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Top 10 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners in India (Latest 2024 Guide)

Car vacuum cleaners have revolutionized auto care in India. They are a convenient and time-saving way to clean the inside of your car without having to take it to a car wash or detailing shop. These devices come in various shapes and sizes, perfect for any make or model of vehicle.

Their powerful suction easily lifts dust, pet hair, dirt, crumbs and more from upholstery and hard-to-reach areas that normal vacuums can’t reach. Car vacuum cleaners help keep your car looking good and improve air quality by removing allergens from the interior space.

With their portability and ease of use, car vacuum cleaners are a must-have addition to any Indian motorist’s arsenal of maintenance accessories. The Black & Decker ACV1205 was the best car vacuum cleaner we tested, Considering its price and results.

It has incredible power, impressive build quality, an excellent set of connectors, a long cable, and a hose, all for a very affordable price. The following car vacuum cleaners can be used since they are nearly identical to the B&D AV1205.

FAQs – Let’s Clear Some Questions Before Starting Reviews

What are the types of vacuum cleaners for cars?

There are two types: cordless and corded.

Can house vacuums be used to clean cars?

While a regular vacuum cleaner is fine, it may not have the same suction power as a car vacuum cleaner. However, it will reach the car's crevices like a small vacuum cleaner can.

What is the cost of a car vacuum cleaner?

A good-quality personal vacuum cleaner will set you back between Rs 1,000 and Rs 3,500, while a commercial model will run around Rs 3,000. India's price range for grade vacuum cleaners is Rs10,000 to Rs25,000.

Is it possible to use a car vacuum cleaner at home?

The power source for vacuum cleaners in cars is DC, while AC powers vacuum cleaners at home. After the source conversion, the machine can be run at home.

How often should your car be vacuumed?

It is recommended to do it twice a month.

Here’s the December 2023 List of the Best Car Vacuum Cleaners in India

1. RNG EKO GREEN Wet/Dry Vacuum

RNG EKO GREEN 200 Watt Cyclonic Power WetDry

The RNG EKO GREEN Wet/Dry Vacuum is a revolutionary addition to the cleaning tool market in India. It offers excellent suction power, achieved without emitting any harmful fumes.

This vacuum is lightweight enough to be easily manoeuvred around the home while possessing an impressive gallon capacity that gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

Its advanced H13 filter traps 99.97% of all particles down to 0.3 microns and can be easily cleaned for reuse multiple times, thus saving money and resources over traditional vacuums. With its convenient size and versatility, it is perfect for easily tackling anything from small spills to extreme messes.


  • Bags are easy to store
  • Outside Mesh Filter and HEPA Filter
  • High power cleaning using 200W cyclonic power
  • Fitted with a dust cap and a metal fan
  • Noise level: 72 dB
  • High suction power at 5.8 KPA


  • It features a metallic fan and 6.5 KPA suction.
  • 1-year warranty
  • The vacuum cleaner is more durable thanks to the dual filter.
  • It is easy to use and manage.


  • There are limited service centres for repairs.
  • Some vehicles may not accept the rating.

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2. Voroly 5000 Handheld Vacuum

 Voroly 5000 200WPA Power Suction Handheld

Keeping your car clean and tidy has never been easier with the Voroly 5000 Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner. This lightweight and powerful device is capable of vacuuming up dirt, dust, sand, crumbs, and pet fur from any surface in your vehicle.

It features a long detachable hose that lets you easily reach between and under seats and a crevice tool for all those hard-to-reach places.

The high-grade filter generates enough suction power to ensure all the debris is collected in one shot and traps all of the particles inside its dustbin for quick disposal. Whether you’re on the road or at home, having this vacuum at your side will allow you to conduct a thorough cleaning session with ease!


  • Unique ventilation design to minimise noise
  • Designed with an unlock button and an On/Off button.
  • Protection against short-circuit, over-charge, over-voltage, over-temperature, etc.
  • HEPA filter with multiple layers
  • Operates quietly with noise levels less than 70dB
  • Cones with 3 accessories


  • Lightweight and stylish
  • It’s easy to use and you can clean in the corners.


  • You do not need a carry bag.
  • Warranty must be registered separately.

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3. Goank 80W Dry/Wet Vacuum Cleaner

 Goank 80W DC 12 V DryWet Vacuum Cleaner, High Power.

The Goank 80W Dry/Wet Car Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect tool to help keep your car clean and comfy. This lightweight and easy-to-use vacuum cleaner come with a flexible hose designed to reach difficult places inside your car, making cleaning even easier.

It features powerful suction to pick up dirt, dust, pet hair, liquid spills, and more. With both a wet and dry mode, it can tackle all types of jobs- from small spills to deep cleaning when needed.

Not only does this device make it easier for you to keep your car clean regularly, but its portability also makes it easy to store in the trunk of your car or elsewhere until you need it next time.


  • The suction power of 80 W DC 12V
  • HEPA filter, washable and removable
  • Includes a 9-foot power cord that can reach corners and crevices
  • Use dry and wet cleaning products that are effective.
  • Switch to turn on/off power
  • Can you swallow ash, dust, and crumbs?
  • Special button to remove the dust bin
  • Ideal for small cars, sedans, and jeeps


  • It can also be used domestically to clean sofas, etc.
  • Because of its compact size and lightweight, the vacuum cleaner is easy-to-use


  • This product does not come with a warranty.
  • Some users complained that the suction power was too low.

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4. RNG Eko Green Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner 

 RNG Eko Green RNG-2001 Car Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Every driver needs the RNG Eko Green Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner to tackle all of their car cleaning needs. This vacuum cleaner is powerful and efficient, with a motor providing up to 16,000 Pa of suction that can easily lift dust, pet hair and other debris from both the interior and exterior of a car.

It’s easy to operate, too: the detachable battery can be charged quickly with the standard USB cable, and the lightweight design allows for effortless manoeuvring between vehicle spaces.

Furthermore, it is made with stainless steel hardware and HEPA filters to ensure clean airflow and release dust particles quickly into easy-to-dispose containers. With its impressive features, this handheld car vacuum cleaner is quite possibly the only one you’ll ever need!


  • Equipped motor with fan
  • HEPA filter included
  • Wire length: 5 m
  • Power Cons:umption: 150 Watts
  • Deep cleaning with brush connectors and extension mouth
  • Ideal for Jeeps, Sedans, SUVs, Hatchbacks, and other hatchbacks
  • Noise Level: 72 decibels
  • Suction capacity: 4.5 KPA
  • Includes a storage bag
  • Fitted with a motor of 3.6 cm in diameter


  • Use wet surfaces to absorb liquids.
  • Bigger motor (3.6 cm diameter)
  • Metallic fan with 5.5 KPA suction
  • Vacuum cleaners are lighter than other models.
  • It is easy to remove the filter for washing.


  • The vacuum cleaner is not stain-resistant
  • Customers complained that it was too noisy.

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5. Yozo Chessmat Handheld Car Vacuum 

 Yozo Chessmat Handheld Powerful Car Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re looking for a great way to keep your car clean and tidy inside, the Yozo Chessmat Handheld Vacuum is just what you need. Its compact size makes it perfect for storing in your glove box or trunk, so you have it handy when needed.

This vacuum is super powerful and capable of picking up pet hair and other debris from carpets, but it also has an LED light attached so you can clean hard-to-reach areas under the seats.

Not having to worry about dragging out a big vacuum every time you need to do some quick cleaning eliminates much of the hassle of keeping your car’s interior in good shape. Get yourself a Yozo Chessmat Handheld Car Vacuum today and make life that much easier!


  • Super vacuum power of 5000 PA with an equipped super vacuum
  • Bread Crevice Tool
  • Total Weight: 299g
  • 4000 Pa suction power
  • Compatible with 12 V DC cigarette lighter sockets
  • Dust container switch with one-step on/off

6. Voroly High Power 120W vacuum

Voroly High Power 3500PA 120W 12V

The Voroly High, Power 120W vacuum is a powerful and convenient way to get the vacuuming done quickly. This vacuum boasts a strong 120-watt motor, giving it excellent suction power for deep cleaning on carpets and hard floors.

It has an adjustable foot switch and telescopic handle so you can easily reach under furniture and upstairs with ease. With a maximum operating speed of 6200 rpm, debris is efficiently collected in its bagless dust bin, which is easy to empty.

A HEPA filter ensures that allergens are trapped in its two-stage filtration system, so your home is left smelling fresh and clean once the job is done. This handy vacuum also comes with additional tools to help clean tight corners and one-of-a-kind accessories – making it perfect for almost any home or office job.


  • Made of ABS plastic material
  • Noise level: Lower than 60 decibels
  • Aluminium motor 120 W
  • Dual filter for better cleaning
  • Only one button to empty the trash
  • Can take up to 1.7 pounds of dirt
  • This product has a 3500 PA suction power.
  • Multiple nozzles are available for collecting the debris.
  • Includes shark gills turbine


  • Compatible with multiple nozzles
  • It can be used as a dry/wet vacuum cleaner.
  • It makes less noise.


  • The vacuum cannot be recharged.
  • In continuation, it can’t be used for more than 15 minutes.

7. BLEQYS Vacuum Dry/Wet Vacuum Cleaner

BLEQYS Vacuum Battery & Car Volt Operated Dry and Wet Vacuum Cleaner

The BLEQYS Vacuum Dry/Wet Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect must-have for any home. Whether you need a vacuum to clean up after your pet or it’s just time to deep clean your carpets, this cleaner has covered you.

Thanks to its innovative dry and wet vacuuming capabilities, it will handle both messes easily – leaving you with perfectly clean surfaces every time.

It is user-friendly, lightweight, and multipurpose – no matter what kind of mess variety you are up against, this vacuum can take care of it without any problem. Its surprisingly strong suction power also means dirt and grime have nowhere to hide! No matter your needs, the BLEQYS Vacuum Cleaner is sure to impress.


  • Vacuum cleaning is easy with this vacuum cleaner.
  • This product is designed to produce 20% less noise.
  • Uses car’s power supply or batteries
  • Power cable 9 feet in length
  • ABS plastic is strong and durable.
  • Total Weight: 449 g
  • Compact body with bullet train shape
  • HEPA filter: Removable and washable

Which vacuum device from the ten above are you going to purchase? We have selected the best products for their effectiveness, suction power, convenience, and versatility. Find the right cleaning tool to clean your car’s interiors.

8. Black & Decker Grey DC Car Vacuum 

 Black & Decker AV1205 Gray DC Car Vacuum Cleaner

Those looking for powerful and easy-to-use car vacuums need to look no further than the Black & Decker Grey DC Car Vacuum. This model is equipped with a cordless design that provides up to three minutes of continuous use, ensuring that even the biggest messes are cleaned up quickly and effectively.

The cordless design also allows you to take your vacuum anywhere in your vehicle without worrying about finding an outlet. The battery can be conveniently recharged via a 12 v plug-in, so it’s always ready when you need it.

In addition, thanks to its compact design, users can easily store the vacuum when not in use and take advantage of its strong suction power whenever necessary.

With a convenient washable filter and included attachments such as an airflow adapter and crevice tool, users of all skill levels will find cleaning their car with Black & Decker simple and enjoyable.


  • Grips with a swanky handle
  • 5-meter power cord
  • Simple on/off control
  • Attachments can be stored onboard.
  • 798 g lightweight
  • High-quality plastic body with glossy finish
  • Use a small adapter to fit lighter sockets.


  • It features a double-action filter system that reduces cleaning time.
  • 1-year warranty
  • Clean and tidy areas that are difficult or impossible to reach.


  • It is not stain-resistant
  • Some users complained that dust particles were not contained in the vacuum.

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9. Getko Portable and 12V Car Vacuum 

 Getko Portable and 12V Car Vacuum Cleaner

The Getko Portable and 12V Car Vacuum is the perfect solution for any car owner looking to thoroughly clean their vehicle. This vacuum packs plenty of power in its small size; it has a powerful 80-watt motor that reaches tough spots and cleans with amazing efficiency.

The long 15-foot cable allows you to easily reach around your car’s interior and tackle hard-to-reach areas as well. What sets this vacuum apart is its dual-use capability; it can be used as a portable or automotive vacuum, so you can get your engine bay spotless!

Along with all these great features, the Getko Portable and 12V Car Vacuum also come with multiple suction nozzles and brushes, meaning an attachment is ready for whatever task you have.


  • Available with an extension tube, brush nozzle, and crevice-nozzle
  • Washable filter
  • Available with an extension tube, brush nozzle, and crevice-nozzle
  • Ideal for sedans, trucks, SUVs, minivans, and minicars
  • Dry debris and clean up wet spillages
  • Vacuum action that is odour-free
  • Bullet train with shaped body


  • It has high suction power and is easy to use.
  • Style is key


  • It is difficult to locate a repair centre.
  • It doesn’t come with a warranty.

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10. Bergmann Stunner Car Vacuum Cleaner

Bergmann Stunner Car Vacuum Cleaner

The Bergmann Stunner Car Vacuum Cleaner is your car’s best friend! With its powerful 120AW motor, this vacuum cleaner can easily pick up the toughest dirt and debris. It has various additional tools to help your car stay in pristine condition, such as a crevice tool, extension hose and dust brush.

With its lightweight design and low noise operation, using the Bergmann Stunner is quick, easy and discreet – it can even be powered from your car’s 12V socket! Get yourself the Bergmann Stunner Vacuum Cleaner today for an effortless detailed clean for your beloved automobile.


  • Low noise operation at 75 decibels
  • Attachments
  • HEPA filter is usable for life without replacement
  • Extra-long cable 5 m
  • 150W suction power
  • Motor with efficient copper components and fan


  • The product comes with a storage bag.
  • Attractive
  • It also includes a brush, a hose, and a syringe.
  • You can use as many as 30 mins in one session.


  • Reviewers complained about poor suction abilities.

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What Are The Types of Car Vacuum Cleaners?

What Are The Types of Car Vacuum Cleaners

It depends on your requirements.


Amperage is important to consider when buying a car vacuum cleaner as it indicates the strength of the motor and the amount of suction power it can provide. A higher amperage means stronger suction,


Battery-powered car vacuum cleaners are convenient as they do not require a power source and can be used anywhere. They are also cordless, making them easy to manoeuvre and use in tight spaces.

When considering a battery-powered vacuum, it’s important to look at the battery life and charging time, as well as the suction power, to ensure it meets your cleaning needs.

Automobile Powered

Automobile-powered car vacuum cleaners are a good option for those who want a vacuum that they can use while on the go. These vacuums plug into your car’s cigarette lighter or 12-volt power outlet, making them convenient and easy to use.

This type of vacuum cleaner is a good choice for those who want a vacuum that they can use without worrying about finding a power source or running out of battery. 

Capacity of Tank

Capacity of Tank

The capacity of the tank is an important consideration when buying a car vacuum cleaner, as it determines how much dirt and debris the vacuum can hold before emptying.

A larger tank capacity means less time spent emptying the tank, but it may also mean a larger and heavier vacuum cleaner. Consider your cleaning needs and the size of your car to determine your ideal tank capacity. A smaller tank may be sufficient for quick cleanups, while a larger tank may be necessary for deep cleaning.


The size of the car vacuum cleaner is an important factor to consider as it affects the vacuum’s ease of use and storage. A smaller, handheld vacuum may be easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces, but it may not have the power or capacity of a larger vacuum.

On the other hand, a larger vacuum may be more cumbersome to use, but it may offer more suction power and a larger tank capacity. Consider the size of your car and the type of cleaning you need when choosing the right vacuum for you.  

Wall-Plug-In Feature

The wall-plug-in feature is important when buying a car vacuum cleaner, as it allows you to use the vacuum even when you are not in your car. A vacuum cleaner with this feature can be plugged into an electrical outlet, giving you more versatility and flexibility when cleaning.

This feature is especially useful for those who need to clean both the interior and exterior of their car or for those who want a vacuum that they can use in multiple locations. Consider the wall-plug-in feature when choosing a vacuum cleaner to ensure it meets your cleaning needs and preferences.

How to Vacuum Your Car With a Car Vacuum? Follow These 5 Easy Steps:

How to Vacuum Your Car With a Car Vacuum_ Follow These 5 Easy Steps

Cleaning your car regularly is essential for maximum performance, aesthetic upkeep, and healthier air quality inside the vehicle.

But instead of trying to make do with a standard vacuum cleaner or broom to clean up crumbs and dust from your car’s interior, you can make it easier by investing in a car vacuum. The following five steps will guide you through the process of how to use one.

1. Prepare the space

Before you begin vacuuming, take some time to clear out any clutter that might be present in the space. This includes any wrappers, candy bar wrappers, paper cups, or other pieces of trash that take up valuable real estate in your vehicle’s interior.

Get rid of these items by tossing them in the garbage bin or into an empty plastic bag that can be disposed of later. This will help ensure that nothing gets stuck inside the vacuum hose during cleaning.

2. Assemble Your Vacuum Cleaner

Next, you will need to assemble your car vacuum cleaner according to the instructions included with it. Depending on what model you purchase and its features, this could involve connecting hoses and attachments with fixtures designed for easy setup and storage solutions.

Be sure to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions during this step and inspect all connections before attempting the operation of your device for optimal function, safety and performance levels.

3. Activate Your Vacuum Cleaner

Most car vacuums are equipped with either an electric cord or a direct battery connection, depending on what model you have purchased; however, all models should include some type of power button which needs to be activated before beginning the use of your device.

Once activated, begin using your device in slow motions around common areas such as under seats and carpets and underneath any consoles or dashboard fixtures to clean away debris without damaging delicate components inside your vehicle’s interior.

Make sure not to apply too much pressure when using attachments on hard surfaces such as wood trimming or leather because excessive suction can cause scratches or blemishes over time if not done properly with due diligence while operating the device.

4. Remove Stuck Objects

Using specially-designed attachment tools found on many models of car vacuums will help remove stubborn objects such as bottle tops, pens, lint buildup from lint traps, tight crevices, and spaces between seat cushions where regular vacuum cleaners may struggle due to their size constraints.

However, more powerful models may require additional caution when manoeuvring around fragile components, so proceed at your own discretion.

5. Store Away Your Vacuum Cleaner

Once finished with vacuuming your vehicle’s interior, it’s important not to forget about putting away correctly after each use, so it remains intact and ready for next-time usage again soon enough!

Depending on what type of model you have purchased, there may also be special compartments equipped specifically storing attachments, proper hydraulic pressure supplies etc., safely tucked away until next used once again.

All these considerations should be considered before operating to keep everyone safe, and ultimately the happy end result is sure to impress passengers!


Car vacuum cleaners have become increasingly popular in India over the years due to their ability to remove dirt and debris from cars quickly and easily. When shopping for a car vacuum cleaner, it is important to consider factors such as price range, features, quality of build materials, customer reviews, and durability warranties.

Considering these various factors, one can be sure that the car vacuum cleaner they purchase can provide long-term cleaning maintenance.

Additionally, car vacuum cleaners save time and money by reducing the need for professional detailers or car wash trips. Investing in a car vacuum cleaner is an invaluable step towards keeping your vehicle looking spotless at all times.

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