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The Best Glass Top Gas Stoves in India (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Gas stoves are the heart of any kitchen. It is absurd to imagine an Indian kitchen without a gas stove. Hence, it’s imperative to find a perfect gas stove for an Indian home.

You prepare three meals per day: dinner/breakfast/lunch. That’s quite a lot of use for the appliance. Indians love to cook and enjoy delicious meals. The convenience of having a top-of-the-line gas stove in India makes the process easier and more enjoyable. It can be daunting to opt for  the many options.

We have made it easy to find the best glass top gas stoves. They are durable and long-lasting. Start by navigating to the product you are looking for (no burners). Once you’re there, you can simply glance at the product features to eliminate them unnecessarily.

It’s easy to opt for the right gas stove in your home. Let’s get going.

The Best Glass Top Gas Stoves in India

1. Elica Vetro 3 Burner Gas stove

Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas stove

This 3-burner stove from Elica is an excellent choice for buyers looking to buy an attractive gas stove and something that complements their modern kitchen. This one proves to be a great option due to several reasons.

Elica is a well-known brand known for providing customers with reliable and high-quality products. The Elica gas stoves are not only beautiful but also have incredible performance. The 703 CT Vetro BLK from Elica is another example.

Elica Vetro 3 Burner Gas stove BODY LOOKS

  • Great design
  • A brilliant combination of steel & glass
  • Quality construction


  • Amazing after-sales service
  • Unmatched brand value

Elica Vetro 3 Burner Gas stove BURNER TEST


  • None yet

The Final Advice

Elica Vetro 3 Burner Gas stove FLAME TEST

Elica Vetro is an excellent fit for modern-day kitchens that look great, perform well, and makes the most of gas. The Elica Vetro glass-topped stove is a fabulous choice if you’re searching for a sturdy and beautiful stove.

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2. Lifelong 3 Burner Gas Stove

Lifelong 3 Burner Gas Stove

The Lifelong triple-burner stove is perfect for buyers looking to buy a good-looking, simple-to-use, beautifully laid-out stove. It’s a choice because it has excellent pan support and well-placed burners. Also, it’s among the most reviewed ones. 

The Lifelong gas stove is a fantastic choice for Indian homes due to its amazing design. Even if your stove’s kitchen platform is glossy, the anti-skid feet will stabilize it. The gas stove’s 6mm glass is easy to clean and can withstand hot utensils.

Lifelong 3 Burner Gas Stove BODY LOOKS

This stove carries impressive features that make it a top choice in the current market. These features include:

  • Highly dependable glass top.
  • Effortless cleaning and maintenance.
  • 1-year warranty support.


  • Nylon knobs.
  • Ideal for a normal 3-4 member Indian household.

Lifelong 3 Burner Gas Stove BURNER TEST


  • After-sales service is poor

The Final Advice

Lifelong 3 Burner Gas Stove FLAME TEST

This triple-burner stovetop model is fabulous for all searching for an attractive and highly efficient cooktop at a low price. You’ll be impressed by this stove’s performance once you try it.

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3. Stovekraft 3-burner gas stove 

Stovekraft 3-burner gas stove cooker Pigeon

Pigeon Glass Top Gas Stove by Stoverkraft has anti-skid feet for easy operation. This stove offers maximum safety thanks to its ergonomic knobs with heat-resistant covers. The toughened glass top is beautiful and easy to clean. The pan supports are powder-coated to prevent rust.

The straight fitting design and right-side pipe nozzle offer Maximum convenience to the user. A drip tray is available for cleaning. Pan supports are unique in design to accommodate different pan sizes. The female distribution is even, which is appreciated by many users. The 2-year warranty indicates the durability-related confidence of the manufacturer.

Stovekraft 3-burner gas stove BODY LOOKS

  • These knobs are ergonomic and heat-resistant.
  • Safe cooking with an anti-skid base
  • Even flame distribution


  • High durability.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Even heat distribution.
  • Unique ergonomic knobs. 

Stovekraft 3-burner gas stove BURNER TEST


  • Knobs can become jammed.

The Final Advice

Stovekraft 3-burner gas stove FLAME TEST

The gas stove is attractive and has a high gas consumption and heat distribution. It is therefore highly efficient in terms of its performance. Although the overall construction is excellent, the knobs can be a problem. You can still go for it.

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4. Butterfly Smart Burner Stove 

Butterfly Smart Glass 3 Burner Stove

This Stove from Butterfly is the perfect choice for buyers looking to buy a reliable stove made by a well-respected brand. This stove is perfect for Indian buyers looking for a complete kitchen package. It has a beautiful design and excellent performance.

The stove is a beautiful design with reliable 3-pin brass burners. Butterfly offers the Best Glass Top Gas Stove in India.

Butterfly Smart Burner Stove BODY LOOKS

This stove is a great buy for Indian buyers. We’ve listed the top features. These features will help you decide if this stove is right for you.

  • Waterproof and spill-proof design
  • Superb size for Indian kitchen
  • 3-pin brass burner with high quality
  • Pan support designed to perfection


  • Effortless cleaning and maintenance.
  • All burners were placed exactly according to Indian cooking vessels.

Butterfly Smart Burner Stove BURNER TEST


  • Some users may have difficulty balancing their utensils.

The Final Advice

Butterfly Smart Burner Stove FLAME TEST

This 3-burner stove by Butterfly is a fabulous choice for folk searching for a reliable stove that’s easy to maintain and looks beautiful. You will be amazed at the stove’s flawless performance once you try it.

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5. Prestige Marvel 3-burner gas stove

Prestige Marvel Glass top 3-burner gas stove

The Prestige Magic Gas Stove is spill-proof for a tremendous cooking experience. You can avoid any unwanted hassles with the ergonomic knobs. Cleaning is very easy because the toughened glass top is very durable. Tri-pin brass burners can ensure even flame distribution to maximize efficiency. For maximum safety, it also comes with ISI certification.

Compact design is great space-saving. No matter what size utensils you have, you can use all of them with convenience because of their unique design. Thanks to its top surface, it is resistant to daily wear and tears. It is extremely durable and comes with a 2-year warranty.

Prestige Marvel 3-burner gas stove BODY LOOKS

  • Strong and toughened glass top
  • Burners that are ergonomically placed
  • Design is compact and clear glass


  • Spill-proof design makes it easy to clean
  • Tri-pin burners for better flaming

Prestige Marvel 3-burner gas stove BURNER TEST


  • The customer service could be improved.

The Final Advice

Prestige Marvel 3-burner gas stove FLAME TEST

We all know the reputation of Prestige in the Indian gas stove market, and respecting the same, Prestige has made this stove. The burners are well placed to allow simultaneous cooking. Also, the flame distribution is excellent. The product is in good condition, and you can buy it immediately.

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6. Thermador 4-Brass Burner Gas Stove

Thermador Toughened 4-Brass Burner Gas Stove

It has a tough thermal toughened glass top that allows for easy cleaning. Also, it can also accommodate huge utensils and is exceptionally durable. It is heavy-duty brass and provides maximum efficiency through even flame distribution. The royal black coating can protect it from rust.

You will enjoy greater convenience thanks to the manual ignition. It has four burners that are perfectly spaced to accommodate utensils. The ISI certification ensures maximum safety. Its compact design helps you save space. It is extremely durable and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Prestige Marvel Glass 2-burner Gas Stove BODY LOOKS

  • For durability, the rust-proof design
  • Large utensils, and large pans, should be supported
  • Tri-pin burners are highly energy efficient


  • There is enough space between the burners
  • Construction that is strong and lasts

Prestige Marvel Glass 2-burner Gas Stove burner TEST


  • Knob quality could have been better

The Final Advice

Prestige Marvel Glass 2-burner Gas Stove FLAME TEST

This stove is great for 4-burner gas stove seekers. The stoves are designed so you can use large utensils with them simultaneously. Its weak point is the knobs, but it makes up for its overall performance.

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7. Prestige Marvel Glass 2-burner

Prestige Marvel Glass 2-burner

You don’t need to use matchsticks with this stove because you get an Automatic ignition feature. To turn it on, you just need to rotate the knob. The burners are high-efficiency and ensure uniform flame distribution. A spill tray can be used to prevent any unwanted mess.

It features a multi-directional gas intake nozzle on the backside for user convenience. It can hold heavy-duty utensils. The pan stand also has anti-slip legs that provide stability for cooking. The thick, elegant nylon knobs and toughened glass look very attractive. Its 2-year warranty brings you confidence.

Elica Vetro 4-burner Stove GAS BODY LOOKS

  • Strong glass top
  • Proper pan support for large utensils
  • Anti-skid feet & full-swivel gas outlet


  • Durable and high efficiency
  • Easy cleaning and auto ignition

Elica Vetro 4-burner GAS Stove burner TEST


  • Knobs can become jammed

The Final Advice

Elica Vetro 4-burner GAS Stove FLAME TEST

It is the best choice if you’re looking for a double-burner setup. Although the brand isn’t as well-known as Prestige, it is still a top-notch product in terms of performance and overall construction.

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8. Elica Vetro 4-burner Stove (Glass Cooktop)

Elica Vetro Glass Top 4-burner Glass Cooktop Stove

The Elica Vetro 4-burner gas range stove is a sleek and efficient 4-burner gas stove. It is also very modern in design.

The stove’s efficiency makes it an attractive purchase for Indian customers. This stove is very easy to use. Its set-up in the kitchen needs no professional help.

Prestige Marvel 4-burner gas stove BODY LOOKS

Below are some of the top features of the Elica Vetro 4 burner gas cooktop. Read them to see why it is worth the upgrade.

  • Sleek design
  • Superior build quality and toughened glass
  • 2-year warranty


  • Euro coated grid for the best stability of all four-burner gas tops in the range
  • Amazing value for money

pestige Marvel 4-burner gas stove burner test


  • It is not easy to keep your house clean.

The Final Advice

pestige Marvel 4-burner gas stove FLAME TEST

The Elica Vetro 4-burner gas stove is a stunning-looking stove that offers great performance and great looks. This stove is an excellent choice for Indian customers because of its stable design, durable glass top, and other features not found in other stoves.

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9. Prestige Marvel 4-burner stove

Prestige Marvel 4-burner gas stove

The Prestige 4-burner gas range stove is the perfect choice for larger families. This product is great in this price range because it has a brilliant design and efficient cooking.

The gas stove has some of the most appealing features.

Sunflame GT Pride 2 Burner GAS Stove BODY LOOKS

  • Great pan support
  • Amazing brand value
  • Efficient performance


  • 2-year warranty
  • High quality, hardened glass top

Sunflame GT Pride 2 Burner GAS Stove TEST


  • Knobs could be better

The Final Advice

Sunflame GT Pride 2 Burner GAS Stove FLAME TEST

The Prestige Marvel 4-burner gas range stove is a great choice if you are looking for a stove that will perform well in your home and has unique features that set it apart.

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10. Sunflame GT Pride 2 Burner Stove

Sunflame GT Pride Sunflame GT Pride 2 Burner Gas Stove2 Burner Gas Stove

The Sunflame GT pride 2-burner gas range stove is a great choice for buyers looking for reliable performance, simple-to-use features, and a beautiful look. This stove is an excellent choice for Indian customers looking for a kitchen appliance that offers complete value. It has many useful features, such as powder-coated pan support and a hardened glass top.

Below are some of the most important points about the Sunflame Pride 2 burner gas stove

  • Simple maintenance
  • They are more durable than other 2-burner gas ranges on the market
  • For greater efficiency, use high-quality brass burners


  • 2-year warranty
  • For better usability, hardened glass top


  • Knobs could be better

The Final Advice

Sunflame Pride 2-burner gas range stove is a good choice for those with smaller kitchens and fewer family members. You can try it out and discover the best 2-burner gas stove at this price.

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Important Things to Note About Glass Gas Stove

Glass gas stoves are often viewed as a great option because of their compact and sleek design. However, it comes with its own set of drawbacks and benefits that should be considered before you buy one.

The benefits of using a glass gas stove

  • The burners on most glass stoves are invisible.
  • They add elegance to your kitchen decor.
  • Glass stoves are simple to clean and maintain.
  • They are a great option for a faster and better warm-up.
  • They make cooking easier as the surface surrounding the burners stays cool.

There are some drawbacks to using a glass gas stove

  • It’s a very expensive option.
  • They are more prone to getting scratched and broken easily.
  • The top can be difficult to replace if it is damaged.
  • Flatware is essential for any utensils that you use to cook. Glass gas stoves may not be compatible with bent vessels.
  • You should treat them with care. They can easily be damaged during cleaning.
  • The price of a glass top stove is very high.

Is it safe to use a glass gas stove?

Gas stoves can be used safely, provided you have the necessary skills to maintain them. It is safe because it uses toughened glass. It has five times the strength of normal, ordinary glass, making it more durable. The best heat-resistant tempered glass to date is

You should ensure that the glass top is strong and durable if you’re thinking about buying one. The quality of the glass used will determine its durability and strength. You should first look at the top brands of gas stoves in India before deciding on the brand. But, even a quality product can be damaged by careless handling.

Safety Tips for Glass Top Gas Stoves

Is a glass top gas stove safe? Because it is a personal choice, it can be difficult to determine the best gas stove material. It all depends on your personal preference. All gas stoves, whether glass or stainless steel, require regular maintenance. Glass top stoves should be maintained so the glass doesn’t get broken or damaged. These glass tops are made of toughened glass, so they won’t break easily. However, careless handling could cause damage.

It could break from overloading, change the natural environment during installation, or damage its outer surface.

These tips are helpful when using glass stove burners.

  • Keep the flames on!

To keep it clean, most users cover the glass top and burners. This can lead to the accumulation of heat and pressure, which can cause shattering.

  • What is the best time to replace your glass top?
  • Oversized utensils can trap heat and cause damage to the glass. Before you put it on the stove, make sure to check the dimensions of the pots and pans.
  • Be careful with vessels that have sharp edges. This can cause damage to the glass top.
  • Clean the burners. By preventing the stove from functioning properly, clogged burners can cause irreparable damage.
  • Avoid putting the vessels on top of the glass, especially if they are filled. This could cause cracks in the glass.

It is impossible to fix it yourself. Although glass top gasses may look beautiful, they can easily be damaged. A broken glass top can’t be repaired or fixed, but a professional mechanic can replace it. Sometimes, minor cracks can occur over time.

These can be unpleasant to see, but they don’t require immediate replacement. You can replace the glass top if the damage affects the stove’s functionality.

Glass Top Gas Stoves: Why Choose?

Even if you’ve chosen the best one from the list, you might be wondering if these glass top stoves would be a good investment for Indian homes. Here are some huge reasons to opt for a glass stove over a stainless-steel cooktop for your home. These are the top reasons to consider before deciding whether you want to buy a gas stove.

  • Simple to maintain
  • It is heat resistant and more durable than traditional stovetops.
  • A warranty is included with every glass top.

These are just a few of why glass top stoves are better than traditional ones.

A glass top stove is a better choice than a traditional stainless steel stove if you are looking for a reliable and beautiful cooktop for your modern kitchen.

Questions and Answers about Best Gas Stoves in India

Find the answers to every question you might have about Indian gas stoves.

What exactly is an auto ignition gas stove?

The advanced auto-ignition gas stove doesn't need a lighter or matchstick to ignite. The stove has an integrated auto-ignition that ignites the gas when it is turned on. These types of gas stoves have been slowly rising in popularity in India.

Why are most gas stoves black?

Manufacturers produce maximum gas stoves in black to match the appearance of Indian kitchens.

Which gas stove is easier, manual or auto-ignition?

Both gas stoves are equally efficient. It is up to you which stove you prefer. Auto-ignition gas stoves come with an auto-ignition feature that sparks when the knob is turned. There is one problem. You must remember to charge the battery at regular intervals to continue cooking.

How often should a gas tube be reinstalled?

Gas tubes should be changed every 2 to 3 months. You can ensure that your tube is in good condition by changing it every 2-4 months. To avoid any accidents, you should also be aware of any leakage.

Are glass top stoves strong and safe?

The glass top stoves can be used safely and are resistant to heat. They are strong, durable, can withstand cracks, and are firm because they are made with toughened glass. An ISI mask is necessary to use gas stoves. The Indian standard institute (ISI) mark is the certification that has received the title from the Bureau of Indian Standard BIS. This certification certifies that the product meets all Indian standards. It is one of the most trusted brands in India. The ISI mark is mandatory in India for certain kitchen appliances, such as LPG cylinders and LPG valves. This mark gives you confidence that the brand is safe for the house.

Bottom line

That’s all about the best glass top stoves for your home. If you’re looking for recommendations, you can then find the best product for you from the above list. And if you still haven’t decided whether the glass stoves are right for you, the reasons why they are so popular will help you decide.

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