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Top 12 Best Stainless Steel Gas Stoves in India (2024)

Cooking food does not just involve making something to fill our tummy. Many people can cook, but only a few can master the art of cooking. But cooking alone cannot be done with our hands and skills alone; it also requires using some tools.

The most essential tool required for cooking is a cooking stove. Are you set to buy a new cooking stove for upgrading your kitchen and cooking, too? 

We bring you the list of India’s Top 10 stainless steel natural gas stoves. As the years have passed, kitchenware and cooktops have also undergone many design changes.

While some people stick with the traditional cooktops, others want to go with the flow and bring some newness to their kitchen by bringing newly designed cooktops.

Different kinds of gas stoves can vary based on their unique designs and the number of burners.

The gas stove classification based on the number is burners can be done in the following way: 

  • 2-Burner Gas stove: For 3 to 4 members.
  • 4-Burner Gas stove: For 5 members.
  • 1-Burner Gas stove: For Bachelors.

If you have more than 5 members at your place, you can buy a 3-burner gas stove.

The Best Stainless Steel Gas Stoves – 12 Top Models List.

Getting a good quality Gas stove in today’s day and age is like choosing the correct option from a multiple-choice question.

By doing our extensive research, we bring to you the data regarding the most effective stainless steel natural gas stoves. 

Let’s get started!

1. Sunflame Shakti Gas Stove (2 Burner)

Sunflame Shakti 2B SS 2 Burner Gas Stove

Sunflame Shakti 2-Burner stove comes in the category of modern style to upgrade your kitchen with an efficient and beautiful stove.

Sunflame’s Shakti Gas stove has 2-Burners for safe and smarter cooking.

Sunflame Shakti Gas Stove body looks

A Sunflame 2-Burner comes with a stainless steel quality body and an altruistic view when placed in your smart kitchen.

A durable burner which is made up of brass alloy, this gives even distribution of heat. You require less gas when you cook.

Sunflame Shakti Gas Stove Burner test


  • Top quality burners 
  • Ergonomic handling knobs.
  • Non-leaky drip tray prevents spillage.


  • You can get only 2 burners. 

2. Khaitan Double Decker PRO (3 Burner)

Khaitan Double Decker PRO 3-Burner Gas Stove

The big-size pans require stable shelves. Khaitan Double Decker PRO (3 Burner) stove has an anti-slip rubber base. This helps secure the stove’s legs in one place so that when you cook, the stove doesn’t move.

Khaitan 3: Burner stoves deliver good performance, which can help you cook at a faster pace.

Khaitan Double Decker PRO body looks

Khaitan stoves come with amazing features like being heat-resistant, Bakelite knobs for comfortable navigation of heat functions, and ergonomically designed stoves which is customer centric for better use.

Khaitan stoves are rust-resistant and easy to maintain. These stoves’ nozzles are flexible and rear-mounted; nozzles can also be moved 360 degrees.

Khaitan Double Decker PRO burner test


  • Anti-slip Rubber legs (To avoid movement of the stove while cooking)
  • Wrought iron stands for ensuring even cooking and a stable cooktop surface.
  • Stainless steel constructed body.
  • The spacious designs allow even big-size tools to get fitted.


  • Does not suit LPG use.

3. Butterfly Rhino Gas Stove (2 Burner)

Butterfly Stainless Steel Rhino 2 Burner Gas Stove

The Butterfly Rhino Double burner stove is a perfect cooktop for achieving all your cooking tasks. These stoves are elegant and classy in their looks and seem simple in their use.

Butterfly Rhino Gas Stove body looks

Their brass burners allow for 360 even distribution of heat through them whilst its stainless steel build provides the customers with a superior design in a stove which lasts very long. 

The company stoves come with a 2-year warranty period, which the customers can access to repair or maintain their stoves during the warranty period. This stove brand is pretty easy to use and is also corrosion-resistant.

Butterfly Rhino Gas Stove burner test


  • High-quality branded brass burners.
  • The gas control knob does not break easily as it’s made from unbreakable material.
  • Stainless steel polished drip tray made.
  • High-tech stove designs prepared for daily use.
  • Easy manual handling


  • Only 2 Burner stoves are available in this brand.

4. Elica 4-Burner Gas Stove (INOX 604 SS)

 Elica Four Burner Stainless Steel Gas Stove (INOX 604 SS)

Elica is an Italian stove brand available in India, which is also famous for its other kitchenware items apart from stoves.

4-Burner The Stainless Steel burner model of Elica Gas Stoves delivers exclusive performance, which makes many happy customers.

Elica 4-Burner Gas Stove body looks

Its long-lasting stainless steel body ensures its long-term usage. Moreover, Elica gas stoves have a smooth joint-free body. These gas stoves can be easily maintained and cleaned and are very safe to use.

 Its round grid is coated with Euro, which doesn’t peel off; this coating makes the Elica stoves appear more shiny and sparkly. Its brass burners can handle all your cooking needs; you can use different kinds of heavy utensils to cook any dish.

Elica 4-Burner Gas Stove Burner test

The buttons are elegantly placed, which look stylish and enhance the kitchen looks to a great extent. Its stainless steel body is rust-proof and easy to clean. Elica gas stoves need not be maintained and can be used long-term without worry.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Supportive vessel designs and sturdy support designs.
  • Long-term life of gas stove (warrant of its body and design) 
  • No joint is available for Elica stoves.


  • Low-quality burners.

5. Sunflame OPTRA Gas stoves (4-burner)

 Sunflame OPTRA 4 Burner Gas Stove

Sunflame Stoves have handles which are ergonomically designed for better use. One of the features mentions that Sunflame Stoves can be easily turned on and require no use of lighters; the automatic spark allows the stove to light up.

Do you have a large family, and are you worried about big-size pans that can be used on Sunflame gas stoves? Yes, you can put any big-size pans under regular use over the stoves and easily cook.

Sunflame OPTRA Gas Stove body looks

The drip tray helps avoid dripping liquid, which accidentally gets poured out while cooking.

The gas stoves come with 4-burners of different sizes so you can access different heat access and cook food on large, small, and medium burners. They also allow for an even distribution of heat.

Sunflame gas stoves are heat-resistant and rust-free. 

Their smooth and shiny surfaces give a shiny and luxurious look when you look at them.

Sunflame OPTRA Gas Stove Burner test

Customers who buy Sunflame gas stoves will receive a 2-year warranty against any manufacturing issues.


  • Ergonomic knobs are easy to manually use and also heat-resistant.
  • Noticeable and eye-catching designs
  • Different-sized high-quality burners for heat efficiency.
  • Rigid long-term use.


  • Frequent cleaning is required for burners.

6. Sunflame Extra 3B DX SS (29 quarts)

Sunflame Stainless Steel Extra 3B DX SS (silver 29 quarts)

This sunflame model of gas stove has proven greatly of its high performance. Sunflame brand is a known name amongst many customers and has been quite popular for its other kitchen tools in India.

Sunflame gas stove stoves come with high-quality brass material, made ignition efficient design allowing for its even heat distribution.

Sunflame Extra 3B DX SS body looks

You can easily find classic design stoves at Sunflame brand that fit your aesthetic needs for enhancing the kitchen view.

Its attractive design attracts onlookers’ attention. Cook elegantly with Sunflame gas stoves, become a cooking scientist, and discover new recipes while using these gas stoves.

Sunflame Extra 3B DX SS burner test

Easy cleaning and a multi-burner facility allow for multiple cooked dishes at a time.


  • Long lasting, durable design due to stainless steel material built design.
  • ISI safety promise
  • 3 high-efficiency burners, which are highly reliable for multitasking cooking.


  • The knobs of the Sunflame gas stove do not glow in the night.

7. Prestige 40150 Perfect Gas Stove (3 Burner)

Prestige 40150 Perfect Stainless Steel 3 Burner Gas Stove

If you are looking for a diversified designed look and impressive performance-built design, Prestige gas stoves will really mesmerize you with their elegance and classic design.

Prestige stoves are designed in a way to ensure a fuel-efficient design. Its stainless steel Gas stove 40150 Model can become a great addition to your lively kitchen ambience.

Prestige 40150 Perfect Gas Stove body looks

The high-quality steel body is rust-proof and allows easy cleaning and low maintenance to be well-kept.

Prestige stoves are designed professionally to fit modern kitchen needs and come with detachable and attachable gas line attachments, allowing them to be used with both a cylinder and a gas line access.

Prestige 40150 Perfect Gas Stove burner test


  • ISI certification-proof design
  • brass burner for high heat endurance and zero damage to stove features.
  • Press-fit support for the least mobility.


  • Prestige doesn’t have nightlight features in its gas stoves and ovens.

8. Khaitan 3 Burner Gas Stove

Khaitan 3 Burner Gas Stove

Designed with a high-grade stainless steel body for maximum strength and heat endurance capability.

Equipped with a beautiful appearance and 3 heat endurant brass burners, this kitchen cooktop stands second to none; its performance is at par excellence when it comes to cooking.

Khaitan Gas Stove body looks

You will receive a 1-year warranty on its manual operational use and also push buttons. 

Cleaning and maintaining Khaitan model stoves is very easy. N

Its non-slip rubber feet allow maximum grip of the stove on the kitchen platform.

It comes with spray head technology, which allows the heat fans to rotate in a 360-degree format.

Khaitan Gas Stove burner test


  • Different burner sizes to meet different cooking needs.
  • Anti-slip legs for maximum grip.
  • Ergonomically designed gas cooktop for customers easy to handle and use.
  • Top Glass bakelite surface with a shiny scratch-resistant surface.


  • Customer feedback service is not very good as per reposts data.

9. Fogger Glen LPG Gas Stove (1-Burner)

Fogger Glen Stainless Steel Single Burner LPG Gas Stove

Fogger Glen LPG Stove cooktops have amazing shiny surfaces and a modern chic design. You can easily see the visible appearance difference between Glen cooktops and other brands. 

The Glen Fooger stoves are made up of high-quality steel body

Fogger Glen LPG Gas Stove body looks

Its rust-free design and city-wonder appearance can enhance the features of your kitchen. But Fogger Glen gas stoves do not lag behind in any way regarding performance and high efficiency. 

The energy-efficient features are also to look for when Glean cooktops are designed to reduce any gas fuel leakage from the gas line.

Their stoves are ISI-certified and come with maximum safety features. ISI mark is the quality mark given to the appliance, which is of standard quality.

Fogger Glen LPG Gas Stove Burner test


  • Perfect to be used by bachelors due to their easy handling.
  • ISI quality verified has cooktops.


  • No merits to mention.

10. Flamingo Gas stoves (1-Burner) 

Flamingold Single Burner Gas Stoves 1 Stainless Steel

If you have been searching for high-grade steel and newly launched model gas cooktops, Flamingold Gas stoves will really catch your eye at first glance.

Their corrosion-proof build, sturdy, strong design, excellent high heat-resistant burners, and beautiful glow-in-the-dark knobs features attract customers instantly.

Flamingold Gas Stoves body looks

The brass burners can endure high temperatures and produce satisfying flames for cooking food.

You can easily attach the LPG cylinder or LPG line, and the gas stove is able to produce heated yellow and red flames. This feature attracts many customers. Moreover, its heat-resistant body allows for maximum heat retention.

Depending upon the gas fueling, the gas stove also produces a blue flame, butane Gas stove ignition feature.

Flamingold Gas Stoves burner test


  • Fuel-saving technology installed 
  • Simple-to-use design
  • Cheap price 
  • Anti-slip cooktop leg grip
  • requires minimum maintenance
  • Smart drip tray provided for hassle-free cleaning


  • poor quality product as per customer feedback

11. Glen Stainless Steel Gas Stove (4-Burner)

 Glen Stainless Steel 4 Burner Gas Stove

Many customers like to only choose from quality-certified (ISI-certified) gas stove brands.

Glen Stainless steel Gas Stoves are made from brushed steel and are highly durable. Its gas stoves are energy-efficient and heatproof.

Glen Stainless Steel Gas Stove body looks

Their strong build allows the gas stoves to remain in working condition for a long duration of time, maybe years and at least a decade. Its economical burner enables fuel saving through its excellent flame control.

It’s one of the best cooktops available in the market and also comes in two designs, one with 2 large burners and one small burner. 

Glen Stainless Steel Gas Stove burner test


  • •Thick and durable design.
  • 4 Burners cooking capacity
  • ISI-certified gas stoves.


  • Heavy requirement of gas usage.

12. Usha Maxus Gas Stove (3 – Burner) 

Usha Maxus 3-Burner Gas Stove

Usha is a well-known brand in the Indian kitchenware and kitchen appliance market. It’s one of the most trusted brands when it comes to customers buying frequently and great product reviews.

Usha has many products ranging from toasters, sandwich makers, and, most famous, Usha Mixer Grinders. Usha Mixer Grinders get sold just through its reputation and name.

Usha Maxus Gas Stove body looks

The quality of their products is very excellent. Then how is it possible to not make one of the most essential kitchen items like a stove? 

Usha cooktops are famous among many buyers for their quality and good reputation in the market.

Usha stainless steel stoves have attractive designs, heavy heat endurance, quality knobs, and easy handling, and are ergonomically designed by professionals. All such features make the Usha gas stoves stand out the most.

Usha Maxus Gas Stove burner test

Usha gas stoves also come with a warranty period of 2 years, which can also be paid and extended.


  • Durable quality stainless steel body
  • with powerful copper coated and brass burners for heat efficiency.
  • Precise flame Control


  • According to the customer reviews, the average rating of Usha stoves is low.

Things to consider while purchasing Stainless steel stoves 

Purchasing Gas stoves can be a very confusing task. You may not know which features to look for in a gas stove or may not know the features of good gas stoves because you are a bachelor and haven’t tried your hand at cooking. For this, we are here to provide you with the details you should look for before purchasing Gas stoves.

1. Burner Material 

Burner Material

The burners of the gas stove determine the longevity of the stoves, as burners are the most important parts of any cooktop. Burners endure maximum heat and have to constantly tackle different varying heat temperatures required for cooking. 

Brass Burners:

You must always look for a gas cooktop which has high-grade, medium-thickness brass burners which can endure heavy heating without going through any damage.

Aluminium burners:

These are cheaper than copper burners; even though copper burners get quickly heated up, nothing compares to brass when it comes to burners.

2. Ignition Type 

Ignition Type

There are mainly two types of ignition features available in the market in gas stoves. 

One is automatic; another is manual ignition.

You can choose either one depending on your budget and the operational reliability of the gas stove by asking a gas stove seller to confirm the quality of the gas stove.

Although automatic ignition cooktops are yet to be preferred, manual ignition cooktops are still in demand.

3. The size of the stove.

The size of the stove

The size and dimensions of the gas stove to be bought in a gas stove require you to check out your requirements for a gas stove. 

Larger models of gas stoves come with big-size burners and multi-burners.

You can consider the size of your kitchen platform and then measure if the cooktop that you are buying will fit the platform easily or if it will feel secluded. 

You can also count the number of members in your family and then decide if you want to go for a large gas stove or multiple burner stove.

4. The number of Burners

The number of burners

You can decide the number of burners you’ll require by counting the people who will regularly eat at your house and then decide whether you want to go for a single burner (for bachelor), Dual burners (for a family of 4 people) or Triple burner mode (For a family of 5) or else 4- burners cooktop for more than 5 family members.

Benefits of Gas stoves made from stainless steel 

Benefits of Gas Stoves made of Stainless Steel

Cooktops made from stainless steel are highly sturdy, require very little maintenance, and are also easier to clean. Many commercial kitchens also go largely for stainless steel cooktops for the same reason.

Stainless steel is stain-resistant, rust-proof, and very easy to clean and maintenance-free. They are highly durable and long-lasting, too. Stainless steel has a non-porous surface; hence, it makes its surface bacteria-free just via normal cleaning.

What are the advantages of a Stainless steel Gas stove?

What are the advantages of the Stainless Steel Gas Stove

There are many advantages of having stainless steel stoves: 

  • Pocket-friendly as they require zero to no costly maintenance.
  • Easy and hassle-free cleaning.
  • A porous surface makes its surface less bacteria-prone.
  • Stainless steel stoves can withstand harsh heating temperatures.

These are the reasons why people nowadays are opting for stainless steel bodies and glass surface cooktops.

Bottom line:

The choice of the glass surface and stainless steel body gas stoves is because of their stain-proof shiny surface and colour addition design along with unbreakable lasting built stylish ergonomic design.

FAQs About the Best Stainless Gas Stove Made of Steel in India:

Q.1 Is it tough to keep  stainless steel cooktops completely dust free?

If you clean the stainless steel cooktops regularly, it’s very easy to keep them clean and dust-free.

You can use cleaning solutions to keep it oil-free and shiny after use.

Q 2 Is a stainless steel body suitable for gas stoves? 

Yes, because stainless steel can withstand high heat and is also rust and stain-proof, easy to clean and maintenance-free. Hence, it is very economical.

Q.3 Are stainless steel cooktops safe to use? 

Yes, stainless steel Gas stoves are highly safe to use because of their heat endurance capacity, strong built and sturdy material. 

Q.4 Which of the two gas stoves is more efficient, Sunflame or Prestige brand?

When compared with each other, Sunflame gas stoves give better performance than Prestige cooktops. Prestige stoves give a reasonable performance as compared to their competitive price.

However, Prestige cooktops have high-quality materials in their design.

Q.5 Which gas stove works better? 

Our research data states that the Prestige 4-core Duplex Stainless steel DGS 4 Gas range is the best stove available in the market.

Its dual mounting features make it stand out. 

Q.6 Which gas stove is highly efficient? A Glass top or a stainless steel cooktop?

It doesn’t matter if both work well when it comes to cooking efficiency; both last long as well. But when prices are compared, glass cooktops are a bit heavy on the price as compared to stainless steel cooktops.

You are now equipped with the knowledge of cooktops, which will help you decide which cooktop you want to go with in your buying decision.

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