Best VOLTAS air cooler Reviews & Price Idea 2021

Best VOLTAS air cooler Reviews & Price Idea 2021
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Best VOLTAS Air Cooler Reviews & Price Idea 2021: Voltas is a 65 years old brand and was established in the year 1954. The Unitary Products group of business of Voltas is into different product categories, including air coolers, air conditioners, water coolers, commercial refrigerators, and water dispensers.

Voltas is among the best AC brand in India and has the biggest infrastructure. They serve their clients better across the breadth & length of the nation.

For customers looking for buying an air cooler, Voltas has various of them in their product line-up, which comprises of personal air coolers, desert air coolers, and window air coolers.

The air coolers arrive in a differing capacity, which ranges from 15-70 liters capacity. The power usage of these air coolers ranges 80-225 Watts relying upon the cooling capacity.

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They made the body of their air coolers with ABS plastic that is highly durable as well as provides long life. All of their air coolers are completely corrosion-free.

We’ve picked the top 5 best Voltas air cooler models.


Best VOLTAS air cooler Review & Price Idea 2021

Now let’s cherish the impressive Voltas air cooler price list.

Best VOLTAS air cooler Review
VOLTAS air cooler Voltas Desert Mega 70L 9.2 Under 15,000
Voltas Desert Grand 52E 8.9 Under 13,000
Voltas VN D50MH50L 8.8 Under 12,000
Voltas VI D45MW 45L 8.4 Under 8,000
Voltas Grand-72L 8.4
Under 11,000

We looked at voltas fresh air coolers price in india now lets cherish the full reviews of voltas air coolers.


VOLTAS air cooler

1.) Voltas Desert Cooler Mega 70L Review – Best voltas air cooler 70 ltr

Voltas Desert Cooler Mega 70L deserves the first position in our best Voltas air cooler review due to its fantastic performance. This sleek & elegant designed air cooler from Voltas isn’t only good in looks, but also provides chilled airflow and lover downs the temperature of your room rapidly.

It measures 65 x 96.5 x 51 cm and arrives with a 1-year warranty. Now let’s get deeper for cherishing Voltas Desert Cooler Mega 70L’s features & specifications. It’s also the best voltas air cooler humidity control.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • Large-sized fans are provided for rapidly cooling bigger spaces with higher speed and instant cooling.
  • The high-quality material used in Voltas Desert Cooler Mega makes it most durable and can be used for several years.
  • The caster wheels are there to ensure easy mobility, and these wheels are very helpful while moving the air cooler to different places.
  • Its motor has the Thermal Overload Protection, which offers reliable protection for motors in case of overload or phase failure.
  • Inverter compatibility is another advantage of Voltas Desert Cooler Mega 70L. The airflow is 4000 Cubic m/hr, which can easily cool large rooms or spaces at rapid speed.
  • There’s no need to check the water level of this air cooler again and again as the Empty Tank Alarm is there.
  • The Smart Humidity Controller optimizes the humidity in the air, and the speed can be adjusted to low, medium, and high from the speed controller.

The Final Advice!

Voltas Desert Cooler Mega 70L is truly a genius appliance, and it won’t let you down with its performance even after years of utilization. Most importantly, it has an anti-microbial water tank to inhibit microbial growth on the water tank’s surface, which will extend its life. Thus, Voltas Desert Cooler Mega 70L carries various benefits, and we highly recommend it, and for knowing voltas, personal air cooler price tap the button below.


VOLTAS air cooler

2.) Voltas Desert Cooler Grand 52 L Review – Best voltas air cooler with remote

Voltas Desert Cooler Grand 52 L is the best air cooler from the fantastic desert series of Voltas. You’ll be impressed with it’s turbo air throw and triple filter advantage. The honey comb cooling pads work fabulous and provides uniform cooling.

It’s body is also completely made of ABS plastic like the previously discussed model. It measures 68 x 108 x 46 cm and the net weight is 17.5kg. Low, medium, and high are the adjustable speed settings, can be set by it’s remote or the control panel.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • The Caster wheels ensure easy mobility and can be easily moved according to your needs.
  • Want to cool your room faster? Then Air Cooler Swing Control Oscillating will be highly helpful.
  • Voltas has made it compact in size, along with a big water tank. You can use it contentiously for 8 hours straight after fully loading its 52L water tank.
  • The automatic detection of the low level of water in the tank will give you alerts for pouring water, no hassle of checking water level several times.
  • Does power cutout is your another problem? Well, no issue, Voltas Desert Cooler Grand 52 L is compatible with every inverter.
  • Voltas Desert Cooler Grand 52 L carries the warranty of 1-year. This air cooler is great at working silently.

The Final Advice!

Voltas Desert Cooler Grand 52 L is highly suitable for medium-sized rooms, and it’ll decrease your room’s temperature by 5°C in just 15 minutes. Mostly, air coolers come with push buttons or turnable switches, but here, no need to disturb yourself while watching tv or sleeping, just adjust the settings from the remote according to your needs.

You’re getting Voltas Desert Cooler Grand 52 L with 2 thousand rupees lesser than Voltas Desert Cooler Mega 70L while providing almost the same features. In our testing, Voltas Desert Cooler Grand 52 L proved itself much beneficial than voltas vd p20mh 20l personal air cooler. For knowing voltas, fresh air cooler price tap the button below.


VOLTAS air cooler

3.) Voltas VN D50MH Desert Cooler 50ltr Review – Best voltas air cooler 50 ltr

Voltas VN D50MH Desert Cooler 50ltr is the second-best air cooler from the desert series of Voltas. An air cooler is the best solution for killing heat during high temperatures, and Voltas VN D50MH Desert Cooler has all the abilities to provide absolute relief during summer.

It ensures instant cooling with thicker honeycomb cooling pads. It has 50-liters of tank capacity and carries 12 months warranty. High-quality ABS plastic is used in Voltas VN D50MH Desert Cooler’s body for enhancing the durability.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • 3 turnable switches are present on the control panel for controlling speed (high, medium, or low), changing airflow swiping, and for turning on/off the water pump.
  • No need for opening and closing this air cooler, the water level indicator is present.
  • The fan diameter is 16.5 inches and is capable of cooling the space up to 475 sq feet. Its maximum distance of throwing air is 22 ft.
  • It measures 68.5 x 108 X 46 cm and can be used for 7-8 hours continuously. Pouring water in it will be a breeze as the autofill water tank feature is available.

The Final Advice!

Voltas VN D50MH Desert Cooler 50ltr carries extraordinary features at around 12k rupees and will provide you chilling air through the hot summer days. Most importantly, you’re also getting the humidity control, which will optimize your room’s humidity, and this feature is only available in air coolers costing a minimum of 15-16 thousand rupees.

After testing Voltas VN D50MH Desert Cooler’s overall performance, we highly recommend it, and for knowing the air cooler of voltas price, tap the button below.


VOLTAS air cooler

4.) Voltas VI D45MW 120 Watt 45 Liters Air Cooler Review

Here comes Voltas VI D45MW 120-Watt Cooler (45 Ltr), which is perfectly suitable for medium or small-sized rooms. It’s compact in size but provides the turbo airflow of 3000 Cubic m/hr. You’re getting 45 liters of water tank capacity that can easily run up to 6 hours.

It arrives with a 1-year warranty, and just 120 watt is what energy it will consume, no issue with electricity bill at all, even after running it often. The powerful fan of 14 inches diameter is provided, ideal for the small and medium-sized room.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • The wood wool pads work flawlessly, makes your room even cooler with optimum cooling.
  • Mostly, cheap air coolers have the biggest issue of high noise, but Voltas VI D45MW 120-Watt Cooler is great at silent operations.
  • After pouring water, air coolers become heavy, but here, the caster wheel is provided for moving it to different places while enhancing mobility.
  • The body of Voltas VI D45MW is fully made of ABS plastic, no issue regarding durability. 2 turnable valves are there, for speed control and water pumping on/off, you can even set it to airflow sweeping mode for cooling the room instantly.
  • The water level indicator is there, no need for opening and closing it for tracking water level.

The Final Advice!

Having a low spending budget but need efficient cooling in summer? Well, Voltas VI D45MW 120-Watt Cooler comes at your home at almost half price when compared with top 3 Voltas air coolers mentioned in this review, while lacking just 1-2 features but providing all the essential features required. Our expert team suggests you clean it ones per month, and it will greatly enhance its lifetime.

In our testing, voltas air cooler vj p15mh failed in providing better results than Voltas VI D45MW. The performance of Voltas VI D45MW 120-Watt Cooler was appreciable, and for knowing it’s the price, tap the Voltas air cooler amazon purchase button below.


VOLTAS air cooler

5.) Voltas Grand-72 Desert Cooler Review

Voltas Grand 72L Desert Cooler is equipped with a powerful surround cooling system, which will let the cool air to spread through all of the corners of your room. Also, it’s a great mid-class Indian’s choice nowadays.

It’s a power-packed compact-sized personal air cooler and is capable of throwing air up to 30 feet. 68.5 cm is it’s height and comes with 12 months of warranty time. This air cooler model measures 68.5 x 116.5 x 46cm , and the net weight is just 15kg.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • Having the blower of an 8-inch diameter is much beneficial than plastic fans as the blower makes 40% lesser noise than a plastic fan as well as ensures higher durability.
  • The honeycomb cooling pads are provided for ensuring optimum cooling.
  • Looks very attractive with sleek design along with blue & green stylish lines at the bottom.
  • It’s not that complex to use, but still, the user manual is there to guide you.
  • The 8-inch diameter of the caster wheel is what increases the mobility of this personal air cooler.
  • Yes, the water level indicator is present for tracking the water level status.
  • Low, medium, and high are the speed levels, and air swiping is possible in this personal air cooler. These actions can be easily done with the help of 2 turntable valves available in its control panel.
  • Basically, such personal air coolers much electricity but Voltas Grand 72L Desert Cooler saves much energy, and ensuring optimum chilled air throw.

The Final Advice!

Are you tired of the heat? Just turn it ON and feel the chilled airflow, it will rapidly decrease your body’s temperature. Since its a TATA product, you can blindly trust this for quality. Working in high temperatures may lead to more stress, and for killing that heat, use Voltas Grand 72L Desert Cooler. It’s highly suitable for room, office, garage, etc. According to experts, Voltas Grand 72L Desert Cooler is a very durable investment.

Best VOLTAS air cooler Review & Price Idea 2021: The Conclusion

Voltas has done a tremendous job with their air coolers, and no matter what are your room’s dimensions, you will find a suitable Voltas air cooler for yourself. Most importantly, their coolers are exceptionally powerful and promise low energy consumption. Besides that, Voltas builds them for for tackling the load of continuously working for hours.

Let’s recall the best Voltas air coolers now!

Desert Cooler Mega 70L is the overall best model to buy, as power, features, durability, speed, etc. everything is on the positive side. Desert Cooler Grand 52E is the best Voltas air cooler with remote. For a medium-sized room, the 50L model is going to do. You should buy VN D50MH Plastic Desert for sure. VI D45MW 120-Watt 45L model is also doing a similar job. If a small size cooler is what you want, then VD P20MH 20-Litre Personal Cooler is the one for you!

We’ve also mentioned voltas air cooler customer care number below for fixes and repairs. It is – 1860-599-4555. So, in case something in your Voltas cooler threats you, just give a ring!

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