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Best Vidiem Gas Stoves Reviews (Top Choices)

Although Vidiem isn’t the most well-known gas stove manufacturer, it is still known for its durable, beautiful-designed, and highly efficient gas stoves. In reality, the owners behind the brand are the team behind Preethi, a well-known name in the kitchen appliance market.

But, as Vidiem also offers an extensive range of 2 and 3 burner gas stoves, we decided to evaluate some of the top stoves in every category.

1. AIR Series

Vidiem Air Plus 3 Burner Manual Gas

The AIR series includes customers’ most loved 3 and 4 burner stoves such as Air Plus, Air Pride, v, Air Stile Plus, Air Stile Plus, etc. Most important, each gas stove from this series is highly dependable and has earned good reviews. 

This product is of high-quality gas valves. We’d also give full marks to its gas pipes. Measuring 8mm, they prove to be exceptionally strong. You enjoy vitreous pan support and a hardened glass top. These features are tested and verified. A few models also come with mixing tubes.

The stove carries a 2-year warranty, while the glasses are covered for 5 years. Professional service is offered all the time. Many models include auto-ignition, the rear inlet burner, and a Ceramic burner that is active more. Only Whirlpool gas stoves were able to give this model a tough competition.


  • It can be used as a cooktop since it is the world’s first frameless cooktop designed to be used as a hardened glass cooktop.
  • The various burners available in different sizes are useful and can accommodate various sizes and types of cooking utensils.
  • Brass burners provide a constant blue flame for consistent and versatile cooking. It is specifically designed to have a well-lit cooking surface and can accommodate any shape and size of pans and pots.
  • Auto-ignition gas stoves are very helpful and useful.


  • It is not recommended to have children in your home because auto-ignition can be quite risky.

2. VIVA Series

Vidiem Viva SS 3 Burner Glass

The VIVA series includes world-renowned stoves such as those the Viva SS 3 Burner and the Viva 3 Burner, the SS 2 Burner, the Viva Sky 3 Burner, and the Viva 2 Burner, and the Viva 3 Burner.

They are an economical and budget-friendly range of stylish gas ovens available to all. They are constructed from stainless steel and high-quality, efficient brass.

There are three sizes of burners that are available in this. There are three sizes of burners. They either have two or three burners. The inlet is on the left-hand side of the cooktop.

The gas cooktop allows the cooking of many dishes at the same time. The cooktops are designed to provide security, convenience, and design and ensure that they are appliances you are proud to own.

It has elegant, sleek, ergonomic designs, safe gas valves, and brass burners. They ensure that the stove will be worth the amount you can afford. They are among the best stoves you can purchase for the money. However, just Prestige Gas Stoves were able to beat this brand in terms of money to performance radio.


  • The top is made of stainless steel.
  • They are large enough to accommodate large cookware, and the knobs are made of top quality.
  • This model is equipped with an SS top.


  • You must invest and use the steel polish or the metal surface polisher to keep it sparkling.

3. VANTAGE Series

Vidiem Viva Vantage 2B 182 A

The VANTAGE series consists of two stoves with designer designs, specifically The Vantage 2 Burner and the Vantage 3 Burner. The Vantage series is renowned for its low-cost stoves with glass-topped tops. It has a well-organized cooking area that can accommodate pans and pots in various dimensions and designs.

The removable drip tray comes with additional caps utilized to stop spills. The burners are constructed of top-quality brass, and the constant blue flame emits to ensure consistent and flexible cooking.

In this case, it is suggested to utilize induction-compatible cookware with flat bottoms constructed of magnetic and iron stainless steel with an overall diameter of 12 to 20 centimetres, as the heating may not be as efficient if it isn’t. This stove isn’t available in auto-ignition mode.

The knobs and burners are of the highest quality. They are available in the colour combination of yellow and black that are stylish, appealing, attractive, and aesthetic. The product comes with five years of product guarantee on the glass top and 2 years of guarantee on any manufacturing defect in the product. It even beat the best Sunflame gas stoves in India in terms to durability.


  • It’s the perfect blend of design and function. Conclusion: There are mixing tubes of high-quality and gas cocks that can increase thermal heating efficiency.
  • The glass is treated with thermal energy and then tempered.
  • The powder-coated galvanizing iron on the front leg and back panel is extremely safe and convenient.
  • The legs and GI panel are coated with rust-proofing powder.
  • The pan supports are powder-coated along with SS 304 fastener for longevity.
  • The gas valve, as well as gas pipes, are of high-quality imported materials.
  • Pan supports are strong.


  • Gas tubes require a lot of attention, or they could leak

4. EDGE Series

Vidiem Edge Shine Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove

The EDGE series includes Edge 2 Burner and Edge 3 Burner. They are available with three or two burners. Glass models such as Faber gas stoves are popular for their sleek and slim appearance. The toughened glass cooktop is reflective cut and thermally processed.

There’s also a sturdy thickness stainless steel framework. The sturdy and reliable stainless steel covered knobs for switches enhance efficiency and ease your life and create an appealing and fashionable kitchen.

The burners are spaced apart to make room for pots, vessels, and pans in various dimensions and shapes.

The removable spill-proof drip tray ensures that your kitchen is fresh and healthy. These mixing tubes are anodized, and those for gas are powder coated and electroplated to provide security and safety.

Mixing tubes are constructed of aluminium ADC 12. Its dimensions for items are 700 millimetres with 380 mm, 700 mm, and 8 mm.


  • There are brass heavy-gauge burners, powerful mixing tubes, and machined gas valves to provide safety and efficiency.
  • The cooktop is 8 mm hardened glass.
  • There are medium, small, and large burners that fit all dimensions of cookware.
  • Supports for the pan are vitreous enameled and coated.
  • The Auto-ignition feature is included in these burners, making them more user-friendly.


  • The glass is made tough but requires care when using it.

5. TIRO Series

Vidiem Tiro 2B 101 A Cooktop

The TIRO range is among the most affordable stoves available, including three models: Vector 2B, Vector Plus 2B, and Vector Plus 3B. Its dimensions for this model are 65 cm, 37 cm, and 10 cm. The stove weighs about 7 kgs. The cost range for the TIRO series is between Rs. 4,200 and the price of Rs. 5,900.

There are a variety of discounts available online, which you can take advantage of when you’re looking to purchase online. It is possible to receive at least 50% off on these products without the hassle and a full warranty. These models are extremely safe and reliable, effective, and comfortable.

These are constructed of rust-free stainless steel with a heavy gauge body. These come with large-spaced burners that can be used with any vessel and leak-proof drip trays. They are coated with powder and resistant to rust too. These are sturdy and tough legs and vitreous enameled boan support. However, in terms of overall performance, Elica gas stoves proves to be the better selection.


  • If you purchase a product from Vidiem, the lifetime free servicing warranty is provided to you.
  • These stoves come with a warranty of 2 years on manufacturing problems.
  • There is a vitreous coating coated to provide strong support for the pan.
  • It includes a helpful user manual, helping you navigate through.


  • The knob is often rougher with use.

Buyer’s Guide to Vidiem Gas Stoves

With the speed at which sales of gas stoves have grown, it’s difficult if you’re looking to purchase a new gas stove. There are numerous styles and types, and there are numerous things to be aware of when choosing the right stove.

It is quite necessary, and knowledge of what you require and want is essential in deciding on the right gas stove. Some gas stoves are affordable; however, others are more intricately designed and appear very chic.

Certain gas stoves provide the highest functionality and make your kitchen appear elegant. You must know exactly what you’d like for your kitchen. 

Considering all these criticalities, we arranged a big testing session in Mumbai on 2 April 2022 and evaluated all top models based on a few top considerations. These are the same factors you must think about when buying gas stoves:

  • The cost of the gas stove directly determines which budget category you are in and what stoves are within your budget. For example, Glen gas stoves can be great choice.
  • The size of your stove is crucial since it needs to be in harmony with the kitchen and a slab.
  • Several stoves can be found on the stove because you don’t need to purchase things you don’t need.
  • Gas stoves’ design is crucial to match our needs for aesthetics.
  • How much gas the stove needs is also important as we must always endeavour to reduce our carbon footprint and avoid excessive usage or waste.
  • The business you purchase it from is crucial as the brand’s name and reputation are important-significantly when purchasing something similar to gas ovens.
  • The long-term durability of a gas stove must be examined by going through the company’s details and reviews from customers since we don’t purchase the same items every day.
  • As a buyer, you should always look for dependable customer support services because when you spend money, you deserve great customer support. The same goes for the gas stove.
  • Warranty and Guarantee.

1). What is the proper size of the Gas Stove?

What is the proper size of the Gas Stove

  • The first thing to consider is the size of your gas stove. Most stoves come in square or rectangular shapes and are available in 60, 70, 80, or 90 cm widths.
  • It is recommended that you choose the size of your gas stove based on the dimensions of your countertop and the dimensions that the chimney is. In addition, it helps you operate with ease and looks beautiful in the kitchen.

2). How many burners are needed?

There are generally four sorts of gas stoves based on the number of burners.

2-burner gas stoves are the most well-known and extensively utilized in India. However, gas stoves with 3 burners and four-burner stoves are also becoming more popular. The number of burners you require will depend on the size of your family.

Thumb rule

A 3-burner gas Stove is ideal for a family with 4 – five members

A 4-burner gas Stove is ideal for large to medium-sized family sizes (like more than 5 people).

A 2-burner gas Stove is ideal for an intimate family with between 2 and 3 members

One Burner Gas Stove Ideal for singles and bachelors

3). What are the various types Of Gas Stoves?

What are the various types Of Gas StovesWhat are the various types Of Gas Stoves

Most gas stoves have several different burners powered by electricity, including large burners that boil pasta, potatoes, frying, smaller burners for cooking rice, boiling curries, and soups.

There are also simmer burners to cook delicate sauces, melt butter, etc. Based on the type of ignition, the burners are further classified into three kinds: standing pilot and electric ignition, and sealed burners.

Vidiem brand is currently offering all such types of gas stoves, and are introducing new features. If you want to learn more, you can check out the Best Vidiem Gas Stoves.

4). Do you think it should be ISI Certified?

ISI is abbreviated to mean Indian Standard Institute. It is a standard certification mark in India developed by the BIS, the Bureau of Indian Standards. It must be ISI accredited for certain items to be sold in India, including electrical and electronic appliances in the home, including cables, switches, motors, heaters, etc.

If you’re considering purchasing gas stoves, you must verify whether they’re ISI certified or not. Because gas stoves comply with safety guidelines when designed and help you protect yourself from dangers.

5). How do I define a Burner Distance?

How do I define a Burner Distance

The distance between two consecutive burners is known as the distance between two burners. If you have a three or four-burner gas stove doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to use all burners simultaneously.

You’ll need to determine whether the flames are in a good position to do this. Insufficient distance between burners will not allow you to use various sizes of cooking vessels simultaneously. In terms of less gas consmption, the best Sunflame gas stoves are ideal.

6). Price and Warranty Information about Price and Warranty

When buying gas stoves, the price and warranty details are important to be aware of. The majority of Indians are attracted by offers of discounts, sales, and cashback schemes.

If you are a fan of the product with exceptional features and is a perfect match for your requirements, don’t consider spending cash unless you have a budget restricted.

The higher the cost is, the more features you can avail of the device with ease. In addition, manufacturers offer warranty options to draw buyers.

If the product manufacturer didn’t provide the warranty information and you’re responsible for inquiring with sales representatives and manufacturers about the warranty details provided for the product. In addition, it will reduce repair costs for the period specified- 1 year, 2 years, or 5 years.

7). What Kind of Control Knobs Should You Choose?

What Kind of Control Knobs Should You Choose

Rotary switches generally control knobs. They supply input to the appliance. Gas stoves come with control knobs that are based on the burners that are present on the appliance. Inconsistently matched control knobs can result in the malfunction of the appliance.

Choose a gas stove with properly calibrated controls that are simple to use and hold. Also, ensure there are marked indications around the knob.

8). Which gas burner is the best? Which is better – Aluminum Burner or Brass Burner?

If you’re looking to purchase gas stoves, you should look for aluminium or brass material burners. As a reference, the brass and aluminium burners are excellent and durable.

They also have high quality and are efficient. Additionally, the operation of these burners is dependent on the size of the nozzle and gasses distribution systems. Let’s take a look at the gas burners!

9). Stylish with Ergonomic Design

Stylish with Ergonomic Design

Traditional models of the past feature a simple layout, and the sole purpose is to give effective heating. They’ve been upgraded to include various surfaces such as glass tops, steel, various burners, and heating alternatives.

They also look more appealing and elegant than ever before. It’s the responsibility of each homeowner to select the right gas stoves that are available on the market that are perfectly matched to the needs of the home.

10). Which is better – Glass Top Gas Stove or Stainless Steel?

Burner grates are made of brass, cast iron, thin steel, etc. They can withstand high temperatures besides being very easy to clean. The majority of modern glass top gas stoves come with a smooth glass surface that is easy to maintain and clean. However, these surfaces are susceptible to scratches.


Gas stoves may appear to be simple appliances, but it’s an essential task to determine which one is ideal for your kitchen in the era of consumption. It is an ideal idea to read through these tips and think about taking note of them before deciding to pick a gas-powered stove for your home.

What is the time to wait? Find the ideal gas stove for you today and place your order. Who knows, the pieces may climb up in upcoming time? So, don’t miss out. 

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