The Best Sunflame Gas Stoves in India 2024 (7 Models With 2-4 Burners)

If you’re looking for gas stoves with a stainless steel foundation or toughened glass, the Sunflame brand has your back. Furthermore, the stoves come with both automatic and manual ignition options. This means you can select the one that best suits your needs. Many of these stoves feature brass burners that are resistant and simple to use.

Furthermore, Sunflame gas stoves are resistant to wear and tear and are resistant to rust. They are well-known for their flame distribution system and surprisingly perfect even heat distribution. They are equipped with large and small brass burners that can be used for various cooking requirements.

It is no surprise that Sunflame is the top option for many homeowners. We’re here to present the top Sunflame gas stoves, which are the most popular in internet stores such as Amazon.

The Best Sunfalme Gas Stoves – 7 Top Models

1. Sunflame Diamond Gas Stove (2-Burner Glass Top)

Sunflame Diamond Glass Top 2-Burner Gas Stove

This model is better than others as it comes with extremely robust pan support. It can stop movement and accommodate pans of various dimensions. The ergonomic knobs provide the user with a pleasant experience. It comes with a hardened glass on the top to make cleaning easy. You get a great cooking experience due to its two brass burners.

Youtube stainless steel drip trays to avoid unwanted clutter. It will prevent corrosion and rust with its powder-coated base of the metal. It is extremely durable, thanks to its high-end design. You also get a 2-year warranty starting from the day of purchase.

Top features:

  • Excellent quality brass burners
  • Glass tops made of toughened glass are easy to wash.
  • Powder-coated to stop rust from forming
  • Stable and solid pan support
  • Spill-proof drip tray

2. Sunflame GT Pride Gas Stove (2-Burner)

Sunflame GT Pride 2 Burner Gas Stove

The Sunflame GT Pride stove is the perfect partner to cook various dishes. The high-end finish and the manufacturing make this gas stove stand out over the others. It comes with two extremely efficient brass burners that measure 85 mm. If your family is small, or if you’re a bachelor wanting to prepare multiple meals at once, then it’s a great choice. 

They don’t use up significantly LPG compared to other kinds of burners and are robust and can withstand the rigors of heavy usage. It is possible to cook vegetables and try out the latest recipes for curries, chapattis, rice, and lots of meals with the gas cooktop.

Top features:

  • Euro coated pan supports.
  • 2 brass burners
  • Steel drip trays made of stainless steel
  • Its stainless steel base is matte-finished.
  • Glass cooktop made of toughened

3. Sunflame Classic Gas Stove (2-Burner)

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Sunflame Classic 3B has been well designed with 3 burners to ensure secure and efficient cooking. It has a mirror finish, making your kitchen look elegant and stylish. It comes with brass alloy burners to ensure evenly distributed heat to guarantee the most efficient cooking while using less LPG.

Top features:

  • Base metal sheet coated with powder
  • Three highly efficient brass burners are made of brass.
  • Glass cooktop made of toughened

4. Sunflame GT Pride Gas Stove (2-Burner)

Sunflame GT Pride 2 Burner Gas Stove

The products of Sunflame are durable and provide an effective cooking experience. Sunflame is India’s top well-known and trusted brand of promise and satisfaction. It’s the ideal option for customers. The latest version brings a GT Pride stove that has an elegant look.

It has a durable glass top that is ideal for families with three or more members. The knobs are designed ergonomically so that it is easy to use. Increase the time you cook by placing three dishes or cooking utensils on the stove.

Top features:

  • Trays for drips made of stainless steel
  • Glass top made of toughened
  • Brushed matt finish
  • Three efficient brass burners.
  • Pans with powder-coated coating support

5. Sunflame GT Pride Gas Stove (4-Burner)

 Sunflame GT Pride 4 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove

If you want to upgrade your existing double-burner gas stove, then it’s time to bring in the 4 burners glass-topped gas stove from Sunflame. It will cook more efficiently and easily. It’s a gorgeous glass-topped gas stove with shatterproof toughened glass and 4 burners that will make your kitchen more intelligent. All four knobs have been ergonomically designed and simple to operate.

It features tri-pin burners that come in various sizes that cook diverse meals. Glass tops are simple to clean and spill-proof to give it a sleek and elegant design.

Top features:

  • Four high-efficiency brass burners are made of brass.
  • Steel drip trays made of stainless steel
  • Brushed matt finish
  • Glass top made of toughened

6. The Sunflame Free Gas Stove (3-Burner)

Sunflame GT Pride 3 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove

The Sunflame gas stove made of stainless steel features robust construction that will last for years of use. You get 3 brass burners, and it offers great efficiency by even heat spreading. Also, it comes with ISI markings. There is also a hosepipe, so you don’t have to purchase one. The stainless steel construction provides a shiny appearance.

Additionally, an upper glass surface allows for cleaning it easily. It can be used safely with manual ignition. Its lightweight body is ideal for transporting it. Another advantage is that it comes with a warranty of two years for manufacturing defects.

Top features:

  • Burners are perfect for cooking simultaneously.
  • Easy to clean and preserve the value of the aesthetics for a long time
  • Flexible hose pipe that is compatible with the hose pipe.
  • Highly efficient burners for even and effective heat distribution
  • ISI Certification for standards of safety

7. Sunflame Diamond Gas Stove (4-Burner)

Sunflame Diamond Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove

Built with four evenly spaced burners, the Sunflame Diamond gas stove can conveniently prepare four different items simultaneously. It conserves energy and time early in the day. Every brass stove has three rows of flames specifically designed to ensure even cooking.

Top features:

  • Spill-proof design
  • Simple to use knobs
  • Base metal coated with powder.
  • Glass top made of toughened

Why should you choose the Sunflame gas stoves?

When you use LPG cooking gas, you must think about security for the user. It is a fact that LPG Gas and Pipeline Natural Gas are extremely flammable, and any leak can lead to a flame in your home. This could harm the property and result in serious injuries if someone gets near the stove.

In this scenario, it’s sensible to buy Sunflame Gas Stoves because they pay close attention to customers’ safety.

Safety Standards Are Compliant

Sunflame was founded in 1968 and has years of experience manufacturing gas stoves. This is because the stoves are solid and safe. The stoves produced by Sunflame are durable, and you will not encounter any leaks, even after you have used the gas stove for many years.

Sunflame had been IMO Annex Sunflame was IMO Annex Reg 16 compliant way back in 1998. The company also began producing ISO-9001:2000-certified products in 2005.

Service Network and Innovative Products Sunflame also invests heavily in finding out what customers require. After conducting a thorough market study, Sunflame invests money to improve the product and introduce new features and technologies to their existing range of products. Another benefit of buying Sunflame Gas Stove is that the service network is extensive.

If you have any issues with your current stove, you can make a phone call at Sunflame Customer Care, and they will solve your problem with the utmost attention. This will certainly increase the satisfaction of those who purchase gas stoves from Sunflame.

Design and Cost: If you’re still not happy with Sunflame Gas Stoves, you should look over the style of the stoves one time. You’ll become awestruck by Sunflame’s design. Numerous designs are available, including the glass top design and slim lines, and the brand also produces stainless-steel designs.

You can find what you need with the extensive product line offered in Sunflame. Each model is inexpensive and is covered by a warranty and a warranty. There are models with 1 three or four-burner that depend on your requirements.

These are just a few of the reasons to choose Sunflame Gas Stoves, and we’re confident  these factors will very well convince you to purchase the dependable products of the most reliable company in the nation.

Highly efficient

If this isn’t enough to make you purchase a Sunflame Gas Stove, then remember that gas stoves produced by this company are extremely efficient and guarantee that a minimal portion of the gas is utilized effectively. How does that translate for you? The design promises to save you money on LPG consumption and reduce the cost of cooking gas for your household monthly.

Sunflame Gas stoves buying guide

There are many aspects to purchasing a gas stove. Knowing these things before buying will help you make the right purchase.


The majority of apartments are tiny nowadays, and the kitchen area is smaller. Therefore, there’s always a need for space. The ideal choice for such circumstances is a small stove. It helps save space and enhances the look of your house. They also make work simpler. They are usually equipped with anti-skid feeds, saving gas and providing spaces between the burners. Also, they also have a practical kitchen location in the gas inlet connection.

Type of ignition

There are two kinds of ignition. Both are equally well-known. Manual ignition requires matches or lighters to start the flame when the knob is switched on. Auto-ignition has an internal ignited mode that operates with the help of batteries. It is certainly more secure since you don’t need to rely on the timing of matches.


At first, gas stoves made of metallic materials composed of stainless steel, brass, or aluminum were widely used. With the advancement of technology, contemporary gas stoves come with shatterproof tops, high-efficiency gas burners, powder-coated metal bases, solid pan support spill-proof designs, stainless dip trays, and user-friendly knobs for controlling heat. They will always be the best choice as they will be designed to last long.

The number of burners

Anyone who is a homemaker will advise you to examine the burners’ number first. In India, we are provided with only 4 burners. Single burners are the best choice for people who live alone. Most of the time, Indian families opt for 2 or 3 burner stoves as they’re sustainable. Most often, when using four burners, two of them remain in use for the majority of the time.

They use more gas than the two other options. Therefore, you should purchase according to your needs. If you’re certain to utilize the four burners, and you need it due to your huge family, then consider it. If not, limit yourself to stoves with three burners.


In the past, basic designs that focused on the burners were common use. However, with the evolution of the time into modern modular kitchens, the stoves changed. They are now offered fashionable gloss finishes with attractive designs and toughened glass countertops. This is a great way to enhance the look of your kitchen, which is modular. India’s top natural gas cooktops come with a durable glass top and a refined black finish. However, we’d recommend you not blindly spend money just on the attractive design. Pay equal respect to the features and functioning also. 

Should I buy a gas model or an electric one?

The answer is pretty easy for those not having proper gas lines in their houses. However, it may be confusing for those with a gas supply to decide on which type of stove to buy.

It highly depends upon your cooking style and, obviously, budget. If you feel that safety should be at the top, go with the electric stove. So, the gas leak issue won’t bother you. 

  • Popularity: Performance and price make the electric stove a greater choice. Around 60% of the entire number of stoves sold are electric. 
  • Price point: Gas stoves are generally more expensive than electric ones. But if you think the other way, then, in the long run, gas stoves prove to be beneficial because cooking gas is much less expensive than electricity. 
  • Cooking preferences: Let’s all face it, all of us have different cooking preferences. And why not? After all, we’re living in India. If you hate spending a long time in the kitchen, you should buy a gas stove because it’s more powerful, and its burner flame operates as a visual temperature. On the other hand, bakers love to go with electric ones because of even and consistent heating. 

Here comes a sizzling fact for those looking to buy an electric gas stove:

No federal energy regulations exist for electric stoves, so there’s Energy Star certified electric stoves are available. 

In last, this was a list comprising the top choices from Sunflame. We hope you enjoy reading the article and decide which gas stove you would like to purchase.  

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