The Best Prestige Gas Stoves in India 2023 (10 Models with 1-4 Burners)

Prestige is among the top brands for kitchen appliances. It produces a variety of kitchen appliances that you can use every day in your workplace or at home.

The Prestige gas range of stoves is offered in various styles and sizes and is also available with three burners, two burners, or even more than three burners. Prices differ for the specific product based on its style and other attributes.

The Prestige 3 burner stove comes at various prices. They also make three burners, two burners, and gas stoves. They are extremely useful to cook in your kitchen or at work.

You can pick the most suitable one based on your budget. Here, you can learn more about India’s top 5 most prestigious 3 burner gas stoves.

Here Are The 10 Best Prestige Gas Stoves in India

This article has compiled the best yet affordable 2,3, and 4 burner Prestige gas stoves. Our experts carefully select these models after reading various reviews by users, considering reviews of other experts, and, most importantly, personal testing.

So, stay away from tension and doubts, as we’ll help you in opting for the best on

1. Prestige Marvel Glass Gas Stove (3 Burner)

Prestige Marvel Glass top 3-burner gas stove

This Black Color 3 Burner Gas Stove is elegant and efficient. It features three burners, which can be used to cook meals quickly. It has an oven compartment which aids in storing food items.

Its Prestige Gas Stove can be described as one of the most expensive products with a glass cooktop that makes it easy to see what you’re cooking when the stove’s burners are running.

There are three knobs to control the oven, which can easily assist the cook. The stove also comes with an oven compartment that aids in storing utensils as well as other kitchen items.

It’s a great product used at home or outdoors. It is extremely easy to clean, thanks to the glass it is made of. You can clean this as a dish with soap and water or spray it.

A Gas Stove requires gas instead of electricity for its operation, which can save about 70% of the cost of food. This way, you will conserve energy and time using this stove. It is made of stainless steel, so it will not get rusty or rust over the years!

It is equipped with a regulator to ensure gas flow through every burner. This Prestige Black Color Stove is a stylish and fitting product for any modern kitchen.

The Gas Stove comes with a round base placed on the floor or other surfaces. It is possible to purchase this Prestige Stove online from India at a low cost.

Top features:

  • It comes with three different knobs to control the oven that will assist you in cooking quickly.
  • The stove is stainless steel, making it rustproof and resistant to corrosion!
  • It features a round base, so it can be placed on the ground or any other floor or surface inside the house.
  • It features an open cooktop that makes it easy to see the food you’re cooking as the flames are used.
  • The stove also comes with an oven compartment that aids in keeping cooking utensils and other items like that!

2. Prestige Manual Ignition Gas Stove

Prestige Manual Ignition Gas Stove

Perfect for cooking every day, Prestige stoves are wear-resistant. You get ergonomic knobs to make maintenance easy and easy to handle. Tri-pin burners give greater efficiency through faster cooking. The glass also has a toughened top that resists scratches.

Your kitchen will be mess-free, and its special design makes it spill-proof. The comfortable knobs are suitable, and also, its surface is high-quality powder-coated. So, the nobs stay durable for long, staying safe from rust. You get a 2-year warranty and a very efficient service.

Top features:

  • Durable powder coating
  • Quality and efficiency, energy-efficient
  • Scratch-proof and spill-proof

3. Prestige Royale Plus Gas Stove (3 Burner)

 Prestige Royale Plus SCHOTT Glass 4 Burner Gas Stove

The Royale Plus Schott Stove from Prestige is a great choice for a small-sized family. It’s elegant and classy. The stove is constructed from high-quality materials that make it last longer.

It is possible to heat water or cook food on this stove without fear of harm. It’s designed specifically to be a modern kitchen due to its stylish style. It is the ideal option for families with a small size.

The product has a 2-year warranty, which can be renewed by paying an additional sum after the expiration date. It consists of five-burner gas stoves that have three extremely efficient burners.

The Gas Stove is designed with an innovative system that makes it simple to maintain and clean. The Gas Stove has a separate area for storing utensils, which helps you clean the stove easily.

It’s black with stainless steel finishes. It looks elegant and stylish in any contemporary kitchen.

The stove has four valves, which are extremely efficient for fast-cooking gas stoves. The Gas Stove also has a regulator valve to ensure a steady gas flow to the burner.

This product can be used indoors/outdoors. It is built with a circular base, which can be put on the floor in the kitchen or another room. This Gas Stove is very durable and performance-oriented.

Top features:

  • It’s a premium gas stove.
  • It has a glass cooktop that makes it easier to see what you’re cooking, even when the flames are running.
  • The stove also comes with an oven that is controlled with three knobs.
  • And finally, this gas stove is made from stainless steel, which means it won’t cause corrosion or rust over time!
  • You’ll conserve time and energy since the stove runs on gasoline instead of electricity. This means there’s no requirement for power cords.
  • It even has a grill built to cook food and make paninis.

4. Prestige Marvel Plus Gas Stove (4 Burner)

Prestige Marvel Plus Glass 4 Burner Gas Stove

It’s equipped with an extremely efficient and stylish design that will save you lots of time. It can be used with four pots at once to cook in a row. This also frees up counter space, which makes cooking stress-free.

It’s an elegant glass-topped stove made by Prestige featuring four burners that can satisfy the requirements of a large family and guests. It is made of a toughened, shatter-proof glass top to make your kitchen look elegant. It comes with a spill-resistant stove, and there’s no need to worry about falling vessels.

Top features:

  • Tri-pin burners for amazing efficiency
  • Toughened Glass top 
  • Spill-proof design

5. Prestige Magic Glass Gas Stove

Prestige Magic Glass Top Gas Stove

Although small, the Prestige Special Magic is extremely robust. It has try-pin burners that satisfy all your cooking requirements. Its manual-ignition system gives the most ease of use. It features ergonomic knobs to ensure it will provide an effortless cooking experience. The spill-proof design is to stop any mess.

It allows for easy cleaning, thanks to its toughened glass surface. It also has a beautiful style that blends with any kitchen design. With a better design, it is extremely sturdy. It is covered by a warranty of two years starting from its date of purchase.

Top features:

  • Spill-proof Structure
  • Wide spacing between burners
  • Uniform flame distribution

6. Prestige GTMC 03 Magic Glass Top Gas Stove

Prestige Magic Glass Top Gas Stove

Prestige GTMC 03, Black, Tri-Pin Burners is an ideal product to cook with. It’s black and comes with an open cooktop that makes it easy to see what you’re cooking as the burners are running.

The stove also comes with an oven compartment that can be controlled with three different knobs making it easy to cook. You’ll reduce energy and time consumption as this stove uses gasoline instead of electricity. This means it doesn’t require power cords. Also, it has a regulator to ensure that gas flows smoothly to every burner.

It’s stainless steel, which will not rust or corrode over time. It also has an oval base that lets you place it on any surface or the floor. It also comes with a round base to place it on the floor.

These Tri Pin Burners come with a 1-year guarantee and can be used outdoors and at home.

Top features:

  • The stove also comes with an oven section controlled by three knobs. This makes it much more straightforward to cook.
  • It features an oven with a glass top, making it easy to see the food you’re cooking as long as the flames are running.
  • It is constructed of stainless steel, so it won’t rust or corrode over time.
  • It’s equipped with a regulator that guarantees that gas flow is smooth to each burner.
  • It’s a rectangular base that lets you put it on any surface or the floor.

7. Prestige Royale Plus SCHOTT Gas Stove (4 Burner)

Prestige Royale Plus SCHOTT Gas Stove (4 Burner)

Prestige Royale Plus comes with Schott glass made from German technology that is simple to clean and elegant, making it ideal for use regularly. It has a SABAF gas valve that is imported from Italy. It’s very durable and designed for smooth and reliable operation. This gas stove with four burners comes with individual pan supports to ensure solidity and increased durability of the pots and pods.

Top features:

  • Tri pin burners
  • Design of the ergonomic knob
  • Individual pan supports
  • Glass from SCHOTT with a lifetime guarantee
  • Italian Sabaf valve

8. Prestige Royale Plus Schott Gas Stove (2 Burner)

Prestige Royale Plus Schott Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove

Thia Royale Plus Schott stove from Prestige is perfect for small families that need to cook various meals. It’s a great staple since it features the most ergonomic design knobs and German-tech Schott glass for durability that is stylish. It uses high-quality manufacturing standards that ensure elegant design and durability for a lifetime. Its toughened glass surface provides extra durability for your gas cooker.

Top features:

  • The SABAF Italy gas valve
  • Individual pan support
  • Ergonomically designed knobs.
  • The glass SCHOTT is produced using German technology.
  • Tri-pin burners

9. Prestige Premia Glass Gas Stove (2 Burner)

Prestige Premia Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove

Its Prestige Premia Schott Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove Stainless Steel is a great product to cook with. It comes in stainless steel and an open cooktop that makes it easy to see what you’re cooking while the burners are turned on. It also has an oven compartment controlled with three knobs that make for simple cooking!

The stove is powered by gas rather than electricity, eliminating the use of power cables. The stove also has an electronic regulator that guarantees that gas flows smoothly to every burner. Also, the stove is stainless steel, so it won’t be rusty or corrupted over time. It also has a round base that permits the stove to be placed on any surface or floor.

The Prestige Premia Schott 3-burner Gas Stove, Stainless Steel is covered by a one-year guarantee.

Top features:

  • The stove also features an oven section that can be controlled using three knobs to make cooking easy.
  • It comes with a regulator to ensure that gas flows smoothly to each burner.
  • This stove comes with a round base that lets you put it on any surface or the floor.
  • It features an open cooktop that makes it easier to observe what you’re cooking while the cooktop is on.
  • The Prestige Premia Gas Stove comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • It is made of stainless steel, which won’t cause corrosion or rust over time.

10. Prestige IRIS LPG Gas Stove

Prestige IRIS LPG Gas Stove

The Prestige IRIS 3 Burnermodel is an extremely elegant and stylish gas stove with three burners. Prestige Iris is a stylish gas stove that has 3 burners. Prestige Iris comes with a glass cooktop that makes it easy to observe what you’re cooking as the burners are running.

The stove also features an oven-controlled with three knobs, making it easier to cook. It can save you energy and time since this stove uses propane instead of electrical energy. This means you don’t need power cords. This gas Stove is stainless steel, and that makes it corrosion-resistant and rustproof.

The Prestige IRIS LPG Gas Stove, 3 Burner is constructed of top-quality materials. It’s body is of aluminum, making it more durable and light. It’s easy to clean due to the glass top. You can clean this as a dish with soap and water or spray it.

It will save you time by using LPG gasoline instead of electricity. You can save as much as 70% on food costs by doing this. You can put it outdoors or indoors; both possibilities are great for this gas stove. This stove is elegant and can be used in any contemporary kitchen.

The Gas Stove comes with a regulator valve that ensures a smooth gas flow to every burner. It also comes with an extra compartment for storing the cooking tools that will aid in the process of cleaning the stove.

Top features:

  • It features glass cooktops that make it easy to observe what you’re cooking, even when it is on.
  • This stove comes with an elongated base that can easily be positioned on the kitchen floor or any other area.
  • It will help you conserve time and energy since the stove is powered by gasoline instead of electricity. This means there’s no requirement for power cords.
  • The stove also comes with oven-controlled three knobs making it simpler to cook on.
  • Stainless steel Gas Stove. Corrosion-resistant and rustproof.

What are the important things to be aware of before purchasing a new gas stove?

Everyone enjoys cooking and loves to eat delicious home-cooked food. Buying the best cooktops is somewhat challenging because you’re unaware of the top considerations. And it’s so because you actually don’t buy such an appliance every day. 

But don’t just trust the salespersons or customer reviews. You also need to evaluate a bit before buying because you are investing money.

We will now discuss the things one should be aware of before purchasing a gas stove to cook on at home.

1.) Total number of burners

Two stoves set the norm for the longest duration, and nobody wanted more burners. With the increasing variety of vessels and dishes used, the demand for burners grew. The second pair of burners could help cook food and boil certain types. Multitasking helps reduce time, even 

cooking. The Prestige Marvel three burners were named the best triple burner gas stoves in India in 2022.

2.) The color of the stove

It may appear to be something to be considered. However, it’s one of the main points regarding stoves. A light-colored stove, such as gray, will look nice, but over time the food residues and other stains cause it to look dirty and ugly. It is recommended to buy an oven with a darker shade, like black.

3.) Automatic Switch-on

The process of loading a burner is to trigger the burner repeatedly. Modern gas stoves have an inbuilt igniter and those at a reasonable price. An easy dial spins and ignites the burners. The most efficient fuel for ignition for India is available for purchase within INR 5000.

4.) Congruity and Finish

The days of plain stainless steel styles are over. Today’s stoves could have glass and fiberglass of various types. They are not just more attractive. However, they enhance the overall aesthetics in your kitchen. Glass top burners will be simpler to keep clean and maintain, but they can add to the price of the stove.

5.) Certification by ISI

Before buying a gas range, it is essential to consider buying from a certified shop by ISI certification. Alongside the certification, it is also important to look at the warranty terms offered by the company.

6.) Designs and style

These gas stoves are now on the market in various styles and designs. They appear more elegant and appealing than the standard gas stove. But, it’s entirely up to the person to purchase a simple or attractive gas stove.

7) Brand

When buying a gas stove, you must also search for a reputable brand similar to other electronic appliances; it’s an investment that is a one-time purchase. Therefore, conduct a thorough search before purchasing it. It can be extremely useful and highly advised. Look for the most efficient gas stove before purchasing any item.

8) Types of Control Knobs

Control knobs are switches by which the stove can be switched off or on. Picking the appropriate knobs and ones with the right grip is essential to avoid any possibility of malfunction or accident.

9) Durability

Most appliances in the kitchen are exposed to steam and water, particularly the gas range. When you purchase a gas stove, it’s important to make sure it is a sturdy gas stove that won’t get rusty. A high-quality stainless steel stove might be the ideal choice. The most efficient gas stove made of available stainless steel was found in India at the time of 2022 by the Prestige brand.

When purchasing gas burners, the consumer should be aware because the marketplaces have many duplicate products with distinct company names printed on them.

10) Size

The size of the stove is another important aspect to take into consideration before buying a gas stove. If a nuclear family has less than 3-4 members, the stove with two burners will function properly and put less stress on your pocket. A family of 7 to 6-7 members requires the stove to have a minimum of three lights.

11). More Performance

Whatever model you choose for your kitchen, the Prestige gas stove is ideal since you can be completely confident in its performance. With high-end standards and efficient work, each gas stove manufactured by Prestige is built to perform its best even in extreme conditions.

If you’re seeking a top-quality gas stove focused on performance, this Prestige gas stove could be great.

Why is burner material a top consideration?

Your gas stove’s performance depends highly on the burners, and the burner’s performance depends on the material used. If you want top performance, only buy the stoves with standard burner material. 

These are the best three burner materials you can trust:

  • Brass – Brass is a Zinc+Copper alloy, and it’s the most trusted material in terms of burner construction. This corrosion resistance works perfectly in various weather conditions. Besides being inexpensive and durable, it also ensures even heat distribution and amazing heat retention.
  • Aluminum – Absorption and dissipation of heat are very quick with aluminum burners. Like brass, it’s also corrosion-free. Compared to brass burners, it cools much more rapidly, but the negative is that it’s less durable than brass. 
  • Cast iron – Needs maintenance, top-level sturdiness, high durability, great strength, and sturdiness.

Why Choose Gas Stoves?

Yes, you buy gas stoves for cooking food, but let’s try to find a deeper answer here. You may already know that electric stoves are cheaper than these, but why do many buyers prefer the gas stove? 

Well, the answer is that gas stoves are highly beneficial in the long run. They run on LPG, which is much cheaper than electricity. Also, gas stoves satisfy a wide range of needs, and you get many options like ignition type, burner number, and design.

Here are some other factors which attract you to buying gas stoves:

  • You don’t need to worry about power outages.
  • Very cost-effective.
  • Very easy to use. 
  • Cleaning and maintenance are never hassles. 
  • Temperature setup and control are easy. 

Why Choose Prestige Gas Stoves?

Prestige is a well-known brand in India in the field of Kitchen appliances and kitchen tools. Whatever product you opt for, you can be sure of receiving the most durable, efficient, and cost-effective product. Particularly about the gas stoves made by the company, they are not exceptions in terms of efficiency and reliability.

Whatever model you pick for your home, you will find plenty of features you can’t get from other brands or models within the same price range.

Beyond the value of the brand and the trust that buyers can have with Prestige, they have many additional factors that make Prestige Gas stoves a great option for those looking to purchase. For those who would prefer buying the Prestige gas stove to cook in and understand its benefits, we’re giving a few reasons why Prestige is a top choice for you and why you should select it over other brands on the market.

Only made for Indian kitchens

The Indian kitchens differ and require products that have greater performance and longevity. Prestige gas stoves are a great choice. Prestige gas stoves are designed with care to ensure they can work efficiently for Indian consumers, no matter what the high-end tri-pin brass burners, the ample distance between burners, or the robust construction. You can trust these Prestige gas stoves to help you cook in your kitchen.

These are the three main reasons for purchasing Prestige gas stoves instead of other brands. Another benefit of the Prestige gas range is that they come in various options. Therefore, according to your preferences and budget, selecting the best and most appropriate gas cooker for the home is easy. Therefore, choose a Prestige gas cooker for the kitchen of your house and cook with the highest efficiency.


With the highest-quality specifications and the components used in the construction of gas stoves, Prestige gas stoves are among the most robust and high gas stoves on the Indian market. Being a trusted brand that you can trust, you are sure of the most sophisticated and reliable components employed in gas stoves that ultimately improve the stove’s overall quality of construction and longevity.

Additionally, you will get the best warranty for every type of Prestige gas range. Also, if you’re searching for a gas stove capable of providing you with service for a long time without significant maintenance issues, then the Prestige gas stoves could be the ideal option for you.


Is prestige a good brand for stove?

A pure yes! Prestige has proved that their gas stoves are awesome and comes packed with amazing features. According to the reviews available on Amazon and Flipkart, there are good star ratings from people. It proves that Prestige has satisfied its customers by providing long lasting gas stove models ranging from 1 to 4 burners.

Which is the best prestige 4 burner gas stove?

The answer is Prestige Manual Ignition Gas Stove (#2 on our best prestige gas stove review). It provides you long lasting powder coating, amazing quality and efficiency, and it's energy-efficient will avoid using more electricity. Besides that, you get scratch-proof and spill-proof surface of this gas stove. Some other Prestige 4 busner choices are #4 (Prestige Marvel Plus Gas Stove 4 Burner) and #7 (Prestige Royale Plus SCHOTT Gas Stove 4 Burner).

Which company is best for gas stove?

According to many gas stove reviewing websites and our own experience and research, Prestige is the king of Gas Stove brands. Here’s a table showing which company for gas stove is currently on top in 2022.

Ranking Brand
1. Prestige
2. Glen
3. Sunflame
4. Elica
5. Brightflame
6. Butterfly
7. Bajaj
8. Bosch
9. Kaff
10. Faber


If you need to cook delicious dishes, meals, and various foods, you should have a gas stove. Cooking isn’t possible without gas stoves. Induction cooktops can be used to cook cooktops, but they cannot cook your favorite dishes using these cooktops.

Therefore, gas stoves are essential to a family. Below are the most affordable Prestige gas stoves worth checking out.

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