Wonderchef Cold Press Juicer Review in 2022

The most effective juicers are ones that are specifically designed to meet your needs for juicing. 

Finding the right juicer for your requirements, space and preferences can allow you to get the most from your budget. If you’re a dedicated juicer that squeezes fruits and vegetables throughout the day, noon and evening, then this juicer can be best suitable for you. Also, it’s a top choice if you wanna drink fresh juice after exercising or you own a shop that juices fresh fruits or vegetables.

Cold-pressed juicers crush the tiny pieces of vegetables and fruits in a two-stage extraction process. As the pulp moves across the auger’s shaft, you squeeze it.

The speed at which juice is extracted could range from 40 to 80 RPM, resulting in less oxygenation and longer shelf life in the case of juice.

The main benefit of using a cold-pressed juicer is that it makes more juice, holds more nutrients as compared to a centrifugal juicer and, perhaps most important of all, does not create heat.

Remember, it’s a cold-press juicer that’s not one that mixes or grinds. If you’re looking for one, then go with the Panasonic Juicer Mixer grinder.

Wonderchef V6 Cold Press Slow Juicer

Wonderchef V6 Cold Press Slow Juicer’s Overview 

This Wonderchef V6 Cold Press Slow Juicer is the ideal gadget for people who are concerned about their health. It will allow you to make the healthiest and most delicious juice by crushing it in a slow manner and not generating heat.

Vital fibres and enzymes are abundant in juices derived from vegetables and fruits. High-speed juicers generate heat that eliminates enzymes. They also eliminate all the fibre that is required. However, this Cold Pressed Juicer is not a problem.

Raw food is a fabulous source of nutrition with many advantages. With the most nutritious juices produced by Cold Press Juicer, it’s possible to shed weight and keep your body in top shape. The juicer can produce almost twice as much juice as conventional juicers and leaves the least amount of residual.

It has a powerful AC motor that, oddly, produces very little sound. It is quick and easy to clean. Additionally, you receive an amazing warranty from Wonderchef that is the cherry on top.

Wonderchef V6 Cold Press Slow Juicer’s Features

Here’s a list of Wonderchef cold press juicer’s features that are included with this model.


Essential Nutrients are essential to our bodies to increase development and immunity. They are not produced by our bodies and require the consumption of raw vegetables and fruits.

Although we all are eager to get our juice completed as quickly as we can, however, the issue is that a more rapid juicer increases the temperature of the juice throughout the process. This means the nutrients and vitamins will be lost due to heat.

Since the juicer spins slowly around at 43 RPM and then extracts juice through the gentle squeeze and cold Press, Juicing is safe for the nutrients.

The Heat

It is evident that juicers that operate at higher speeds generate greater heat than juicers operating at a slower speed. High temperatures can cause minerals and fibres in fruits and vegetables to be oxidized.

Slow juicers, such as Wonderchef V6 Cold Press slow juicer, don’t have the capacity of producing much heat, which, aside from preserving the nutrients in vegetables and fruits, help make sure that the juicer remains fresher for longer.

The Pulp

Normal juicers make only thin, fluid-like juice, removing all the important fibre as leftover. Cold-pressed juicers produce excellent pulp because it retains the vital nutrients present in the juice and enhances the flavour.

All essential fibres are incorporated into the delicious juice made by the Cold Press Juicer. It leaves only dry, indigestible hard fibre as a leftover. With the best pulpy juice produced by a cold press juicer, it is possible to shed weight and keep your fitness. It produces almost twice as much juice as conventional juicers.

The Motor

Choose a juicer that has the power of a motor for you to juice leafy vegetables. This Wonderchef V6 Cold Press Juicer has 200 watts of power to juice leafy green vegetables efficiently and exceed your needs.

Noise Level

The level of noise is comparable to that of other cold press juicers, such as the ones from Borosil as well as Usha.

Although the volume of sound isn’t an issue for everyone, it might be a problem when your juicer is used over a long duration. The centrifugal juicer may be louder than the juicer cold press.

Cold press juicers have the ability to produce better juice without disturbing family members while making fresh juice each morning.

It is the Wonderchef V6 Cold Press Slow Juicer; even though it is equipped with a powerful motor, it’s made to make the lowest amount of noise while it is in use.

Ease Of Cleaning

If you’re strapped for time, however, still want to clean your juicer, choosing an easy-to-clean juicer is a smart choice. To make cleaning simpler, choose juicers that have fewer components and a largemouth. It’s the Wonderchef V6 Cold Press Slow Juicer’s stunning design that makes it simple to wash after making your preferred juices.

Wonderchef Cold Press Juicer Mesh

User Friendly

Find a juicer simple to set up to disassemble, clean, and maintain. It is also essential to examine the tube that is feeding the juicer. The longer the tube that is used for juicing, the less time it takes to prepare the fruits and vegetables to be juiced. Additionally, to prevent obstruction, a bigger feeding tube will yield more juice. This juicer is easily-operable, and even a beginner cook should not have any issues working with it.

Juicer cup

Customer Service

If a cold press juicer or other equipment is what you want, be sure to purchase from a vendor which provides top-quality customer support. If you’re in search of a cold press juicer, make sure the vendor you choose provides prompt after-sales service and can address all of your questions.

The company Wonderchef provides a remarkable Sales Customer Service that can assist you with any difficulty that you could encounter using their cold press juicer.

Buy on Indiamart

  • Our trust is with Amazon
  • Colour: Black/Silver
  • Brand: Wonderchef
  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Dimensions: 300mm x 340mm x 380mm
  • Item Weight: 3.8 kgs
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Manufacturer: Wonderchef Home Appliances
  • In the box: Cold Press Juicer, Fine Strainer, Coarse Strainer, 2 Jars and Cleaning Brush
  • There isn’t any oxidation because the process of processing raw components is extremely slow, resulting in the least contact with air.
  • The juice you extract from this cold press juicer has a 21-day shelf-life when you store it in the fridge, which will ensure that your juice remains fresh.
  • Many vital nutrients, such as vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes and other important substances, will be saved while you juice.
  • Since cold press juicers do not produce warmth, all the vitamins present in the juice are retained.
  • Raw juices do not undergo pasteurization at high temperatures, allowing the nutrients to remain intact.
  • The extraction of juice from fruits and vegetables is more time-consuming.


The first thing you need to think about when deciding the right juicer for you is the type of juices you’ll need to make the most often. If you’re going to be juicing, you should look for a cold press juicer that has a high yield.

Masticating juicers work well for leafy greens since they create a large amount of dried pulp. This results in less waste from juice and less cost in the long run. The people appreciate the durability and the quiet operation of the juicers, and as their yield grows, they become the ideal option for people who make juice for their families.

The absorption of nutrients is comparatively high. The juicer doesn’t generate excessive heat, which helps in the preservation of vital nutrients. This is advantageous, especially for children.

The Wonderchef V6 Cold Press Slow Juicer contains a perfect size and style for kitchens of all sizes. The upright juicer has tops that allow the mixing of juices in the juicer’s chamber.


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