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Daikin 1.8 Ton 3 Star Air Conditioner Review [Should You Invest?]

The 1.8 Ton Daikin Air Conditioner is an excellent choice for cooling your room during the summer. Its Power Chill Operation helps cool the room quickly and efficiently. The unit also operates quietly, enabling you to sleep comfortably at night.

You can also check the unit’s BEE rating and price before buying it. If you are looking for a high-quality air conditioning unit, you can consider the Daikin 1.8-ton 3-star AC.

We tested the 1.8 Ton Daikin Air Conditioner recently in August 2022, and we’re here with an honest report. 

Daikin AC

Which AC is better than Daikin? Easy Comparison Table

As we have already reviewed over 12 air conditioners from 45+ models, this comparison will show all of our ratings of features, durability, cooling power, etc. You can easily compare it with Daikin AC to know which AC can be the best choice as per your budget.

Model Name Price Features Score Overall Score
Sanyo AC 28,990 9.5 9.8
Lloyd AC 35,990 9.7 9.7
Croma AC 30,990 9.1 9.5
Panasonic AC 42,990 9.0 8.8
Midea AC 21,990 8.5 8.6
Onida AC 28,319 8.1 8.3
Reconnect AC 29,960 7.6 8.1
Amstrad AC 34,990 7.8 7.9

Most Interesting Features of Daikin AC

1. BEE Rating

If you’re considering purchasing a new AC unit for your home, you should check out the Daikin 1.8 Ton 3 Star BEE Rating 2018 Inverter AC – White. This unit is valid for Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, and Pune.

The unit is available for purchase on Flipkart for INR 53199. It is also available for sale at local electronics retailers and is worth checking out for its BEE rating.

If you’re looking for an air conditioner that’s made with high-quality parts, the Daikin 1.8 Ton 3 Star BEE Rating 2018 Inverter AC is worth considering. Its Energy Efficiency Ratio is 3.7 W/W, and you can use it with a power supply of 50 Hz and 230 V.

It has a power consumption of up to 1970 watts. The Daikin 1.8 Ton 3 Star AC BEE rating 2018 Inverter AC is available for purchase online at a low price.

The 1.8 Ton AC from Daikin is a great option for summer. Its Power Chill Operation ensures quick cooling, making it ideal for use in summer. Plus, the 1.8 Ton AC is quiet and efficient, allowing you to sleep peacefully in the summertime.

And as you don’t want to disturb anyone while they’re working, you can also benefit from this AC’s Low Noise Operation.

2. Econo Mode

The AC comes equipped with State of the Art Econo mode, which makes the AC consume less energy. This feature is useful when multiple appliances work on the same energy source.

Thus due to this mode, AC is also suitable for places that do not have strong energy outputs, such as Houses, Small Offices, and restaurants.

3. Copper Condenser

The Daikin FTHT 1.8 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC is a fantastic cooling companion. It uses R-32 refrigerant and has Coanda airflow. It also comes with a copper condenser.

This cooling machine has a BEE rating of ‘A’ and is certified in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune.

The Daikin 1.8 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC comes in two color options – white and copper. The model consumes only 1970 watts of power, reducing electricity bills.

The unit is available in various online stores for a low price of Rs 51100. For more information, please refer to the Daikin website. There are reviews available on different consumer websites.

4. Sleep-off Timer

The sleep off-timer option helps you control the temperature of your air conditioner while sleeping. You can freely adjust room temperature as per your comfort.

So there is no need to wake up in the middle of the night just to adjust your AC and always sleep well.

5. Smell Proof Operation

The smell-proof operation ensures no foul smell in the air whenever you start air conditioners. This feature helps remove unnecessary moisture in the air conditioner and prevents the growth of molds in Indoor units. Thus you always have a cool breeze to enjoy with no irritating smell.

6. Outdoor Power Supply

Outdoor power supplies in Daikin machines are designed to equip Daikin customers with extra safety from any unfortunate fire accident. The supply is not indoor; thus, in the event of a fire, it does not aid the fire in keeping the owner safe.

7. Self  Diagnosis

The Daikin AC auto-detects the error and shows the related code on the remote screen (After pressing the Key that they have mentioned in the manual).

So, you can easily self-diagnose the error and report it to the Daikin authorized service center for a quick resolution.

8. Durable Insulation Kits

The insulation kit is mostly exposed to outside weather conditions and direct sunlight. Daikin XLPE Insulation kits are UV treated to ensure high durability in contrast to the standard insulation kits available out there.

Thus you can keep the insulation kits anywhere you like without worrying about their durability.

9. High Impact Polystyrene IDU

To keep furniture looking fresh, Daikin has used High Impact Polystyrene material for your furniture. This helps keep furniture” color the same as the new one even after multiple years of installation.

Thus you could have an AC that lasts longer and helps your furniture look fresher.

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What Do Our Experts Love About Daikin 3 Star Air Conditioner?

What Do Our Experts Love About Daikin 3 Star Air Conditioner

1. Price

The 1.8 Ton, 3 Star Split Inverter AC from Daikin, is available online at various stores. Its weight is approximately 11 kg, and it weighs 36 kg with the outdoor unit. The product is an energy-efficient AC with a 3 Star BEE Rating.

The unit consumes 2000 watts and comes with an anti-bacteria and dust filter. It is suitable for a room that has a high amount of dust and is difficult to clean.

This 1.8 Ton, 3 Star Split AC from Daikin, is an energy-efficient model that consumes less power while maintaining a comfortable temperature. It has three modes: normal, cool, and sleep. It is available in White color.

Depending on where you purchase it, the cost may vary. You can compare the price of various brands at various online stores to find the lowest price.

Daikin GTKL60TV16U 1.8 Ton 3 Star Split AC from different stores and check their reviews before making a purchase.

2. Energy Efficient

The AC has a three-star rating, making it a very efficient machine for the environment. Annual Energy Consumption (as per the energy label) is 1255 units, making it suitable for the environment.

An ISEER Value of 3.7 is also a reasonable score for an AC of this size and price.

3. Warranty

Daikin AC 1.8 Ton has a three-star warranty and a copper condenser coil, which cools your room efficiently and saves you money. Moreover, copper coils do not attract corrosion and can be easily replaced.

Another benefit of this AC is that it is made with R32 refrigerant, which means that it is environmentally friendly and doesn’t contribute to global warming.

The Daikin 1.8 ton has multiple reliable features. These features help you reduce stress and reduce your energy bills. For instance, it has patented Streamer Discharge Air Purification Technology, which gives clean air in the room.

Its intelligent eye operation system senses whether people are in the room. This way, you don’t have to constantly check your thermostat to adjust the temperature.

This AC has an Econo mode that helps you save energy by operating the unit more efficiently. This mode also enables various devices to function properly with a split AC.

This AC also features Coanda Airflow, which gives you a high-quality air conditioning experience. R-32 refrigerant allows you to breathe easily during the summer months. The warranty does not cover the parts not attached to the air conditioning unit.

The DAIPL warranty covers the parts that DAIPL manufactures. However, it does not cover any defects caused by external forces or abnormal voltage. Unless the AC has a defect in the motor, a repair will not be possible under warranty.

But in the case of a malfunction in the compressor, DAIPL will try to resolve the issue in the shortest time possible. The warranty is valid only for defects caused by DAIPL shall make every reasonable attempt to rectify the problem as quickly as possible.

4. Environmentally Friendly.

In older times, AC felt like a guilty pleasure as it released CFC gas harmful to the environment. But the guilt trip is finally over.

This AC does not release CFC and any other harmful gas but emits R-32, which does not cause harm to the environment and is environmentally friendly.

5. The Not So Cool Stuff.

Though it comes out as a very good AC on various fronts, it still has a few things to take care of.

  • Its warranty does not cover the AC remote; thus, you need to change it if it stops working for any other reason.
  • The installation from online sellers may take time. However, this is relevant to any online AC purchase and should not bother the buyer when buying the product. 
  • As the Company is not homegrown, it does not have a robust after-sales service, so the issues could take longer to resolve.

What Is the Competition?

The Company is a new entrant into the market, and thus it does not have a lot of traction and has been beaten hands down at sales by the industry leaders such as LG, Mitsubishi, Blue star, and some newer brands like Amstrad and Sanyo.

Also, there are more promising AC models by some other brands that outdo it in terms of features, not making it a go-to choice of our experts.


Does It Require an External Stabilizer?

The Daikin AC is equipped with an inbuilt stabilizing capacity, so it does not need any external stabilizer to its rescue.

Can the AC Ordered Online Get Damaged in Transit?

The straight answer to it is a NO because the AC gets packaged in a way that helps it against any damage; however, in case of any damage, it is advisable to take photographs so the vendor can replace it.

Is There a Heater Function Available in This Model?

This needs to be checked on the website. However, the manual does not mention any such thing, and thus, it seems this model has no such feature.

Which Size Rooms Can Be Cooled by This AC?

Diakin AC can cool rooms as big as 200-240 sq feet and make them chilly if they are properly insulated and have an appropriate environment. Making it suitable for most of the spaces one can think of.

Does It Have WiFi & Other Such Internet-Based Features?

This particular model does have Wifi, but to check other features, one should refer to the manual of the AC.

Is It Noisy When Operating in Closed Spaces?

Unlike other ACs, this particular AC is extremely silent, making it a selling feature for most people that prefer silent spaces over anything else.

Our Final Advice 

You can definitely go for it by just keeping a few things in mind, such as the location of your use, i.e., You are advised to consider other options if you are in Tier 2 or Tier 3 City because of its lapse in customer service.

Still, if you are in a reasonable city, you should consider Diakin Ac owing to the range of features it offers at such a good price.

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