Braun Immersion Food Processor Review

Braun Immersion Food Processor Review

An immersion blender can be a versatile kitchen gadget that is sometimes referred to as a hand blender. This kitchen gadget handheld features a motor only on one side and a blade on the other side responsible for mixing smoothies, making curd and preparing purees. You can easily mix ingredients in the pot quickly without transferring them to the mixer.

Another advantage of a handheld blender is that it allows you to utilize it with any pot for small tasks such as whipping up cream and making the dressing.

Braun four-in-one immersion blender that doubles as a spiralizer is a practical kitchen appliance. It can whip eggs, mix smoothies, and prepare butternut squash soup easily because of its cost-effective design and ergonomic grip that won’t create stress on your hands when operating.

With this wonderful product, you can speed up all your little tasks like making dips mayonnaise, making pesto, scrambling eggs, whipping cream to create recipes for two or three people even when you’re working in a hurry. In addition, the absence of jar transfer means fewer cleaning chores.

Braun MQ5064 Spiralizer Multiquick, White

Consider the following before using Braun Immersion Hand Blender

The most important thing about using an immersion blender would be to stay clear of hard food items such as nuts and seeds, or extremely fibrous foods such as carrots and Kale, as they will not be transformed into an even texture using this blender.

If you’re looking to make soups, mix items, or even chop veggies to serve as snacks for dinner, it is possible to complete the job in just a few minutes using this hand-mixer.

Furthermore, the absence of any noise from the blender’s motor makes work simple. Since the motor of the blender is enclosed inside the handle and the sound of the motor’s running is absorbed by the case, this device is easy to use and quiet.

A Quick Overview of Braun Immersion Hand Blender & Food Processor

Braun’s MultiQuick Spiralizer hand blender with an immersion feature powered by a 400W motor is an ideal kitchen appliance that makes it easier to complete everyday tasks. This motor’s power will get the job accomplished 35% quicker. It’s now easier to make beautiful meals that add the colour and nutrition you need since you can easily create spirals of veggies.

Supported with VarioSpeed technology, this tiny device has 21 different speeds that are at your fingertips. There’s no reason to buy artificially hydrated infant food, as you can cook healthy and delicious options at home, mixing and chopping veggies quickly into the same size and with a smooth texture.

Food that is finely cut cooks fast so you can reduce time and cook your fuel simultaneously. As a handheld machine, the Braun 4-in-1 blender takes minimal storage space. Since cleaning is simple, you can make use of it frequently, even for smaller tasks. It’s driven through PowerBall Plus and Splash Control Technology, allowing total control over the machine.

Hurry!!! It’s time to be creative with your food and prioritize health and efficiency within the kitchen.


  • Strong motor: The 400W motor can be powerful enough to handle a wide range of daily chores at the table.
  • Handle with easy grip: A handle with a soft grip ensures that your hands do not strain while operating the machine.
  • A striking colour: It is available in the colour combination of blue and white. This hand blender will look great in the kitchen and is mounted on the kitchen wall.
  • Blades and knives made of stainless steel: The blending shaft, as well as the knife, are made of stainless steel, which gives it additional strength to tackle jobs.
  • Dishwasher safe components: The accessories or attachment included with the product is dishwasher safe.

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Attachments Available That Distinguishes This Blender

Braun Spiralizer Multiquick, White

The hand blender has various attachments to ensure that your kitchen chores can be completed within a matter of minutes. The attachment comes with

  • Beaker with the capacity of 600 ML
  • A chopper for vegetables or to mince a tiny amount of meat.
  • Chopper jar

A chopper/blender container can be equipped with an ice-breaking knife and a blending knife. Its capacity for chopping is five cups or 1.25L.

Spiralizer with 3 blades of different sizes.

With the spiralizer attachment, you can make perfectly even spirals fast because the work is performed consistently and with the same cutting speed.

Standard lid that clicks easily

The spiralizer transforms into a powerful chopper and ice-crushing blender by simply clicking the lid cap.

Braun Immersion Food Processor Features

Braun MQ5064 Spiralizer Multiquick

Different levels of speed control

Braun immersion blender comes with 21 speeds (maximum at the moment) that is easily adjusted using your thumb while using the machine. The speed wheel is operated by one hand and without interruption whenever you alter the speed. The control for speed ensures perfect mixing each time.

You can easily spiralize quickly in no time

The machine has been demonstrated to make the process of spiralizing tasks up to 35% more efficient. Even when you have hard food like zucchini, you could utilize it to make healthy vegetable noodles to add colour and health to your everyday eating habits. To make your work more special, spiralizer accessories come with three dimensions of blade inserts to ensure that you can pick the right blade. It is possible to spiralize both hard and soft food items without effort and add a little enjoyment to your food.

PowerBelt Plus Technology

This ensures that the blades get to the edge of the jar and blends all food items in just a few seconds.

Easy-Click System

With the aid of this Easy-Click technology, you can quickly and easily change accessories.

There’s no need to splash in the kitchen!

The handheld blender comes with the technology for controlling the splashing of liquids when the blender is turning.

An ergonomically designed blender’s handle that allows for simple handling

The handle is created ergonomically to ensure that even when you’re in the position of holding the machine for an extended period. The grip is more comfortable. Additionally, your thumb can easily control the speed on the wheel of the blender.

Health is the most important thing.

BPA breaker attachment that is plastic-free with this immersion blender guarantees safety for your health. The jar contains 600ml in size and has measurements and markings.

Crushing ice can be a fun child’s fun.

The 5 cup5 cup / 1.25l blender in jars is perfect for preparing milkshakes, juices, or drinks in a matter of minutes. If you make use of the Chopper attachment, you can chop huge quantities of vegetables quickly. Alternatively, using the knife for crushing ice, you can make delicious cold drinks or popsicles at your own home any time.

Recap of the features

  • PowerBall Plus Technology for extended cutting area coverage.
  • BPA beaker made of plastic that is free of markings for measurement.
  • One hand speed wheel equipped with 21-speed settings.
  • Three sizes of spiralizer attachments to soft and hard ingredients.
  • Brush for cleaning is the perfect accessory to help with the task of cleaning.
  • Splash Control Technology to keep your kitchen sparkling.
  • Dishwasher safe components make cleaning effortless.
  • Chopping knife and Ice cutting knife accessories.
  • An ergonomically designed handle with a soft grip for comfort and comfort.


  • 3-sized blades that can spiralize various ingredients easily. Create spirals of different sizes, such as narrow, medium, and wide, using different knife attachments.
  • Small dishwasher-safe pieces help save space on racks and time for cleaning.
  • Excellent motor to work quickly and effectively.
  • It is easy to hold and handle.
  • The simple-click system to change the accessories.
  • BPA non-toxic plastic containers will cause no harm to food even if it remains in the container for a longer amount of time.


  • It’s not suitable for hard ingredients, like coffee, nuts and other spices.

The Conclusion

Braun four-in-one immersion blender is an ideal device for modern kitchens. It allows you to create delicious meals in just minutes in the kitchen. No matter if you’re a die-hard mom or have kids who are always looking for new and exciting dishes, the hand blender can assist you in turning your food items into unique spirals in a short time. You can also add colour and nutritional value.

With the constant processing speed and cutting rate of the machine making even spirals isn’t at all time demanding. Even if you’re an avid party-goer, you can purchase this item to make small quantities of smoothies in minutes.

It is possible to put the blender directly in the pot to make purees. Blenders add more air into the ingredients than a traditional blender can do. This means that you can garnish your soups with foamy froth without any hassle.

Mix the veggies into semi-thick liquids and get applause from your family and friends to make delicious dishes that resemble those served in restaurants at home. The mixture of various blades and different mixing speeds will ensure that you get the right mixture to create a delicious recipe each time. Thanks to its strong motor, crushing ice will never be an issue ever again.


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