Philips 7707 Mixer Grinder Review & Testing Results

Philips 7707 Mixer Grinder Review & Testing Results

Philips HL7707/00 is just one of the options for those looking for an efficient mixer grinder that also functions like the capability of a food processor.

Its design is elegant and attractive. But is its performance up to its stunning look? What are its build performance and security features? Does it sound like a snore? We’ll look into it all in this thorough guide.

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Philips HL7707

Overview of Philips 7707 Mixer Grinder

With a decent build quality and a high grinding efficiency, Philips HL7707 is an excellent choice for those who require a mixer grinder equipped with an integrated food processor.

However, you’ll need to leave out the wet grinding container.

Noise levels on the machine are not too loud and are fairly simple to use. But, like many other food processors on the market, this one doesn’t come with a suitable storage solution for attachments and blades.

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How Do We Tested Philips 7707 Mixer Grinder?

To test our mixer, we tested it in a typical Indian kitchen for seven days. We put it through daily challenges like making batter curry powder, making chutney, and cutting, chopping, and grating vegetables.

Then, we ran several tests in which we grind a specific amount of different spices, batter, and other ingredients to analyze how the appliance compares to models from other brands.

We also test the level of noise and RPM, as well as other factors in determining how durable and user-friendly it is.

1. Jars

The mixer grinder is supplied with 4 Jars. They’re

  • 1-liter multi-purpose jar
  • 2.1-litre food processor jar
  • 1.5-litre juicer jar
  • 400 ml chutney jar

Both jars are constructed out of stainless steel. They come with a plastic and a polycarbonate lid that you can use interchangeably.

This 1.5-litre juicer jar is available in the standard design that Preethi and Philips use.

This 2.1-litre food processor container is equipped with an aluminium body. It is permanently attached to the lock on the jar and is not affixed to the lock like Preethi Zodiac, which can be released from the lock on the jar, making it much easier to move around.

In addition to the kitchen jar, you will also receive an attachment for juicing citrus, an atta kneading blade, a cutting blade, and attachments for cutting and slicing.

The build performance of this mixer and its components appears to be decent. The jars are slim and measure only 0.6mm x 0.6mm. They are therefore heated quite quickly. However, this doesn’t affect the durability or performance of the product.

These jars’ blades are 1.4mm thick, which is about what you expect. The blade can be removed from the multi-purpose container using the spatula provided by a mixer grinder.

One drawback is that you can’t have an unwetted grinding container. If you have to grind dosa or idli batter for up to 4-6 people, you’ll need to grind it in batches using the multi-purpose container.

2. Motor Housing

The housing for the motor part of Philips HL7707 is small and stylish. It appears similar to what you can see inside Philips Viva Collection HL7701, except for the colour.

The housing does not have an indicator for power-on. Additionally, it comes with two-pin plugs, which is different from Sujata, Preethi, and Bosch, which have 3 pin plugs.

We have already discussed in other critiques that Preethi and Phillips have one minor design issue. In the following image, they all have a spillway on the top of the jar, which is where you fix the container.

This assists in cleaning the region of the coupler. In the event of spills that happen, you should be able clear the area properly. But the width of the spillway is small. Cleaning the gap using your fingers or an older toothbrush is difficult.

3. Performance

The mixer grinder performs an excellent job of grinding various dry and wet ingredients.

It is possible to make powders from spices like garam masala or turmeric fairly easily. The leftovers from Sieving less are small enough to mix into the masala you sieved and use the whole mixture.

The wet grinding performance of the mixer is admirable. You can make different masala pastes with ease. Making the batter for urad to make Medu Vada or dosa batter is easy and fast.

But, as we’ve mentioned previously, it is necessary to grind in three batches to make a moderate-sized recipe for your family of four.

We also attempted to make a ginger-garlic paste with the Chutney Jar. When you require fresh garlic and ginger paste to prepare an appetizer, you prepare it using about 10 cloves of garlic and 1-2 inches of ginger.

We tried it again to test whether it would create an even paste. We also added one Tablespoon of oil to the mixture. Although it was able to grind into a fine paste, it wasn’t uniform. There were tiny pieces of garlic and ginger that weren’t properly ground.

The design of the juicer is quite typical. It can produce juice from apples and watermelons pretty easily and quickly.

However, you should not extract coconut milk since a significant portion of the milk is left inside the pulp. This is why you must run through a sieve to remove the milk completely. In the end, it will require more effort and will also have more kitchen utensils to clean.

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4. Food Processor Performance

The food processor’s jar is quite good in terms of performance. The build high-quality of its attachments is excellent. The attachments and the processor’s design are like those of the Preethi Zodiac.

Using the citrus juice extractor, you can prepare an entire glass of juice within 1.5-2 minutes. It’s fast and simple to use.

The blade used for kneading is constructed out of plastic. Although it appears robust, we are not sure if it’s durable enough in the long term, especially if you plan to use it frequently to mix a lot of dough.

The pusher has marks for water and the atta required for kneading the dough. If you use the water as indicated, the dough could be a little loose and may have additional moisture.

It is recommended to drizzle water slowly to make the dough to your desired consistency.

The primary benefit of using the processor mixing feature isn’t for making plain dough. Instead, it is for making options such as Methi Paratha or Paneer Paratha.

You can chop methi and paneer with the grating or cutting attachments, and then, in that same bowl, you can add salt, oil, atta as well, and other spices if needed to create a dough of great consistency.

One of the drawbacks we encountered was that when mixing dough, the machine vibrates, and the lid could become loose.

When we talk about alternative options, such as slicing and grating, you’ll need to ensure that you attach the blades to the plate. This blades are fixed to the top of the bowl for food processors.

It is good at grating vegetables such as carrots and beetroot to make side dishes. It can also slice vegetables for salads and onions for biryani and curries easily.

The slices are uniform and thin. Grated vegetables won’t end up an emollient mess either. Using the chopping blade, you can finely chop vegetables in Raita, Salsa, or other recipes.

 However, the water content in onions and other vegetables can be exposed when you pulse for too long. It can turn into pulp, or the flavour could disappear after a few minutes.

It is an immense time-saver for any kitchen. If you wish to chop vegetables, it is possible to choose Preethi Zodiac Cosmo, which comes with a dicing knife. However, it’s more than double.

5. Cleaning is easy

Jars for mixer grinders are simple to wash. The lid is black and does not reveal stains, thus keeping its appearance fresh for longer compared to white lids.

After a year or two, it begins to fade. The polycarbonate lid is susceptible to discolouration.

It is important to pay extra attention when cleaning the blades and other attachments for food processors. Otherwise, you could cut yourself. The bowl, due to its size, is simple to wash.

However, they aren’t dishwasher-friendly, as you can see. Of course, you can place them in the dishwasher. In no time, the food processor’s bowl made of polycarbonate will be covered with scratches.

The sharp blades may scratch the dishwasher’s interior and result in an old-fashioned rusty spot on your dishwasher. The jar locks can accumulate water and could cause damage to the coupler over time. However, in terms of easy cleaning, we recommend Rico Food Processor.

6. Warranty and After Sales Service

It comes with a 2-year total warranty and a five-year guarantee on its motor. In contrast to Preethi and Vidiem, who provide most of their after-sales support within South India, Philips has after-sales facilities all over the country, making the service easier to access.

In certain places, they also offer home service. You may also take advantage of the extended warranty provided by OneAssist for a small price if you’re looking for quick repairs and service right on your doorstep.

7. Safety

The mixer grinder contains the basic safety features such as a shockproof body, vacuum suction feet, and an overload safety switch.

We did not find a good storage solution for the Food processor’s blades. They’re all sharp, and you must take care when handling them.

The model’s body contains plastic to protect the sharp blade from chopping. The attachments for grating and slicing are simply bubble-wrapped.

With their price, they could have offered an alternative to a sustainable storage solution that would have accommodated the blades.

8. Noise

This mixer is moderately loud and produces around 80 dB. Its noise level is nearly on the level of Preethi mixer grinders. However, it is much less uncomfortable than Bosch or Hamilton Beach.

9. Durability

Jars for mixer grinders are quite robust. But, the gaskets made from plastic tend to break after a certain period. Therefore, it is possible to replace the gasket.

The attachments for food processors and blades are quite sturdy. But, the blade for kneading may break if you attempt to form a firm dough using only a little water. However, 

Comparative Analysis With Other Models at the same price

You can consider Preethi Zodiac as its best rival, similar to Philips HL7707. They have nearly identical attachments for food processors. The chutney jar, as well as multi-purpose jars, share common dimensions and design.

The major difference is that Philips the HL7707 doesn’t come with the wet grinding jar or the 3-in-1 extractor container.

The Preethi Zodiac extractor jar is ideal for those who regularly produce juice. But, most homemakers prefer to put it away after the initial excitement of getting a new appliance.

If you’re okay with the lack of a wet grinder, then you can choose the Philips HL7707/00, which is cheaper too.

Suppose you don’t require a juicer jar. Then, Preethi Zion would be an ideal choice. It includes the 1.5-litre wet grinder.

PHILIPS Hl7763/00 is another option to consider if you want to purchase a food processor’s capability. However, the build quality of the jars isn’t the same as 7707/00.


All in all, Philips HL7707 is a great option for those looking for a mixer grinder that has an attachment for food processors and who are willing to sacrifice the wet grinding container. It’s built to decent quality and performance. This makes it a reliable choice.

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