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15 Best Mixer Grinders Under ₹2000 in India (2024)

We all like to have smoothies or shakes every once in a while. Or how about making your favourite tamarind or coriander chutney or blending ingredients to make your favourite dipping sauce? Mixer Grinders will take care of all these tasks in a matter of a few seconds or minutes for you.

If you are here for the reason of buying a good mixer grinder which comes with budget-friendly pricing, you came to the right place.

We bring you the list of 15 best mixer grinders around the price limit of 2000 rupees.

It is definite that these mixer grinders come with multiple functions like different grinding speeds, one-touch operation, efficient blades, motor to handle all your grinding needs.

In this list of mixer grinders, you will receive a list of qualitative features which fit the budget line of 2000 rupees.

1. Bajaj Rex 500 Watt Mixer Grinder

Bajaj Rex 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

An efficient mixer grinder is one which has a powerful motor for all your grinding needs.

Bajaj mixer grinder ReX -500 Watts has a powerful motor and comes with three stainless steel jars.

The quality of jars of Bajaj mixer grinders is very good as they are shockproof and extra stable whilst their lids fit perfectly to avoid any kind of spillage.

The multi-function blade helps to mix, blend, grind or chop ingredients finely and helps save your time by making things quick.

Bajaj mixers have overload protection features to safeguard the motor from burning up even after prolonged use.

Such features, when combined, can certainly go a long way to keep your kitchen grinding needs met and help you Fast Track the meal preparation process in an efficient way.


  • Heavy-duty grinding motor powered with a 500-watts motor
  • Easy speed handling mechanism with 3-speed control knobs
  • Stainless steel jars, which are rustproof and food-safe.
  • High-grade stainless steel quality comes with 1-year warranty assurance.


  • Low-quality jars, as per the data collected by customer complaints
  • Noisy mixer grinder due to heavy motor. Its sound level is between the decibel range of 80-90 db.

2. Bajaj GX-1 500W Mixer Grinder 

Bajaj GX-1 500W Mixer Grinder

Known for its power-packed motor of 500 W, the Bajaj Mixer Grinder can become a valuable kitchen asset for any kitchen. You can use its churning power to make pastes for chutneys, grind pulps of veggies and fruits, and make finely powdered spice masalas. Bajaj Mixer Grinders make your grinding tasks very easy.

The Bajaj GX-1 500W mixer grinder is designed in such a way that it has a specialized jar for making powdered spices. The jar is designed in such a way that it not only grinds the spices but also grounds the spices.

This means the grinding process is such that the aroma and flavour of the spice don’t fade or vaporize away as the powerful motor doesn’t heat up the jar while the spices are turning into powdered paste.

Its 3 efficient speed settings make the mixer very easy to operate. You can prepare exotic dishes by using a Bajaj Mixer grinder to save your time. 

The helpful instructions and controls are very easy to understand. 


  • Bajaj grinders have 3 easy to
  •  handle speed systems.
  • stainless steel quality jars for maximum endurance.
  • multifunction blades for varied needs.


  • As per customer complaints, the lids come off easily, hence unsuited for the containers.

3. Usha Colt Mixer Grinder (MG – 3053)

Usha Colt Mixer Grinder

A versatile appliance goes a long way in making your life easy. Usha Colt Mixer grinder model (MG -3053) is equipped with 3 jars and sharp blades that work together to do the heavy job of grinding for you. From making fruit juices or grinding hard spices or mixing ingredients, Usha Mixer Grinders are highly reliable. 

Its 500-watt motor can easily chop hard ingredients which are required to make all traditional and modern dishes at home.

The durability of Usha Mixer Grinders is unquestionable; you can use it for a long, and it will work long term for you.

Its extra thick jars help in storing the smoothies in the jars themselves, even in the freezer. The paste shall remain fresh due to the jar’s airtight lids.

Usha Colt MG-3053 mixer grinder can surely be a good addition for anyone who’s looking for a reliable option.


  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • The copper motors in the grinder produce less heat.
  • Anti-skid feet at the bottom of the grinder.
  • durable design and shock-resistant body coated with ABS plastic body.
  • Made for robust use and durable quality.
  • Good jar handles prevent spillage protection.


  • The mixer grinder is comparatively noisy when compared to its counterparts.

4. Cello Grind N Mix Ertiga 500W Juicer Mixer Grinder

Cello Grind N Mix Ertiga 500W Juicer Mixer Grinder

Every person who takes in the art of cooking dreams of having a modern kitchen which has all the modern kitchen equipment and appliances. It’s no wonder that having a mixer grinder which has contemporary functions can make cooking artists happy.

One such mixer grinder, which takes a new step in this direction, is made by the Cello brand. It’s Cello Grind N Mix Ertiga 500W juicer Mixer Grinder has all the functions that you’ll want to find in any mixer grinder of modern times.

The features include a 500-Watt motor powerful enough to grind hard spices, crush fruit pulp to make even smoothies, and wet and coarse grinding are its other features. The mixer comes with multiple types of stainless steel removal jars, which you can make purees and pastes according to your culinary needs.

It’s highly durable and perfect for your daily needs. Its stainless steel jars come with rust free features.

The other convenient features include overload protection so that you know that you are operating mixer grinders safely all the time. The Cello mixer grinder will always reach your expectations.


  • High-grade nylon Couplers Couplers for trouble-free use 
  • Vacuum legs for great grip at the bottom
  • Additional juicer jar
  • 2-year warranty on any issues
  • Robust SS jars
  • Easy to clean


  • Not many customers are satisfied with the product.

5. Orient Kitchen Kraft MGKK50B3 Mixer Grinder

Orient Kitchen Kraft MGKK50B3 Mixer Grinder

With a motor power of 500-W, the Orient Kitchen Kraft MGKK50B3 mixer grinder is taking over customers’ hearts when it comes to the addition of kitchen essentials to make their lives fast and easy.

The blades are so sharp they can grind or crush even hard whole species, also allowing you to make purees of vegetables and crush ice cubes as well.

It also has a safety function where the mixer doesn’t start when the lid is open. Its stainless steel body and sharp blades allow for efficient grinding and long-term use.

There are 3 different speed functions for different kinds of operations. The 3 types of jars include- the chutney jar dry jar with one wet jar. Its other features include a sleek design to enhance the look of any modern kitchen.


  • 500-watt motor powerful motor
  • Thick jar for long-term use
  • Nickel blades in each jar.
  • Three-speed functions for easy operation


  • Mixer only to be used for heavy-duty work.
  • Its high-power motor produces loud and noisy sounds.

6. La’ Forte La Vite Cherie Mixer Grinder Blender

La' Forte La Vite Cherie Mixer Grinder Blender

Whenever we need to quickly finish our cooking, we all require efficient kitchen appliances to quicken our work. La’ Forte La Vite Cherie Mixer Grinder Blender comes as one of the most efficient kitchen appliances available in the market.

It has a quick grind-and-chop function to grind, puree and blend types of ingredients. You’ll get quick results even if you grind the toughest ingredients in this mixer.

The 3-speed settings and heavy-duty jars make the LaForte La Vite Cherie Mixer Grinder one of the best in the market. Designed to have a hard steel body which is wear-tear resistant, it adds the feature of long-term durability to the mixer.

Switch to cooking delicious meals for your family and friends in no time by opting for the La Forte LaVite Cherie Mixer Grinder.


  • Fast mixing and grinding function
  • Sleek and compact design for easy handling
  • 1-year warranty feature
  • Easy-to-clean jars
  • The company promises no nutrient loss during and after the grinding function
  • Perfectly grinds and mixes ingredients.


  • Inadequate design appliances are prone to break easily.

7. Lifelong 500W Juicer Mixer Grinder

Lifelong 500W Juicer Mixer Grinder

Investing in a good quality mixer grinder like Lifelong 500W juicer mixer grinder ensures that its users will get fresh mixes by using it. You can quickly process the ingredients like veggies and fruit spices very easily in a Lifelong mixer grinder.

Delicious smoothies can be easily prepared in it. Do you require quick cooking sauce? Let a lifelong mixer grinder do the grinding job for you.

Its versatile and detachable parts are easy to maintain and clean, ensuring there are no bacteria which can contaminate the food processed in the Lifelong brand mixer grinder.


  • Anti-slip bottom support stands for solid gripping while the mixer is in use.
  • You reset the mixer grinder function to activate its functions
  • Juicer jar with filter juice feature
  • 1-year warranty provided on every Lifelong brand mixer grinder appliance
  • Noisy due to its powerful motor

8. Inalsa Jazz 550W Mixer Grinder

Inalsa Jazz 550W Mixer Grinder

Have you been looking for a high-grade mixer grinder in a limited budget range of 2000 rupees? Your search may end by arriving at the Inalsa Jazz 550W Mixer Grinder. A must-have kitchen appliance, the Inalsa Jazz 550W mixer grinder has a strong motor with sharp steel blades which are corrosion-free for long durability.

Spices can be crushed and made into a fine paste; herbs can be pureed to make flavourful chutneys and other ingredients can be crushed as well.

Its heavy-duty steel body gives long life to the Inalsa Jazz Mixer Grinder. The flow breaker jar allows you to grind even the toughest ingredients with maximum convenience. Inalsa mixers are designed with an ABS body, which is shockproof and reduces noise levels, too, due to its thick body.

Bring home the Inalsa Jazz 550W Mixer Grinder and enjoy an efficient cooking experience at home.


  • 2-year warranty 
  • Fast grinding process
  • Sturdy nylon couplers to conceal the mixer grinder jars
  • Overload protection technology
  • ABS strong plastic body
  • Shock proof body


  • Low-quality steel blades prone to corrosion
  • The mixer grinder ceases to function properly in a span of a few months

9. Butterfly Hero 500W Mixer Grinder

Butterfly Hero 500W Mixer Grinder

Are you looking to upgrade your modern kitchen with a good-quality mixer grinder? Well, Butterfly Hero 500W Mixer Grinder might be the one you have been looking for.

With features such as a 500W motor, catchy eye design, and efficient grinding and blending, you enjoy maximum cooking and preparation convenience for your kitchen needs. 

The mixer comes with anti-skid bottom hold-up capability for excellent stability whenever the appliance is in use. Its shockproof ABS plastic body provides safety from any electric malfunction which could harm the user.

Are you new in the cooking field? Do you require an efficient appliance to assist you? Butterfly Hero 500W Mixer Grinder will help you do your job better. Put it to the test and see the results yourself.


  • 1-year warranty on product appliance
  • 3-speed knob feature for easy manual usage
  • Robust nylon couplers conceal the contents inside the mixer jar while it’s blending the ingredients for you.
  • Overload protection feature enables secured product functioning
  • Beautifully designed to match the style of a modern kitchen


  • The speed control mechanism doesn’t work properly.

10. Maharaja Whiteline Solo Happiness 500W Mixer Grinder

Maharaja Whiteline Solo Happiness 500W Mixer Grinder

Equipping yourself with an efficient Maharaja Whiteline Solo Happiness 500W Mixer Grinder is essential for any busy kitchen and to fastrack your cooking skills.

You can grind, chop, turn soaked grains into batter, chop different veggies and prepare puree sauces for your culinary needs with Maharaja Whiteline solo Happiness 500W mixer grinder.

You can see through the grinding process of your ingredients via its transparent polycarbonate lid. Two jars have transparent lids to see through the process of the mixer grinder.

Its triple-speed functions and multi-functional blades fulfil your quick blending needs. The appliance is packed with a stylish design, a powerful performing motor, and sturdy materials working together to help you finish preparing your culinary dishes on time.

Get ready to be praised for your quick cooking skills with the help of Maharaja Whiteline Solo Happiness 500W mixer grinder.


  • 500-watt powerful motor enabling dry and wet grinding
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Super sharp blades
  • 2-year warranty period
  • Ergonomic design built according to easy operation of the appliance
  • Anti-slip feet feature


  • Customers have smelled a burning smell when using the appliance for the first time 
  • One may experience a burning smell for the first time.
  • The 500W motor is too noisy, approximately up to 80 to 90 decibels.

11. Pigeon by Stovekraft Viola 550W Mixer Grinder

Pigeon by Stovekraft Viola 550W Mixer Grinder

If you have been looking for a reliable mixer grinder, the Pigeon by Stovekraft Viola 500W mixer Grinder can be your cooking partner.

Its highly durable stainless steel jars and blades make every blending, chopping and grinding task easy for you.

You don’t have to worry about its motor efficiency as the Pigeon mixer grinder has a 500W powerful motor. You will be able to prepare fruit juices make shakes and smoothies of your choice, and how can we forget about tangy and sour dips and chutneys?

Its ergonomic design allows the users to operate the mixer grinder very easily. The anti-slip feet ensure that the mixer doesn’t move while it’s in use for efficient grinding performance.


  • Made with durable materials to last long in spite of robust use
  • Triple speed controls
  • Powerful 500W motor
  • Superb crusher design with ABS plastic body


  • Not many satisfied customers.
  • The lids are not of good quality.

12. Signora Care Eco Matic 550W Mixer Grinder

Signora Care Eco Matic 550W Mixer Grinder

Every kitchen requires an efficient mixer grinder, as not all ingredients cannot be handmade. One such mixer grinder is the SignoraCare Eco Matic 550W Mixer Grinder, packed with an efficient motor with amazing steel blades, which could get all your grinding work done in a matter of a few minutes.

A Signora mixer grinder comes with an overload protection feature to ensure safe and easy operation. Moreover, when the mixer is in use, its anti-skid feature doesn’t let the mixer move when it’s in operational mode.

Its charming looks add style to your kitchen while you prepare all your grinding and mixing ingredients for all your delicious recipes.


  • Stylish yet robust design
  • 1-year warranty on appliance along with 3-year motor warranty
  • Anti-slip base


  • Quality doesn’t match the price

13. Solidaire Mixer Grinder SLD-550-B

Solidaire Mixer Grinder SLD-550-B

In order to quicken your culinary tasks, the appliance you need is a quality mixer grinder from Solidaire Mixer Grinder SLD-550-B. Its motor is 550 Watts, about which the company mentions it can even grind stones too. Its stainless steel jars will handle all the hard stuff.

Its flow breaker design with anti-slip feet feature doesn’t let the jar move when the mixer is working its grinding. You’ll get 3-level speed controls, which are a mixture based on your requirements.

Solitaire mixer jars are pretty easy to clean and can become a great addition to your kitchen. Enjoy making hassle-free quick meals with the Solidaire Mixer Grinder SLD-550-B model.


  • 3 different blades
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Easy to make chutney, juice and also grind food solids to make fine, tasty chutney
  • 550W powerful motor


  • Handles are not very durable.

14. Cello GNM Elite 500W Mixer Grinder

Cello GNM Elite 500W Mixer Grinder

Affordability plays a great role whenever you want to find a budget-friendly mixer grinder to set up in your kitchen; the Cello GNM Elite 500W mixer Grinder can be that appliance for you.

Other stunning features include a 400-watt motor with stainless steel blades, along with an anti-skid bottom for maximum sturdiness when the mixer is grinding.

The appliance has 3 levels of speed control features, allowing you to have easy control of the speed at which you want to blend your mixers.

The mixer comes with a shockproof ABS body that helps overload protection features.

The sharp blades and powerful motor give maximum ability to grind wet ingredients in no time. Cello GNM Elite 500W mixer can be your go-to brand if you are searching for one.


  • 3 stainless steel containers
  • Compact and stylish design
  • Overload protection feature
  • 1-year warranty


  • There are not many durable mixer grinders, as per customer reviews.

15. Baltra Maximo (500 Watt) Mixer Grinder

Baltra Maximo (500 Watt) Mixer Grinder

If you are looking for a reliable mixer grinder, Baltra Maximo 500 Watt could be an excellent choice for upgrading your kitchen.

Tasks like chopping, grinding, dips, sauces, and blending can all be done by Baltra Maximo 500-watt mixer grinder in no time.

Its 3-hour mixing jar is very popular for making chutneys, sauces, soups and other recipe items.

Its multi-functional blades are highly reliable for grinding and blending wet and dry ingredients. The model is designed in such a way that less to no heat is produced while the ingredients are getting blended.

Its carved handles provide a comfortable grip. The appliance comes with a powerful motor. Its strong, sturdy body allows the mixer to last a long duration of time.


  • Every jar comes with stainless steel blades
  • Overload protection feature
  • 2-year warranty feature
  • 3 stainless steel containers


  • Heavy-weighted mixer grinder

What is the best mixer grinder for those under 2000?

Mixer grinders are the most commonly used in every kitchen for their multiple-purpose filling nature. Mixer grinder is used to make purees, smoothies, mocktails, shakes, chutneys and dips. It’s also used to freshly grind spices. 

You can fasten your cooking time by using a mixer grinder for cooking meals. Cooking often takes a lot of time, whilst having and using a mixer grinder can help save a lot of cooking time.

As time passed by, many brands of mixer grinders came into the picture. With a lot many options available in the market, it’s no wonder that selecting the best one can be a challenging task for any customer. Hence, it is important to know and consider the following things before buying a mixer grinder for yourself.

1. Number and Size of Jars

Number and Size of Jars

It’s important to know the number of jars you’ll need to perform every mixer grinder function, depending on your needs. If you have a big family, you’ll need big-size jars for mixing and grinding purposes.

Modern cooking cannot be imagined without the use of a mixer grinder, which simplifies the cooking tasks for you. Having a mixer grinder at home also saves you a lot of time, which could have been wasted in performing all the tasks with your hands.

You can either buy multiple jars or go for big-size jars depending on the number of family members at home. Check if the blades are sharp and read the grinding list of tasks you can achieve by looking at the user’s manual. Be mindful of choosing the right number of mixer jars so that you don’t regret it later.

2. Speed Controls and Settings

Speed Controls and Settings

Imagine the kind of blunder you’ll face when you get a new appliance at home for your cooking convenience and get to know that its speed functions are not working. Hence, it’s better to check the working speed functions before bringing any mixer grinder at home.

Different models of mixer grinders have different speed functions at which you can do tasks like chopping, grinding, coarse grinding or fine paste making for all your different recipes.

You can quickly grind by using various speed options, as not all grinding and mixing requirements do not always require making a fine paste out of everything.

Use a low-speed mechanism for coarse grinding and a high speed for fine grinding.

3. Blade Types and the Functions They Serve

Blade Types and the Functions they Serve

The blades are super important, as their structure determines the way blades grind any ingredient in the mixer jar. A good quality blade will give the desired result and will also last long in long-term use. The type of blade determines the texture of the grainy texture of the food item.

Look for the mention of the blades and blade designs in the brand of mixer grinder you are going for. You should choose a 2-in-1 blender or 3-in-1 mixer jar for all grinding purposes.

There are mixer grinders available for kneading dough, blending batters and smoothies and making different kinds of chutneys. Choosing the right kind of mixer jar for you will make a lot of difference in your culinary needs.

Blade Types Applications
Slicing disc To slice fruits and vegetables
Coarse grated For halwa, grating functions for grating veggies like carrots and beetroots and other items like chocolate and creams.
Shredding disc For shredding the cheese evenly. Similarly the fruits and veggies
Wet grinding blade 1 Helps you blend soaked and dry lentils until they are a paste, useful for making lassi
Dry grinding blade Grinding Dry masala, making rice flour at home and making powdered sugar.
Wet grinding blade 2 Puree the Kaju, fruits, and vegetables
Chutney grinding blade Used for making pickles and chutneys

4. Motor Speed

Motor Speed

A high-speed Mixer Grinder is a must-have appliance in your kitchen. They make the job of grinding and blending ingredients extremely easy, which saves you important time in the kitchen.

When you have bigger batches to grind, a high-speed, powerful motor does a very good job of grinding ingredients without getting heated up.

The quicker the motor speed, the quicker will be its blending time and capacity.

5. Mixer Grinder Types

Mixer Grinder Types

There are different types of mixer jars made available by multiple different brands in the market made fit to cater for a variety of different functions.

There are mixers which come with the option of changing different blades so that you can grind the paste as per your required needs. Check for the overload protection in any brand of mixer grinder you buy.

A compact-size mixer grinder works best for bachelor users, whilst a big one works best for a large-size family.

6. Cost

The mixer grinder should be budget-friendly. If it crosses the budget, then you must get all the benefits that you require. You can compare the prices and do your own research as per your needs and requirements before buying a mixer grinder for yourself.

7. Power


Check how many power units the mixer grinder consumes and buy an energy-efficient mixer grinder which saves your electricity bills while also assisting you in your culinary tasks. Go for a less noisy and smooth grinding powerful motor function equipped mixer grinder.

8. Warranty Duration

Most of the mixer grinders come with 1 or 2 years of warranty on the manufacturing breakdown. You can even extend the warranty period by paying a little extra amount while purchasing a mixer grinder.

You will see that brands mostly offer a warranty on the motor of the appliance rather than its jars and body. Hence, it’s better to choose a sturdy material mixer grinder which not only has a powerful motor but also has a body which lasts long.

9. Incher/Pulse Feature

Incher Pulse Feature

Considered before purchasing a model is an ‘Incher’ or ‘Pulse’ option for a mixer grinder so that you get to use the product in its full versatility. Look for functional features like chopping, pureeing, blending, etc.

10. Safety Lock

Safety lock helps prevent spillage and also makes the mixer grinder kids safe. When you go, choosing a mixer grinder and a safety lock is an important feature to look for, as it prevents accidental start-up and keeps blades from running when the lid is open. This also prevents injury to the users.

11. Overload Protection

Your kitchen could become messy if the mixer jar capacity gets overloaded, and there are high chances of spillage. Hence, you must look for an overload protection feature in any kind of mixer jar that you go for. The overloading detection function can save your mixer grinder motor from malfunctioning due to its overload.

12. Quality and Durability

Quality and Durability

Go for a sturdy material-made mixer grinder, for it will last longer than the cheaper quality one, which could malfunction anytime, and you end up wasting your money by bringing a garage mixer grinder at home.

Investing in a good quality mixer grinder goes a long way toward extending the period of use of any mixer appliance. Doing so, you don’t have to worry about getting it replaced.

13. Maintenance

There is no gadget or appliance which works efficiently without its maintenance. It’s better to maintain an appliance than to get it repaired and replaced, which will prove to be cost-savvy.

Poor maintenance can cause damage to the mixer appliance in the long run. Make yourself aware of the cleaning methods of your mixer appliance to avoid any sort of breakdown.

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