Top 17 Best Auto-Ignition Gas Stoves in India

Top 17 Best Auto-Ignition Gas Stoves in India

We are all familiar with gas stoves that run using LPG or PNG gas. Many of us like it due to its simple accessibility.

The gas stoves require an external ignition device to start the fire, such as a match or lighter stick. To cook different recipes, it is necessary to control the flame by turning the knob.

Today, gas stoves are being upgraded with modern features that make it easier to complete the process. One of these advancements is auto-ignition technology. The top gas stoves with auto-ignition in India are better than others because they are simpler to use and come with more features that enhance the look and efficiency of the Stove.

They eliminate the necessity of using matches or gas lighters in the event of ignition. Gas stoves with auto-ignition are renowned for their safety features, as you don’t have to place your hands on the fire.

The gas stoves come with auto-ignition, and it uses an igniter that can light the burners on autopilot. The igniter produces sparks once you turn the knob to turn the gas supply on. The whole process takes just some seconds to light the flame on the Stove.

The Best Auto-Ignition Gas Stoves in India

1. 3 Burner Butterfly Gas Stove

Butterfly Smart Glass 3 Burner Stove

The distinctive toughened glass design is what makes Butterfly gas stoves extremely sturdy. It is also available in a waterproof design that can withstand wear. The reason this model can provide extraordinary performance is the fact that it has an extremely high thermal efficiency. Brass burners are the best choice, as they can disperse the flame equally.

You get a 360-degree revolving nozzle rotating on the back. This innovative style pan-support system ensures no need to worry about movement. It has designer knobs to provide an improved working experience.

It also blocks movement because the legs are heat resistant. Additionally, an extinguisher panel is ideal for checking during cooking.


  • Extra Stability comes with a smart lock system that ensures the pan is stable throughout the day. In addition to the legs, they are skid-proof and heat-free.
  • Uniform Flaming. The 360-degree burners’ nozzles are also appreciable. The distribution of flame is even for evenly heating across all sides.


  • The pan support system suits various types of utensils.
  • Durable brass burners provide high-efficiency thermal performance.
  • Durable construction with wear-resistant design for long-lasting use
  • Spill-proof design helps prevent unwanted mess.


  • The steel plate isn’t detachable.

2. Prestige Royale Plus Gas Stove

Prestige Royale Plus Schott 3 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove

The gas stove with auto-ignition has a stunning spill-proof design, which makes it great. Suppose you look at this gorgeous three-burner gas stove. The glass-topped gas stove with auto-ignition isn’t just attractive, but it is also functional for Indian cooking.

Due to this, you’ll be able to thoroughly clean so that spills won’t harm the Stove.

There are three brass burners included in the Prestige Royale Plus gas stove which can last for a long period. Additionally, it permits the small or large family to cook food faster and more easily.

The Stove’s size is ideal for Indian kitchens. Since the colour is black, it will match any style of interior. The stunning gas stove by Prestige will make your life easier and let you enjoy the luxury of having a modern kitchen. The elegant glass design and the powerful and top-quality burners allow you to prepare delicious meals every day.

Typically, businesses do not offer additional benefits after the sale. However, Prestige provides a two-year warranty from the manufacturer on the gas stove and an additional 10 years warranty on Schott glass. This can help with any issue that may arise from the Stove. The innovative auto-ignition mechanism, high-end construction, and the long-lasting nature of the propane stove make it ideal for Indian cooking.


  • Also, it has Sabaf valves brought from Italy to ensure a more efficient gas transfer.
  • There is a coating of powder on the body to stop the formation of rust.
  • A switch that is specifically designed for auto-ignition.
  • Compatible with LPG Cylinders.
  • Schott is made of toughened glass placed on the top to provide additional strength.
  • Prestige offers a two-year guarantee and an additional 10 years with the glass-topped.
  • The gas stove comes with 3 tri-pin stainless steel burners to ensure greater efficiency and speedier cooking.


  • It looks stunning in the kitchen area.
  • The gas stove is very good.
  • The high-efficiency auto-ignition is fast.
  • Individual Pan Support offers more Stability when placing cooking utensils in the oven.
  • The toughened glass finish imported from China keeps the appearance.
  • It aids in cooking faster for families with larger numbers.
  • Prestige includes a great assurance of 2 years plus 10 years.
  • You can control it with the ergonomic buttons.
  • High efficiency and optimized gas consumption. Performance.
  • Auto-ignition works smoothly and efficiently to make things simple.
  • It gives the proper pan support.
  • It’s the coating on powder that prevents corrosion and prolongs its lifespan.
  • Gas stoves are simple to clean.


  • Only LPG support is available. However, modifications are possible.
  • Customer service was having some issues before this, but the issue has now been solved.

3. Thermador Gas Stove (Toughened Glass Top)

Thermador 2 Burner Gas Stove

Perfect for large appliances, Thermador gas stoves come with large space-burners. It has a sturdy cooking surface, and the credit goes to the heavy-duty and dependable pan supports. The royal black coating helps keep rust at bay for long-lasting use. Also, it includes brass burners that provide greater efficiency when cooking.

It’s available in a double-burner design. Equipped with RoHS and ISI certificates, the product provides greater security and reliability. Besides that, you get easy-to-use knobs and stylish designs.

Steel construction with the combination of toughened glass can be cleaned easily. The most appealing aspect is that a warranty covers the item for one year.


  • Rust-proof Body: An additional black coating helps stop the surface from rusting whenever they wet-wipe frequently.
  • Safe: This product is certified by ISI certification and also is compliant with RoHS safety standards.


  • Royal black coating stops the rust.
  • Strong brass burners. 
  • Large utensils are easy to use because of the wide spacing design. 
  • ISI certification for the highest level of safety.


  • It is believed that the SIM stage of the burner could enhance.

4. Glen 3 Burner LPG Gas Stove

Glen 3 Burner LPG Gas Stove

The auto-ignition mechanism of the Glen gas stove can eliminate the need to use matchsticks for cooking. It comes with 3 aluminium-alloy burners that can meet various cooking needs. The toughened glass top of 6 mm will not scratch or stain. You can use it for long periods due to the maximum steel body.

The solid pan supports can handle large kitchen utensils. The pan also comes with a fixed matt steel tray, which will prevent food spoilage. With knobs that are of high quality and a smooth, effortless operation.

It can stop any kind of movement by using Anti-skid shoes. It also has a revolving nozzle that rotates 360-degrees on the back.


  • Most burners are brass; the aluminium alloy is superior in performance, maintenance, and longevity.
  • High-Quality Glass Top: The glass is more solid and has a matte stainless steel finish that makes it appear and feel exceptional.


  • Different sizes of burners for different cooking
  • The premium knobs are made of high-quality materials and provide a firm gripping
  • Auto-ignition system to provide users ease of use
  • Backside nozzle for a neat appearance


  • It is a brand that is relatively new.

5. SURYAJWALA Royal Gas Stove (3 Burner)

SURYAJWALA Royal Auto 3 Burner Ignition Glass Top Stove. Gas Stove

Batteries power an auto-ignition in automatic gas stoves; however, this model comes with PiezoElectric Technology that uses PZT and the small voltage needed to start it with gas. This technology is far more durable than batteries and would not require replacing the batteries.

Suryajwala has introduced the most effective spill-proof designs for this oven, so we felt it was necessary to include them in our article. The durable cast iron burner design, along with the toughened glass top, aids in allowing the furnace to last longer, and to top it off, it has a stunning design.

For a design, this Stove offers greater endurance, ensuring long durability. This Stove could appear to be expensive; however, it is less expensive than most gas stoves with glass tops that you can find on the market. Therefore, the gas stove will help you remain affordable. This gas stove has features that are in line with the cost. Therefore, your money won’t be wasted.


  • The knobs are ergonomically designed to facilitate better use.
  • Compatible only with LPG connections.
  • PiezoElectric Technology has been used in this gas 3 burner stove.
  • There are three high-quality casting iron stoves.
  • A toughened glass cover protects the body of steel.
  • The anti-slip legs help to ensure Stability.
  • Suryajwala created an expansive design that could accommodate a variety of tools.
  • The company offers a one-year warranty.
  • 360 ° Gas inlet nozzle.
  • ISI approval.


  • Knobs on the gas stove with a glass top are simple to operate.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • It won’t cost much.
  • Latest high-efficiency PiezoElectric Technology.
  • A durable and striking design.
  • The brand of gas stoves comes with an assurance of one year.
  • The cast iron burner that is heavy-duty will last for a long time.
  • Pan support is fantastic.
  • Tested and certified to ensure its safety of use.


  • It is suitable for LPG Only.
  • Only one colour is available, but it’s attractive.

6. Hamley 2 Burner Gas Stove 

Hamlay 2 Burner Gas Stove that Auto-Ignition

It is possible to think that stoves can’t be stylish, but this model from Hamlay is proof that we are wrong. This is due to its exceptional spill-proof design. Everything from the stunning colour to the spacious layout will make you want to buy.

You get two burners and a gas stove with auto-ignition. It is the ideal choice for small family sizes.

The feature of auto-ignition that is present with this particular gas range makes it simpler to operate. There are a lot of advantages to it for your cooking. It isn’t necessary to use matchsticks or lighters after purchasing this glass top gas stove with auto-ignition. This gas stove is less work and helps you save time during a hectic day.

The materials used in this two-burner gas stove demonstrate its high-end design. Brass with a high-quality construction has been employed in the burners that ensure long life and even a high output of flames. The gas stove that auto-ignition is strong and resistant to sustaining damage easily.


  • The gas stove comes with two heavy-duty brass burners.
  • With the soft-operating knobs that eliminate any inconvenience.
  • The top is covered by toughened glass that is break-resistant.
  • Compatible with both PNG and LPG connections and features a 360-degree rotating nozzle.
  • A lighter or match is not required due to its battery-powered self-ignition mechanism.
  • Anti-slip legs aid in getting more grip on any flat surface.
  • There are square pans with heavy-duty supports as well as drip pans.
  • Large appliances can be easily placed onto the Stove due to the manufacturer’s large design—1-year warranty.


  • Includes stainless steel drip tray made of steel.
  • An amazing, spacious spill-proof design that features high-efficiency auto-ignition.
  • Ideal for small families.
  • Incredible pan support.
  • Helps with large appliances at the same time.
  • The gas stove helps save time and money.
  • Anti-skid shoes to improve balance.
  • A heavy-duty brass burner design promises durability.
  • The company offers a one-year guarantee.
  • It is available in a beautiful white shade.
  • It is compatible with PNG gas connections and LPG gas connections.
  • The toughened glass increases its lifespan and makes cleaning a breeze.
  • It is simple to wash.


  • Only available as a 2-burner model, which is ideal for small families.
  • In the past, customer support had issues, and they had to resolve them.

7. IBELL Glass Top Gas Stove (4 Burner)

IBELL Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove with Auto-Ignition

iBell has done a fantastic job providing a modern design to this gas stove made in India. The knobs of top quality are placed on the top of the Stove to provide more space. The hardened glass on top is not just for protection, but it also adds to the Stove’s appearance.

The main reason to buy gas cooktops with automatic ignition is the ability to cut down on time required to cook. The use of this four-burner gas stove is easy since most of it is easy to explain. The auto-ignition function is quite effective, and you only need to move the knob to observe the process. The instructions are not too complicated to be adhered to.

Have you got a larger family to take care of? If so, you could be juggling many pots and pans every day. Since this gas stove comes with four burners, cooking time significantly decreases. Additionally, the Stove has unique pan support to ensure that all stoves are utilized simultaneously. All of these advantages make this Stove among the most efficient gas stoves with auto-ignition with four burners available in India.


  • Batteries power the Auto-ignition feature.
  • Ergonomic knobs are on the top.
  • Anti-skid rubber feet that give Stability.
  • The body is heat resistant.
  • It is equipped with 4 brass burners.
  • The connector for the hose made of steel is durable and long-lasting.
  • iBell gives a one-year warranty on its.
  • The glass top is a seven-millimetre toughened top.
  • Unique pan support.
  • The body is constructed of stainless steel.


  • The gas stove is stylish and has an updated look.
  • The product is simple to clean.
  • The brass burner is superb.
  • Auto-ignition is very fast and has high performance.
  • iBell gives a one-year guarantee.
  • This toughened glass-topped gas stove is strong and durable.
  • Dependable pan support.


  • It’s vital to change the batteries when they become exhausted.
  • A bit expensive when compared to other items.

8. IBELL Glass Top Gas Stove (4-Burner)

IBELL Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove with Auto Ignition

iBell has done an outstanding job of providing a contemporary design for this gas stove from India. The knobs of top quality have been placed on top of the Stove to create more space. The hardened glass at the top provides protection and improves the Stove’s appearance.

The primary reason to purchase a gas stove with an automatic ignition is to cut down cooking time. Utilizing this four-burner gas stove is a breeze since most of the information is clear and easy to follow.

The auto-ignition system works very well. Just move the knob a bit to view the effect. There are no complicated directions to be adhered to.

Have you got a larger family to take care of?

If you do, you might manage many pots and pans each day. Because this gas stove is equipped with four burners, cooking time is significantly less. In addition, the Stove has unique pan support, which ensures that all stoves are simultaneously used. These advantages make this Stove one of the most efficient gas stoves with auto-ignition with four burners available in India.


  • iBell offers a one-year guarantee.
  • Auto-ignition is very fast and has the highest performance.
  • The gas stove is stylish and has an updated look.
  • This toughened glass-topped gas stove is extremely durable.
  • It has unique pan support.
  • The brass burner is superb.
  • The product is simple to clean.


  • A bit expensive when compared to other items.
  • You must replace the batteries when they are exhausted.

9. Glen 1043 Glass Stove (4 Burner)

Glen 1043 Glass Stove 4 Burner Autoignition Cooktop

For over 20 years, the Glenn brand has operated as a popular kitchen maker. This gas stove is an example of the quality you will get from Glenn. The glass top with a wide-body stove was designed to effortlessly use four pans simultaneously while the burners are distributed evenly.

The glass top is simple to clean and offers scratch, stain, and impact resistance. The drip tray makes it easy to wash in case of food spills. The aluminium alloy burner brings you more thermal efficiency, which results in greater cooking. Its pan support is sturdy enough to handle heavy and huge vessels.

The ergonomic knobs offer an excellent grip for turning on the Stove in a controlled manner. The 360-degree gas intake allows the cooktop to be moved easily and securely. It is impossible to make a mistake purchasing your kitchen appliances from Glenn since they have high-quality features at an affordable cost.


  • Aluminum Alloy Burner: This extremely-fast burner lasts for a long time and has specific holes that increase thermal efficiency.
  • Ergonomic Knob: It gives you a comfortable grip.
  • Toughened Glass: The 6 mm glass protects against scratching, staining, and impact.


  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Fabulous Pan support.
  • Good quality stainless drip tray made of steel.
  • 360-degree nozzle.


  • The Stove is large due to the four burners.

10. Whirlpool Auto-Ignition Gas Stove (4 Burner)

Whirlpool 4 Burner Automatic Ignition Glass Top Gas Stove

The gas stove has “intellicook” complete brass burner hobs, which offer great efficiency. It is perfect for cooking Indian cooking, specifically those that require a long time to cook.

The gas stove comes with multiple levels of control for the flame. You can also prepare diverse meals in which you require high-level flame control and also the sim option. This four-burner auto-ignition gas cooktop is ideally equipped with pan supports to ensure perfect cooking.

The knobs made of nylon are constructed of heat-resistant body material to allow you a safe and enjoyable cooking experience. When you cook various things, these knobs will be easily operated and will serve you for a long time.

If cooking is something you love to do, or you’d like it to be a daily use, the glass-topped Stove is a perfect product to buy. Electronic ignition ensures that the Stove is effective and reliable for cooking.

The slim design of the auto-ignition gas stove lets you fit it into a compact space within your modular kitchen. The simple layout makes it simple to clean.


  • Its electronic ignition mechanism makes it easy to maintain
  • It features frontal knob controls to manage the space perfectly.
  • It allows you to be creative in the kitchen while you prepare your favourite dish
  • The knobs are heat-resistant for a longer cooking time.
  • Features extremely efficient multi-ring brass burners
  • It is also durable and has sufficient durability.


  • The device’s maintenance is very simple.
  • Gas burners that are efficient and reliable to suit every home.
  • The gas stove is elegant and chic.
  • It is easy to keep the flames from low to high.
  • The ergonomic design and spill-proof construction allow it to be space-saving.


  • Not suitable for smaller families.
  • Customer service may need to be improved.

11. Thermador Glass Gas Stove (3 Brass Burner)

Thermador 3 Brass Burner Glass Gas Stove

Thermador gas stove is a mix of elegance and performance. It is ideal for large utensils and can be used in any kitchen. It will have a solid surface with no movement. The mild steel body and toughened glass top make it very sturdy.

It also has brass burners to ensure better distribution of flame. The black royal coating will stop rust and increase longevity. It is in line with the requirements of ISI for the highest level of security. It comes with a 3-burner design with ergonomic knobs.

You will enjoy greater comfort with the auto-ignition feature. It is a better alternative to the use of matchsticks. Additionally, it comes with one year of warranty.


  • Superior Material: The flames feature brass. The glass top is heavy, while the body is mild steel construction with a black coating to stop rust from occurring.
  • Wide Compatibility: Gas stoves support all sizes of pans and guarantee Stability by avoiding wobbly conditions.


  • Strong pan support to prevent movement.
  • RoHS certification ensures reliability.
  • Mild steel construction for high durability.
  • The glass top surface is toughened to make cleaning easy.


  • Not the most energy-efficient.

12. Surya Flame 2B Ultimate Gas Stove (2 Burner)

Surya Flame 2B Ultimate Auto Ignition Stainless Steel 2 Burner Gas Stove

The 2 burner auto-ignition stove by Suryaflame is an excellent choice as Suryaflame is one of the most established in India. It has a traditional design with longevity built of stainless steel. The premium quality knobs in black have a flawless design that lets you manage the flame easily and ensure security.

The high-temperature brass burners offer great heat conductivity to ensure great cooking. Brass burners are highly durable. The revolving nozzle helps set the gas flow, so you can cook effectively. Made of high-end materials, the pan support performs well to stop the pan from moving, ensuring the most hassle-free cooking experience.

The best warranty also backs the sleek gas stove to ensure that you purchase this Stove without a doubt.


  • ISI & CE certified: This product is compliant with all standards, so you are guaranteed safe cooking.
  • High thermal efficiency burners: Durability is the main highlight of these burners. These are perfect to meet the high-heating requirements of Indian cooking.   


  • Black knobs of superior quality and high-end.
  • Beautiful design and shape
  • Revolving nozzle
  • 2-year manufacturing warranty
  • Good pan support


  • No glass top that is toughened

13. Helicon Solid Black Glass Gas Stove (3 Burner)

Helicon Solid Black Glass 3 Burner Automatic Gas Stove

Helicon is among India’s most renowned makers and suppliers of kitchen equipment. The auto-ignition stove from Helicon is packed with lots of features to give you an excellent cooking experience. The glass is powder-coated to 8 mm, smudge-proof, and provides an elegant appearance.

The stainless-steel trays are heat-resistant to ensure a safe and enjoyable cooking experience. You get a 360-degree gas intake in this Stove, helping you keep your cylinder in any position for comfort. The auto-ignition stove effectively distributes heat, so you can get consistent heat for delicious food.

The knobs that control the heat are reliable for controlling the heat and help easily alter the temperature. Accredited by ISI, the gas stove offers numerous modern-day features without hurting your pocket, so consider this model when making your purchase.


  • Incredible pan support: It offers an excellent level of Stability when cooking in the pan.
  • 8 mm glass with a powder coating: This design material improves this Stove’s appearance and makes it spill-proof.


  • Dependable Control Knobs
  • Swivel the gas inlet
  • Resistant to heat
  • The product is a flame retardant.
  • ISI certified


  • No guarantee period

14. Elica Slimmest Gas Stove (Auto Ignition)

Elica Slimmest Auto Ignition Gas Stove

Fitted with the brass burners forged by hand, the Elica gas stove makes certain there are no flaws. Even flame distribution ensures efficient performance. The double-tone toughened glass is extremely durable and enhances the kitchen’s look.

There are also double drip trays that can take in spills. You need to remove the tray and then clean the space. The Euro-coated pan support in the shape of a crown provides greater Stability.

It also comes with modern bakelite knobs that provide an effortless experience. The slim frame provides it with an elegant look. It is not necessary to matchsticks anymore because of the auto-ignition mechanism.


  • Super slim: There is limited available space in a modular kitchen, and modern stoves have to fit in a slimmer space. The gas range is among the slimmest in the auto-ignition section.
  • Easy cleaning: You get 2 drip trays to catch spills. The trays are removable, and the surfaces are easy to clean.


  • Unique pan supports.
  • Forged brass burners to improve heat production.
  • Dual-tone glass to ensure maximum durability.
  • Double drip trays help prevent chaos.


  • The customer service isn’t excellent.

15. GREENCHEF Auto Ignition Gas Stove (4-Burner)

GREENCHEF 4-Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove

Have you updated your kitchen in the last few months? You should consider this 4 burner gas stove with auto ignition, which can help make your kitchen appear beautiful. This glass-topped gas stove is ideal for your new modular kitchen. The sleek and elegant look of this gas stove is very fashionable. It is equipped with metal holders and brass burners, which define the item’s appearance. It isn’t difficult to clean this product.

Additionally, the gasholder is sturdy and constructed of unrusty body material. Therefore, no worries about keeping it maintained. A moist, clean cloth is sufficient. Amid your hectic life, you require a gadget that reduces the amount of exertion. This gas stove was created with that in mind. It can be operated quickly to not require the time needed to cook.

The gas oven runs on batteries. This means that you don’t require matches or lighters to ignite it. The auto-ignition knobs and hobs will suffice to ignite the burners. This oven is specifically designed to be used for Indian cooking. The auto-ignition system functions effectively. If you want to cook for longer, it’s perfect. Additionally, the gas stove comes with four burners that allow you to cook four dishes simultaneously to cut down on time.


  • The auto-ignition system aids in fast cooking
  • The knobs and hobs are simple to use
  • It comes with brass burners that last longer and are more durable.
  • Four gas burners are included for cooking with ease.
  • With all the burners on your Stove, cooking has become less of an arduous job
  • Compact design saves your space


  • The high-efficiency auto-ignition mechanism performs well.
  • Ideal for all types of Indian cooking.
  • The burners are divided into 3-4 parts to make cleaning easier.
  • It is easy to clean the product.
  • The support for the gasholder is sturdy and heavy.
  • Heavy-duty flames come in various dimensions.
  • The rust-free design is great to work with.


  • The spacing between the burners could be more effective.
  • The front edge could be improved.

16. Glen 1049 GT Forged BB LPG Glass Stove (4 Burner)

Glen 1049 GT Forged 4 Burner BB LPG Glass Stove

Another Glen product we have on our list, This high-end auto-ignition glass stove comes with plenty to provide. The large stainless steel cooktop can effortlessly handle four pans, as the burners are located in a way that makes them easy to reach. The brass burner is light and heat resistant, offering long-lasting durability.

The battery-operated autoignition allows you to manage the flame by turning the knob. The extra strong 4 mm pan support is strong enough to hold larger pots or pans, so you don’t need to worry about harm. The sleek ergonomic knobs provide the user with a comfortable grip use.

The 360-degree swivel design makes cooking easy and secure. With a lengthy warranty, it’s one of the most reliable auto-ignition devices.


  • 8.3 mm thick toughened glass The Glass top makes stoves extremely sturdy and attractive.


  • Forged Brass burner
  • 4 mm extra strong pan support
  • Ergonomic knobs
  • Spacious design
  • It comes with a warranty


  • It only supports LPG gas.

17. Blowhot Heavy Brass Gas Stove Piezo (3 Burner)

Blowhot Heavy Brass 3 Burner Gas Stove Piezo Auto Ignition

The energy-efficient auto-ignition burner made by Blowhot features an encapsulated glass top that is toughened and durable. The toughened glass and the stainless steel frames on the sides offer solidity and shield the Stove from scratch. The strong pan supports massive and heavy vessels without much effort.

The energy-efficient burner provides complete combustion, which means there is no gas waste. Auto-ignition features light the Stove once you turn the knob, so it will not require using the lighter. This product is not widely known and comes with a long warranty, and you should think about it when purchasing an auto-ignition stove for your home.


  • Toughened glass
  • Frame made of stainless steel
  • Uniquely created knobs
  • Heavy vessel support


  • The price is a bit high. 

Considerable Features Before Purchasing

The best automatic ignition stoves in India aren’t a simple job. Try following some of these crucial buying tips to pick the perfect item.

  • Find out how far both burners are adequate to allow you to operate on both burners simultaneously. The distance between the burners is the most important thing to be aware of to avoid touching the utensils.
  • The knobs for regulating heat should not become stuck during use. They should move smoothly.
  • Inspect the gas pipe’s entry point of the oven to ensure it’s easily accessible via the cylinder.
  • The burners should be lit in less time and with less exertion.
  • The final and most important thing to search for is the ISI Safety mark. The oven needs to include an ISI mark to ensure security and safety in the cooking equipment.

Two Types of Auto-ignition Processes

India’s most efficient gas stoves with the auto-ignition feature come in two different versions. The difference is in the source of ignition for the ovens. Both oven types are discussed below.

  • Battery Operated Automatic Ignition Systems.
  • Therefore, the technology behind it is extremely simple.
  • Each burner comes with spark plugs that are their own on the brass flames.
  • You’ll need to change the batteries at least every six months.
  • The battery-operated auto-ignition device has the red colour of the push button to switch on.
  • The device comes with spark plugs connected to the battery and the switch.
  • After pressing the switch, we saw a spark ignited inside the burners.
  • This spark helps to light the flames.

Additionally, gas stoves with auto-ignition are available at a very affordable cost. Therefore, they’re affordable, too.

The Auto-Ignition In-Built System

  • The auto-ignition feature built into the Stove is used primarily in premium gas stoves and stovetops.
  • This system is an easy and reliable service.
  • This technology is efficient and ensures that flames are lit each time you turn the knob.
  • In this case, sparks are created without the need for batteries.
  • The reason is obvious, but the cost of these built-in gas stoves with auto-ignition is higher than battery-operated ones.

There Are Differences Between Auto-Ignition Manual Ignition Gas Stoves


The gas stoves with auto-ignition are more secure and easy to use. They require you to press the power button or twist and press the knob of the oven to turn the burners to the fire. In the past, gas stoves with manual ignition required the user to first turn and push the knob and then ignite a matchstick or lighter.

The earlier method was quite complex and risky than the more recent version.


Auto-ignition gas stoves require some sort of electricity connection. Batteries can power them, and others utilize direct current as of their energy source. Battery-powered ones are less expensive, but those that use electricity last longer and are easier to maintain. However, in the manual model, you’ll need an igniter, matchbox, or pilot light to ignite the gas.


While the latest technologies have made the process of ignition much safer and easier, this process requires more maintenance than manual ones. They require frequent maintenance. If they are damaged, you may need to replace the circuits that run through them: buttons, knobs, or buttons.

Safety Tips regarding Glass Top Ovens

  • Do not place hot appliances on the top of the oven.
  • The most important thing is to read the operating instructions before beginning to use the Stove.
  • Don’t use any utensil that completely covers the burners
  • Please don’t use these gas stoves for baking because they could cause excessive heat and even breakage.
  • Be careful not to pour very cold or hot water when it’s hot
  • Do not clean or wash the Stove with cleaning products while the oven is still hot.

It’s the Science Behind Auto Ignition

The majority of gas stoves have auto-ignition in India. There is a battery to create the electric spark that lights up the flame. The battery must be changed from time to time to ensure the integrity of the auto-ignition system in the cooker. When you move the knob on your gas cooker, it changes the flame’s intensity itself.

A few gas stoves in India are powered by electricity, which is why it is necessary to be connected to an electrical source. They tend to be costlier, but they have many advantages over battery-operated technology if they are looking for an open-plan kitchen. The product is equipped with these technological advancements.

PiezoElectric technology is a different type of technology that is part of the auto-ignition feature introduced into gas stoves. This technology doesn’t require the need for batteries or electricity to operate. Instead, PZT, also known as PZT or Zirconate Titanate (Pb[ZrxTi1-x]O3), is used for ignition with an input voltage.

Merits and Demerits of Auto Ignition Hobs

A gas stove that is automatically ignited must last for the duration of our home to help save money and provide a more enjoyable experience for the user. Most Indians are looking to get the maximum worth from the Stove they purchase. Therefore, we believe that weighing the advantages and disadvantages has become essential. These are the basic points to help you to select the most suitable gas oven with auto-ignition for your home.

Benefits of Auto-Ignition Stoves

  • The primary benefit is that you don’t require a matchstick or lighter to light the gas. The gas will light up when you turn the knob.
  • The majority of gas stoves are simple to clean. They also assist in optimizing gas consumption and ensuring the proper distribution of heat.
  • The amount of gas wasted decreases in these gas stoves since the spark ignites flames immediately after turning the knob in nylon. This can help reduce the cost of LPG commonly found in manual stoves.
  • Auto-ignition gas stoves are not yet available on the market; they come with the most recent features and an entirely new design. They typically have glass tops and sleek bodies that appear stunning in your kitchen that has been renovated.
  • Since it can light itself, the process is much quicker than the manual Stove. It is often observed that users may have to fight using a matchstick or lighter.
  • They’re also believed to be safer options than manual stoves because users don’t have to place their hands on the flame. This can help avoid the many accidents that occur from gas stoves.
  • Businesses are always offering their experience to develop new models that can last for quite a period. Therefore, longevity is not a major concern if you purchase this type of gas stove from an established brand.
  • The flame control option available for the gas stoves mentioned above is quite robust and can be used to aid when cooking semi-automatically.

Manual Ignition Vs. Auto Ignition Gas Stove

Since they are still relatively new in terms of technology, some anxiety may exist among users. Why should one opt for an auto-ignition device over the manual ignition device popular for years? In this case, the choice between manual and auto-ignition gas stoves is an issue that’s in the minds of many. Knowing the major distinctions between these models will help you select the ideal gas stove that is automatic that will fit in your home kitchen.

Both appliances function like a pair, cooking using gas. Therefore, the primary distinction lies in the method of starting the gas. The majority of us have a manual gas stove within our home. To light the Stove, you must use matches or lighters when you turn the knob.

If you have an auto-ignition gas stove, it is lit when it is turned. Therefore, there is no requirement for an external device to start the fire when using the gas stove with auto-ignition. We have already mentioned the common auto-ignition hobs, which can be used in India and are powered by batteries. Therefore, there exists a mechanism that needs batteries to create the spark that lights the gas when it is released from the burner.

They are also easier to use than manual gas stoves. They are also more secure since a person doesn’t have to stand near the Stove to switch on the gas.

The greatest benefit of gas stoves with auto-ignition is that they allow you to manually ignite the gas if you cannot ignite the Stove for any reason. This feature is very useful if you cannot replace the batteries to suit any need. It also helps you reduce the amount you could have had to purchase matchsticks.

Secure Methods to Use An Automatic Ignition Gas Stove

Safety must always be our top priority. We often read some articles that focus on accidents caused by stoves with gas.

If you take a close look, you’ll notice that most of these are caused by improper use of kitchen appliances. Here are a few guidelines to follow when you use an automatic stove.

1). Keep an eye on the Stove

If you are cooking food at the Stove, be cautious about what you’re doing. Do not leave the gas stove unattended, as it could cause injuries.

Use only the proper appliances that are suitable for use for the gas stove that has auto-ignition. Utilizing any type of fibre or glass is not recommended.

Remember to turn off the burner before removing the utensils from the gas. This will prevent any possible contact with the flame, which could cause problems.

The auto-ignition gas stoves stop gas leaks from occurring since they are lit immediately through the mechanism.

If you’ve got some little kids in your house, don’t let them play near the flaming oven if you aren’t there. Be aware of the Stove’s flame, and it’s evident not to use the gas at its maximum level often.

2). Check The Product Manual

Have you read the instructions that were included with your gas stove?

Many of us would not even consider reading the directions. Understanding the gas stove with automatic controls you’re purchasing is essential.

As soon as you’ve got the gas cooktop at your residence, grab the instruction manual and start reading. It’ll provide the proper instructions to help you put the cooktop the right way. It will also outline the best practices and rules to follow when using their products.

All companies must include an instruction manual for safety that instructs the correct use of a gas stove with auto-ignition to prevent any accidents. It is also possible to dial the customer support number of the business to ask any questions you might have.

3). Clean and maintain the Gas Stove Frequently

It is common for us not to think about cleaning our stoves after installing them. This is not the best choice since the buildup can lead to dangerous situations that we are not aware of. Cleaning your Stove regularly is vital to prolong the Stove’s lifespan and avoid incidents.

Be sure to wash the plates and burners thoroughly using soapy water to remove the gunks. If your gas cooker has glass, keep it with care and avoid placing heavyweights over it. Many of them are equipped with a waterproof design. In addition, several brands offer stainless steel drip trays in which the oil waste is placed to be removed.

Change your burners whenever you notice signs of wear on the surface. They are often replaced with cheaper products purchased locally but avoid buying genuine auto ignition gas stoves that the manufacturer manufactures.

If you’re thinking of purchasing the top gas stove with auto ignition in the Indian Indian market, be sure to replace the battery regularly to ensure that it’s functioning. When taking care of cleaning your Stove, be cautious to avoid water damage to the mechanism for ignition.

Make sure you use your gas cooker correctly. Don’t spill anything or leave your gas on the Stove unattended when you are cooking. Get help from a professional when you detect any issues regarding the stovetop.

4). Preventing Leakage and Accidental Fires

One of the main reasons behind accidents with gas stoves is not being aware of gas leaks. The pipe that connects a pipe to the gas stove must be replaced frequently. If you spot cracks in the tube and it’s the perfect moment to replace it.

If you detect gas fumes after the knob is off, it is recommended that a professional be immediately contacted, and you should stop cooking on the Stove. Also, if you purchase an electric stove with auto-ignition, change the battery in the mechanism frequently to avoid any accidental gas leaks.

Additionally, it is important to keep all flammable objects off your Stove. The Stove should not be set next to electronic appliances. Items that are flammable, such as glass, plastics, paper, and petroleum products, must be kept out of it.

It’s vital to be aware while using a gas stove. Make sure to use the proper appliances; ensure that the gas isn’t left unattended. Also, adhere to the correct cleaning practices to avoid accidents.

It is also recommended to have an extinguisher for fire in your kitchen for any emergency reasons. Additionally, it is recommended to put the gas stove close to an opening or window or install the most efficient chimney for your kitchen to better ventilate gas fumes.

The other important thing to remember is to dress in the appropriate clothing when you cook. It is advised to avoid wearing silk or synthetic clothes in the kitchen since they are prone to catching flames.

If there’s any emergency, contact the most important services so that they will be able to assist you. If you’re cooking for the first time on a stove, you should learn more about the cooking process before jumping in.

Make sure that your children are taught the use of automatic ignition gas stoves to avoid accidents. In the event of leakage Auto-ignition, gas cooktops are simple for cleaning and maintenance.


These are the main things to consider when purchasing an automatic ignition gas cooker with an extremely effective brass stove. We suggest reading the buying guide for more information on the aspects to consider. It can help solve the majority of your questions.

If you’ve thought about buying an electric gas range, it’s the perfect time to place your order. Look over the gas stoves that come with automatic ignition discussed in this article.

We are confident that our suggestions will assist you in choosing the ideal gas stove with auto ignition in India, following your cooking preferences.

We suggest the Prestige Royale Plus 3 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove that has proven its superiority in the market. The gas stove has an excellent spill-proof design and It contains proper pan support, making it a worthy purchase in India.

If you have any questions you are unsure about, write to us via the comments.


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