besides Morphy Richards, which is our top choice, you can also cherish Agaro OTG, and Prestige OTG as these brands also provided amazing performance.

OTG or Microwave?

OTG or Microwave?

Making the decision between a microwave and OTG is just like hunting the perfect household accessory.

One out of these will give you the best overall experience.

Since no two people are exactly the same, you’ll need to consider what you want to accomplish and prepare with your OTG or microwave when you’re buying it.

If you’re among those people who love to bake and grill frequently, then undoubtedly, an OTG is a 100 times better option in this regard. The solution ensures more control over your temperature, and it lets you heat your baking to the exact desired degree.

On the other side, if you’re a busy person who doesn’t have much time to worry about everyday cooking, then the simplicity of a microwave is what you should prefer. While OTG options are super-excellent for tasty foods that you cook from scratch, microwaves are better if you want to reheat foods and give you a quick meal when needed.

When you check our listing of the best Morphy Richard OTGs, you’ll feel interested because of its versatility. You can prepare over50 types of chicken in it, isn’t that amazing?

Are you still unsure about buying an OTG oven or a microwave?

If yes, then we’ve listed the top advantages of having a model from the best OTG brand in India, which is Morphy Richards.

Our deep research (14 months period in total)  on the topic led us to some tremendous reasons for which people prefer to use OTG. These superb appliances are a great way to include the amaze of cooking for everyone. Many have said that their family members are highly appreciated because of the amazing taste in food like never before.

Three-in-One Cooking

OTG says I will use an oven, toaster, and grill for you. So, you are enjoying cooking in three entirely different ways. You can use an OTG in the most basic ways. Besides that, it can also be used to prepare elaborate recipes or dishes.

So, it’s entirely upon you when we talk about making use of these appliances. You’ve got a great varying temperature range, which means you can think of preparing everything and anything.

When you purchase an OTG, there isn’t any need to grab a toaster or an additional grilling machine because this single appliance will do everything for you.

Space Saving

You don’t need much space to keep an OTG. Generally, traditional ovens consume a lot of space. Talking about the OTG, you can simply place it on your countertop.

Also, they are pretty lightweight appliances that you can usually move from one place to another. Most importantly, their power doesn’t decrease with their size. The majority of the OTGs from Morphy Richards is exceptionally powerful. It works more perfectly than a mini-oven.

Note – Is weight gain always stopping you from eating your favorite fried food dishes? Don’t worry, air frying technology have reduced the calories count to minimal. You can choose through 15 decent models from the Best air fryer in India.

Those with a tight budget can opt for either Glen Air Fryer 3044 or read Prestige Air Fryer Review since these two models will serve you for years within 5k rupees.

An Affordable Option

If you’re designing a modular kitchen, then you should think about installing an attractive, full-sized oven. But, keep in mind that they are extremely pricey, especially in India. In contrast to that, an OTG costs pretty low. These appliances actually cost you less than a microwave oven, and that’s pretty surprising.

As it works in numerous cooking modes, you also save a lot of money by buying a single appliance. Several people worry about the electricity cost, but an OTG never consumes a lot of energy. Enjoying tasty food without increasing the electricity bill is such a joy.

An OTG is also among the most affordable investments worth doing for your kitchen. Don’t forget; it will save your restaurant bills as well. It’s so safe to prepare non-veg dishes at home rather than visiting restaurants, as you actually never know what goes on in their kitchens.

Great for the Indian Cuisine

How does an OTG work?

If you’re tired of ordering Tandoori food and also want to save money, then deeply concentrate on what’s written below.

An OTG can fully help you to prepare awesome tandoori food at your home. You can visit YouTube and learn a few amazing recipes and create mouth-watering dishes right in your kitchen.

Undoubtedly, It will save the money that you generally spend on this food. And honestly speaking, restaurants sell tandoori at a really high price.

Using an OTG will help you to create healthy recipes as well. Some models even let you prepare whole roast chickens. 60 RCSS 60-Litre prepared the best whole roast chicken in our testing.

So, these appliances help you prepare restaurant food for around 25-30% of their usual price.

For example, if you wanna grab tandoori chicken leg pieces for 3 people, it will cost you 1000-1200 rupees minimum in any good restaurant. Preparing the same in your OTG at home won’t cost you anything over rupees 400; that’s a guarantee!

Doesn’t Consume Much Power

We’ve discussed a bit about the energy consumption of OTG already up there.

Whenever we buy an electronic device, we think much about electricity bills. As OTG models use electronic coils to heat up food, you may think that they consume a lot of power. Nope, that’s entirely wrong.

In reality, OTGs consume less power, and it’s relatively very less when compared to standard microwave ovens. If your electricity bill already troubles you, then don’t raise it more by buying a microwave. Get an OTG instead, and the ones from Morphy Richards are already known for their low energy consumption (best among all brands).

Make Your Own Baked Goods

Don’t we always complain regarding the inferior baked products that we buy from stores?

With an OTG, you actually don’t need to consume those things anymore. You can prepare fresh bread in the appliance without any hassle, with the best ingredients instead of using a bread maker machine.

Also, it’s good for making Indian flatbreads like tandoori roti and naan. OTG’s are also superb for making biscuits, cakes, and other baked goodies.


People often struggle in completing kitchen chores with overcomplicated appliances. That never happens if you use an OTG. Brands like Morphy Richards keep them as fuss-free as possible. Now, that’s great!

There are a few rudimentary settings, and that’s all. You may take some minutes when it comes to an understanding of how to set the perfect time. Without much hassle, you can discover absolutely new cooking skills when you use OTG, and this appliance itself helps you out in this case.

How does an OTG work?

How does an OTG work?

Whenever you’re purchasing something new, it’s always better to know everything about it. There are numerous cooking appliances available out there. You can invest in anything that tends to make your life easier.

Most of us have a microwave oven in our homes. They are dependable appliances for reheating food, but don’t you think they aren’t great for baking? Indian households don’t use large ovens because baking isn’t actually a part of everyday needs.

Besides baking, an OTG also permits you to reheat foods, and it’s an ingenious way to master the skill of baking in your life. There are a hundred things you can bake.

The very name OTG stands for 3 roles Oven, Toaster, and Grill. Hence, an OTG allows you to cook in three different manners. In essence, it’s a small version of the huge ovens we see in western kitchens. Rather than consume a large space, these appliances can comfortably sit on your countertop.

The Working Principle

If you’re in love with baking or roasting things, an OTG is a super-perfect appliance for you. You get a rack to place the tray with the ingredients.

Then comes the electric coils that are generally present on the bottom and top of the grill. It creates a superbly heated environment to cook your food.

OTG is also a great replacement for the traditional Indian tandoor. The cuisine can be conveniently prepared in an OTG without needing to bear coal fumes and harm health.

OTGs come with various dials through which let you control the appliance. The thermostat is present for controlling the temperature. You need a few moments to get used to what we call the perfect setting. A few recipes often ask for a particular temperature for perfect cooking.

A few kitchen experts say that OTG Consumes time to cook.

Well, it’s valid for regular-sized ovens. Keep in mind that slow cooking provides a nice texture, and meat dishes do need slow cooking for the best taste.

For this, there is a timer present on the OTGs. You can conveniently set a timer as per the food you’re cooking. Understanding an OTG can help you master the art of cooking.

Multi-mode Operation

Multi-mode Operation

Most OTGs also come with a pre-heating feature (most of Morphy Richards models) that lets you warm it up before you begin the actual cooking. OTGs come in numerous sizes and wattages that suit your requirements.

A professional baker will love to have a bigger OTG that helps him in cooking large batches. However, a beginner may be ok with a small appliance. The power range normally varies from 800W to 2000W. While buying an ITG, we’d recommend you to check for extra features.

As more people have enjoyed the joy of baking, they have bought an OTG. For example, 60 RCSS 60-Litre has over 13K customer reviews on Amazon only. Just think about the sales!

These appliances are very handy, especially for those who aren’t skilled with gadgets. Brands like Morphy Richards create them, offering ease of use so that everyone finds them conveniently.

OTGs are highly versatile, and we can actually use them every day. With a bit of practice, you can prepare everything from a grilled cheese sandwich with chili sauce to a full roast chicken.


Nishant Rajput is the CEO and the head author at He recently returned from Melbourne, Australia, after studies. Nishant is an engineer and carries colossal enthusiasm for guiding the Indian public to invest money in the right products. He hires a paid team of experts for analyzing data and narrating comprehensive reviews & guides! Besides that, he's a martial artist, gym freak, guitarist, and singer.

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