Best Ceiling Fans in India in 2022 Reviews

Best Ceiling Fans in India in 2022 Reviews

The motto of composing this article about ceiling fans is to make your summers full of relief in India. Now, how does it feel when someone switches off the fan in summers only for 5 minutes? Are you able to bear it? 

You definitely start squealing for turning On the fan, right?

As summers are so fierce in India, life seems miserable whenever there is some fault in the fan! You look for the quickest solution possible.

Well, you won’t won’t face all those hassles with the fans which we are recommending here.

The question is, can you test a fan before buying? No, you can just know features, specs, etc.

No worries! Our electronic experts have tested 72 fans for you and brought the 12 best ceiling fans. We examined the durability by examining the motor, internal components, outer coating, etc.

So, better trust the experts. Besides that, for dragging you away from confusion, we have also delivered all essential knowledge in our Best Ceiling Fans in India Reviews which will help you in selecting the adequate ceiling fan for you.

Undoubtedly the ceiling fan’sfan’s first work is to circulate the air evenly in the room. Modern fans come with much more luxuries. Starting from fans near to 1000 rupees up to highly featured ceiling fans costing around 6000 rupees is what we have here!

We’ve constructed 4 distinctive reviews, which are:

However, Besides those 4 top brands, as you can see, there are some other amazing fans available from different brands. We’ve explained them down here. Following is a chart that we constructed, putting all the best ceiling fans from various brands together:

Here’s the list of best ceiling fans that will offer relief in Indian summer season

Havells Pacer 48″ Brown 9.0 Under 2000 Buy on Amazon
Havells ES-50 1200mm 8.9 Under 2500 Buy on Amazon
Orient Apex-FX 48″ 8.9 Under 1500 Buy on Amazon
Crompton HS Plus 48″ 8.8 Under 2000 Buy on Amazon
Bajaj Maxima 24″ 8.9 Under 1500 Buy on Amazon
Crompton Prime 48″ 8.9 Under 3000 Buy on Amazon
Bajaj Ornio 48” 8.8 Under 4000 Buy on Amazon
Orient Electric Orina 48″ 8.7 Under 2500 Buy on Amazon
Luminous Dhoom 48” 8.9
Under 2000
Buy on Amazon
Usha Doreamon Basketball Kids 48” 8.6
Under 4500
Buy on Amazon

Buying Guide

Fan related to an air conditioner will enable you to set the thermostat higher without an observable difference in comfort.

 A normal fan’s breeze makes a 79-degree room feel progressively like 72 degrees. By increasing the thermostat, you can conserve up to 30% on the air-conditioning bills, contingent upon where you live and your home’s construction.

In the winter, a fan can re-flow warm air, which normally ascends in a room and is caught at the ceiling. Everything you do is turn it on in the invert direction (some have reversible motors). 

That happens with American and European fans, but what you expect from an Indian fan? What are the considerations? We’ve mentioned it down there.

The best of the present ceiling fans have made an extensive stride up from their progenitors. They profit from better motors, increasingly sturdy materials, progressively attractive completions, and natural controls. 

You can select among various styles, designs, sizes, and costs. Here we offer the necessary data to assist you with picking the best ceiling fan for your requirements.

What are various ceiling fan installing alternatives?

There are several choices accessible, each intended to improve air dissemination and fit relatively into space. Guidelines do expect fans to be properly installed at least 7 feet up from your floor. (Before picking a position of safety fan, do measure the space between the ceiling and floor.) Besides that, you can pick the fan mounting that suits your room the best and, obviously, your style.


Hugger Ceiling Fans

This sort of flush mount ceiling fan is perfect for low ceilings, by which we mean 8 feet or shorter. There is certainly no space between the motor housing of the ceiling fan lodging and the ceiling, settling on it a perfect decision for littler urban spaces, including condos and apartments.

Close-to Ceiling Fans

A downrod measuring 3 to 5 inches is installed right between the fan and ceiling canopy. The additional space between the position of the ceiling fan (low profile) and ceiling takes into account better air circulation and fan proficiency while remaining moderately near the ceiling and, most importantly, out of the way. This mounting alternative is perfect for any room where the height of ceiling-to-floor is about 9 feet.

Ceiling Fans with Downrods

Now, In rooms that have high ceilings, it is a smart thought to add longer downrods to ceiling fans for effectively extending it. This is a perfect design for large-size rooms, lofts, and broader entryways with tall ceilings. 

Most huge ceiling fans come with a downrod as a mounting alternative since they will probably be put in a room with high ceilings. But you need to closely watch that the included downrod length is sufficient for your space. 

Ceiling Fans On Sloped Ceilings

Suppose your ceiling is vaulted or does have an incline; the inclined ceiling adapter will enable your fan to hang straight. Not every single fan is slanted ceiling adaptable, however. 

Many ceiling fans accompany downrods which can rotate to a specific degree, and there is a need to check the item details to confirm the fan is perfect with an angled ceiling.

Shouldn’t something be said about the actual installation of a ceiling fan?

We prescribe discussing with your circuit tester to ensure a fan is appropriately installed. Suppose you are thinking of installing your ceiling fan yourself; any fan you pick will bring you step-wise instructions. 

Before you install any light or fan, make sure to turn off all live power from your junction box to safely completing the installation. 

With the power turned off, you can start following the means to appropriately wire the fan, properly assemble its downrod (in case it’s for a tall ceiling), install your light unit (in case one is included), and properly attach the fan’s blades. Regardless of whether you install a ceiling fan in another space or basically replacing the older one, the procedure will generally be the same.

Ceiling Fan Controls

Generally, fans are installed at a ceiling box where the light fixture was earlier located. Normally, the light switch is supplanted with control that permits different fan speeds and—if your fan includes lights—light settings. 

It’s significant for this control to possess a capacitor design and also be made by the same company as the fan to cut off the chances of humming and buzzing.

Fans situated at an electrical box that is not controlled by any wall switch can be worked by a pull chain or, with certain brands, a remote control—Casablanca’s. Certain remote controls feature programmable light as well as fan settings. 

It also automatically alters fan speed for suiting changes in room temperature and further turns the fan light now and again in an irregular sequence in case you’re away from home. However, in India, the fans are operated from wallboard switches and knobs only. Moving to the expensive side, you enjoy the above-mentioned modern controls.

Fan Blade Sizes and Materials

Fans are made with three to five blades; the conventional number is three in India and four in the USA. The quantity of blades doesn’t influence performance much. Some state that more blades really move less air on the grounds that there is comparatively less space for them to get air. In any case, the quantity of blades tends to influence the cost. As a rule, the more blades, the higher the expense.

Blades come in a few lengths, estimated by the full cutting blade clear they produce: 30, 42, 44, 46, 50, 52, and 60″. Most makers just make a few distinct lengths. As a thumb rule, long blades move more air than short ones.

Blades are designed using various materials and are given a wide range of finishes and completions. Wood and painted blades are made of strong wood, cross-laminated veneer (similar to plywood), and then the low-cost veneered constant-density board.

Most of the fan manufacturers in India believe in constructing their fans using steel, iron, hard plastic, etc. For keeping the cost low. Those wooden fans cost pretty high.

A few blades have a reversible completion—for instance, they may offer one color on one side and a painted white completion on the other. Basically turns the blades to totally change the fan’s appearance. That looks nice, though!


Measuring and Locating a Fan

 A dependable guideline is to utilize a 52-inch fan for up to 400 sq. ft. room, a 44-inch fan for a room measuring 22sq. Ft. max, and a 42-inch fan for the room measuring 144sq.ft. Max. For rooms in excess of 18 feet in length, consider utilizing two medium-sized fans.

The first piece of advice is, put the fan in the room for equal airflow throughout the room. Be certain the sharp edge tips are a minimum of 24 inches from your walls or inclining ceilings. Fans that are mounted near a ceiling may create a “cavitational impact,” which decreases the airflow. Few surface-mounted, low-profile fans—are intended to course more air than normal models.

For ceilings that are taller than 8 feet, balance the fan from a dependable drop bar with the goal that it’s down where it very well may be progressively effective. The fan’s distance should depend upon your ceiling’s height. Never place a fan lower than 7 feet from the floor.

All ceiling fans require solid support. Their centrifugal motion and heavyweight strains hangers. Along these lines, they should be mounted to normal ceiling light fixture boxes, which are safely fixed to confining members, or they should append to hooks, metal crossbars, or hangers that are specially meant for fans.

Following are the recommended lengths of drop pole for ceilings extending from 9 to 13 feet or more:

Ceiling Height (feet) – Drop Rod Length (inches)

  • 9 – 12
  • 10 -18
  • 11 -24
  • 12 -36
  • 13 – 48

Making a decision about Ceiling Fan Quality

Air’s movement is a factor of the length, pitch, and number of blades, their interspace from the ceiling, and their per minute revolutions (rpms).

A frail motor can turn shorter blades rapidly if the blades are at least pitch of around 10 degrees; however, this sort of fan is probably going to be noisier than a fan that twirls longer blades at a 14-degree pitch all the more gradually.

Some economical fans sold through mass merchandisers are having motors made in China. These have been demonstrated to be not that reliable, as confirmed by high return rates.

Further, low-end fans need betterment in construction and design. They’re probably going to wobble and hum even when you run them at low speeds.

A motor ought to have sealed bearings that don’t need any lubrication (these should run discreetly for as long as 12 years). The best proportion of motor quality is the company’s notoriety and guarantee.


How Do I Choose a Fan For a Sloped Ceiling?

A few fans come with a slanted ceiling connector that perfectly accommodates angled ceilings. Concentrate on the details, as every ceiling fan maker has different specs. 

In case your fan is a standard mounting fan, and it is expected for use on an inclined ceiling, it is important to buy a different slanted ceiling mounting kit. 

Particularly valid for fans being mounted on inclined ceilings, extra downrods might be essential if your room has a high vaulted ceiling. 

At last, remember that some ceiling fans can’t be adjusted for a slanted ceiling. It’s in every case great to closely check this detail before investing in a fan for an inclined ceiling. 

Which one is better 3 BLADES V/S 4 BLADES Ceiling Fan?

Having more blades doesn’t really build the airflow or cools the room temperature. The number of blades adds to the fan’s weight. 

The number of blades will decrease the fan’s speed. More blades cleave more air, and that way, the number of rotations per minute decreases. Then again, fewer blades make the fan lighter, guarantee a smooth activity at a higher speed, convey great RPM and expend less vitality.

Less number of blades guarantee better balancing, lesser wind friction, and lower net pressure in order to perform better. 

Fans with 2 or 3 blades are looked upon as the ones with better balance; when a ceiling fan is adjusted appropriately, it implies that it takes considerably less power for rotating the blades. Less power consumption means more money-saving. This makes the 3-blade fan perfect for Indian houses.

Three blades end up being the ideal number of blades for best air moving execution and effectiveness in a ceiling fan’s case. Additionally, many research papers recommend that including more blades doesn’t improve the overall performance of any ceiling fan and may really put more pressure on the motor. 

What Is The Difference Between DRY, DAMP, and WET-RATED fans ? What’s The Best For Outdoor Use?

Open-air and porch ceiling fans accompany a rating that demonstrates if they can securely be utilized in the outside area. This rating, typically known as its UL Rating, is utilized to characterize how much water a given fan can be exposed to.

Dry Rated Ceiling Fans

These fans are simply not for outside use. The fan’s life will decrease if you use it outside, especially the blades. This kind of ceiling fan is intended for indoor usage only.

Damp Rated Ceiling Fans

For well-covered open-air areas (likewise called damp location fans). These Damp Rated Ceiling Fans can deal with the moisture which accompanies outside air; however, they can’t have direct contact with water, snowfall, etc. These types of fans additionally use materials that keep the fan rust and corrosion-free.

Wet Rated Ceiling Fans

These are all-weather safe and alright for all-weather outdoor applications. The blades and motor casing of wet-rated ceiling fans are impervious to ice, snow, and even water from a hose used to clean them. The completions used for the construction of these fans additionally prevent rust and corrosion. 

Would we be able to use ceiling fans in winter?

It may show up fairly odd you use the ceiling fans in India during the pinnacle winter season. However, the contemporary fans are made for steady use and set aside your cash similarly on cooling and warming charges. This may be accomplished by changing the direction of rotation of the ceiling fan. 

Depending on the model you select, the ceiling fan’s direction may be changed by methods for the reverse switch given on the fan’s motor or by utilizing a specific remote control (mostly expensive fans come with remote control).

Ceiling Fan Direction During Winters: Clockwise

All through the winters, the ceiling fans may help the warming systems to work all the more skillfully. Get the blades’ directions turned around and ensure that the fan is running at a low-speed setting. The ceiling fan’s moderate rising draft is going to control any warm air gathered near the ceiling to stream down and about your living area.

Further, the contemporary ceiling fans are made depending on the way of life necessities wherein a ceiling fan not simply goes about as a gadget to make the setting much comfortable and makes your living space look more artistic. In our Best Ceiling Fan in India Reviews, you’ll find certain extra-ordinary looking ceiling fans.

Ceiling Fan Direction During Summers: Anti-Clockwise

During the late spring season, you have to make the blades of your fan move anti-clockwise for making the air stream downwards and produce a cooling breeze so you may have the option to set the thermostat at an upper setting and still, at the end of the day feel cooler while cutting off the electricity bills!

Other fundamental ceiling fan purchasing tips

Following are some important ceiling fan tips that you should know before getting it.



A ceiling fan comes with a motor, which is the most vital part. For knowledge, the motors with high power capability may be blended with high pitch sweptback blades for more air at minor speed/RPM and, from this, further, lower noise. Consequently, for a ceiling fan to work perfectly, the motor’s features ought to be intended to counterpart its blades.

The standard ceiling fans involve single-stage electronic motors. Such kinds of motors are typical of lower profitability. With the necessity to save energy alternative, motor hardware is being found. One should look for a brushless motor. The Brushless DC motor is a sort of innovation, which is double capable. 

Speed Control

Most fans more often than not have customizable speed controls that may contrast from 2-5. The ceiling fans, which function just on single-speed fans, aren’t commonly favored, except you’ll be using the fan for a given kind of usage.

Security Tips

The blades of a ceiling fan normally rotate at some really impressive speeds, so it may be truly dangerous in case there are children or pets at your place. In these circumstances, if you use a table or platform fans, you should guarantee that the fan blades have been encased with a protective cover.

While you set up the ceiling fan, ensure that the channel just as the motor has been clipped firmly, with the goal that the fan doesn’t drop down at whatever point it is working. Most fans more often than not have customizable speed controls that may contrast from 2-5. The ceiling fans, which function just on single-speed fans, aren’t commonly favored, except you’ll be using the fan for a given kind of usage.

Guarantee (self composing required)

When you buy a fan from a vender, check for the time of guarantee that the manufacturer is offering with the fan. Don’t just confirm the time of guarantee, you should further find the systems of support and company which is offered in the warranty.

Best Ceiling Fan Brands in India

We have included ceiling fans of just the best ceiling fan brands in India, as dependability is constantly a major factor looking at ceiling fans. We suggest simply the best. Following are the top brands of ceiling fans in India.

  • Havells
  • Crompton
  • Orient
  • Bajaj
  • Usha
  • Luminous
  • Gorilla [/su_box]

Also read best air cooler in India. We’ve recommended some latest cheap and high performing air coolers there from various brands under different price categories. 

Best Ceiling Fan Under 1500

1.) Orient Apex-FX 48” Review – It’s the top cheap choice among the Best Ceiling Fans in India; now, under 1500 category, very fewer ceiling fans were able to compete with Orient Apex-FX 48” as this ceiling fan provides various tremendous facilities, which are very rear to get below 1500 rupees. Tap the READ MORE

2.) Bajaj Maxima 24″ Review – Bajaj Maxima 24″ is among the cheapest ceiling fans available in India yet, providing the super turbo 870 RPM speed. 

Not just speed, double ball bearing, 3-speed settings, 110CMM of air delivery, etc., are some other great features, which you can only find in ceiling fans costing nearly 3000-4000 rupees. READ MORE!

Best Ceiling Fan Under 2000

1.) Havells Pacer 48″ Brown Review – No other ceiling fans costing 2000-3000 rupees can beat Havells Pacer 48” regarding speed, air delivery, sweep range, low energy consumption, durability, and especially… READ MORE!

2.) Crompton HS Plus 48″ Review – If your search is based on a low budget, low noise, higher air delivery speed, great durability, and other such benefits, then Crompton HS Plus 48″ will highly please you. As it’s having… READ MORE!

Best Ceiling Fan Under 2500

1.) Havells ES-50 1200mm Review – Havells ES-50 is another fantastic ceiling fan with bright white color and has long blades for instant airflow. The air delivery is 215 cm and has a speed of 350 RPM. Some other great features that surprised our expert team were… READ MORE!

2.) Orient Electric Orina 48″ Review – If we talk about Orient Electric Orina 48″, then it provides instant airflow with RPM without consuming much energy or making high noise. It’s perfectly suitable for killing heat from small to large-sized rooms… READ MORE!

Best Ceiling Fan Under 3000

1.) Crompton Prime 48″ Review – This anti-dust 48-inch ceiling fan has impressed our experts with its tremendous performance. There are almost 10 different colors to choose from, and the size can be selected between 24 to 56-inch too. The 380 RPM speed makes it a High-speed ceiling fan, but the most impressive feature of Crompton Prime 48″ was… READ MORE!

Best Ceiling Fan Under 4000

1.) Bajaj Ornio 48” Review – Bajaj Ornio 48” is a bit costly than other recommended ceiling fans, but after reading what this ceiling fan offers you, you’ll definitely think that Bajaj Ornio 48” is worth purchasing. Besides its sleek looks, 230 CMM of air delivery, 380 RPM of max speed, highly powerful motor, and double ball bearing, there’s still much that Bajaj Ornio 48” offers you… READ MORE!

Other Recommended Ceiling Fans

Besides the top ceiling fans, which we’ve mentioned in separate brand-wise reviews, we’re recommending some other tremendous fans from other brands in our Best Ceiling Fans in India that you should consider. Here they are:

1.) Luminous Dhoom 1200mm Ceiling FanLuminous Dhoom 1200mm

With a clean white profile and a bit of golden design on it, the Luminous Dhoom 1200mm Ceiling Fan cleanly defines rich class. 

This one operates at 230 volts and sucks 70 watts as max. Of course, this fan is designed to provide equal relief from troublesome heat in low voltages also. 

This fan weighs 3.6 Kg, and hence, makes pretty low noise. Even being so lightweight, this fan is very stable even at the highest speed.


  • For crafting this fan, only high-quality materials are used. This clearly means high durability.
  • This fan has high speed and aerodynamic blades, which helps in good freshening of rooms every single corner.
  • No matter your home décor is modern, heritage, antique, etc., this fan suits you in all conditions.
  • Electrolytic grade copper windings wire of top quality is used for motor windings.

The Final Advice

The Luminous Dhoom 1200mm Ceiling Fan is providing uninterrupted cooling, costing a bit more than 1500 rupees. Yeah, it looks more expensive but isn’t actually. This is a very trusted fan, and over 700 Amazon user reviews are there. The Luminous Dhoom 1200mm Ceiling Fan is definitely worth money!

Buy on Tatacliq

  • Our trust is with Amazon

2.) Usha Doraemon Basketball 1200mm Kids Ceiling FanUsha Doraemon Basketball 1200mm

Here some of the last fan recommendations in our Best Ceiling Fans in India 2021 Reviews. Now we introduce a superb fan for your kid’s room. 

Especially if your son/daughter loves to watch cartoons, then he/she is going to highly appreciate Usha Doraemon Basketball 1200mm fan. 

Your kids won’t feel the heat even if there is low voltage, as this fan will keep on operate at its regular speed. Doraemon & Basketball theme with nobita, doraemon, and gian makes it look extraordinary.


  • This 6.56 kg fan is sturdily built and ensures that it will provide a cool breeze for so many years.
  • This fan doesn’t make any noise. It means that after a long study and outdoor games session, when your kid will return to bed, he/she will have a comfortable sound sleep.
  • It’ll highly enhance the decoration of your kid’s room.
  • The print quality is superb, and the Doraemon characters on it will always appear shiny, due to dust repulsion qualities.
The Final Advice

In short, Usha Doraemon Basketball 1200mm is the fan that exactly a kid wants. If you are decorated his/her room well, and the fan is looking antique, then it’s not impressive at all.

So, keeping high comfort and durability in mind, Usha Doraemon Basketball 1200mm fan is definitely worth purchase.

Some would squeal about this fan’s price, but this fan is a better build and more durable, and that’s the reason the fan is costing near to 4000 rupees.

Buy on Indiamart

  • Our trust is with Amazon

Note – Usha mist is another model that’s actually in high demand right now. You can cherish Usha mist review to know beneficial and cheap it is.


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