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The Best Whirlpool Gas Stoves in India 2023

Whirlpool is a popular gas stove brand, not only in India but also globally. They have existed in India for some time and can establish a good reputation among other trusted brands. Whirlpool makes kitchen appliances that have international recognition and value. Gas stoves are an emergence thanks to this renowned worldwide brand.

Whirlpool is among the most popular gas stove brands on the internet. The gas stoves they sell are just like hotcakes. There’s a good reason why that is. They manufacture gas stoves with high-quality materials to provide customers with a good experience. Naturally, this will thrill the Indian populace.

We’ll now look onto the top whirlpool model gas cooktops:

The Best Whirlpool gas Stoves In India

1. Whirlpool Hob 3

Whirlpool Hob 3

This Whirlpool gas stove has multi-ring burners. It comes with high flame and sim options making it highly efficient. In addition, it has a heat-resistant knob for the safety and comfort of the user and toughened glass and brass burners for durability. The smooth surface guarantees a smooth and easy cleaning.

Furthermore, you’ll discover a variety of other features like enamelled burners and cast iron guards and auto-ignition. It offers exceptional performance and combines design and function. The device also comes with 6th Sense technology and is offered in a hybrid style. Only Pigeon gas stoves were able to compete with this model in terms of performance.


  • Multi-ring burners …….
  • Clean and smooth surface for easy cleaning
  • Cast iron guards to ensure security
  • Cast iron guards to ensure security


  • Certain issues with ignition have been identified

2. Whirlpool Hob 4

 Whirlpool Hob 4

The brass burners on the Whirlpool kitchen hob feature a high-efficiency flame. The stove also has SIM options that can meet your kitchen’s needs. Additionally, you can use it safely for cooking for longer durations by using knobs that are heat resistant. A tough and durable glass top guarantees that you get value for your price.

The product comes in a variety of designs. It comes with two large as well as two smaller brass burners. It also features cast iron grids and auto-ignition. Furthermore, it comes in a hybrid style and has an inbuilt free standing. It is safe to cook with, and enjoy its stylish design. Just Glen gas stoves were able to give this model a tough competition.


  • Hobs with brass burners to maximize efficacy.
  • The toughened glass surface increases its durability.
  • Comfortable use with heat-resistant knobs.


  • The average score is somewhat low.

3. Whirlpool Elite

Whirlpool Elite PRO Brass Hybrid 753 MT Hob 3

In this Whirlpool gas cooktop, you can expect high efficiency. You’ll discover the Intelli-cook burner hobs within this stove with a sim option. Furthermore, it allows you to cook safely since the knobs withstand heat. It also has a sturdy design to ensure that you will get value for your price.

It will ease cleaning thanks to hardened glass on top. Additionally, the product comes with an auto-electric ignition system and brass burners.


  • Brass burners with Intelli-cook for optimal control.
  • Brass burners that deliver high-quality performance.


  • The after-sales services are not enough to meet the standards.

4. Whirlpool 3 Burner

 Whirlpool 3 Burner

To ensure greater energy retention, this stove assists in spreading it evenly. This Whirlpool gas stove comes with an appealing appearance with a three-burner design. Additionally, it comes with smooth surfaces to easy to clean. Because of this, there are no flaws, and an aluminium extruded frame accompanies it.

Additionally, you can utilize it for a long time using top-quality materials. It also has stylish bakelite knobs with better ergonomics. Additionally, you will find pan supports that are enameled and provide greater performance.

In addition, it’s an excellent item to have in your k itchen. It provides you with the safety of cooking. If we talk about the overall performance, the #1 model from our best Faber gas stoves guide was able to beat this model.


  • Ergonomic knobs to ensure user comfort.
  • Frame made of aluminium extruded for an attractive appearance.
  • Pan supports with enameled rims for greater endurance.


  • The support for customers is not readily accessible.

5. Whirlpool Hob

Whirlpool Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition Stainless

The sleek appearance of this Whirlpool gas stove offers it an appealing design. You will discover the option of an auto electric ignition. In addition, you can utilize the product for a long period because of its toughened glass upper. The product comes with chrome-plated knobs that stand up to heat.

In addition, it ensures that the operation is customized because of the multi-controlled flame level. There are also brass burners as well as grids of cast iron. Furthermore, it has amazing features that will satisfy every need for cooking. It’s constructed with high-end materials and permits an easy clean. However, Elica gas stoves performed better in terms of cleaning.


  • Auto-electric ignition to give the users benefit.
  • The knobs are heat-resistant for the best safety.
  • A smooth surface allows for easy cleaning.


  • It’s a relatively new product that is relatively new.

6. Whirlpool 4 Burner

 Whirlpool 4 Burner

Whirlpool 4 Burner is available in the form of a four-burner model and features a unique design. Its Whirlpool gas stove allows for greater flame distribution to ensure uniform cooking. Furthermore, it features excellent heat retention and comes with an 8mm tempered glass structure.

Furthermore, no worries about issues because the brass is heated. It has an aluminium extruded framework, and the black finish ensures you have a perfect kitchen design.

Additionally, you’ll have long-lasting knobs made of metal and enamel pan supports. The knobs are freestanding design that is easy to clean. 


  • Extruded aluminium frame that is durable for use.
  • A better heat retention function that will ensure outstanding performance.
  • Perfect flame distribution enables uniform cooking.


  • The auto-ignition system is not of the highest quality.

Note: If you prefer the flaming type of models, you can cherish our best flame gas stoves guide. However, if you have a low budget, a single-burner or 2-burner gas stoves are also great at providing awesome performance these days.

Guide to Buying

The most important thing to think about is ignition. It may have the manual ignition option or an auto-electric ignition. Auto-ignition gas stoves are more convenient than those gas stoves, on which you have to use a matchstick lighter to start the burning.

Knobs: One which has heat-resistant knobs can be a great option. You should check whether it has ergonomics to be a more comfortable experience. Look into the one that has the ideal flame and provides high-quality performance.

Construction: You should check if the product is of high-quality construction to use it for a long period. Some models feature a toughened glass top that increases longevity.

Burners: You can select the burners according to your family size. If you often make a lot of dishes, we suggest you to go with a 4-burner model. If you want to know about burner types, you can cherish this guide.

Burners Whirlpool gas stoves include a variety of burners. They can have anywhere from 2 to 4 burners. Choosing the best one depends on personal preference. Furthermore, you can discover burners of either brass or aluminium construction. Brass burners can absorb heat and distribute it evenly. It is also secure, and you can use it in various conditions.

If you want more information on selecting a model, you can read our how to choose a gas stove guide.


We’ve picked the top Whirlpool gas stoves so that you do not need to hunt for them or consume your time. We recommend reviewing the buying guide to ensure that you understand and analyze the options and select the best gas cooker from Whirlpool. Be sure to read through the entire selection before making a decision.

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