16 Most Trusted & Best Water Bottle Brands in India

Sometimes you’re in the middle of your day racking on your bench press figures and exercising on a treadmill, your body sweats quite a bit, and you start to feel dizzy.

We’ve all experienced this problem when we’re deficient in water. The human body is indeed 70% water, so it’s normal to feel dehydrated rapidly.

This is why you should carry a hydration bottle throughout the day, so it is possible to drink water and keep yourself watered.

However, if you’re not carrying a water bottle with you for a reason, you can get Mineral water in the container.

There are a few companies which offer the purest water accessible in India. We’ll present the best mineral water companies in India that you can trust and drink without any doubts about the purity of their water.

16 Best Water Bottle Brands in India

1. Kinley


Kinley is a name brand that belongs to The Coca-Cola Company. It is popular in its European as well as the Asian market and provides consumers with healthy and safe packaging for drinking water.

Kinley brand mostly serves customers of the Coca-Cola Company for two drinks: packaged drinking water and carbonated water.

It has 17% of all shares in the market for packaged water bottles. The company was launched in India by Coca-Cola in the Indian marketplace by Coca-Cola in 2000. Since its inception, it has been among the top water brands in India.

You can choose the amount of water you would like each day. The mineral water company offers a variety of sizes for packaging, starting at 200 ml up to 5 Liters.

Additionally, the initial cost for the bottles is Rs .10 and can rise upwards to Rs 45, depending on what size bottle you choose.

According to reports, the water purification and packaging carried out through Kinley can be as high as 0.35 million litres. And in the next few years, we’re certain it will increase its percentage in the market for mineral water.

It is another well-known company in this list of water-packaged companies in India.

2. Himalayan Mineral Water

Himalayan Mineral Water

Himalayan-packed drinking water is thought to be the purest condition of drinking water since it is pure and unprocessed water taken directly from the highest point of the Himalayas.

It is extremely rich in naturally occurring minerals and has the perfect alkaline level to make the ideal water to drink for all.

The company began offering pure water to India in 1997. Since then, there has been no rival to its high quality in delivering pure water from natural sources.

Based on the name, you will know where the water comes from. In the eyes of a lot of people, it is believed that this Himalayan range is considered sacred.

People from the Himachal state revere the mountains; therefore, having a business offering the sacred Himalayan mountains water greatly benefits locals.

The company is sourcing this water out of the Shivalik Himalayan mountain range. The water has been filtering automatically in nature for over 23 years.

You can have the chance to purchase one of their Mineral bottles of water in sizes that range from 300ml to 1 Liter and two litres. Additionally, no big plants and equipment are making efforts to provide you with pure water. This means that water bottle costs are very low, and everyone can pay for them.

3. Aquafina


Aquafina has been among the most renowned brands in the world, providing clean water for many years. It is produced under the brand PepsiCo and is considered to be a popular brand in this business.

The company was launched in the year 1994 in the United States of America. It is a part of our childhood and is among India’s top drinking water brands.

They supply the highest quality water in India without added taste. The method that the company employs to cleanse its water is reverse-osmosis ultraviolet and sterilization by ozone.

In 2007 the company began making a statement on their water bottles stating that the water is sourced from public sources.

Additionally, there are different flavours in Aquafina; yes, the water is infused with personality if you decide to try them. One of the most well-known flavours of water is rose water.

Aquafina is among the top brands of mineral water in India Its origin country is America; currently, India boasts more than 15 production units that produce pure water according to its guidelines and regulations of it.

Mineral water is available in different sizes ranging from 300ml to 500ml and can be up to 25 Liters. The price for one bottle of Aquafina mineral water is $7. This makes it one of the cheapest mineral water companies in India.

4. Bisleri


Bisleri is among the best mineral water bottle manufacturers in India. We’re sure that this name is well-known to you.

Most of the time, people ask the shopkeeper at the counter to hand them a Bisleri, and he quickly realizes what we’re looking for in an insulated water bottle.

Bisleri, for the majority of consumers, has become the name of water bottle manufacturers that are packaged in India. It is the leader in the market for packaged drinking water brands in India.

So, take a seat as we’re going to reveal fascinating information about it. While it’s iconic, it was not always an Indian brand. It was owned and operated by an international mineral water company situated in Italy.

Bisleri was first introduced in India during the mid-sixties in the 1960s, and in 1969, Parle Group bought it on the Indian shores. Today, it holds 40% of India’s packaged drinking water market. So, it’s safe to say it is among India’s largest water bottle manufacturers.

5. Bailey


Fourth on the list is Bailey which began its journey in 1993. It is among the top companies in our water names list, following Bisleri.

Furthermore, for many, it symbolizes pureness in water. Some offices exclusively use drinks sourced from it. There are 52 Bailey plant locations across the nation. They provide the packaging and delivery of pure water to the local community with the brand name Bailey.

The main reason people go for Bailey is the competitive price in India’s mineral water packaging industry. You can pick daily refills of 5 Liters, 10 litres, and 25 litres based on the amount you require for a much more affordable price.

Additionally, in terms of figures, it produces 0.10 million litres of pure drinking water daily. It has a market share of around 3 per cent.

It may seem tiny to you, but when you consider the size of its market and its well-known delivery service across India, Bailey is doing very well as a water bottle maker.

The main reason people go for it is because of its price in the mineral packaged market in India.

6. Borosil


You’ve likely seen a lot of talk about Borosil. It is one of the most reputable and authorized brands of glassware from India. It sells top drinking bottles in premium quality materials and in various styles priced at a reasonable price.

The headquarters of the company is in Mumbai, India. In addition to glassware, they offer the majority of kitchen and home appliances in various categories like cookware serving ware storage and lunch boxes, dinnerware etc..…

The glassware section offers water bottles in three different materials, such as copper, stainless steel, and glass bottles.

There are various kinds of top water bottles in the Borosi brand, like screw-top lids, slipper lids, straw bottles, and hot and cold bottles.

You can buy water bottles for less than 350 INR. It offers a wide variety of large-sized glass water bottles that allow you to drink more water comfortably. The glass bottles are manufactured with features that are freezer safe.

If you want to look at this brand, the collection of water bottles, the company provides all-inclusive free delivery throughout India.

Most Borosil water bottles come with a one-year warranty label.

7. Kingfisher Mineral Water

Kingfisher Mineral Water

Kingfisher water can be described as a sub-brand of Kingfisher, which has become a famous name across the globe. This brand has been in customers’ hearts for a long time, providing the safest and most nutritious drinking water.

The creators of among the top adored beers in India are also proficient in creating clear water! Kingfisher introduced its mineral packaging for water in 1998, and the company’s headquarters was established in Mumbai.

According to the latest estimations, Kingfisher earns approximately $50 million from selling clean water in India.

The packaging for the mineral water is available in various sizes beginning at 200ml and up to 20 litres for each pack.

8. Tata Water Plus

Tata Water Plus

Tata Water Plus is a joint venture between two of the biggest beverage companies around the world. The first is Pepsico and the second option is Tata global beverages.

The two companies joined forces in 2010. and created the Tata Water Plus. The company can produce 20 million Liters of pure water each year.

The sizes offered by this particular brand of packaged water include 1 5 litre, 1 litre, and 20 litres. There is more than $40 million of income each year from Tata Water Plus.

Tata is seeking to expand its operations in the market of water purification in India.

9. Rail Neer

Rail Neer

Then, of course, the last item we’ll mention is Rail Neer, the most well-known water bottle you’ve encountered when travelling by train.

It doesn’t matter whether you are travelling on the Maharajas’s Express, one of the finest trains in India and around the world, or travelling in sleeping compartments on a long train trip. The passengers will receive a water bottle filled with Rail Neer.

This mineral bottle was made by the IRCTC, which has a daily capacity to produce 0.10 million litres of mineral water.

The best brands of water bottles in India.

10. Milton


Milton is a well-known name which is well-known for its flasks. Its durability is one reason why it is essential to appreciate Milton’s products.

It sells a vast selection of water bottles with greater durability. A brand of water bottles with an innovative design that produces bottles in extremely imaginative styles.

Milton water bottle manufacturer in India is the most effective in providing a wide selection of children’s water bottles. The brand offers water bottles for kids in non-insulated, thermosteel and insulating materials.

11. Qua Mineral Water

Qua Mineral Water

Qua is a different mineral water company with its headquarters in Maharashtra. Narang Group owns this mineral water company in India. The company employs a unique method of filling the mineral bottles.

In addition, like Himalayan minerals, Qua is also delivering clean water through the acquisition of it directly from the Himalayas. Natural water comes in two forms.

It is possible to purchase 500ml or buy 1 Liter. Suppose you look at the costs for 1 litre of natural water and see that Qua provides among the lowest costs. This is why it is so successful in market share in the Indian market.

The packaging process is effective. So its costs are reduced and the water used is taken from natural resources. Add all this to the fact that it has a tie-up with luxurious accommodation; it has become quite famous.

It is a different mineral water brand with its headquarters erected in Maharashtra state.

12. Tupperware Water Bottle Brand

Tupperware Water Bottle Brand

Typically, Tupperware water bottles are made of plastic, which is lightweight and, therefore, simple to carry. The material used in the water bottle is of the highest quality plastic.

Like Borosil, it is also a retailer of a wide range of kitchen appliances. Water bottles are constructed with recycled materials. Consequently, it doesn’t cause any environmental harm.

Barbie water bottles rank as the top-selling product in the category of Tupperware water bottles, and barbie-printed water bottles are the most sought-after for college students.

13. Cello


Cello is among the most well-known brand names for water bottles in India. It is readily available to buy in supermarkets and general shops in India.

Affordable price is the primary reason for the increasing popularity of water bottles made from cello in India. Water bottles for cello are readily available even in the range of prices lower than 100 INR.

If you’re searching for the most affordable yet top brand of water bottles in India, it could be the right choice for you.

14. Nirlon


Nirlon is an authentic Indian cookware brand and is among the few brands that have introduced non-stick cookware in India.

The water bottle manufacturer Nirlon utilizes food-grade high stainless steel that is of the highest quality.

Additionally, it has water-proof, leak-proof, and scratch-proof features that are excellent options for using water bottles for a long time.

It is possible to buy Nirlon bottled water containers in marketplace stores such as Amazon, Flipkart etc.…

When choosing the brand of water bottles in India in 2022, take note of the seven top water bottle brands in your head and make sure you purchase one to enjoy the best and most healthy water-drinking experience.

15. SignoraWare


India is another major company in glassware as well as kitchenware. Water Bottles are among Signoraware’s most popular products.

Similar to Borosil, SignoraWare offers water bottles in three different materials, including glass bottles, copper, and stainless steel bottles.

The company uses a technique known as double-wall insulation that plays a significant part in keeping the water contents inside the water bottle in good condition for 24 hours or more.

16. Pigeon


Pigeon is the name of a Chinese brand that sells water bottles across the world. The brand of water bottles is well-known in the Indian States.

All Pigeon water bottles come with a warranty which means you do not have to worry about the quality of the product.

Suppose you’re searching for high-quality water bottles to use for trekking and hiking kinds of activities to go with the Tupperware brand.

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