Best Inverter AC in India 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Inverter AC in India 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

The best air conditioner is something that everyone in India dreams about. Some can afford it, while some cannot. Fortunately, in this list, we’ve got a couple of below 20000 AC models for you also.

Now, if a powerful, durable, and ultra-cool AC is what you want, then you’re at the right spot!
After considering 62 AC models, we’ve chosen the 15 best here. ACs such tons of energy and set your electricity bills on fire most of the time!

We’ve deeply concentrated on electricity consumption features and brought you ACs, which cost just right, comes with a great energy efficiency rating, and don’t suck much energy either.

We’ll also guide you info regarding AC features, points to consider before buying, build quality, etc. Don’t forget to read the AC buying guide down there! Much info is hidden there!You believe in a safe investment and the same thing we do!

Starting from nearly 20000, we’ve got AC recommendations for you worth 50000 almost. That’s a huge price range. Besides that, we have included the most preferred window ACs also.There are split ACs as well, and the fact is, each model mentioned here is the best of its kind. So, the choice is all yours.

However, if you are out of budget, then you can read our best air coolers in India review for spending summers in relief.

Do you want a quick answer about the best AC selection? For those who want to cool a single room, Sanyo AC 1.0 ton can be the best option considering price, electricity usage, durability and air flow. However, if your intention is the cool a big room/hall, the similar company offers a 1.5 ton model as well (Read Review Here). It will easily cover each edge of your big room/hall and cool them with decent airflow. Some others brands like Lloyd, Panasonic and Midea are also great considering their latest technology in their 1.5 ton AC models.

FAQs – Let’s Clear Some Inverter AC Questions

Before you start reading about the AC models, the following are the frequently asked questions from people regarding AC units. Our expert advice will help in selecting the best home air conditioner.

Which Air Condition Unit is the best

It is almost impossible to say that one air conditioner is better than the remainder because it is on such a case by instance basis. You need to examine the design of your home, your environment, and your regional climate in order to figure out the most impressive system for your property. What could be a great suitable for a single person might not benefit another?

Which AC is the quietest?

ACs are understood as the product, which makes a great deal of noise and sometimes making it difficult to rest. Look for the sound each AC creates in the decibels device if you're looking for a quiet model. The lowest decibels imply the unit will be very silent; the ductless split AC is normally the quietest of all and needs to be taken into consideration if it is a top priority for you.

Do AC units are actually necessary year-round?

Air conditioning systems come in useful when you least expect ACs too. While obviously, they are vital during the warm summertime, there are constantly unexpected occasions throughout the year when it is hotter than anticipated, and you'll be glad that you have an AC to activate when you need it.

Does hiring a company to install your Air Conditioning Unit is necessary?

No, there is no requirement for anyone to mount your AC device for you. It may be handy to schedule an appointment or in-home assessment. There are numerous alternatives that are easy to self-install and can save you a lot of money.

How We determined which AC is best? We checked the following:

  • Air Flow Test
  • Turbo Cooling Test
  • Durability
  • Electricity Usage
  • Warranty 
  • Condenser Quality

11 Best Inverter AC in India — Reviews

1. Sanyo 1 Ton Inverter Split AC

Sanyo 1 Ton Inverter SplitAC

This is among the most convenient, highly sold, cheap split ACs out there. We ranked it 1st in our listing under the 25k category because its overall features and cooling quality is better than all other AC models of this price segment.

According to the makers, 110 sq ft is the coverage area, while we can definitely recommend it for a 150 sq. Ft. room taking a gander at its capabilities. Both the warranty periods are the same as the previous 2 AC models that we discussed.


  • Indoor Unit
  • Outdoor Unit
  • User manual
  • Remote Control
  • 2 Batteries
  • Warranty Card
  • Connecting Pipes
Why should You Buy?
  • This AC arrives with a Copper Condenser Coil, ensuring much better cooling and also ensuring low maintenance.
  • R32 is the gas used in this model, which doesn’t lead to ozone depletion, and doesn’t support global warming.
  • Sanyo Inverter ACs very rotor speeds for suiting different using patterns as per the situation. It further leads to great energy savings.
  • Built-in PM 2.5, as well as anti-dust filters, come with this AC, ensuring the removal of dust and other various suspended particles.
  • If the heat is getting too much heavier on you, you can just turn the Glacier Mode ON, which will increase the fan’s speed by 35%, and ensures instant cooling for bringing instant relief.
  • Auto-restart is another impressive feature. After power is back, this AC automatically resumes original settings, cutting off the hassle of resetting temperature after a power cut.

The Final Advice

The 100% pure copper coils are resistant to corrosion and ensure faster heat transfer. The overall build quality is impressive. The Ergonomically designed remote with glow-in-the-dark Temperature Control, as well as Power On/Off buttons, increases the convenience. Sanyo 1 Ton Inverter Split AC ( 3 Star) is undoubtedly highly beneficial Ac at this price and definitely worth purchase.

You can read Sanyo AC Review if you are still not sure about this model. You will find a better explanation about the features & practical testing results there

2. AmazonBasics 1 Ton Inverter Split AC

AmazonBasics 1 Ton Inverter SplitAC


Costing almost 25K, AmazonBasics 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC is a decent one to choose from! This AC has an inverter compressor, which comprises variable tonnage technology for ensuring faster cooling as well as higher energy savings. The ISEER rating of this AC is 3.85, and that is above the industry standard. Besides a smooth 1-year ac warranty and 5-year compressor warranty, this AC has much to offer you.


  • Indoor Unit
  • Outdoor Unit
  • Remote Control
  • 2 Manuals
  • Warranty Card
  • Inter Connecting Pipes

Why should You Buy?

  • You enjoy higher airflow volume with its auto-saving mode, which enables cool air to reach various corners for making this AC a very suitable one in higher temperatures.
  • This AC comes with a high-density filter, which is much better than the ordinary filter and is capable of cleaning up to 80% of pollens and dust, which further makes the air healthier for breathing.
  • It covers the maximum area by moving its horizontal flaps automatically.
  • This AC perfectly dehumidifies your room with its independent dehumidification mode.
  • This Ac comes with an auto shut-off feature, which ensures protection in case of any part failure. Besides that, it indicates protection or error code in order for fast service.
  • It stops automatically after showing the error code “EC” in the case it detects refrigerant leakage, hence, protects the compressor from damage. The new electrical control box design of this AC meets higher fire safety requirements for preventing internal fire because of electric spark accidents.

The Final Advice

Not just too many features, but also the safety ensured by AC is very relieving. You hardly find a similarly priced AC with so many safety features and high durability. Undoubtedly this AC is superb. If besides providing you high relief from the heat, even cooling, it promises to serve you longer. As a result, we declare AmazonBasics 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC a very beneficial purchase.

3) AmazonBasics 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC

AmazonBasics 1.5 Ton Inverter SplitACThis AC brings variable tonnage technology, ensuring faster cooling and higher energy savings, and that’s what an Indian looks for before buying an AC. 200 sq ft. are is something this AC can successfully cool in no time.

It comes with 3 Star BEE Rating and 3.85 ISEER ratings, which’s above the industry standard. The finish of this AC is perfect, and the build quality is tremendous.


  • Indoor Unit
  • Outdoor Unit
  • Remote Control
  • Inter Connecting Pipe
  • 2 Manuals
  • Warranty Card

Why should You Buy?

  • The cool air of this AC reaches every single part of the room, and this is due to its auto-swing features. It proves to be very effective, especially in high temperatures of the May and June months.
  • The 100% Copper Condenser comes with advanced anti-corrosive Golden Fin coating for the prevention form damages during fierce weather conditions.
  • The AC shuts off automatically once it detects any part failure. It also indicates the protection/error code for quick service.
  • Error code “EC” is indicated by this AC, and in case refrigerant leakage is detected, it will automatically shut off. It highly increases the compressor’s life. Also, this AC has the auto-restart function after power cuts.

The Final Advice

Undoubtedly AmazonBasics ACs are very safe to use, and so is this wonderful 1.5-ton model. Fireproof electric box, Leakage detection, Emergency function, and Self-diagnosis are highly impressive features, and further, several convenient operating features support your purchase. Energy-saving is a part of that.

Also, the high-density filter is there, which means you just don’t always stay cool, but you also keep allergies at bay! Yes, AmazonBasics 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC is highly suitable at this price.

4) Godrej 1.5 Ton Split AC (3 Star)

Godrej 1.5 Ton Split AC

The Godrej 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC is among the most recommended low-noise AC out there, which fits in the budget of most of the buyers willing to spend on quality. The warranty is Compressor = 5 years and AC = 1 Year.

The design is very appealing. Most importantly, regarding quality, Godrej doesn’t break your trust and doesn’t let you face after-purchase hassle. Here also eco-friendly R32 refrigeration gas is used. 1122.45 units are the annual energy consumption, and considering a high-quality 1.5 ton AC; the number is very good.


  • Indoor Unit
  • Outdoor Unit
  • Remote Control
  • Inter Connecting Pipe
  • 2 Manuals
  • Warranty Card

Why should You Buy?

  • This AC comes with a low global warming potential of 675, and it comes with power-saving capability at higher ambient temperatures in contrast to other refrigerants.
  • The silent operation of Godrej 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC is remarkable. The multi-layer acoustic jack of this AC is responsible for silent operation.
  • The filter has extracts of green tea, which deactivates captured bacteria as well as unpleasant Odors. There are certain pollutants in the air like cigarette smoke, dust, etc., which cause allergies. This AC has a highly capable filter, which protects you from such contagious pollutants.
  • This filter highly helps in elevating the quality of indoor air. It’s very beneficial for children and patients.
  • This AC is compatible with a voltage range of 160 to 280V, which means no need to spend on stabilizers.

The Final Advice

This stylish and elegant AC fulfills all the primroses it does before buying. At this price, the GSC 18KTC3-WSA model meets everybody’s expectations. So, buy Godrej 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC, and enjoy its cooling for more hours per day without concerning about electricity bill hikes.

5) Sanyo 15T5SCIA 1.5 Ton Inverter AC

Sanyo 15T5SCIA 1.5 Ton InverterAC

Around 500 units of Sanyo, 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC SI/SO-15T5SCIA have been reviewed on Amazon, with an 80%+ success rate. Did you notice that 5-star energy saver label? Oh yeah, that means electricity bill hikes aren’t things to concern here.

Using this Ac won’t harm Ozone or lead to global warming by any means. This Japanese brand is a highly trusted one for over 6 decades. The remote of Sanyo 15T5SCIA glows in the dark. Operating On/Off buttons and Temperature Control is easy.


  • Indoor Unit
  • Outdoor Unit
  • 2 Batteries
  • Remote Control
  • Inter Connecting Pipe
  • 2 Manuals
  • Warranty Card

Why should You Buy?

  • It is equipped with full inverter technology, and when there is no power, this Ac won’t suck your inverter battery as fast as other ACs do.
  • This AC comes with Duo Cool Inverter Technology. There are two independent rotors in its compressor for ensuring faster and energy-efficient cooling.
  • Built-In PM 2.5, as well as anti-dust filters, are present for removing dust, pollen, and suspended particles and ensuring every breath of yours is healthy!
  • Entered home all sweat bathed? Put this AC on the Glacier mode, which will allow 35% higher fan speed in contrast to medium mode, making all your sweat disappear in the blink of a wink.
  • If errors occur, you can conveniently read them error code occurring on the temperature display area of this AC. This way, it eliminates uncertainty.

The Final Advice

Undoubtedly, Sanyo 15T5SCIA 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC is standing high on expectations, and this type of sturdy AC doesn’t collapse that easily.
The sturdy construction makes Sanyo 15T5SCIA live for too long. Besides that, this AC carries all the unique features for meeting all your cooling needs.

This 1.5-ton model is also very well explained in our Sanyo AC guide. You’ll find some deep testing points there.

6) Voltas CZT/183 VCZT2 1.5 Ton

Voltas CZT183 VCZT2 1.5Ton

Undoubtedly, Voltas 183V CZT/183 VCZT2 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC takes reliability and performance to the next level. 

Costing nearly 33K, this AC looks pretty elegant. It has a smart variable heat compressor that adjusts power as per heat load.

1088.3 units are the annual energy consumption. The warranty is Compressor = 5 years and AC = 1 Year. No matter you’re living in the hottest part of India, it won’t let heat affect you. If there are patients in your home, then Voltas 183V CZT/183 VCZT2 is the most suitable AC at this price.


  • Indoor Unit
  • Outdoor Unit
  • Remote Control
  • Inter Connecting Pipe
  • User Manuals
  • Warranty Card

Why should You Buy?

  • This AC doesn’t need high maintenance like other ACs, in which fungal growth takes place, and you feel trouble from foul smell. That won’t happen with this AC.
  • The experts concluded that the AC is powerful enough to fight 54 degrees C outside. However, the makers settled on the 52 degrees C limit.
  • There won’t be any harmful odors or particles in the air. This Ac will filter everything for you, making the air fresh and healthy.
  • This AC can check abnormalities and failures. You won’t stay in the dark regarding whether the AC is functioning perfectly or not!
  • The operating voltage range of this AC is pretty wide, cutting off the requirement of a stabilizer (at least 1500-2000 rupees you save here).
  • Besides being a great heat-fighter, it is a superb AC for monsoon also, as it is an expert at controlling humidity in that season.

The Final Advice

The filtration is undoubtedly tremendous here. We would also highly recommend this Ac to those having newborn babies at home. It will protect your little ones from allergies. The compressor also lasts long.

Besides constant temperature and energy saving, the even air delivery and great overall cooling abilities make Voltas 183V CZT/183 VCZT2 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC worth purchase. So, buy this 1.5 Ton model and earn mental and physical peace!

7) Sanyo 20T3SCIA 2 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

Sanyo 20T3SCIA 2 Ton 3 Star InverterSplit AC

For covering a large area, you need a powerful AC, and most importantly, it must provide proper airflow thoroughly. Powerful AC doesn’t always mean high energy consumption. 1295.45 units are the annual energy consumption.

Around 200 sq. Ft. it can conveniently cover, but even if your room measures 25’x25’ (225 sq. ft.), this AC is the best solution.

With a 90% success rate and 50+ Amazon customer reviews, Sanyo 20T3SCIA is standing tall here! This inverter AC has 100% pure copper coils making sure that heat transfer happens faster.


  • Indoor Unit
  • Outdoor Unit
  • Remote Control
  • Inter Connecting Pipe
  • User Manual
  • 2 Batteries
  • Warranty Card

Why should You Buy?

  • Price is a big factor here. Sanyo 20T3SCIA proves to be a cheap and convenient solution, and we used the word “cheap” because if you find a 2 ton AC, which is equally functional and perfect, then around 45-50000, you need to spend!
  • You do expect a dependable filter in such AC, right? Yes, you’re definitely getting an expert filter system, which won’t let any harmful dust particles or such suspended particles harm you by causing allergies.
  • There is no uncertainty regarding any errors with this AC, as if anything goes the opposite way, this AC is smart enough to indicate the errors, and this highly helps in troubleshooting. Operating the remote control for temperature adjustment and turning On/Off in the dark is easy due to the backlit feature.
  • This AC has hydrophilic fins for ensuring high-level protection against salt and rust damage. These fins are entirely corrosion-resistant. As a result, the condenser lives longer.
  • Sanyo 20T3SCIA is capable of auto-adjusting temperature, ensuring a comfortable sleep at night.

The Final Advice

If even after being a heavy-duty AC, the energy consumption is too low, the AC is a beneficial purchase. Most importantly, you are not compromising with safety and cooling features, either.

How can we forget to mention, Sanyo 20T3SCIA is an eco-friendly thing. So, care about the environment, yourself, and also your electricity bills by buying Sanyo 20T3SCIA 2 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC.

You can know about the 1 & 1.5 ton “cheaper choices with the same brand” as well. Visit this review to get deep knowledge about why you should choose Sanyo AC.

8) LG 1 Ton KS-Q12YNZA Inverter Split AC

LG 1 Ton KS-Q12YNZA InverterSplit AC

Now, you might be considering, it’s just a 1 ton AC, and why would someone spend 40K for a 1-ton AC, when such models are available at around 25-30K rupees easily? Well, better, don’t worry that LG 1 KS-Q12YNZA Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC won’t return your money! Coverage area isn’t always the basic measurement to buy an AC.

This is undoubtedly covering a small area, but it carries a much powerful cooling system, a much powerful compressor, makes an exceptionally low noise, and brings some features that other 1-ton ACs are costing 25-30K won’t bring. The compressor is warranted for 10 years, that’s true!


  • Indoor Unit
  • Outdoor Unit
  • Remote Control
  • User Manual
  • 2 Batteries
  • Warranty Card

Why should You Buy?

ACs are looked upon as major reasons behind increasing global warming, as these release gases that highly damage the ozone layer. No such blame on LG 1 KS-Q12YNZA! It’s entirely eco-friendly.

  • The auto-clean feature of LG 1 KS-Q12YNZA is highly appreciable. It stops molds and bacteria from gathering inside the AC and emit brainstorming smells!
  • The filter of this AC is also capable of catching the micro-dust, and this AC’s filter was declared the best by our experts.
  • No worries regarding electricity consumption. The dual compressor ensures high savings with highly efficient cooling.
  • The cooling score of this AC is 5, which means this AC is powerful enough to work perfectly at high ambient temperature.
  • Special Ocean Black Protection is applied to both Indoor as well as Outdoor units for providing impressive durability for the AC in typical Indian regions that are affected by salt, sand, industrial smoke, & pollutants.

The Final Advice

If your home is on the roadside or at a place where pollution is higher than normal, then LG 1 KS-Q12YNZA Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC is the right solution for you.

As soon as you turn On this A, it will bring you a Himalaya sort of feel. Four-Step energy control is provided particularly for the extremely hot summer months, which leads to 40-80% of power consumption and saves 57% of energy.

LG 1 KS-Q12YNZA Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC is a perfect all-weather AC, and returns every penny you pay!

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9) LG Q18YNZA 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC

LG Q18YNZA 1.5 Ton Inverter SplitAC

Talking about reliable ACs, we can’t move further before mentioning LG Q18YNZA 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC. With 80% success & 300+ Amazon customer reviews, LG Q18YNZA is touching heights of success and pleasing everyone! You’ll be surprised to know, 835.50 (KWh) is the annual energy consumption.

Compressor with Gas Charging carries 10 years warranty. The LG Q18YNZA is itself warranted for 1 year. It’s undoubtedly the best AC 1.5 ton, and it served as the best ac in India 2017!


  • Indoor Unit
  • Outdoor Unit
  • User Manual
  • 2 Batteries
  • Remote Control
  • Warranty Card

Why should You Buy?

  • Of course, this AC is a supreme summer fighter, but its moisture-fighting capabilities are also highly appreciable. A sub-divided Temperature Control Matrix is provided especially for the humid Monsoon season, especially when the indoor temperature ranges 28-32 degrees C. The AC provides max comfort at low energy consumption in such humid conditions.
  • Using this AC will save around 55-60% of energy than ordinary ACs. Besides that, this AC is long-lasting. So, the benefits are definitely yours!
  • With pressing just one button, this AC gets on the turbo mode and instantly cools your room. Its cooling speed on its fast mode is better than several 45-50k rupees ACs. Himalaya Cool Technology is behind this success.
  • Special Ocean Black Protection provides high safety from salt, sand, industrial smoke, & pollutants and lets you lead a healthier life.
  • No mold formation will take place inside it. This AC is smart enough to keep itself clean.

The Final Advice

LG Q18YNZA 1.5 Ton is a super-duper 5-star energy saver AC that doesn’t let you complain regarding cooling abilities or safety features either. If you want fresh and healthy air, save money from electricity bills, want features, want looks, want this, that, etc., then buy LG Q18YNZA 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC and put ticks in front of all of those wishes of yours. It’s the best inverter Air Conditioner out there!

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10) Daikin FTKP50TV 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC 

Daikin FTKP50TV 1.5 Ton InverterSplit AC

At this price segment, the success rate of Daikin FTKP50TV 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC (4 Star) is the highest. This is the only AC at this price, touching an 85% success rate on Amazon. Well, it definitely needs to be! Daikin FTKP50TV is such a promising model. R32 is the refrigeration gas here, which is environment-friendly.

Just suppose there’s any part failure! Stop worrying! Protection or error code will be indicated by the AC itself, and it will shut off automatically to protect the system.


  • Indoor Unit
  • Outdoor Unit
  • 2 User Manuals
  • 2 Batteries
  • Remote Control
  • Warranty Card
  • Inter Connecting Pipe

Why should You Buy?

  • Its higher airflow volume and auto swing enables cool air to reach every single corner, which is very important for dealing with higher temperatures.
  • The 100% Copper Condenser comes with a Golden Fin coating. It ensures this AC’s protection in various weather conditions.
  • The high-density filters provide much more safety than regular ACs. The makers truly deserve appreciation for design such a decent and reliable filter. It cleans up over 80% of dust and pollens in contrast to regular AC filters.
  • Up to 12 fan speed grades are there for ensuring very accurate control as well as more comfortable airflow.
  • The horizontal flaps of this AC move horizontally for even distribution of air over a larger area.
  • The dehumidifying capabilities of this AC are highly appreciable. For that, there’s an independent dehumidification mode.

The Final Advice

Regarding safety, the makers of this AC have moved a step further. The new electrical control box design of this AC meets higher fire safety requirements for preventing internal fire because of electric spark accidents.

Besides saving much power, this AC operates pretty smoothly. One can definitely find the air fresher than other ACs! If your budget is adequate for Daikin FTKP50TV 1.5 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC, then definitely go for it!

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11) Carrier CAI18EK5R39F0 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC 

Carrier CAI18EK5R39F0 1.5 Ton InverterSplit AC

With a 80%+ success rate and 150+ Amazon customer reviews, Carrier CAI18EK5R39F0 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC is truly an unbeatable AC. Its energy efficiency will surprise you. In testing of the above 40000 rupees ACs, our experts measured that Carrier CAI18EK5R39F0 had the lowest operating noise. It was running at 42 dB max!

At this price, Carrier CAI18EK5R39F0 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC is the best one for the bedroom. Operation at 42 dB noise level can hardly trouble anyone! Ten years is the compressor warranty.


  • Indoor Unit
  • Outdoor Unit
  • User Manuals
  • Remote Control
  • Warranty Card
  • Connecting Pipe

Why should You Buy?

  • This AC perfectly operates at a lower voltage of 195V and in fierce temperatures. Normally, 150V-280V is the operating voltage range. Do you need a stabilizer? Well, there is no serious need!
  • It has R32 refrigerant gas. It is eco-friendly and much more efficient than R410A. The AC is warranted for 1 year.
  • This AC is powerful enough to chill a 180 sq. Rapidly. Ft room. If you really don’t need rapid chilling, then trust us, this AC is a decent choice for even a 15 ft by 15 ft room.
  • This AC is itself very smart. You won’t feel over-cool or temperature rise. Most importantly, it increases or decreases the room temperature at your convenience in very less time than several other AC models of similar price.
  • The dehumidifier works just great. You can use eco-play options to ensure minimal power consumption.
  • When you press any button, this AC’s remote lits up, making controls visible in the dark.

The Final Advice

Once you have installed Carrier CAI18EK5R39F0 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC, you don’t need to better about a single thing.
All you can do is just enjoy its cool breeze and heavenly fresh, dust-free, and pollen-free air. Durability isn’t a concern at all! Carrier CAI18EK5R39F0 is such a promising model.

We tested Carrier CAI18EK5R39F0 at New Delhi when the max temperature was crossing 48 degrees continuously for 4 days.
This AC consumed about 3.5-4.5 units per day on 15 hours of operation. This AC proves to be fantastic from all angles. Undoubtedly, Carrier CAI18EK5R39F0 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC is a win-win bet!

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Now, Let’s Cherish Some Window AC Choices Under 20000

Are you looking for the best cheap window air conditioner? We’ve got two ultimate ACs here, out of which both are window ACs. Durability isn’t a concern at all! So, be carefree, selecting either of the following.

These window ACs are extra recommendations here, but if you have made your mind to buy a window AC instead of a split one, then you definitely need to pay attention to these amazing models listed below.

1) Blue Star 3WAE081YDF Window AC 

Blue Star 3WAE081YDF Window AC

Here comes the cheapest and best window air conditioner in this guide. This is a 3-star rated AC, and even after being so cheap AC, it saves tons of energy. If your room is within 150 Sq. Ft. (as per our experts, otherwise the makers suggest 110 sq. ft. as the max coverage area), then rather than spending high, Blue Star 3WAE081YDF Window AC is the one to invest in. It definitely isn’t the world’s most impressive model, but it’ll serve you very well.


  • AC Unit
  • User manual
  • Remote Control
  • Warranty Card

Why should You Buy?

  • 650 units are the annual energy consumption of this AC, and talking about ACs; this is very low! You’re pretty beneficial here!
  • A 1-year warranty is for AC, while the compressor carries five years warranty.
  • Due to the copper condenser coil, the cooling takes place much faster than you expect, and also it requires low maintenance.
  • R410A gas is used as the refrigerant gas, which has no ozone depletion potential.
  • Anti-Freeze Thermostat present on the Indoor Coil protects the unit by stopping the compressor. It’s a great safety feature.
  • This AC comes with a Comfort Sleep feature that senses variation in indoor temperatures intelligently and adjusts the temperature accordingly to make you feel comfortable throughout the night.
  • You can reduce the excessive humidity within the room by turning On the dry mode.

The Final Advice

This AC doesn’t condensate water that accumulates and further reduces dust deposition, and renders unhindered cooling performance. Most of the cheap price ACs don’t bring that convenience. Also, this AC has anti-corrosive flue fins for resisting corrosion as well as facilitating max heat transfer. We conclude, Blue Star 3WAE081YDF Window AC is bang on bucks as it’s the cheap and best model available.

2) Voltas 1 Ton 3 Star Window AC

Voltas 1 Ton 3 Star WindowAC


Voltas is an expert at manufacturing ACs of tremendous style, and this 1-ton model impresses so high. It comes inverter compressor. This variable-speed compressor adjusts the power according to the heat load. Annual energy consumption is 884 units, and that’s too impressive. Yes, you can see the 3-star label over there, yeah! The 1-year warranty is there with AC, and that no surprise, right? The surprise is the 5-years warranty with the AC compressor! The R410A gas doesn’t lead to ozone depletion. It was the best double door refrigerator in India in 2017!


  • Indoor Unit
  • Outdoor Unit
  • User manual
  • Remote Control
  • 2 Batteries
  • Warranty Card
  • Connecting Pipes

Why should You Buy?

  • Due to its extra-strong compressor, the AC provides high relief even when it’s burning 52 degrees C outside.
  • This AC comes with special Technology ensuring even cooling whenever you turn it ON.
  • The Advanced Inverter Technology of this AC adapts to your cooling requirements, which clearly leads to a reduction of elect5ricity usage. Hence, overall power consumption is low.
  • It is a highly appreciated AC regarding low noise operation and multiple features.
  • The Multi-Port Fluid Injection utilizes the unique 4×4 evaporator circuit design in order to ensure rapid heat exchange, which further results in higher cooling capacity and also power savings.
  • You can turn on the Eco Mode to save more energy, most importantly, without compromising on the cooling.

The Final Advice

Fungal growth is a common issue with cheap ACs. As they cost cheaper, makers concentrate on attracting buyers by showing them numerous features, most of the time ignoring the fungal growth issue. This leads to a foul smell. Fortunately, with Voltas 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC, you enjoy the self-cleaning feature, which prevents fungal and bacterial growth in this AC and saving you from that unbearable foul smell. As Voltas 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC is costing low, bringing features, saving energy, and also ensuring low maintenance, then surely it’s worth your money!

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The air conditioning system is an important staple in most homes. With sweltering summer temperatures, the requirement for a cool revitalizing wind flowing throughout your home is becoming extra essential. ACs offer an essential function, cooling down the air temperature inside of your house to a proper level. There are many different sorts of air conditioning units out there, each with various abilities based on the rate that the air is lowered, performance, and durability of the equipment itself.

The cooling of the air generally involves a cycle of refrigeration as well as purification; nonetheless, in some instances, evaporation gadgets or totally free cooling devices are used. A few of the most recent models of ACs are much and hardly obvious smaller than their older precursors of the past. There are A few vital concerns that individuals ask before buying an AC. These may consist of, which kind of air conditioner is the best for my house?

Do I actually need an AC, or can I manage without it? How much cash will this cooling gadget cost me? How much weight do portable units have? All of these questions will certainly be answered in this helpful, informative guide to give you the most useful details and also the expertise that you require in order to make the best feasible choice for your house. Air conditioning units have been available in many different shapes and sizes.

In order to pick the appropriate kind of AC device, you need initially to evaluate where you are going to set up the system. From tiny studios and also houses to huge multi-room residences and also estates, there are several variables to take and also consider into account when assessing the best type of air conditioning unit.

Avoid these 6 Common mistakes when installing an AC

In case you are someone who has only bought a new AC for your office or home and waiting to get it installed, only being aware of the following 6 errors, you’ll be able to prevent them. It’s essential to remember that there’re several things, which can possibly turn out to be wrong with the installation process of an AC, and this probably hinders the working. The following are the 6 most common AC installation mistakes to avoid that one should know about.

1.) Absence of insulation on the suction line

It’s essential that whoever comes to install your AC insulates the refrigerant on the line of suction. Then what happens is that in case there is no insulation, the AC’s efficiency goes down considerably. A similar issue is also caused when the insulation is done wrongly. So, keep in mind to watch out for both of these situations so that they can be prevented.

2.) There are correct angles with the suction line

In case the suction line has correct angles, then what happens is that these correct angles lead to a lot of resistance, near to 60 feet. However, in case the AC unit has to work much hard tob achieve the correct levels of cooling. Hence, you must try as well as avoid this situation by keeping an eye on the installation process closely.

3.) Improper size of the air conditioner unit is a simple AC installation mistake

The first and maybe the commonest AC installation mistake is the improper size of the air conditioner unit. The unit can be too small or very big. If it’s not of the perfect size, it may cool the location it is meant to, and on the other side, in case it’s very big, then it probably prevents dehumidification. Also, it may wear off the unit from being on/off on a regular basis.

4.) Imperfect wiring

Wiring is another thing that could go wrong when you install your AC, and a mistake with the wiring is actually one thing that can happen even with an expert if he was not paying attention during installation. In case the installation expert isn’t that experienced, then also he could do sloppy wiring work; besides being very risky, it may even create faults in your unit’s working. If there are any exposed wires, then do look further for repairing them.

5.) Lack of space between the wall and the AC unit

It’s certainly crucial that you leave sufficient space on all the sides of your unit. That way, proper airflow will take place, and your AC will function accurately. While you are installing, ensure you ask the expert to leave the proper amount of space for the sake of proper airflow. That also decreases the chances of your AC heating up and causing internal malfunctions in the future.

6.) Overlong refrigerant pipes

If you kept your refrigerant pipes too long, then you might face certain issues. The pipes which connect the indoor and outdoor units of a central AC must not be kept that long. This will disturb the AC’s performance, and it will not be able to complete the cooling cycle properly. Overlong refrigerant pipes make compressors work continuously, and that elevates your electricity bills sometimes.

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Best Air Conditioner Brands in India

There is no best air conditioner brand in the world. Different brands are dominating in different places. Similarly, some brands are fulfilling Indian needs better than other brands. Following are the top 8 brands for Best Inverter AC in India!

Our Expert’s top choice


The Sanyo Corporation manufactures products in a wide range, and Sanyo has been doing business since the mid-1900s for businesses and homes. The model uses R-410a refrigerant and also a DC inverter innovation, the two of which are energy-efficient and environment-friendly. Sanyo HVAC sells cooling & heating solutions for business and home purposes. Most of the products from this brand depend on exceptionally efficient heat pumps, though it additionally offers cooling units that rely on a compressor. This brand’s units are highly efficient and arrived in various form-factors for usage in various spaces. As a result, Sanyo is the best air conditioner brand in India currently.

Value for money


Regarding value for money, Voltas is the best AC company in India. Developed in the year 1954, Voltas is an Indian international business with its head office located in Mumbai, India. The business since inception has actually been solely producing world-class AC together with other cooling systems. Considering that the emphasis of this business gets on one sort of electric home appliance, Voltas has actually been successful in obtaining the count of millions of individuals throughout the world.

The proof of the businesses can be seen in the superbly tall Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which is completely covered with air conditioners coming from Voltas. Not just AC units, but we’ve picked some amazing Voltas air coolers as well.


Declaring to be the best air conditioning system worldwide, this Japanese brand has actually secured the very first spot on the list. ACs of this brand have the highest need in the global market as they make use of effective and efficient Japanese technology in their item. Probably their weapon to defeat all the other brands is the introduction of Daikin Inverter AC, which takes in less power to air condition work environment or residence.


This is another multinational company having its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. A few of the best sorts of air conditioners have actually been created by Hitachi for international customers as well as the brand has actually used invincible technologies like the marvelous elf cleansing system as well as a tremendous cooling impact. The firm is widely recognized to generate appliances through lasting development by decreasing greenhouse gas exhausts and also to delight in reduced usage of power.

Best quality


Now, Blue Star is the most impressive company in India regarding the overall quality of its products. The company Blue Star was established in the year 1943. It has recently teamed up with Hitachi, one more prospering international business. Owing to the most recent modern technology used in their ACs, the company has a high demand and appeal for their items. Their models have been affordable. Further, special care has been taken by Blue Star for designing fantastic products that fulfill the requirements of the consumer to the maximum.


The multinational brand has established its headquarters in Michigan, USA. It is one of the most popular brands of people who are searching for some of the very best air conditioners at truly budget-friendly rates. This is mainly as a result of their turbo cool as well as MPFI technology. These are the newly developed modern technologies of the brand. The exclusive attribute of the firm is its MPFI technology under which a proper circuit style is offered fast warmth exchange, with the help of a Japanese Compressor and usage of all the copper internals.


Life’s Great is the tagline of this brand, and without a doubt, life is great with L.G. ac units! Stemming from South Korea, the company has rapidly and capably risen to success. The company has actually been successful in creating a few ideal house digital home appliances. These consist of televisions, air conditioning, fridges, etc. A selection of technologies such as jet cooling systems, inverter innovation, and plasma filtering have actually made the company stand apart in the global market. Apart from their comprehensive innovations, minimal usage of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) for the air conditioning duct is yet an additional reason for the success of this brand name.

High reliability


The Company Samsung has its origins in South Korea. Their first manufacturing plant was in Noida. Since that time, Samsung has continued to expand its business worldwide. Currently, Samsung enjoys the credibility of being one of the biggest businesses in the global market. It also has increased in various countries in order to ascertain its visibility. Samsung currently offers a large range of electrical appliances such as Refrigerators, kitchen devices, Air Conditioners, etc.


Godrej was founded in the year 1897 by Pirojsha Burjoji Godrej and Ardeshir Godrej. Its Godrej Group headquarters are located in Mumbai, India. It has come a long way, and Godrej presently offers a wide variety of electrical appliances. They manufacture kitchen appliances, air conditioners, refrigerators, induction cooktops, etc. The models manufactured by Godrej are eco-friendly, consume less power, and cost-effective. A number of other features are offered in various newly released AC models. These include auto clean or blow function, Memory function, Air Swing, Timer, etc.

Points to Focus While Buying an Air Conditioner

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There are countless different points to think about when attempting to determine which device is the best for your house, such as the number of rooms remain in your home, what is the size of your room, is there a ventilation system in position, and also will certainly the AC unit be inside or outside of the home.

For bigger residences, an extra expensive and intricate cooling system will probably be required to give the necessary power as well as cooling down to get to throughout the entire home. For smaller-sized houses or workshops, only one or two spaces are required to cool down, thus alleviating any kind of extreme adjustments and also enabling the versatile application of a smaller cooling unit. Location and also environmental seasons/temperatures additionally play an essential role.

1. Consider the Space You Want to be Cooled

Some people like to keep their attic rooms or garages cooled down by the AC for storage space objectives, as well as some individuals simply intend to have their bedroom cooled down. It is crucial to also consider added rooms or smaller-sized spaces in the house that you are thinking about applying your Air Conditioning system to reach.

2. Material and Construction of Your Home and Walls

One more important factor to consider is the top quality as well as the material of the house. Older constructed houses are most likely to take in the warmth and also keep hotter air than other house facilities with special chemical compounds in the walls as well as paint that is made to mirror warmth. You require to do the appropriate due persistence before investing in an air conditioning unit and identify just how your home impacts your AC plans. When trying to figure out which Air Conditioner option is ideal for you, many air conditioning installment firms provide complimentary residence inspections that take numerous different variables into account.

3. The Surrounding Environment and the Location of your Home

An essential idea that you need to think about is where your home is located and also the environment that you are bordered by.Is your area continuously under the sunlight, or do you live in a house with tall trees that shield you from the heat? Are there mountains or hills nearby that the sun drops past at a specific time on a daily basis?

Do you stay in a moist dessert or moist swampland where the weather isn’t also hot, yet the moisture is very high? You require to take every one of these points right into account when intending on getting an air conditioning unit since getting the right gadget for your residence as well as for your cash requires taking every one of these exterior variables into consideration.

4. What is the ideal area to place your Air Conditioner Unit?

There are different kinds of air conditioning systems that can be thought about. You can acquire special Air Conditioning units that are set up in windows, connected to the floor, or linked to a wall. Some systems lie beyond the home, while others can be placed in an extra, very discreet location. There are additionally various types, from portable AC devices and central coolants to split or ductless coolants.

5. Financial Costs

Lastly, you must consider the financial implication while purchasing an AC and also exactly how various tools can correspond to different expenses. Bigger ACs need more power to run, and also hotter environments require the Air Conditioning system to be on for a longer time period. The ACs that you acquisition can take a big piece out of your utility costs every month if you aren’t cautious, so ensure what you’re obtaining and also investigate your choices thoroughly before you proceed with any kind of significant acquisition.

Types of Air Conditioning Units

We can’t point out one model as the best AC in India, as several sorts of models serve in several ways. Well, how many sorts are there? There are many different sorts of air conditioning devices, so choosing the best one and also the best dimension for your home is of miraculous value. Whether you prefer a premium AC or simply need something little to get you via a couple of weeks, this guide will reveal to you your alternatives.

Portable Air Conditioners

These Air Conditioning units are, as the description states, mobile and portable. They are flooring systems normally with wheels that cool down areas down by eliminating warmth out of the air and also evaporating it, then returning the air much cooler into the same room. Nevertheless, the one catch with these devices is that they also exhaust the warm air too from a different exhaust port in the device.

This implies that they need to be put near a home window or semi-outdoor location in order for the hot air to be launched out and also away while the great air is blown into your house. These portable ACs are usually on the reduced end of the cost spectrum. Some portable ACs can be rather costly.

Advantages of Portable Air Conditioners

  • Dual exhaust ports, one is for launching cool air, and one is for warm air.
  • It can be configured to fit in a particular size area or house.
  • Features a special do-it-yourself package, which allows you to configure the exhaust ports to your liking.
  • Extremely moveable & portable, you can move these from space to room effortlessly.
  • Cheaper than the majority of various other AC units.[/su_box]
Window Air Conditioners

These air conditioning units are put in the home window structures, with fifty percent within the home and also the other fifty percent sticking out of the home window.

These are very generally seen in apartments. These ACs are particularly made to be set up in a home window or square area, with the objective behind the device is to wear down hot air out the back while blowing great air right into the home.

Advantages of window air conditioner

  • It is Developed to be placed on the frame of the window or in a tiny window hole that can simply manage the weight of a box-sized AC unit.
  • Normally square or box-shaped, these AC units vary in dimension from tiny to huge.
  • These ACs are semi-portable. Commonly requiring a bit much more installment than the portable AC systems, the window ACs must be attached or latched to the window frame. They can still be gotten rid of and positioned in one more home window must the need emerge.
  • Liberate flooring room for furnishings or other objects in your home.
The Wall Air Conditioner

The Air Conditioner unit has a lot more modern visual look and also sits thinly along the wall, pretty much as your HD TV would.

This alternative is very similar to the home window models, and also the with the wall surface air conditioning devices additionally do not have any type of exhaust vent to eschew hot air due to an absence of accessibility to the outdoors.

Advantages of through the wall air conditioner

  • Created to be put on a wall, these ACs have more advanced technology as well as are much thinner than other Air Conditioning devices.
  • These ACs are surprisingly hefty. They don’t have any exhaust port for warm air and also have a stronger air conditioning power than the previous 2 options.
  • These gadgets maximize your floor space along with your window views. They can attach effortlessly to the wall surfaces and also have a clean-cut, contemporary look.
  • It throws lots of cooling power, keeping spaces remarkably cool for hotter climates.
Ductless/Split Air Conditioner

Taken into consideration among the most preferred of all the cooling devices, the ductless ACs are known for their impressive high-efficiency cooling mechanisms.

This is the system that will certainly offer you the most bang for your money. The ductless system normally runs by having a primary exterior system with numerous mini hubs positioned throughout the home to supply cooling down throughout.

Advantages of Ductless/Split Air Conditioner

  • Wall surface placed worked with a system that enables each room to be environment controlled for maximum adaptability.
  • The major system is put outdoors with cooling lines that run into your home to the different ports placed throughout different spaces.
  • This system is an astonishingly peaceful, reduced account, and also efficient in cooling down several spaces in your home at once.
  • It can be placed in special strategic areas throughout your house.

Other Questions and Answers Wroth Knowing:

1. Which is the most energy-efficient AC?

Energy star is a rating that determines which ac system is energy efficient or otherwise. The Energy Star program requires air conditioner developers to quality and also fulfill their standards, and also, once they fulfill them, they can make use of the energy star logo on the AC verifying that their air conditioning unit satisfies the standard. For customers, the capability in BTU is normally the factor to check out. The greater Capability or BTU suggests the AC will take more power; however, it will certainly likewise cool huge space quicker. On the other hand, an ac unit with reduced BTU will eat much less energy.

2. What is an Inverter Air Conditioner?

An inverter air conditioning system unit has the variable speed compressor motor, which adjusts the refrigerant flow inside it for controlling its cooling as well as warming limit as required.  The speed of the blower motor in the inverter unit is actually proportional to the recurrence of the supply of power. It uses the variable-frequency censer for controlling the speed of the engine that’s fact regulates the flow of refrigerant inside the unit for providing the perfect measure of cooling and warming as required. This disposes of the frequent stop/start cycles, thereby expanding the unit’s energy efficiency in the long run.

3. What is a Non-Inverter Air Conditioner?

A non-inverter air conditioner has a fixed-speed compressor engine. In contrast to inverter units, they usually work on an “all or none” guideline meaning the compressor automatically on/off as opposed to running at a max speed constantly. The compressor automatically turns off when the desired temperature limit is reached and begins again when the temperature increments.  Due to continuous on-off cycles, the compressor consistently works at high power that makes a ton of noise when running, thereby consuming greater electricity on occasion, making them low energy efficient when compared with their inverter counterparts.

What’s the difference between inverter AC and normal AC?

1. Innovation in Inverter and Non-Inverter AC

An inverter, usually, is a gadget for changing the sort of current from AC to DC or vice-versa. In terms of air conditioner units, the Inverter is used for controlling the power supply recurrence of the compressor engine for changing the cooling/warming limit of the unit. An inverter climate control system contains a variable speed compressor. It manages the temperature for providing the perfect measure of cooling as well as warming as required. A non-inverter AC system, on the contrary, has a fixed-speed compressor. It chips works at an “all/none,” which means it automatically switches on/off when needed. 

2. The activity of Inverter and Non-Inverter AC

Most importantly, an inverter AC system adjusts the speed of the compressor for controlling the progression of the refrigerant so as to direct the molded space temperature as required. At the point when the AC is turned on, the compressor inside the unit runs at max speed constantly without starting and stopping regularly. Firstly, this guarantees the exact cooling/heating force as needed. A non-inverter climate control system conveys a fixed measure of power dependent on your room temperature. This causes the compressor to get turned off when the ideal room temperature is reached. Further, it starts again when the temperature increments. 

3. Energy Efficiency

The main contrast between the Inverter and non-inverter AC is the way in which they operate around room temperature. The cooling, as well as heating, is a mechanized procedure in inverter AC units. The sensor inside the AC adjusts the power supply as per your room temperature. It consequently decreases power utilization. This makes it more energy-efficient when compared with a non-inverter partner. A non-inverter unit goes on/off to keep the temperature inside a specific threshold around your room temperature. This makes it less eco-friendly. 

4. The noise of Inverter and Non-Inverter AC

An inverter AC warming/cooling limit changes dependent upon the temperature of the room and the open-air temperature. The compressor inside the unit doesn’t go off/on as frequently as the non-inverter partner does. Hence, it continues working at a moderate temperature constantly. Firstly, it’s much quieter in operations. A non-inverter AC system is less efficient with regard to operations. They consequently turn on/off constantly, thereby making a lot of noise when compared with the inverter unit. It works somewhat harder as its operations hence contribute to a lot more noise. 

5. Cost of Inverter and Non-Inverter AC

Most Importantly, the quieter & smoother operation with energy efficiency technology just adds the expense of inverter AC units. They are the most recent of the technology used in the AC units against the non-inverter types that put the inverter air conditioners somewhat more on the higher side with regards to cost. Inverter AC units are usually more costly in contrast to non-inverter ACs that are essentially less expensive. However, the installation of a non-inverter cooling gadget unit will maybe cost more than what the inverter AC will cost.

A Quick Recap of 13 Best Inverter AC in India

Sanyo 1 Ton 3 Star 8.7 Under 25,000 Buy on Amazon
AmazonBasics 1 Ton 3 Star 8.4 Under 25,000 Buy on Amazon
AmazonBasics 1.5 Ton 3 Star 8.6 Under 30,000 Buy on Amazon
Godrej 1.5 Ton 3 Star 8.5 Under 30,000 Buy on Amazon
Sanyo 1.5 Ton 5 Star 8.6 Under 35,000 Buy on Amazon
Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star 8.4 Under 35,000 Buy on Amazon
Sanyo 2 Ton 3 Star 8.9 Under 40,000 Buy on Amazon
LG 1 Ton 5 Star 8.7 Under 40,000 Buy on Amazon
LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star 9.1 Under 50,000 Buy on Amazon
Daikin 1.5 Ton 4 Star 9.0 Under 50,000 Buy on Amazon
Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star 8.8 Under 50,000 Buy on Amazon
Blue Star 0.75 Ton 3 Star 8.5
Under 20,000 Buy on Amazon
Hitachi 1 Ton 3 Star 8.5 Under 20,000 Buy on Amazon

The Conclusion

Those AC models were awesome. Well, do you remember which AC is the best in which case? Well, if not, then what about a rapid revision?

Are you looking for the overall Best window AC in India 2021 for smaller rooms/offices? You need to buy Blue Star 3WAE081YDF Window AC. At a similar cost, Voltas 1 Ton 3 Star Window AC is the best cheap 1 Ton, model.

Under 30K price, Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC serves you the best. Godrej 1.5 Ton Split AC (3 Star) is the Best Inverter AC in India considering air filters. Sanyo 15T5SCIA 1.5 Ton Inverter AC impressed the most in terms of rapid cooling. Voltas CZT/183 VCZT2 1.5 Ton AC is the most consistent one. Regarding durability, Sanyo 20T3SCIA 2 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC stands the tallest.

The overall best 1-ton choice is LG 1 Ton KS-Q12YNZA Inverter Split AC, and the 1.5-ton choice is LG Q18YNZA 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC. Finally, Carrier CAI18EK5R39F0 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC operates at the least noise. So, let’s beat the heat now! Besides ACs, we’ve constructed best air coolers and ceiling fans reviews as well. So, if you wanna make your summers go peaceful, then do cherish!.


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