Goqii Fitness Band Review — Everything You Need To Know

Goqii Fitness Band Review — Everything You Need To Know

Are you tired of your standard watch? Do you want to change it to something more modern? We have you covered. We’ve created the latest smartwatch, which looks stylish and has a feature that monitors body temperature and blood oxygen (SpO2) levels.

Goqii Fitness Band is not just a smartwatch but also a fitness tracker. So if you’re an individual obsessed with fitness in the back of your mind, this device is the ideal choice for you. You get an activity tracker with this fitness band as well. It will help you track your daily fitness activities or define your fitness goals in this way.

This smartwatch from Goqii is built to last so that you can use it for your workouts without fearing any harm.

In addition to these advantages, the fitness band comes with a sleep tracker that measures the hours needed to rest each day. These smart features are ones that one can enjoy for a long time since it comes with the ability to last for 14 days on battery life which is far more than other competitors on the market.

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Key Attractions of Goqii Fitness Band?


  • First of all, this smartwatch is equipped with intelligent technology, as it can detect blood-oxygen levels and body temperature.
  • Goqii Fitness Band comes in a full touch screen and 1.3 large coloured displays.
  • Additionally, this watch is also dust and water-resistant.
  • It also supports smart notifications, which means it can read WhatsApp texts, text messages, information about calls, and everything else.
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  • Additionally, the battery life of up to 7 days will run longer than other watches on the market.
  • The fitness band also comes with the option of a health plan, which is available if you subscribe for three months, an individual coach and physician’s help you’ll get.

Advantages with Goqii Fitness Band

With the increasing demand day by day for fitness bands, Goqii Fitness Band serves many purposes: it’s an all-in-one smartwatch and a fitness band and a tracker all in one. It’s an elegant and modern style that looks nice even when worn on a small wrist.

It also features a heart tracker which monitors heart rate all day long. You can connect it to your smartphone and run apps such as stopwatch and find my phone. It also has alarms and timers. It’s waterproof and can measure steps, distance, activity time, and calories burned.


  • Sleep Tracking is a tool to track the necessary hours of sleep.
  • Activity Tracker Present can help you monitor all your activity.
  • Monitors oxygen level plus body temperature.
  • Includes 18 exercise options.
  • It supports a smart notification feature.
  • Water Resistant Quality
  • 14 Day Battery Life
  • Silicone Construction

Safety Instructions

Safety Information

  • Be sure to read the instructions manual (carefully) before you use the product.
  • Avoid storing this in direct sunlight to avoid harm.
  • If the product is damaged or not sealed, it must be returned to the seller.
  • Be sure to keep this out of children and their friends.

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What do customers say about this product?

The reviews from customers about the product are amazing. With a 4.0 rating on Amazon, the watch sat up against a lot of competition.

From its appearance to the high-end features, this watch will satisfy every one of its customers. The price is also satisfied by various amazing features. With a lot of admiration from its customers, this fitness tracker has been confirmed to be more efficient and reliable. Here are some of the expert’s reviews:

Ajay Makwana, one of the team members who reviewed our products, purchased this watch. He says that after reading Amitabh Bachan’s blog on this watch, he was eager to get the watch.

He also says it’s extremely cool, and the body temperature sensor is extremely accurate. Also, he says the battery longevity of the watch is also excellent. It only takes about an hour to recharge. He is impressed by the quality of the display to be satisfactory and fits within the budget. The additional features offered by the watch are incredibly cool and very beneficial. It’s great for people like him who are constantly losing things.

Additionally, he had a few questions at first. However, the technical team dealt with the issues so efficiently. He also says that the customer support is incredible. Overall, he is pleased with the product a lot. You can read more reviews on Amazon to understand the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Goqii Fitness Band provide real-time, 24/7 measurements of blood pressure, heart rate along with the temperature of your body?

Yes for heart Temperature and Rate SPO2 upon demand (need to measure) and constant monitoring at night when you're sleeping. Blood tension upon demand (need to measure according to directions)

Is this compatible does it work with iPhone 12?

Please don't sync it to your iPhone because you won't be capable of using the keyboard when browsing.

Is is it waterproof?

It's said to be waterproof. However, it doesn't mention the depth. It can withstand water or sweat effectively with no issue at all.

It isn't sending notifications for calls via SMS, WhatsApp and so on. What do I do?

You need to decide the apps you would like to receive notification to come from. Make sure you select them correctly, and you'll get all notifications.

Let’s Conclude

To summarize the Goqii fitness tracker review, We’d like to say that this item has excellent features. Its slim and sleek design looks stunning for everyone’s wrists. The fitness band from Goqii is specifically designed for people obsessed with fitness and the goal of being fit.

With excellent specifications and advanced features, this smartwatch comes with various features such as Caller ID and Email Notification, making it a highly valuable option. Furthermore, this fitness band is constructed of silicone, which is sturdy, does not feel heavy in the palm and can be used by both genders because it looks nice on both wrists. Therefore, the Goqii fitness tracker gets our thumbs up.

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