Top 10 Best Android TVs In India

Top 10 Best Android TVs In India

Have you resorted to the old television? Imagine experiencing a cinema-like experience with your family and friends at home!

Felt good? This is what the top android TV could give you.

However, it is a challenge to pick the ideal android TV from the numerous options available. But, we have a solution.

Here is our thorough research on the best android TVs and the buying guide, and a list of frequently asked questions that will help you select the best Android TV. We have included all the information you require to be able to fall in love with your new Android TV.

The Best Android television in India

1. Mi 80cm (32”) HD Android Smart LED TV

Mi 80cm (32”) HD Android Smart LED TV

One of India’s most popular Android TVs is the Mi 80cm (32-inches) HD Ready Android Smart LED TV 4C Pro.

Mi is a well-known and popular name in India. Indian market that does not require an introduction. Mi has managed to earn its mark among consumers with its low-cost and high-quality electronic goods.

This Android TV features an HD-ready display that measures 1366 x 768p, with a 60-Hz/sec refresh rate. With this feature, viewers can stream unlimited content with balanced brightness and contrast levels. This will also allow you to display the colours with stunning clarity.

In the end, one thing you can be assured of is that you’ll never run out of multimedia content on this Android TV.

Another impressive feature of this Android television is its Chromecast included feature. This feature allows you to connect your smartphone and TV, watching all of your favourite videos, images, or other media.

Because of the use of the 7th Gen Imaging Engine, this TV can eliminate all undesirable noises and provides sharp detail for the frame of the image.

We were also awed by its 64bit A53 Quad-core processor that guarantees smooth operation on the television. In addition, it offers 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage to users.


  • HD ready resolution, 60Hz/sec refresh rate.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • WiFi built-in, Chromecast option, and PatchWall 3.0 to stream unlimited media content.
  • Dolby DTS-HD surround audio with 20W speakers.
  • Three HDMI along with 2 USB ports.
  • Noise reduction with dynamic dynamics, 5 picture modes, and temperature control.

  • Android TV  comes with PatchWall 3.0, which is nothing less than a one-stop shop for all your needs in video content.
  • It’s supported by 20 content providers like Netflix, YouTube, Disney Hotstar, Voot, Prime Video, and many more.
  • It works with an Android 9.0 version that supports the latest and most advanced features.
  • The TV comes with a DTS-HD surround system featuring 20W of 2 powerful speakers in terms of audio.
  • The sound quality is exceptional and is unrivalled in that you can hear every conversation.
  • It has three HDMI ports as well as 2 USB ports, an AV port, and an Ethernet port to ensure seamless connectivity.
  • Apps aren’t  mature yet – for example, in our testing forwarding and rewinding in NetFlix consumed time.

2. Sony Bravia 108 Cm (43”) Full HD LED 

Sony Bravia 108 Cm (43”) Full HD LED

Sony is a household-name name in the field of top-quality electronic items. Thanks to its outstanding products and services for customers, the company has been on the market for a long time.

This Android TV comes with a full HD display, giving all you watch the best clarity. We were impressed by how it improves every frame without diminishing the quality and originality of the images. It features a refresh rate of 50 Hz/sec to provide the highest quality picture.

When we used the device, we discovered that the TV was equipped to use X-Reality Pro picture processing technology to boost every pixel in the image and video.

This HDR feature lets users enjoy a lively appearance and clear visuals with the perfect balance between light and dark.

It is able to display stunning images and video.

With regards to connections, this television offers two HDMI ports and 2 USB ports to users.

We also loved its multi-language navigation. Users can select any language to use and access the features without issues. It is also possible to use the features with intelligent remote control.


  • Display in Full HD with a refresh rate of 50 Hz/sec.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • 2. HDMI as well as 2 USB ports.
  • Built-in speaker for deep bass sound using 30W speakers.
  • HDR display X-Reality Pro, X-Protection Pro Dynamic headphones, Bluetooth, and WiFi connectivity.
  • Multi-language access, seamless remote control.

  • The Android TV is also renowned for its bass-rich sound due to the inbuilt subwoofer.
  • The sound quality is improved by the high-performance drive speaker and ClearAudio+ technology. Because of these options, the Android TV provides unbroken sound with no noise.
  • It is easy to connect various connected devices and access unlimited multimedia content.
  • The TV is built to work even in the toughest conditions, without any issues related to dust, humidity, and fluctuating electrical power.
  • Customers also receive one-year warranties on the TV.
  • Access to multiple apps as well as a built-in Google assistant.
  • High compatibility with other devices to stream unlimited multimedia content.
  • In a few cases, there were no no accessory for wall mounting the TV. However, almost each time, the company’s customer support helped out!

3. Sanyo 164 cm (65”) Kaizen Series 4k 

Sanyo 164 cm (65”) Kaizen Series 4k

If you love watching your favourite television shows and films on the large TV screen and want to watch them on a large screen, there’s a no better choice than the Sanyo 164cm (65-inches) Kaizen Series 4K Ultra HD-certified Google LED TV.

Alongside its huge screen, it is built with a high-quality 4K ultra HD display and 60Hz/sec refresh rate to provide stunning display quality.

We also loved the performance of the ultra-bright HDR10 display and the Micro-dimming technology that helps ensure the right brightness and brightness.

There’s nothing like the enthralling sound quality it produces. Because of its power output of 20W and Dolby audio digital processing, you will get high-quality theatre sound without disturbances from noises around.

We appreciated that the television could be wall-mounted and table mountable. It also comes with a one-year warranty with adequate customer service to its customers.


  • Ultra HD 4K display with HDR10 and micro-dimming technology.
  • 3 HDMI 2 USB ports and built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • 20W power output, with Dolby Digital Sound Processing, noise cancellation.
  • Android 9.0 OS that comes with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage space.
  • 1-year warranty.

  • The TV can function smoothly thanks to the support of the Android 9.0 OS, which also includes 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage.
  • Users  have the option of the convenience of voice search to access their most-loved media content.
  • The Quad-core CPU and Triple Core GPU enhance the smooth and seamless operation of the Android TV.
  • In terms of connectivity, we were impressed by the convenience of connecting several other devices via its 3 HDMI ports and two USB ports.
  • The purchasers  have the benefit of its built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The audio link is two-way, which guarantees that pure sound is delivered to all corners of the space.
  • The remote quality could have been a better. However, the TV is perfect.

4. Onida 80 cm (32”) HD Ready Smart LED 

Sanyo 164 cm (65”) Kaizen Series 4k 7.5kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading

Over the many years, Onida has established itself as one of the most renowned electronic brands. With its many electronic products, Onida TVs are extremely popular with the customers. This LED TV for Android is one of the most well-known Android TV choices.

The TV comes with an HD-ready LED screen with an angle of 178 degrees and a 60 Hz/sec refresh rate to show the highest image and video clarity on the screen.

Additionally, we were also impressed by its Lucent Picture Engine, which guarantees the display of lifelike videos and images on the screen, with the right balance between vibrant contrast and vibrant shades.

Customers can experience the highest quality sound through the onboard Dolby and the DTS surround-sound system, which its powerful 20W speaker accompanies.

Its dynamic noise cancellation allows the listeners to listen to the cinema-like sound without unwanted background noises.

We also loved the variety of connectivity options offered by this TV. 

We appreciated the ease and comfort of using its voice remote that works with Alexa. With this feature, users can access all applications and features through their voice.


  • HD ready resolution LED display.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Ultimate convenience through voice remote control using Alexa.
  • 178-degree viewing angle wide with 60 Hz/sec refresh speed for an extremely clear display.
  • 3 HDMI ports One USB port and dual-band WiFi connectivity.

  • Concerning sound quality, Onida TV makes no concessions in its sound quality.
  • It has three HDMI ports and 1 USB port for seamless connectivity between the TV and other devices.
  • It comes with dual-band WiFi to give additional wireless connectivity and compatible advantages.
  • Users get the best warranty of one year on this Onida Android TV.
  • Onida Service Support is not 100% satisfactory. They help, but they take time for that.
  • In terms of loudness, it isn’t the best TV.

5. OnePlus 138.8 cm (55”) Q1 Series 4K 

OnePlus 138.8 cm (55”) Q1 Series 4K

Who needs an introduction to the worth of the OnePlus? The company has established its notable position within India. Indian market by wowing customers with its unparalleled quality and affordability.

This android TV provides the highest and crispest quality video and image with its Ultra-HD 4K display with a speed of 480 Hz.

You’ll also appreciate the different connectivity options for compatible devices on this TV.

In terms of its audio quality, we fell in love with the clarity of the sound without interruptions. It delivers a captivating sound thanks to its 50W power output and Dolby atmos’ surround-sound system.

The Android TV is designed to provide flawless operation using its Android Pie 9 OS, which also comes with 1 GB RAM and 16 GB of storage space to ensure uninterrupted multimedia access. The owners can get the needed assistance through a one-year warranty.


  • Ultra 4K HD display that features HDR10 and QLED technology, as well as HDR10+ sharp display.
  • Chromecast is built-in, with screen-casting capabilities and a one-year warranty.
  • Four HDMI as well as 3 USB ports.
  • 50W power supply of Dolby Surround Sound Atmos.
  • Incredible bass sound, with two built-in subwoofers.

  • It is equipped with four HDMI ports and three USB ports that allow users to connect additional devices with no hassles.
  • Users can rely on the built-in WiFi to provide fast and smooth connectivity.
  • It can focus on each sound element by delivering incredible bass through two subwoofers.
  • We also appreciated the functions that HDR10 has and HDR10+, which improves the quality of images by balancing contrast and brightness.
  • 4k quality is great. But you can get this quality even on a less costly TV.

6. “Vu” 108 cm (43”) Full HD LED TV

_Vu_ 108 cm (43”) Full HD LED TV

The next Android TV that we have on our list comes from Vu, a renowned brand in electronics. It features an HD-ready display backed by an A+ quality high-intensity screen to match the precise colour of images and the unbeatable clarity of the display.

We were very impressed with the Vu Android TV as its pure prism display is known for its ability to provide HD quality colour for every display frame.

It can achieve the ideal balance of contrast and brightness to display each image in optimal ways. It helps ensure even brightness across all corners of the frame.

It also has WiFi as well as Bluetooth connectivity. With its gaming mode, the TV is an absolute joy for those who love games since it can be used continuously without causing eye strain.

This Android TV has been designed with a 64-bit quad-core processor that improves its performance with stunning quality video and image.

You’ll be impressed by the incredible audio quality of the Android TV. It utilizes Dolby Audio as well as the DTS Studio surround sound system.


  • HD capable resolution and Grade LED panel.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Gaming mode on PC and PC for an amazing gaming experience.
  • 20W speaker and 60Hz/sec refresh speed.
  • Two HDMI along with 2 USB ports to ensure seamless connectivity.
  • DTS surround sound, with Dolby Audio as well as MPEG noise reduction.

  • The refresh speed of Android television is at 60 Hz/sec, which improves the video and image quality.
  • The 20W power speaker delivers the highest quality sound to make each conversation heard with no unwanted background noises.
  • To offer the most user experience to maximize their experience, this Android TV comes equipped with two HDMI ports and a LAN port and two USB ports.
  • It comes with 1GB RAM and 8 GB of internal storage, allowing users to enjoy uncompromising multimedia content.
  • No Bluetooth in remote.
  • This is a Full HD TV (1k resolution), not Ultra HD (4k resolution).

7. Kevin 80cm (32”) HD Ready LED Smart TV 

Kevin 80cm (32”) HD Ready LED Smart TV

Kevin is among the top brands making high-quality, reliable LED Android TVs. Kevin’s brand is packed with advanced features to offer stunning audio and image quality to customers with no hassle.

It has an LED HD display that has an angle of 178 degrees. It also improves the display’s image quality and image quality with a 60 Hz/sec refresh rate. Furthermore, this Android TV enhances the viewing experience by using HRDD technology.

We were awed by its powerful Quad-core processor. The TV can handle multitasking with no unwanted interruptions or quality drops.

Users can also benefit from 1GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage, so you will not run out of space while enjoying your favourite shows.

It delivers each audio detail to all corners with features such as power audio or music equalizer. It can cancel out undesirable noises.

With its seamless connectivity feature, you can connect the android TV to many other external devices. It is equipped with two HDMI ports and two USB ports. 

All of the features available to the TV can be accessed via the remote that is web-connected. The TV comes with a one-year guarantee to its users.


  • HD prepared HD display.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Viewing angle of 178 degrees with a 60-Hz refresh rate.
  • 20W powerful speakers featuring powerful music and an equalizer for music.
  • 2. HDMI along with 2 USB port connectivity, with Bluetooth along with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Screen mirroring, cinema mode, HRDD technology.

  • In terms of the distinctive characteristic of this Android TV, it is equipped with a discovery engine that allows access to wide content pools.
  • Users can access the multimedia pool and enjoy unlimited access to their favourite shows.
  • Users can also enjoy the benefits of screen mirroring, which allows you to connect all phone data to the android TV with no issues.
  • It offers unparalleled audio quality thanks to the 20W speakers.
  • We can use its built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity to connect to various other devices.
  • Not that good for gaming purpose.
  • Customer supports takes much time in terms of helping the buyer.

8. TCL 163.96 cm (65”) AI 4K UHD LED 

TCL 163.96 cm (65”) AI 4K UHD LED

This TCL Android TV is a popular choice for millions of people for its incredible sound and audio quality. It features a super 4K HD display with HDR features to display crisp and clear pictures on the screen.

Its micro-dimming technology and 60Hz/sec refresh speed ensure the perfect balance of contrast and brightness to enable viewers to experience picture-perfect quality.

We loved the 20W sound power with an AI sound processor. It is guaranteed to provide crisp, clear audio without interference or background noises.

The most distinctive aspect of this android TV is the AI-powered Google Assistant. It allows users to access any desired function, features, or media content by simply speaking to them. Additionally, this android TV comes with a one-year guarantee to its owners.


  • Ultra 4K HD display featuring HDR10, micro-dimming, and 60Hz/sec refresh rate.
  • AI-enabled Google assistant that comes with a one-year guarantee.
  • Android 9.0 OS that includes Google cast and T-cast to provide seamless content transfer.
  • 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports that have Bluetooth connectivity.
  • 20W powerful sound powered by AI with a sound engine.

  • It also provides the most convenience by providing quick and seamless connectivity, thanks to the three HDMI ports and two USB ports.
  • Users get the advantages of a fast connection with built-in Bluetooth connectivity.
  • With the help of the Google Cast T-cast, users can transfer information from their phones to their android TV in minutes.
  • Users can be assured that the sound is heard in all corners of the room for a smooth audio experience.
  • We’ll give less marks for voice recognition. 
  • Lags a bit when it comes to gaming.

9. Kodak 139 cm (55”) 4k Ultra HD LED TV 

Kodak 139 cm (55”) 4k Ultra HD LED TV

If you’d like to enjoy stunning image quality on a huge screen with advanced functions and features, then get the Kodak 139cm (55-inches) 4K Ultra HD certified Android LED TV 55 UHD X7 PRO.

This Android TV is designed to provide seamless operation with its android 9.0 OS, 4K ultra HD display, and a 60Hz refresh rate for crisp and clear frames of images. Thanks to its HDR technology, it ensures the ideal balance of brightness and contrast.

Users can easily find their favourite media content with Google’s voice-search feature. Additionally, they can have quick access to numerous features and functions by using remote access.

We also enjoyed the slim, sleek, and stylish appearance of the Android TV. It’s designed with premium aesthetics that will attract the eye and blend well with modern décor. In addition, users can enjoy the 1-year warranty for this Android TV.


  • 4k ultra HD display that includes HDR technology as well as 60Hz/sc refresh rate.
  • Voice search elegant and stylish design, and a one-year warranty.
  • This feature is available with noise cancellation.
  • 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports that have Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Dolby surround sound and powerful speakers that can deliver 24W of power to deliver crystal clear sound.
  • Simple and seamless operation and operation.
  • More efficient and seamless performance.

  • Users are provided with the option of connecting multiple devices to this android TV using the three HDMI ports and two USB ports.
  • You can enjoy Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to seamlessly connect to your desired devices.
  • In terms of its sound quality, it guarantees that clear, crystal-clear sound is delivered to all corners of your room.
  • With its dynamic noise cancellation feature, it helps to reduce all the noises that are not needed.
  • It comes with Dolby surround sound and powerful speakers.
  • The quality of back side plastic is average.
  • Netflix App is missing in this TV. 
  • The boot time is somewhat long for the TV.

10. CloudWalker 80cm (32”) HD Ready Smart LED 

CloudWalker 80cm (32”) HD Ready Smart LED

CloudWalker is among the top Android TVs equipped with the latest capabilities to provide an incredible video experience to viewers.

We were incredibly impressed by this C-Share mobile remote app for this Android TV. This app allows owners to easily wirelessly move the content from their mobile to their TV with no issues.

In addition to its incredible performance in terms of images and videos, this Android TV excels in sound quality.

It uses Dolby audio with 20W speakers and an integrated bass stabilizer that gives you stunning audio quality. Also, it utilizes digital noise reduction to block out the background noises.

The Android TV is equipped with various connectivity options. Users can make use of the two HDMI ports and two USB ports to link other gadgets like gaming consoles and so on.

We enjoyed the style featured on the Android TV, which is appealing enough to fit into the modern interiors. Users are provided with an assurance of one year with the Android TV.


  • HD capable LED resolution and an A+ anti-glare screen.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Dolby surround sound, 20W speaker, and digital noise cancellation.
  • Android 8.0 Oreo OS for smooth performance and is powered by an A35 Quad-Core processor.
  • 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, and built-in WiFi connectivity.
  • High-quality screen-casting.

  • CloudWalker is an Android TV with HD-ready resolution and a + display panel for crisp and vivid images and video clarity.
  • It features a 178-degree viewing angle and a 60-Hz refresh speed.
  • One of the great things about the Android TV is that it runs android 8.0 Oreo OS, which ensures the smoothest operation and functions.
  • It comes with the advantage of a discovery engine for the user to gain an unlimited supply of their preferred media files.
  •  The built-in WiFi feature is an option for the most high-end connection compatibility.
  • Incredible theatre-like sound and image/video quality.
  • This led have all ports awkwardly positioned in its back. So, you can’t use them properly in wall mount position.
  • It doesn’t support smart remote.

Shopping Guide: How do you buy the top Android television in India?

It isn’t easy to choose the ideal Android television in India, particularly when purchasing it for the first time. Additionally, the variety of options for Android TV makes a choice difficult.

You may be struggling to select the most suitable android TV from the numerous options. If so, this article will provide some of the essential aspects to help you make the right choice. Check them out:

Refresh rate:

It is measured as Hertz (or Hz). The number of times the image is refreshed on screen per second. This determines the quality of the image and makes the picture appear blurred on the screen.

For a perfect screen image, the standard speed of refresh is 60Hz/sec. The refresh rates are increased up to 120Hz/sec to accommodate fast-moving objects so that they don’t appear blurry. Therefore, buying an Android TV with 120Hz/sec is recommended for the best quality images on-screen.

Screen size:

This might not seem like an essential aspect for many consumers, but it does matter significantly. Imagine watching your favourite film in a size that is so small that you are unable to be able to see anything. What would be enjoyable?

Ensure that the selected screen size can display the image with the highest quality. So, consider the Android TV’s screen size in the process of selecting.

Additionally, you must consider the number of viewers and the size of your space when choosing an Android TV that has a suitable screen size.

Sound Quality:

What’s the purpose of watching a top-quality picture without a high-quality sound quality? So, making sure that you prioritize the sound quality on the Android TV is vitally important.

You might be shocked to learn that even high-end and most excellent Android TVs may have low-quality sound. So, be cautious when evaluating the quality of sound.

When selecting the best Android television, it’s recommended to choose the Dolby surround-sound system, also known as DTS, with speakers for the highest-quality audio.


Make sure to carefully review the connectivity options on the Android TV you choose to use. These connectivity ports are vital when connecting other equipment ( Soundbar, gaming console, set-top boxes, etc.) to your television.

For maximum ease of use, you should select an Android TV with three HDMI ports and a USB port. It is possible to eliminate the hassle of connecting and disconnecting unnecessary cables.

Screen Resolution:

One of the most crucial factors to consider when purchasing an Android TV is the screen’s resolution. Screen resolution is defined as the total number of pixels. This is the quality of the image in the vertical and horizontal rows.

A quick tip: it’s best to pick an android TV that has a greater resolution screen. The higher the number of pixels, the better and crisper the quality of the images.

You can select between HD resolution, 8k resolution, or 4k resolution for the highest picture quality on your screen.


This is the main problem for most people – cost. There is a broad selection of high-end, budget, and affordable android TVs.

The general belief is that only expensive android TVs are the most effective. But, numerous low-cost android TVs offer the same picture and audio quality. It’s just a matter of playing-wise when choosing the most appropriate TV for your needs.

If you opt for an Android TV with the most recent technologies and specs, You may need to shell out a bit more than the average android TV with the basic specifications.

The best option to consider is setting an amount for your purchase based on your requirements and needs to ensure that you don’t overspend on the purchase.


If you’re considering buying a local Android TV, get it off your hands! This is the most costly error you could make.

Android TVs made by local manufacturers can be cheaper. However, they will not compete with the image or sound quality of the premium model.

A brand-name Android TV has the assurance that it will provide the highest quality sound and picture to viewers. Furthermore, you’ll be able to rely on the company’s help in an emergency.


Not to be left out, it is essential to never skip making sure you are aware of the warranty available for the Android TV you choose. It is the most effective choice to pick an Android TV with an additional warranty.

What is the significance of this?

A longer warranty can be beneficial when your Android TV could stop working or experience any problems in times of emergency. You will save your money in these situations.


In addition, with the correct connection, you can also connect gaming devices to Android TV.

1). Android TV and Smart TV – what to decide?

In light of the numerous new features available, it could be said that Android TV is superior to a smart TV. One of the major advantages of an android TV over a smart television is that it lets users download applications of their preferences, while smart TV is preloaded with applications.

Google assistance video-casting, unlimited application downloads as well as video-casting. These are just some other benefits of Android TV over smart TV.

2). Are you able to watch television channels with your Android TV?

It is possible to stream TV channels on Android TV via live streaming. Live streaming of channels is made possible by using satellites to provide better audio and image quality without interruptions that aren’t needed.

3). Are there ways to control Android TV function through your smart speakers?

Yes, smart speakers can be connected to the Android TV. It is recommended to select a smart speaker that includes using the Google assistant feature for simple and efficient use. In addition, you can utilize the “Smart Speaker Range” from Amazon using your android TV.

Both speakers can be connected via a stable WiFi network.

4). Do you have the ability to play games on Android TV?

Yes, it’s feasible to enjoy games with an Android TV. It is also an easy process to play your favourite game on your TV without any issues.

It is as simple as selecting the game you want to play from the “Play Game App” on the screen home to your TV.

5). Does it make sense to invest in an Android TV?

Android TVs can be expensive, and their value depends on your needs and preferences. If you’re looking to experience more of the world on your television, with excellent image and sound quality and a reliable internet connection, Android TVs are the ideal investment.

But, if you desire to stream traditional TV channels, Android TV is much more expensive.

Related Guides for Buying:


Android TVs have earned an impressive and distinctive place on the market. If you’re also looking to purchase the most powerful Android TV, we’d recommend purchasing the Mi 80cm (32-inches) HD Ready Android Smart LED TV 4C Pro.

With this Android TV on your desk, you’ll never miss the immersive experience of watching your most loved multimedia entertainment.

No matter what the content is, whether it’s audio or image quality and seamless connectivity, speedy response, attractive design, or customer service, all are on point to provide worth the money. If you require any additional information, you may contact us via the comments section.


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