Hindware Geyser Review – Is it worth the cost?

Hindware Geyser Review – Is it worth the cost?

Hindware is among the leading brands for providing and assembling bathroom fittings as well as cleaning products in India. A single of Hindware’s most impressively examined products that are in the geyser space is Hindware Atlantic 3-Liter Instant Water Heater. Its name is long, and the list of its features is also that long. It’s tiny and conservative, but it is efficient.

The material that is used for the inside of the tank is Stainless steel which is safe from erosion. Its body is made from high-quality and robust plastic. The limit for stockpiling is 3 millilitres. The expected power to operate at 3kW. It has two LED indicators to indicate how warm the water is up and when it’s switched off or has started warming.

Hindware Immedio Instant Water Heater 3 Litres


Who doesn’t love a refreshing shower at that time of the year? A relaxing shower is all you require prior to starting your day. The Hindware AceRO 25L Geyser is the most suitable choice for warm showers. It has a capacity limit of 25 litres. This amount of water is enough to provide two back-to-back showers. It is easy to put on the divider when it is in a vertical position. It appears effortless in the corner of your bathroom partitions. The water heater is dimensions of 560x380mm. It’s a good dimension for a variety of washroom layouts.

The electronic water heater consumes 2000 W of power. Make sure that your energy is charged to be the constant thing in your mind right now. The geyser can stand up to the pressure at 6.5 bar, which makes it suitable for buildings with multiple levels. It comes with a sweet warranty of 2 years, a Heating Element Warranty of 2 years and a Tank Warranty of 5 years. It is a great product. Hindware Water warmer is an outstanding and popular product.


To withstand high stress

The geyser or water heater can stand up to pressure of approximately 6.5 bars, making it a great purchase for those who reside in multi-story homes.

Super safe

It is extremely durable to work with. It is of a high form quality that provides complete protection from water splashes or current.

Compact and high-quality sound

It’s small in terms of size, making it suitable for those with small houses or bathrooms. It is made from high-quality plastic, which ensures its health and longevity.

What do we like about it?


The cost of this device is affordable, and you can buy this geyser or water warmer for less than INR 5000. It also comes with an I-Thermostat, which helps in the reduction of energy consumption and helps cut energy costs.

Lang-lasting and instant warming

It is constructed of strong and robust plastic, making it reliable. Furthermore, it is constructed of an erosion-resistant steel tank that assists in preventing it from getting destroyed. It’s perfect for long-distance use. It’s also equipped with a heating element made of copper, which provides instant warming.


It comes with a 1-year product guarantee, as well as a two-year copper-sheath warming components warranty. So in case you experience any problem with the item or its heating, you are able to immediately reach out to the company and have the issue addressed.

What We Don’t Like

The water shouldn’t appear to be too hot.

Geysers or water warmers aren’t likely to provide sparkling water. But, it does provide the water you need to wash clothes in winter. It should be kept for between 15 and 15 minutes, then turned off in order to let the bubbling water drain out.


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