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Kent Supreme Extra RO+UF+UV+UV_LED+Alkaline Water Purifier Review

As anyone who has ever tried to drink water from a natural source knows, even the clearest-looking water can contain bacteria and other contaminants that can make you sick. 

That’s why Kent Supreme Extra Alkaline Water Purifier is such an essential tool for anyone who loves spending time outdoors.

This easy-to-use purifier uses a three-stage filtration process to remove impurities from water, delivering clean, safe drinking water with every pump. 

Kent Supreme Extra RO+UF+UV+UV_LED+Alkaline Water Purifier

The first stage of the filter removes large particles such as sediment and sand, while the second stage targets smaller contaminants like bacteria and viruses. 

The third and final stage utilizes an activated carbon filter to remove any remaining impurities, ensuring that the water is truly pure. With it, you can enjoy clean, safe drinking water no matter where you are.

Key Features

  • Automated flushing of the RO membrane extends the RO membrane’s lifespan and reduces the amount of rejected water.
  • The capacity of storage is 8 litres 
  • Purification Capacity: Up to 20 Liters/hour.
  • Alert for Filter Change with UV Fail Warning.
  • It is suitable for all kinds of water sources such as borewells, municipal, or tankers.
  • 7-Stage purification using RO+UF+UV+Alkaline and TDS Controller.
  • The Alkaline booster supplies alkaline as well as healthful drinking water.
  • TDS Controller retains the essential minerals in the purified water.
  • In-tank UV Disinfection, the purified water is clean and in good health for a longer period.
  • Zero Water Wastage Technology: Returns the rejected water into the tank overhead.
  • 1-year guarantee + 3 years of Service for free.


  • UV fail alarm
  • It is alkaline and safe drinking water.
  • Zero waste of water
  • In-Tank UV Disinfection
  • Excellent Storage and Purification Capacity
  • TDS Controller saves essential minerals in the water.
  • Water is suitable for all sources
  • The auto-flushing process out of the RO membrane
  • Filter change alert
  • 1-Year Warranty + 3-Year Free Service


  • TDS Controller isn’t a perfect technique for the preservation of minerals from nature
  • High Price

Why Should You Invest in Kent Supreme Extra?


This model relies on a TDS controller to regulate the TDS level of water purified. Kent states that this TDS controller can maintain the safe levels of vital minerals present in the purified water.

However, truthfully speaking, we do not approve of the TDS controller since it can compromise the quality and safety of your water.

Alerts to change filters and UV fail alarms inform you that the filters or UV lamps need replacement. The purifier ceases all functions when the filters have not been replaced within the next 60 hours after the notification.

These characteristics are what make it a highly dependable and fail-safe water purifier.

The in-tank UV Disinfection is another amazing feature. The UV LED within the storage tank helps keep the purified water clean and safe during longer periods.

This Alkaline Booster feature supports maintaining water pH between 8.5 and 9.5 and, consequently, offers healthy and alkaline drinking water. The Alkaline booster feature tackles the issue of the alkaline nature of RO-purified water.

Although the evidence for scientific studies isn’t as strong, several studies have demonstrated that Alkaline water has various health advantages.

It addresses the most significant drawbacks of using an RO water purifier.

The most effective water purifier has Zero Water Waste technology. This technology returns the water that is rejected into the tank that is overhead, cutting down on water waste to zero.

This is possible because of an internal pump that is robust. The pump can move the rejected water onto an overhead pump, even on the 10th level.

What Else Will Impress You About Kent Supreme Extra Water Purifier?



The multi-stage purification is perfect for all kinds of water sources, including borewells, tanks, or tap water.

Kent Supreme is also a tremendous choice for high TDS water and can remove water contaminated by TDS up to 2000 ppm.

The purifier displays Kent’s signature style, which has a transparent cover. This design provides you with an entire view of everything and the components that work behind it.

A large storage capacity of 8L and a purification rate of 20 litres per hour makes this the perfect choice for families with many children.

In-built SMPS makes sure that the purifier is completely secure from voltage fluctuation.

If you’ve previously used an RO purifier, then you know how costly RO membranes are. It’s normal to want to be able to see it last longer.

The purifier offers an Auto-flushing feature. This feature stops the swelling in the RO membrane by automatically washing off particles on its surface.

This ensures that the membrane is free of dirt, reduces the amount of water that is rejected and improves the lifespan and effectiveness of the RO membrane.

Expert Advice

The ‘Zero Water Wastage’ technology’ makes it environment-friendly. In-Tank UV Disinfection, large tanks for storage, TDS Controller, UV Failure and Filter Change alarm, and a high-quality filtering system make it a fantastic purchase.

When you purchase Kent Supreme Extra, you are guaranteed security with a one-year warranty and 3 years of free Service AMC, which is valued at about Rs. 3,000.


The Kent Supreme Extra Alkaline Water Purifier is a great investment for your home. It not only filters your water to remove contaminants and make it safe to drink but also alkalizes the water to improve its health benefits.

It can be installed under your sink or on your countertop and has a sleek design that will complement any kitchen décor.

Plus, it’s easy to use with an electronic display that tells you when the filter needs to be replaced. It is worth considering if you’re looking for a top-quality water purifier that also alkalizes the water.

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