Best Air Cooler in India For Home And Office Use Price List & Buying Guide (Updated July 2021)

Best Air Cooler in India For Home And Office Use Price List & Buying Guide (Updated July 2021)

Through this article, we are helping you in beating the heat in upcoming summers. It’s true that no matter which part of India you are living in, you can’t do without an air cooler at a certain point in time.

A large portion of the Indian public prefers an air cooler over AC, as it is cheaper and much cost-effective regarding long-term use.

When it is 40-45 degrees outside, you definitely can’t battle with the heat just with table or ceiling fans. As a result, an air cooler becomes a compulsory thing for us to have.

Certain times it happens that the air cooler works properly for a couple of summers and then quit! You are left with no choice other than to buy a new one.

We won’t let that happen!

We’ve fully tested 117 air coolers, out of which we’ve chosen the best air coolers under various price categories. All are durable.

The air throw isn’t the only thing to consider in an air cooler; there is much more!

Read our guide to dive deeper!

We’ve chosen the following coolers from various companies, regardless of the price category. If you’re considering a specific air cooler price category, no worries, we’ve formatted our further review like that only. Further, tap the links to reach respective, fully explained reviews. 

Here comes the table indicating price idea, helping you to buy an air cooler online.

Here's the price list from various air cooler brands explanation which is the best model

Best Air cooler in India Symphony Siesta 70 L Review 9.4 Under 12,000
Best Air cooler in India Voltas Desert Mega 70L Review 9.3 Under 15,000
Best Air cooler in India Voltas Desert Grand 52E Review 9.2 Under 13,000
Best Air cooler in India Kenstar Wonder 55L Review 9.1 Under 13,000
Best Air cooler in India Bajaj DC2015 43L Review
9.0 Under 11,000
Symphony Ice Cool 27 L Review 8.6 Under 6,000
Symphony Hicool i 31L Review 8.2 Under 10,000
Orient CD-6501H 65L Review 9.0 Under 15,000
Kenstar Turbocool RE 40L Review 9.4 Under 5,000
Orient DX CP1601H 16L Review 9.1 Under 5,000

We face tremendous furious summers in most parts of India. It becomes tough to switch off the cooler even for 10 minutes. You go, restless! Guys, an air cooler is also a machine that needs rest!

We were shocked knowing, even the best air coolers had bad customer reviews!

A big reason behind bad reviews was durability, but one needs to understand that the durability of any machine depends upon how you used it and how much do you look after it. 

No matter you’ve brought a very expensive air cooler, but still, if you are running it day and night, it will collapse soon. Then you’ll write a negative review on Amazon, right?

Rather than considering the customer reviews, we have trusted the professional testers, who went deeply through the hardware, machinery, and build of these air coolers and designed various stages for testing these.

Further, we’ve picked the following…

Under 5000

You might think that how long can an air cooler last, costing below 5000 when many expensive ones quit after a given time? Guys, stop guessing!

We’ve chosen 2 tremendous air coolers under 5000, which won’t just last longer, but also their air throwing capacity will highly impress you.

1.) Kenstar Turbocool RE 40L – Now, very fewer air coolers in India were able to compete with the Kenstar Turbocool RE 40L model as it provides various fabulous facilities, which are really rear to get below 5000 rupees. Tap the ….. READ MORE!

2.) BMS Lifestyle TF-708 – BMS Lifestyle TF-708 is the cheapest air cooler from ORIENT, having abundant features and the fastest motor speed of 5000 RPM, hard to believe, right? However, the best thing about this air cooler was READ MORE!

Under 6000

In under We’ve chosen five highly convenient and high selling air coolers in under 6000 rupees price category. Both are from highly trusted brands.

1.) Symphony ice Cool 27 L – The Symphony Ice Cube 27L Air Cooler is an amazing perfectly designed tower-style model, which has a great airflow speed as well as the i-Pure technology. Our expert team found some 0ther amazing features during Symphony Ice Cube 27L Air Cooler’s test, which were READ MORE!

2.) Bajaj Platini PX97 36L – If your search is based on compactness, portability, and durability at a low budget, then the Bajaj Platini PX97 torque (36L) room air cooler model is a perfect suit for you. You’ll be shocked by knowing that Bajaj Platini PX97 can… READ MORE!

3.) Kenstar Kenstar Little Dx 12L – Now, are you searching for bulk facilities at a reasonable price? Well, the Little DX-12 model will cheer you then. It has 3-speed settings, inverter compatibility, highly efficient Honeycomb evaporative pads, and the main feature about this air cooler was…READ MORE!

4. ) Bajaj Frio 23L – Want a cheap yet powerful air cooler having abundant features? Well, after spending not much, arrives your home Bajaj 23L air cooler, which looks decent as well as performs awesomely. It comes with 4 castor wheels, 1350RPM of motor speed, 23L of water tank capacity, but Bajaj has also provided… READ MORE!

5. ) Voltas VD P20MH 20L – Voltas VD P20MH 20L Personal Cooler is equipped with a powerful surround cooling system. Also, it’s the best tata voltas air cooler (20L) from the personal air cooler series of Voltas. Want to know about its amazing features? Tap the read more button then… READ MORE!

Under 7000

Again we’ve got 2 choices for you. Both are having below 150 Amazon customer reviews, and surprisingly, the reviews aren’t good either. 

The same thing does on with those air coolers, which have over 2000 Amazon customer reviews. The reviews are bad there as well.

I request, better, don’t consider them. If we start putting more emphasis on customer reviews only, then you’ll never be able to buy an air cooler for yourself.

1.) Bajaj MD2020 54 L – Can you believe, by spending below 7K rupees, you’re getting the capacity of 54 Litres in a cooler! It is tremendous enough for cooling 400 Sq. Ft. room. IT has an amazing air delivery of 3600 cubic meters per hour. Also, you’ll be amazed to know what it has…READ MORE!

2.) Orient Dx CP2002H 20L – Orient Dx CP2002H 20L is truly a perfectly built air cooler, which ensures 4-way cooling that leads to a rapid drop-down in your room’s temperature. Its Honeycomb pads have 45% more water retention as well as 25% more cooling. Orient Dx CP2002H 20L has some other surprising features, tap the button ‘read more’ for knowing them… READ MORE!

Under 10000

Now start the expensive air cooler, and fortunately, three air coolers passed our testing hurdles this time. As all of them are from different manufacturers, the first time, you’ll feel a bit confused, but let use clear, any of the following four prove to be a safe purchase. All are well-tested by our team.

Read their features carefully, pick the air cooler that suits your needs, and if you expect more features, then we have under 15000 rupees categories also. Well, who knows, you get the same convenience in any of the following…

1. ) Bajaj DC2015 43L – Bajaj DC2015 43L is our first recommendation in our best Bajaj air cooler review due to its popularity and unbeatable features.

During Bajaj DC2015 43L’s test, our experts found some other fabulous features (that are not mentioned in Amazon.) The biggest advantage with Bajaj DC2015 regarding…… READ MORE!

2.) Symphony Hicool i 31L – Symphony Hicool I Air Cooler is giving tough competition to the best air coolers available in India. Besides sleek & attractive design, high build quality, supreme air delivery, humidity control feature, there’s much in Symphony Hicool I Air Cooler to surprise you…READ MORE!

3.) Voltas VI D45MW 45L – If we talk about Voltas VI D45MW 120-Watt Air Cooler, It’s perfectly suitable for medium & small-sized rooms with having 45L of high water tank capacity and turbo airflow of 3000 Cubic m/hr. The surprising fact about this air cooler is…READ MORE!

Under 15000

Now, if there are 15000 rupees or so in your wallet, then ultimate coolers are waiting for you, and if you use any of the following coolers appropriately, then they won’t let you complain.

The cooling quality is exceptional, and we promise that these coolers will never let heat harm you, no matter it is burning 50 degrees Celcius outside.

1.) Symphony Siesta 70 L (best air cooler in India 2019 with price under control!) – Symphony Siesta 70L was the first recommendation in our Best Symphony Air Cooler Review as it provides truly a tremendous performance in every department.

The perfectly designed grill provides max airflow without making any noise. No other air cooler can defeat Symphony Siesta 70L regarding… READ MORE!

2.) Voltas Desert Mega 70L – Need an air cooler for a big room or space? Well, Voltas Desert Cooler Mega 70L not only has a 70L large water capacity but also has a caster wheel for mobility. Besides humidity control and Thermal Overload Protection, it carries much more tremendous features such as… READ MORE! (best air cooler with humidity control in India)

3.) Voltas Desert Grand 52E – Voltas Desert Grand 52E is among the best desert air cooler having 52L water tank capacity and Swing Control Oscillating.

It was also the best air cooler with a remote in our best Voltas air cooler review. There’s a lot to explore in Voltas Desert Grand 52E’s review, so tap the read more button and know some deep knowledge (PROVIDED BY OUR EXPERT TEAM)…READ MORE!

4.) Bajaj DC2015 43L – Talking about the most popular and best Bajaj air cooler, Bajaj DC2015 43L is at the first position. It’s perfect for even 750 sq.ft (based on our testing), and its turbo-fast airflow can reach up to 48ft. and 4000 cubic meters per hour, but the most impressive fact about Bajaj DC2015 43L was READ MORE!

5.) Orient CD-6501H 65L – By looks and build-quality, Orient Electric Ultimo CD-6501H Desert Air Cooler deserves the first position.

Not only looks, but Aerofan technology, Densenest technology honeycomb cooling pads, and much more features are also what Orient Electric Ultimo CD-6501H offers.

Also, in desert storm cooler price list, it’s the best value for money. The energy consumption of…..READ MORE!

Buying Guide

Evaporative cooling occurs naturally surrounding us. For example, you can feel it when you come out of the pool on a hot day and quickly feel a chill. These cooling effects happen as dry air passes water and will absorb a portion of the water.

This absorption happens when the temperature & vapor pressure of the water endeavor to adjust with the air. Therefore, water particles transform into gas atoms, and heat switches from the higher air temperature to the lower water temperature. Since the air flows normally, the region around it is cooled.

To reliably cool your home, residential air coolers expand on this natural phenomenon, utilizing a fan to draw warm and stale air inside the unit, in which it passes water-moistened pads for being cooled. Now, let’s know which features one finds in the Best Air cooler in India!

Design and Portability

If you need to utilize the air cooler as a fixed unit, you must consider an outside air cooler as it’ll save much space inside your house.

On the other side, if you’re searching for a portable air cooler that can be easily moved inside your house, search for an air cooler, which has a compact, upright design and strong wheels.

Buying an international air cooler brand will solve the dilemma of design& quality for you. For example, excellent air coolers from trusted brands are manufactured using solid plastic and metal parts, which make them ideal for Indian homes.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of the air coolers makes them the favored choice of Indian family households. However, do check the energy consumption figures for the air cooler units before purchasing one. If you’re purchasing an air cooler for an enormous coverage area, expect the power used to rise in proportion with the area of coverage.

Ice Tray

Air coolers that come with an ice tray let you cool a room or area quicker than a standard air cooler. This feature can be highly valuable if you’re living in a city like Delhi, where temperatures of summer can rise up to 45 degrees Celsius.

Compatibility with Inverters

Another main thing that you must check in an air cooler is the compatibility with your inverter. Since power cuts are very incessant during the summer season, it’s essential that the air cooler can keep running on an inverter’s battery control.

More seasoned air coolers were excessively energy-intensive and couldn’t be kept running on battery control for around 10-20 minutes. But these days, the latest air coolers can give continuous cooling for a long time relying upon your inverter’s battery limit.


Air coolers require some maintenance, and one of the most normally replaced pieces of an air cooler is the cooling media. A decent air cooler has cooling media that can keep going for quite a while.

For example, the latest air coolers accompany a special honeycomb designed cooling media, which can hold more water and gives preferred cooling over locally built cooling panels.

Also, the second part, which also needs a bit of maintenance, is the air cooler’s water pump. The high-quality air coolers accompany 100 percent copper engines to guarantee long-lasting performance.

Best Climates for Coolers

Swamp coolers are a viable strategy for cooling indoor spaces. However, dependent on the atmosphere where you live, evaporative cooling probably won’t be the best choice for you. Thus, seeing how evaporative air coolers work will help you with choosing if this is the correct cooling solution for you.

Although the name “swamp cooler” seems like it would cool swamp-like conditions, damp, these machines would really be un-effective in a warm and humid location where the air is heavily moisturized.

Evaporative coolers will only work best when relative moistness is 60 percent or less; in any case, evaporative coolers will work perfectly in humid conditions when they are utilized in semi-outdoor air (docks, loading bays, and garages) as well as outside conditions (festivals, sporting events) for moisture evaporation.

Due to the potential for moisture build-up inside, an open window or door is needed for use and not recommended for indoor utilization in humid atmospheres.

Types of Coolers

There are generally four sorts of swamp coolers available in India:


Residential Evaporative Coolers: A residential evaporative cooler is an incredible cooling solution to cool single living spaces. These swamp coolers ordinarily come with casters to make moving the evaporative air cooler from one space to another space easily.

Window-Mounted Coolers: If your cooling issues are localized to a specific room or area, a window swamp cooler is fantastic for spot cooling. Window-mounted swamp coolers regularly come ready to install and also include the essential installation equipment.

Industrial Evaporative Coolers: For heartier jobs, for example, auto garages, workshops, cooling warehouses, and other large areas, it’s better to put your money into a modern swamp cooler with higher airflow and larger capacities.

Outdoor Evaporative Coolers: Outdoor evaporative coolers are ideal for cooling outside locations, for example, cookouts, restaurant decks, park pavilions, camping, etc. With these various choices, the task isn’t searching for a swamp cooler; it’s picking the one most appropriate for your needs.

Desktop cooler: Well, you can call these “baby coolers” as these are so tiny and pretty. If you are working on your desk, and battling the heat, then these little coolers can throw some air on your face and bring you some relief. However, most of this hard work for 2 months and are entirely unreliable. You can even buy one below 500 rupees!

Buying considerations

Now comes the major air cooler buying consideration! After reading this portion, buying a cooler will be an easy task for you, and you’ll be much confident!


Cooling pad thickness & quantity

Cooling pads directly affect the cooling of an air cooler. They ingest water and enable air to flow through them for cooling it. The thicker the cooling pad, the better the cooling will be. Cooling cushions are commonly made of aspen\cellulose material. Both have their benefits and inconveniences.

Aspen pads are made of wood shavings & synthetic fiber. They are less expensive, require higher maintenance, and the life period is shorter for Aspen pads.

Cellulose cooling pads are also called honeycomb pads, generally as they look pretty like the honeycomb. They are thicker in comparison with aspen pads and require low maintenance with a higher life. They’re a little bit more expensive, but on the other hand, they’re known to be increasingly efficient.

Furthermore, you also need to check the number of cooling pads for every cooler. Some Air cooler fans just have a solitary cooling pad, whereas some others have 3-4 cooling pads. The cooling pads highly-increases the cooling performance of an air cooler; the more cooling pads, the more cool air will be thrown by the air cooler.

Variable speeds and air mode

Variable speed coolers are utilized to control the speed of its fan. It’s better if your cooler has alternatives for controlling speed. Also, some air coolers offer 3 types of air mode, such as natural mode, normal mode & resting mode.

Water tank limit

An air cooler fan utilizes an evaporation cooling technique. In this technique, water is changed over into a water fume, which decreases the temperature of the air passed up the fan\blower. It’s essential to have air coolers that have larger water tanks.

The bigger the water tank, the longer your air cooler will run. Choosing an air cooler which has a water tank as per your needs is what you’ve to do. A bigger room would require a bigger water tank of the air cooler.

Both residential as well as commercial portable air coolers accompany a various range of water tanks sizes. Private air coolers have tanks around 20-30 liters capacities, whereas commercial air coolers capacities extend from 40-120 liters.

Garden hose connector

It can also be called an automatic water level controller. A few units have a hose connector. This hose connector allows utilizing a standard garden hose to be joined to the unit for a nonstop supply of water to be delivered to the unit while being used. It saves a lot of time and energy manually pouring the water into your reservoir.

Air cooler fan types

Evaporative air coolers can either be equipped with the centrifugal fan\axial fan. The centrifugal fan comes drum-shaped and is basically quieter but consumes much energy for cooling and costs more in comparison with the axial fan. The axial fan is less expensive and utilizes less power but is a lot noisier.

Water level indicator

Check if the compact air cooler has the water level indicator or not.

It will be progressively helpful in checking the water level and knowing that when it’s required to pour water. Anyway, if the air cooler already has the garden hose connector, then there is no essential use of the water level indicator.


You must check the castors that your Air cooler fan utilized. Some air coolers only utilize basic & straightforward plastic castors, which couldn’t be utilized for quite a while, particularly when you need to move your air coolers as often as possible. It’s smarter to pick the coolers with heavy-duty & durable castors which utilize thick elastic as well as sturdy metal materials.

Remote control

For fast access to settings, search for an Air cooler, which comes along with the remote controller. Remotes for air coolers will allow controlling the speed of the fan, so there will be no need to stand up and to sit down again and again just to changing the speed of your air cooler.

Warranty period

Check if the air cooler manufacturer could offer a warranty for their air coolers or not? If yes, how long? Basically, some well-known brands will offer around a year warranty period, whereas some others may offer a longer warranty.

Reliable Air Cooler Brands

When you’ve chosen the type & size of the air cooler after that, the essential forward step is to pick a highly reliable brand. While if you need to be the air cooler dealer and purchase air coolers in large capacities, you must think about the manufacturer to get an increasingly competitive cost. The following mentioned brands are high-trusted as well as highly reliable, and they’re providing electronics for years.



If you ask which air cooler brand is making the biggest money in India, then it’s Symphony! Currently, it’s the top brand. Even in this review, one Symphony air cooler model is dominating, and not just that, we’ve narrated about 7 top models from this company. Besides that, 2 more Symphony models are there in this review.

While testing, we highly focused on the hardware, body, and most importantly, the motor, and in all three departments, Symphony’s air coolers were dominating.

Power is another positive here. As the motors are powerful, the air throwing capacity is also high. When it’s so, the cooling time is surely going to decrease.

However, Symphony doesn’t provide a much cooler model under 10K, but if your budget is over 10K, then just head to our Best Symphony Air Cooler Review!


(CGCEL) Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. Markets and manufactures a wide range of customer products ranging from luminaries to pumps, fans, lights, and home appliances, for example, air coolers, mixer grinders, water heaters, electric lamps, and toasters irons.

It’s the leader of India’s market in fans, the No. 1 player in residential pumps, and also has leading market positions in Crompton’s other product classes.

Crompton has a solid dealer base over the country and large service networks providing fantastic after-sales service to its customers. The best air coolers from Crompton are Honeycomb 88L & Aura Woodwool 55L models.


Usha is another of India’s best leading brands regardless of we talk about fans, blenders, air coolers, and other household appliances.

Most the Indians trust the Usha company because their fantastic products have always been amazing in durability, usage, low cost, energy-efficient, etc. Usha’s range of sturdy and powerful air coolers make them must-have things for battling with most of the hot days of the summer.

They guarantee to bring you extraordinary respite even on days of a peak, dry heat-whether you’re inside or outside. Brand Usha is known for its quality & reliability and has constructed its reputation over decades through a large number of satisfied customers. If we talk about Usha’s best air coolers, at that point, Air King 70L Desert Cooler is the best choice.


Havells India Limited is one of the biggest electrical appliances companies in India. In business since 1958, Havells has manufactured ranging from household and kitchen appliances, lighting for residential, industrial, and commercial applications, LED lighting, air coolers, fans, wiring accessories, modular switches, water heaters, domestic and industrial circuit protection, switchgear, domestic and industrial wires and cables, induction motors, and capacitors among others.

Today, Havells claims probably the most prestigious brands, like Lloyd, Standard, and Crabtree. Its system establishes 4000 experts, more than 7575 sellers, and around 40 branches in the nation. Havells air coolers are extraordinary, and some of them are Havells Freddo i 70L & Havells Celia 55L models.


Who doesn’t know Bajaj? If we discuss overall kitchen appliances, then we don’t think any other brand would manage to dominate over Bajaj! Bajaj is ruling the Indian kitchen for decades and continuously doing good. We narrated numerous kitchen appliance-related reviews, and Bajaj has marked its presence almost everywhere.

Talking about air coolers, Bajaj has provided one of the biggest benefits, which is durability! Most importantly, while other brands are concentrating mostly on 8000-15000 rupees air coolers, Bajaj has done a tremendous job with their cheaper ones. If your budget is below 7K, then Bajaj has some sweet choices for you!

Master tips: How to make an air cooler more efficient

Summers can be unpleasant in India, particularly in certain parts. Temperatures rise up to an astounding 45 degrees Celsius in certain pieces of the nation. A considerable lot of us use air coolers of fighting the late spring warmth. They are both financially savvy and furthermore give a ton of comfort.

Anyway, the rising temperatures consistently imply we have to use air coolers all the more proficiently. We’ve gathered some amazing tips that can assist you with accomplishing only that.

Well, “how to make air cool in lesser time is a big question! Let’s together get the answer now!

Add ice to water

Well, a pretty common trick that most of the Indians adopt! Another successful method for expanding your cooling productivity is by adding a bit of ice to the tank’s water. Numerous people have just attempted it with their coolers.

A few coolers likewise accompany special ice compartments. Adding ice to the water makes the cooler’s pads cooler, bringing about cool air going through them.

It’sIt’s powerful just when you are situated pretty much near the cooler. For greater distance, including ice won’t help decline the temperature/humidity in the room. Including an excessive amount of ice can likewise decrease the evaporation process, obstructing the efficiency of your air cooler.

This makes it significant to know when to place ice in the cooler. One can surely figure out when there’s a need for adding ice. Generally, do that when the temperature is really unbearable.

Ensure proper ventilation in your room

One of the most productive methods for utilizing an air cooler is to give appropriate ventilation to it in the room. The normal confusion is that air coolers, similar to climate control systems work proficiently, in case they are put in closed spaces.

That is not valid. Air coolers operate on an evaporation basis. It blows hot air through its cooling pads, which are soaked with water.

Henceforth a smooth airflow is important for its cooling. The perfect place to position an air cooler is at the window’s front. The hotter the air, the quicker the evaporation is going to take place.

Further, cooler, the air will be blown out by the fan. It’s necessary to create proper ventilation in your room to push the humidity out.

For doing that, open windows in your room. Ensure not to open them very wide, or it will elevate the room’s temperature. You can try out to adjust the window a bit to improving the amount of cooling.

Saturating the pads before using the cooler

One way of gaining instant cooling by your cooler is by letting its pump run parallel to filling its tank with water. The pump is going to run the water through its cooling pads, permitting them to soak the water beforehand. The fan is going to run much faster after the tank is full. It helps your cooler to cool the air in no time after you turn it on.

Ensure good maintenance

It is critical to properly check the air cooler before you use it this mid-year. One of the primary things you ought to do is cleaning the cooling pads.

After some time, they gather pollen and dust. Use a brush for cleaning the pads, most importantly, once every week. In case the pads are full of dust, the best alternative is to change them.

It is additionally necessary to clean the water tank to ensuring there aren’t any leaks. A regular wipe over the blades of the fan will help in improving productivity. Also, look for the servicing of your cooler consistently.

A few additional tips

There are some other considerations for increasing the efficiency of an air cooler. Shutting the drapes in the room to avoiding heat from entering your room is a good method.

Further, switching off lights as well as other appliances also decreases the temperature. Ensure you have installed your air cooler in the perfect place, from where it can work forward to decrease the temperature faster while providing cool air throughout your room.

The Conclusion

In total, we tested 117 air coolers, and selecting among them went too tough for us. That would have made this review extremely big. As a result, we broke the review into 5 major parts – Symphony, Orient, Kenstar, Bajaj, and Crompton air coolers. However, we kept our buying guide and master tips here, in one place.

You can visit any of those reviews and come back here for the additional buying guide. In the end, we’re glad that the air coolers that we’ve selected are confidently going to please you! All are valued for the money!

Well, we know that an air cooler isn’t the only appliance that helps you in battling the summers. You should prepare yourself fully against the summers, and for that, we advise you to read our Best Ceiling fan too.


Nishant Rajput is the CEO and the head author at He recently returned from Melbourne, Australia, after studies. Nishant is an engineer and carries colossal enthusiasm for guiding the Indian public to invest money in the right products. He hires a paid team of experts for analyzing data and narrating comprehensive reviews & guides! Besides that, he's a martial artist, gym freak, guitarist, and singer.

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