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15 Best AC Brands in India – Comprehensive Comparison Guide

When you want an air conditioner, there are several good brands available in India. Here are some of them: Voltas, Blue Star, Llyod, Whirlpool, Daikin, and Daikin. Each has its own marketing strategy and takes environmental awareness to a whole new level. Buying an environmentally conscious brand will help the environment as well as your utility bills. In addition, the quality of their cooling systems is second to none.

1. Voltas


If you’re looking for a reliable, budget-friendly AC brand, look no further than Voltas. Founded only a few years after India’s independence, this AC manufacturer sells more than one million units a year, representing over 20% of all AC sales in India. It has over 14,000 retail outlets across the country, including outlying towns and tier 2 cities.

In addition to its extensive network of exclusive brand outlets, Voltas also offers a dynamic product portfolio. These units can fit rooms ranging from 0-110 square feet. Their condenser wires have internal grooves, allowing for better heat exchange and faster cooling. 

The filters are also highly reliable. The brand has also recently launched several new products. Aside from its reputation as one of the best air conditioning brands in India, Voltas is also one of the largest manufacturers of a few other electronic items in the country.

Its products include commercial, industrial, and split AC units. The company also manufactures water coolers, freezers, and refrigerators. Considering the numerous types of ACs in India, each brand has its advantages and disadvantages. Several parts of India require different types of ACs.

Some people want air conditioners that look stylish and are expensive. Others simply want an AC that cools their room. Whatever the case, Voltas is one of the best brands in India. With the huge range of ACs on the market, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs. 

2. Blue Star

Blue Star

There are many benefits of Blue Star AC. The first is that it has built-in heater functionality. The heat mode alternative turns off the fan before the desired warm temperature is reached. It also eliminates the problem of low oxygen content.

Secondly, the company’s premium AC models have built-in heater functionality. These features make Blue Star AC one of the best brands in India. Blue Star ACs come in many models. There are non-inverter and inverter models, as well as portable ACs.

Having spent seven years in the market, Blue Star has a stronghold on commercial AC units in India. Another advantage of Blue Star AC is that it uses R22 refrigerant. These are more efficient than the alternatives. If you have a large home or office, it may be the best choice for you.

Another advantage of Blue Star AC is that it filters out all types of pollutants. These protect from bacteria, viruses, dust particles, and foul odors. Premium Blue Star ACs also come with the Smart Control feature, which allows you to control and manage the air conditioning from a remote location. It offers reasonable cooling performance, minimal noise, and good air purification. 

The premium Blue Star ACs use copper condensers for better heat transfer and are easier to clean. Copper condensers cost more, but copper is stronger and easier to maintain. Additionally, it doesn’t cause the unit to corrode as easily as aluminum does. This is a huge benefit if you live in a humid area. 

With a streamlined business model, Blue Star is a manufacturer, contractor, and end-to-end solution. There are several different Air conditioners, so it’s worth exploring all of your options and comparing them to decide for yourself. If you’re looking for the best AC for your home, Blue Star is your best bet.

3. Llyod


If you are looking for a highly durable air conditioner, you should definitely consider buying a Lloyd. These air conditioners are technologically advanced, and the price tag is reasonable. You need to keep in mind that you need to have a reliable power supply to get the most out of the device.

These ACs are also good for homes with children. They can handle temperatures as high as 60°C. Lloyd has a wide range of ACs, and the prices are reasonable without compromising on quality. Several premium Lloyd ACs are equipped with self-cleaning filters to remove airborne dust and bacteria.

The company offers premium split ACs with effective and robust PM 2.5 filters. If you’re concerned about air pollution, look for the brand that offers the highest quality filters. You won’t be disappointed. It’s one of the best air conditioner brands in India.

So, go ahead and invest in a quality Lloyd air conditioner today. Its ACs are designed to be environmentally friendly and save the ozone layer. Their ACs also come with self-diagnosis features and clean air filters.

In addition to this, it also offers a one-year warranty on its ACs and is available with various packages for extended warranties. In addition to this, these brands offer different warranty options, so if you have any doubts or questions, you can contact the company directly. If you want to select the best AC model from Lloyd, read this latest guide.

4. Whirlpool


The company is a renowned American brand that entered the Indian market in the late 1980s. The company is an integral part of the TVS Group and is the largest manufacturer of home appliances in the world.

Whirlpool entered the Indian market in the late 1980s and set up manufacturing units in Pune, Pondicherry, Faridabad, and Gurgaon. Today, the company controls over five percent of the AC market and is growing at a great pace.

In order to save energy and reduce electricity bills, Whirlpool ACs are equipped with four-in-1 filters that capture harmful pollutants, such as PM 2.5 particles. These filters protect your family from bacteria, allergens, and other pollutants.

You can use the Eco mode to lower the compressor speed and conserve energy. The whirlpool AC is also compatible with smart home integration, meaning that you can control your AC from your smart home.

The company offers a range of cooling options, including window and split ACs. Many models have three-star energy ratings and stabilizer-free operation. Whirlpool ACs also use Intellisense technology and a 6th Sense sensor. 

As power cuts and load-shedding are a common occurrence in India, Whirlpool offers a variety of ACs at an affordable price. The company also offers a range of split ACs and window ACs that have the energy-efficient 5-star rating. Lastly, the company offers a range of cooling systems to suit different needs.  

However, Service is an area that Whirlpool needs to improve. While Whirlpool is known for offering great products, its after-sales service is sub-par. Many Whirlpool AC technicians have not been trained well, causing more problems and costing the consumer more money. Apart from that, it also has poor customer service. Standard installation costs Rs999 + GST and takes 72 hours.

5. LG


LG is another dependable brand of ACs in India.  When it comes to air conditioning, the South Korean giant has a range of systems that are smaller in size than its Japanese counterpart. It also offers slim-line units, as well as the High Static Series, which is ideal for covering larger rooms.

The Slim Ducted Series is compact and energy-efficient, and comes with an integrated safety tray that prevents accidental leaks or drain blockages. These systems also feature energy-saving features, which makes LG an excellent choice for homes that are not overly large.

The company’s ACs are also available in several price ranges, depending on your needs. The LG air conditioners come with features such as energy monitoring that lets you see how much energy your system is using. Moreover, it also features an energy-efficient mode that adjusts the cooling frequency as per the metabolism of your body.  

If you’re looking for an air conditioner for your bedroom, the LG 5-star inverter split AC is a great choice. The 1.5-ton model offers great features and power, but is also environmentally-friendly. Moreover, LG’s 1.5-ton split AC comes with a power consumption of merely 68W, which is more than enough for most homes.

It features a dust filter to minimize energy consumption. The unit also features an Ocean Black Protection feature that helps prevent ozone. And for added durability, the unit also features a Gold Fin condenser that can resist corrosive elements. Voltas has been a pioneer in air conditioning design for the Indian market.

Their window AC is 5-star energy-efficient and boasts some of the most innovative features in this price range. Another great feature of LG window inverter AC is that it can be operated via mobile application, so you can take control of it with your phone. When it comes to air conditioning, this brand is the most popular, with a long history of making quality products. And the company also has a top-notch customer service team.  

6. Panasonic


If you’re looking for a feature-rich high-quality air conditioner, Panasonic is one of the top brands in India. They produce some of the most advanced air conditioners available today, and their high-quality products have a variety of innovative features.

These advanced features, like Anti Corrosion Blue Fin Technology, 4-way airflow, ECONAVI sensors, Nanoe-X, and AG Clean, help make Panasonic air conditioners among the best in India. The Japanese company, Panasonic was founded in 1918 and is currently the world’s number one consumer electronics manufacturer.

With over two lakh employees, Panasonic is one of the largest consumer electronics producers in the world. This is reflected in the fact that their products are energy-efficient and expensive, while at the same time, they offer reasonable ACs as well.

Other advantages of buying a Panasonic air conditioner include durability and modern technology. They use durable materials and high-quality components to build their air conditioners. Panasonic uses advanced technologies to manufacture high-quality, long-lasting appliances.

Moreover, their new split AC models feature stabilizer-free operation and feature sensors that sense human movement and other environmental factors. Panasonic has been making high-end air conditioning products for over 50 years.

The latest advancements in air conditioners include inverter technology. This technology, which is analogous to the accelerator in your car, gives more power to the compressor when it needs it most, and less power when it doesn’t.

Inverters also allow the air conditioner to adjust its speed according to the temperature in the incoming air. This means less power is needed to maintain a comfortable room temperature. if you want more knowledge, you can read about the entire Panasonic AC Review.

Other great features of Panasonic air conditioners include an ECOi VRF-system, a variety of heating and cooling options, controls, and accessories. It also has Wi-Fi compatibility and is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which makes it a truly smart home appliance. This is a highly dependable AC brand in India. 

7. Daikin


Daikin, a highly reputable Japanese air conditioning brand produces all types of air conditioners, from small home units to large commercial ones. Their ACs are highly efficient, low-cost, and feature superior cooling.

Compared to other brands, Daikin is a trusted brand in the air conditioning industry. They also offer Split AC units, which are rectangular shaped machines that take up less space. In India, Daikin is known for its high-quality air conditioners. There are many smart features included in the new AC models.

Eco mode protects the unit from overload and Power Chill offers fast cooling in hot climates. These features help consumers choose the best air conditioner for their home. Daikin air conditioners are available in different price ranges and are a good buy for anyone’s budget.

You can choose from several models of Daikin air conditioners, depending on your budget and the size of your room. The features vary from one model to another.

The unit provides radiant cooling and distributes air evenly. It comes with a power chill operation, which lets you turn the air conditioner coil at maximum speed. This comes in handy when you need cooling in a hurry. This model also features R-32 green refrigerant, sleep off timer, and 100% copper coils.

The New Swing Compressor ensures smooth rotation of the air-condenser with the least amount of friction and vibration. Compared to other brands, Daikin ACs are quietest and come with eco-mode and an inbuilt stabilizer.

Another reason Daikin is the best air conditioning brand in India is its after-sales service. The company is famous for its excellent customer service. Daikin ACs offer the most advanced features in the industry. 

Daikin AC has become the fastest-growing AC brand in India. Its production capacity has grown at double-digit rates in the last year. Daikin Air Conditioning India Pvt. Ltd. has a manufacturing unit in Neemrana, Rajasthan. It offers a 5-year compressor warranty with most of its AC models. The brand’s ACs are also known for their cooling capabilities.

8. Hitachi


This Japanese manufacturer has been in the business for over 30 years and manufactures top-quality air conditioning solutions. By incorporating advanced technology, the company is able to create innovative cooling solutions and contribute to the improvement of indoor air quality.

This in turn helps people lead healthier lives. Its air conditioners provide clean, fresh, and balanced indoor air. Designed for Indian climates, Hitachi ACs are designed to withstand the hot summer months. The heat exchanger on the outdoor unit is protected with an anti-corrosion fin.

This prevents the unit from rusting when exposed to moisture and other corrosive elements. In addition, the ACs in the Hitachi range feature a built-in heater that reverses the process of cooling. With a wide variety of air conditioning models, Hitachi has a product for every home.

You can choose from inverter split ACs, fixed-speed split ACs, and window air conditioners. Each model is available in a variety of sizes, capacities, and design aesthetics. To narrow down your search, choose the one that best meets your needs. You can also sort the products by their Star Rating and Price.

The company is among the most trusted names in the air conditioning industry in India. Hitachi air conditioning systems are widely available in retail outlets in Chennai. When you buy one, you can rest assured that it will provide you with years of service and reliability.

The brand is known for its durability and innovation. The company produces air conditioners with world-class designs that are both pocket and environment-friendly. Many of its air conditioning units come with extended warranty periods and other features.

For example, the 1.5-ton Hitachi inverter split AC has an extended warranty period. It also offers auto-clean and turbo cooling features. In addition to being affordable, Hitachi air conditioners are highly regarded as one of the most durable ones.

9. Haier


If you are looking for the best air conditioning system for your home, you can browse through the range of Haier ACs. Haier ACs come in different capacities and energy ratings, so you can pick one that suits your needs. Also, Haier competes well with other AC brands in India, such as Hitachi, Lloyd, Samsung, Voltas, and O General.

Haier is a Chinese multinational company that specializes in home appliances and consumer electronics. They have been ranked the number one brand globally for the last ten years and were awarded as the most valuable brand in the IoT ecosystem.

Their products meet strict industry standards and are made by highly skilled and experienced professionals. They have a range of residential air conditioning systems that are priced economically. Haier also produces refrigerators, LED televisions, washing machines, and other products.

As an excellent brand in the air conditioning market, Haier offers striking features that make them a popular choice among customers. To choose the best Haier AC, consider its energy rating, capacity, specifications, and features. Then, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re getting the best AC for your home. Also, you save money with this brand.

Every brand has a unique philosophy on energy consumption, environmental awareness, and marketing strategies. Consider buying an environmentally friendly brand, as it will not only help the environment but will also cut your utility bills.

Every brand offers different prices, and each one is a good choice for you. All the best air conditioning brands in India are eco-friendly, so take your time to compare the options and decide which one is best for your home.

In India, there are several Haier air conditioners. If you’re looking for a window air conditioner, you’ll want to check out the Haier RAW312HEDO, a one ton split AC with a six-year compressor warranty. Another air conditioner in the Haier range is the HSU12K-PYS3B, a one ton window AC that’s also eco-friendly.

10. Sanyo


If you’re looking for a good air conditioner that will keep you cool during summer months, consider a Sanyo AC. This brand’s air conditioners are relatively affordable. Two or three years ago, Sanyo ACs were ridiculous.

They made a lot of noise and consumed a lot of energy. Now, these units are among the most energy efficient air conditioners on the market. They also have great rapid chilling and energy performance. These units come in several different styles. The Sanyo Sanyo 1.5 ton air conditioner is sleek and features a hidden temperature screen.

Its remote control is ergonomic, backlit, and includes both power on and off buttons. Users can adjust the temperature of the air conditioner with a single touch. Alternatively, you can choose a wall-mounted unit and have it mounted on the ceiling or the wall.

When purchasing a Sanyo air conditioner, consider its quality. Each unit features advanced inverter technology for better comfort. Sanyo ACs have a two-stage compressor that allows the speed of each rotor to be altered depending on the heat load.

It also has two separate rotors in the condenser for increased comfort and efficiency. Its dual-rotor design prevents unwanted noise while operating. Another model that offers a great value for money is the Sanyo 1 Ton Split Air Conditioner, which features great online ratings.

The Sanyo 1 Ton Split Air Conditioner features a new inverter compressor with variable-speed. This means the compressor adjusts power according to the heat load and is energy efficient. The temperature display area has error codes, making troubleshooting a breeze.

The air conditioner will automatically adjust to the perfect temperature for you to sleep comfortably and is ergonomically designed with glow-in-the-dark buttons. While it’s possible to buy a great AC from any brand, keep in mind the fact that each brand has its pros and cons.

In India, different regions need different types of air conditioners. Some people are interested in stylish ACs, while others are simply looking for the one that works well. Whatever your needs are, a Sanyo AC will help cool your room while preserving energy.

11. MarQ


Marq produces both split and window AC units. While Marq ACs may not be unique in isolation, they are a good bargain. The design of Marq air conditioning units is sleek and modern. The unit also features a hidden screen and mirror surface panel.

Also these make use of energy-saving features like High-Efficiency Rotary Compressor and Golden Evaporator Fins. The units are extremely efficient, with great BEE rankings. Besides that, they have high cooling capacities. That makes them a good value for money. 

Marq ACs are highly efficient, with cooling capacities of up to 5 kW. They can also operate in temperatures as high as 60 deg C. They also feature energy-efficient technology and low maintenance. A quality Marq AC can save you money and the environment. But beware of Marq’s price tag, as a few models get beaten up by its competing brands concerning price.

However, it’s definitely one of the best AC brands in India. We Recently tested the MarQ 4-in-1 Convertible Air Conditioner. It comes with five variants, starting at Rs 25,999. It is an excellent opportunity for MarQ to continue its rapid growth and become one of the best AC brands in India.

The MarQ brand has made some impressive ACs in India. MarQ ACs are extremely energy-efficient and run at a higher level of efficiency than their non-inverter counterparts. Their split inverter ACs will also save you money on electricity bills.

Compared to standard ACs, their models are between 15 and 20% more energy-efficient. Another feature that is worth noting is the dual-inverter compressor, which is good news for the environment and your wallet.

12. Onida


If you’re looking for an affordable air conditioning system, Onida is one of the best brands to choose. With 19 different air conditioning units, Onida has a unit to fit any budget. Prices range from about 24000 to over 60,000 rupees.  

Onida air conditioners are known for their performance and looks. These units are available in several capacities and can be purchased depending on the size of your room. The capacity of Onida ACs ranges from one ton to two tons. The brand’s reputation has earned it a place as one of the best air conditioning brands in India.

And because they’re so widely available, Onida’s prices range from budget-friendly to premium. Onida’s 1-Ton air conditioners are the most affordable and feature a variety of modern features. The condenser materials are made of high quality, while the units are available in several colours. Their excellent customer service also adds to their appeal. 

Onida also makes highly durable air conditioners. Onida’s one-ton air conditioner is a great example. It offers a number of energy-efficient features and comes with a sleep timer and turbo clean filter functions.

Its majority models offer an energy-efficient energy rating of two to five stars, so you’ll feel comfortable knowing your home is getting the best air conditioning it can with a single unit. If you’re looking for a window air conditioner that fits your needs, Onida AC is a solid choice.

Its split AC models have energy-efficient technology and a stunning cooling presentation. And its Inverter Compressor offers a warranty 10 years long! You’ll also have a 10-year warranty if your unit breaks down. In short, Onida ACs are the best in the business.

13. Reconnect


Reconnect ACs are made from 100% copper. This ensures superior cooling and lessens power consumption. Copper is less likely to corrode, making the AC last longer. Reconnect also offers a five-year warranty. Buying a Reconnect AC can save you money on electricity bills as it consumes less power than traditional split ACs.

The company promises to offer superior quality at an affordable price, so you can purchase a Reconnect AC without any doubts. Reconnect ACs are eco-friendly, too. The technology that makes them energy efficient is the same as that used by leading brands.

In addition, Reconnect air conditioners are more durable. These ACs feature advanced energy-saving features, like inverter technology and multi-level quality testing. These models are designed to function efficiently in different climates.

Reconnect ACs are easy to install, too. With minimal wiring, they are easy to install. They use tubes and wires for connection, so that installation is quick and easy. ResQ also offers expert installation services.

Many Reconnect AC models use non-ozone-depleting refrigerants for cooling. These air conditioners can handle hot and humid conditions without damaging the environment. Most of these brands have iFavor features to make life easier for consumers.

Reconnect air conditioners come with a three-level reliability test, and are made of 100% copper. They are also designed with stabiliser-free technology that protects the device against sudden voltage surges.

The company offers six different air conditioner models, and expert after-sales service. It’s not surprising that Reconnect is among the leading AC brands in air conditioning in India. Their ACs are available in major cities in the country.

14. Amstrad


The brand Amstrad sells air conditioners in India and is not well known in the country. It is not well-known but is a good option for those who are looking for an air conditioner with an excellent build quality. The brand is also able to provide full protection against power variations, which makes it suitable for India’s power supply conditions.

It is also equipped with features like extra strength cooling and a remote control. It has also integrated features like Alexa and Google Home for remote control. The Amstrad air conditioner is sleek and lightweight.

It does not obstruct the wall paint, which is a major problem with other AC brands. The onboard temperature monitor is hidden and can be switched off, so it does not use any extra electricity. The unit also features a 100% copper condenser, which is highly efficient at heat transfer and does not slow down the cooling process.

Amstrad ACs are available in several models and price ranges, starting from under 33K for a one-ton model. However, prices of these models might increase during the summer months, so make sure to get yours before the heatwave hits. 

There are several Amstrad Air Conditioner models available in India. Currently, Amstrad offers 5 models with different features. The AM13I3HC is the most popular Amstrad air conditioner. It is available in multiple cities of India. The AM25PI3 is the costliest Amstrad AC. All of these ACs are incredibly efficient and can reduce electricity bills dramatically.  

15. Midea


Midea AC has dual filters that make it more effective in filtration. The system also features a High-Density Filter that removes dust particles more efficiently than standard fThe company is headquartered in China and supplies electronic appliances to customers across the globe.

The brand was first partnered with Carrier, the US-based world leader in high-technology HVAC solutions. In 2008, the two companies announced a joint venture called Foshan Midea Carrier Air Conditioning Equipment Co. Limited, and they have since expanded to other countries.

Carrier has also invested in Midea to support the company’s worldwide population. The company also sells commercial air conditioning systems. The company has a joint venture with Carrier, one of the largest air conditioning suppliers in the world. Midea has a long and excellent history of producing high-quality air conditioning appliances.

This company has a reputation for producing quality air conditioning appliances, and it’s been a longtime sponsor of the Brazilian World Cup. Its ACs feature cutting-edge technologies and are extremely energy-efficient. Moreover, they’re also budget-friendly and eco-friendly.

One of the most important parts of an AC is the remote, and Midea AC comes with a high-quality remote that is easy to operate. To reset the remote, remove the batteries and follow the on-screen instructions. The 1.5 ton split AC from Midea is loaded with features. It can cool a room up to 48 degrees without being interrupted.

It has Dual Filters that remove dust and pollutants from the air. The silver nano filter even has antiviral and antibacterial properties. And it’s LED remote control makes it easy to control and adjust temperature. This AC has the ability to cool down a room quickly, so it is great for households on a budget.

If you’re on a budget, you can purchase a smaller, portable model from Midea. This unit has a 10K BTU rating and is perfect for residential spaces up to 150 square feet. The Midea MPF10CR81-E is easy to install and comes with adjustable window brackets. You can control the unit remotely with the help of an app that comes with a Wi-Fi kit.

Best AC Brands in India

This Brand list of the best air conditioners in India is selected on the basis of 3 comprehensive guides by our expert team. We checked cooling power, durability, coil & condenser’s quality, and many more before making this list.

Brand Ratings
Voltas 9.9
Blue Star 9.8
Llyod 9.6
Whirlpool 9.4
LG 9.1
Panasonic 8.9
Daikin 8.8
Hitachi 8.7
Haier 8.6
Sanyo 8.6
Marq 8.4
Onida 8.3
Sanyo 8.1
Reconnect 7.8
Amstrad 7.5
Midea 7.3

Buying Guide for an AC

The summer is at its sweltering highest in India at this moment. All of North India is burning and some other regions are experiencing rising temperatures. That’s exactly when air conditioners come into the scene and provide some relief.

Most of the time here on India Today Tech we write about smartphones and other exciting gadgets. But do you know which is the coolest gadget among them all? It’s the air conditioner. So, this time we took an in-depth look at the way ACs are available in India and what people can expect to purchase the best one. 

Here are five suggestions to consider when purchasing an AC. The air conditioner buying tips and guide will assist you to find the ideal one within your budget.

Which Type Of AC Is Suitable For Your Room?

There are three kinds of ACs: Split AC, Window AC as well as Portable AC. Each of them has its advantages as well as disadvantages, so you must choose based on your preferences and needs.

1). Split AC

Split AC

Split ACs have two units: an indoor one with an outdoor one. The indoor unit is equipped with a blower as well as an Evaporator (cooling coils), as well as outdoor units have the compressor as well as the condenser. The two units are connected by a pipe.

While they can provide more efficient cooling as well as more airflow, they’re more expensive to install and difficult to remove when the time comes to move into a new house. There’s also an upper limit to the distance between outdoor and indoor units could be.

The farther away they go, the less effective the entire unit is. They’re also more costly to maintain than other kinds of ACs.

2). Window AC

Window AC

Window ACs (also called monoblock air conditioners) are comparatively less complicated when compared to split ACs and they don’t need the same amount of space to install. The entire system is in one unit, which means that the installation and uninstallation of the window AC are much simpler and cost less.

That means that if you reside in a rental home or move often windows can result in less effort. But, they don’t look as stylish as split air conditioners. The types of ACs also restrict the window’s opening in the room and can be quite noisy. They may not be the best choice for large rooms.

3). Portable AC

Portable AC

Portable ACs are simpler for moving from one place to another. They’re like window ACs but can be relocated. They come with a hose that has one of its ends linked directly to an AC unit and the other end must be placed outside of the window.

If you would like to cool your living space in which you spend the majority of your time and also the bedroom, where you sleep in the evening, but do not want to invest in two ACs then portable ACs are the best option. But, it comes with many drawbacks, like higher sound and a little more expensive price. Additionally, they’re good enough for smaller spaces.

Inverter vs. Non-Inverter AC: Which Is Better?

Inverter vs. Non-Inverter AC Which Is Better

There are two kinds of ACs: inverter and non-inverter. Inverter ACs tend to be more efficient in power, however, they are more costly. It’s a popular assumption of the idea that an inverter AC is designed to be run by the power inverter (power backup), however, this isn’t the case. This is the information you’ll likely hear from salespeople in some retail shops.

The compressor of an inverter-free AC is running at all power until the room is at the desired temperature and then it ceases working. This process of stopping and starting it up is not just a sudden burden on the power supply but also draws more energy. 

In contrast, the inverter AC compressor is running 24/7 and continuously alters power consumption according to the requirements. This is the reason the inverter ACs are more efficient in power in comparison to other ACs. But, this feature will cost you more.

What Is a Dual Inverter AC?

Contrary to conventional inverter ACs that use a single-cylinder unidirectional rotary compressor at different speeds, Dual-Inverter ACs employ the most advanced variant of BLDC motors, which have two rotators.

The twin-rotator configuration results in a phase shift in the range of 180 degrees making it possible to operate in a larger frequency range. It provides better cooling as well as higher efficiency than standard inverter ACs.

Features to Consider While Buying an AC

  1. Auto Start
  2. Dehumidification
  3. Four-Way Swing
  4. Sleep Timer
  5. Smart Features, App Control, and Wi-Fi Connectivity
  6. Turbo Mode

1). Auto Start

If there’s an outage in power, and then power is restored, certain ACs don’t start up by themselves. An AC that has an Auto Start feature can restart itself when the power comes back on and it will set the temperature to the setting that you set before the power loss occurs.

2). Dehumidification

Although all ACs regulate humidity levels when cooling a room, certain ACs include a dehumidification function that lowers the humidity levels in the space. This is crucial for those who reside in an area that is prone to excessive humidity.

3). Four-Way Swing For Better Airflow Across The Room

Four-Way Swing For Better Airflow Across The Room

The majority of ACs feature a dual swing to distribute air throughout the room. Although it’s not an enormous difference in the effectiveness of cooling the space, it increases the impression of cooling when air flows through your home every few seconds.

Certain ACs have the ability to swing four ways which means they can disperse air vertically and horizontally, making it easier to alter the airflow of the AC more precisely. This is a crucial option to have if airflow towards a particular area is important to you.

4). Sleep Timer

The sleep timer function can be used to switch off the AC after a certain amount of time, thus reducing energy bills. It will certainly lessen the stress of waking up at night and having to turn your AC on.

5). Smart Features, App Control, and Wi-Fi Connectivity

Certain premium ACs are equipped with advanced features nowadays, like Wi-Fi (or Bluetooth) connectivity. These features let ACs be connected to your phone or online service that allows you to manage the AC when you’re not present in the room, or even when you’re away from home.

You can also manage the AC through voice commands on your smartphone or mobile device’s virtual assistant (Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri). You can also program the AC to automatically turn on after certain conditions are fulfilled.

For instance, you can program the AC to activate as you drive home to ensure that the area is set to the preferred temperature when you arrive home. However, these options differ according to the manufacturer and price class.

If you’re looking for your next AC to include these advanced features, look for models that work with Alexa, Google Assistant, or HomeKit and should include a smartphone app that works with each Android or iOS.

6). Turbo Mode

The majority of brands have a distinct term for this feature in their marketing. When you turn on this feature, it makes the AC operate at its maximum to speed up cooling and uses more energy. You may require it occasionally.

AC Gimmicks To Stay Away From

1). Mosquito Repellent Feature

Certain brands advertise their ACs with an insect repellent feature. In places such as India in which there are more mosquitoes, they can be attracted by this feature. But this feature has been proven to be useless. Therefore, don’t buy an AC solely because it claims it has an insect repellent feature.

2). Triple Inverter AC

Dual inverter ACs come with 180-degree phase-shift compressors, which allow them to work over a larger frequency range and allow their operation in a more balanced way. You might also think that a triple-inverter AC will be superior to one that has a dual inverter AC; however, the triple rotary can make the compressor quite imbalanced.

3). Anti-Bacteria or COVID-19 Virus Filtration Claims

Some manufacturers advertise that the filters that they employ in their ACs eliminate harmful bacteria. In this outbreak, certain businesses might even assert that AC filters can be used to eliminate COVID-19. But, it’s difficult to determine the effectiveness of these features since conducting tests on them isn’t achievable for most people. Therefore, do not choose an AC just based on this fact.

These are the crucial features that you must take into consideration. If you decide (or search on the internet) to purchase a new AC for the year ahead, be sure to select an AC that meets your requirements and is within your budget. You may be required to make certain choices in order to pick the ideal AC for the best cost.

Do You Require a Voltage Stabilizer for Your AC?

Do You Require a Voltage Stabilizer for Your AC

Most new ACs from the top manufacturers have built-in voltage stabilizers to protect from low and high voltages. But, even these ACs have a maximum operating limit on the amount of difference they can sustain and it is important to examine the ratings.

If your region typically experiences high voltage fluctuations, you might want to invest in an extra powerful voltage stabilizer.

How Important Are an AC’s Warranty & Service Quality?

The warranty time and the service quality are essential for any expensive gadget, including ACs. The majority of ACs include a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and a more extended warranty for the compressor.

Since the compressor is considered to be the most vital component of an AC and its repair price is also higher. Therefore, it is important to look at the guarantee period the manufacturer offers for the compressor of your AC.

Certain brands offer as little as a three-year warranty on compressors while premium brands offer the longest compressor warranty. The longer the warranty, the more reliable it is. An AC will require regular service in order to keep it running at its best, which is why it’s recommended to purchase an annual service contract (AMC) plan with a reputable service supplier.

By signing up with the Onsitego Comprehensive AMC plan, you can enjoy the benefit of up to 2 years of maintenance and repair assistance with two preventive maintenance visits per year and unlimited repairs (including charges for labor, service, and transportation) as well as no gas charges (if necessary) and replacement parts cost. If something goes wrong, you’ll be assured of high-quality service.

In addition to the warranty, the quality of the service is also important. Certain brands are superior to other brands when it comes to the quality of service, customer satisfaction, and overall customer experience.

To assess a brand’s service quality and customer service, it is recommended to read reviews from customers on forums, online stores, and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and the company’s Facebook comments page, or even on websites such as Quora. Also, you should consider asking your friends and acquaintances about the experience they had with the AC company in terms of the quality of service and customer experience.


ACs contain a lot of complex mechanical designs inside. This means that they need to be maintained even when they’re operating perfectly and there is absolutely nothing to be wrong. Make sure you choose an AC company with an established track record of quality service, particularly in your local area. 

If you’re unsure about the track record of service provided by an AC firm, don’t hesitate to inquire from dealers. If necessary, you can call the AC Customer Care Center of the brand and inquire about the company’s service history. 

Also, do not purchase an AC just because you love it. However, it’s because you are happy with it and are confident you will get it taken care of efficiently and at a reasonable cost when you buy it. If you’re not certain of the after-sales services offered by a specific brand do not buy their ACs.

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