Best Philips Food Processors in India 2022 Reviews

Best Philips Food Processors in India 2022 Reviews

We all know about Philips dominating the area of appliances. There are a variety of appliances on the market that bear the label of Philips on their products. The public has firmly believed in Philips for more time than we think. It is due to the top products offered through the business.

The appliances that are making waves in the market lately include Philips food processors. What is the reason for this? It could be the result of our love for and dependence on food. It is therefore essential to select the most suitable Philips food processor on the market. Each Product comes with its unique features and negatives. What you need today is a thorough review of both the pros and pros.

The advantages of different products summarized to your satisfaction is a relief. How do you achieve this? This is done by simply going through this article on the top Philips food processors.

You’ll be absolutely certain!

Let’s start without delay!

Is a food processor a processor?

This is an extremely basic but crucial question. A lot of people are simply curious about food processor models. Your curiosity is answered in the next paragraphs.

A food processor is appliances or equipment that can help you prepare a variety of food. It is possible to be accomplishing this with an electric appliance, such as the food processor:

  • Shredding your veggies or fruit for salad
  • Mixing your dough
  • Shopping your vegetables

The most crucial components that comprise the food processor are

  • The plastic body (clear)
  • A lid
  • A base
  • Removable blades

In contrast, blenders and food processors perform well and don’t show indications of overloading. Food processing is very efficient when they are processed dry.

The most effective Philips food processor.

So, when it comes to the end of time, let’s get the most value from it by thoroughly examining these incredible items with the aim of picking the best of these highly-rated products we’ve selected to offer you.

The food processors come from a trusted and reliable supplier of home cooking and electronic appliances, ensuring the highest quality in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. They’re not overrated in terms of performance.

What exactly are we left with? What are we looking for in a food processor? And the fundamental features of comparing it to similar products?

In all of the above questions, we do not need to be concerned with any one of them in any one aspect. We just need to determine what is unique about each one we’ll be looking at? What is it that makes it unique? What is it that makes it a good fit for our requirements?

Be aware that this list doesn’t show any ranking. Each Product is unique by itself. It is up to you which is the most suitable for your needs.

Food processors which made our top 10 best Philips food processors, which remained at an absolute standstill on our top 10 list, are listed below.

1. PHILIPS HL1661 700W Food Processor

Philips Food Processor HL1661 700Watts

This is the best piece of technology that we’ve received, and the praise is not due to its lengthy and daunting name.

In spite of the technology, the majority of these products have something they have in common: their long and wide names, with a few exceptions. However, aside from the jokes, this is what you can look at when you purchase –

Qualities of the Product

Every Product comes with at least some technology features at the beginning, which helps to build its foundations. Here are a few of them.

  • A variety of essential accessories are included in the kit, which completes this family of products and creates an all-inclusive appliance.
  • It is guaranteed that the powerful motors and premium blades will slice and dice quickly while displaying and marking its performance on stone.
  • It is made of high-quality plastic, which provides it with a sturdy body but is also as lightweight as a feather which allows it to be handled and move.
  • Jars that extend the life of the body’s main structure are constructed of fully metal which is stainless steel, making them even more robust.

How is it Unique to it?

The truth is that we test quantities and the high quality of the Product as well as an indication that the sun sets in the east; however, uniqueness is a draw that cannot be overlooked. Here are some interesting facts on the subject.

  • Power Chop Technology included, that makes mixing, everyday slice and dice, more efficient and speedier than it is already.
  • The Product boasts the ability to blend leak-proof. It is possible that people may wonder about how this specification is unique. Well, it can handle a powerful 700W motor, and still, it’s leak-proof, which is actually shocking.
  • To keep a heavy machine such as this under control, the machine has been outfitted with two-speed control and an electronic pulse monitor to determine its speed to give you the best control.
  • It’s got its compact and elegant design, and a lot of people are rooting for it, providing a touch class while also making it easier to handle.


  • There is a two-year guarantee worldwide included.
  • Simple and simple to use.
  • All the equipment provided is dishwasher safe.
  • It allows you to have complete control by using multiple switches for adjustments besides the ability to pulse.


  • Not that silent.


Overall, a fantastic food processor that can help you. It could be a great kitchen companion with a little attention and caution.

2. PHILIPS HL7707/00 Mixer 750W Grinder

PHILIPS HL770700 Mixer 750W Grinder

If you are looking for efficiency and an excellent blend of efficiency added on top, this is precisely what you require since the Philips 707 promises to deliver the same and is more than what was expected.

Today, calling for top equipment is certainly expensive; however, the cost is an issue in a world where quality is something you must not compromise.

Does this raise another issue of what you would like the best quality? Make sure you find it below.

Qualities of the Product

Know more than you think you know about it. Here is some exciting information about what you can expect following the purchase. The highs and lows are listed for you to better understand.

  • This smell should be eliminated after a few uses. So don’t worry about it. There is a distinct sound that is generated by the powerful motor.
  • There may be a mild burnt smell at the beginning of its use, and then five or six more of them, depending on the duration you will utilize it for. This is because of the coating of varnish around the machine.
  • The premium reinforced plastic offers comfort and stability, which is sure to be a winner in the realm of durability and makes it a trusted partner in crime.
  • The ease of use and the assembly comes in useful when working with this type of equipment. Furthermore, the horsepower it provides (750w) in this is not rivalled by any other competitor.
  • It comes with a variety of accessories like mixer grinder chef pro bowl Chutney jar, multi-purpose Jar, and so on.

How is it Unique to it?

Hey, Are you looking to be a part of this? These are the main characteristics that make it easy and easy to grab right off the bet and onto the table.

  • Spill-proof and leak-proof graded containers and accessories contribute to an ideal and safe grinding experience. Additionally, there is the factor of durability that comes in the fact that they are stainless steel in pure form.
  • It’s equipped with gear drive technology which allows you to regulate its RPM (Rounds Per Minute) for food preparation at a low speed. This will allow you to achieve the most effective, if not perfect, outcomes from every step.
  • It speeds up the processing of the hardest materials with its razor-sharp blades and top quality motor packed with power and transferring it perfectly throughout its entire operation, making its performance outstanding.
  • The sleek and compact design are two things that should not be your primary considerations to overlook.


  • Powerful, efficient and powerful.
  • Excellent in the department of accessories and fashions.
  • Gives you a 5-year motor warranty and 2 years of product warranty.
  • Simple to operate and blend into the space in the first place, which is in the flash of the eye.


  • Don’t expect the best looks.


Overall, it’s a good but not great Product that is definitely a product created for buyers of mid-price. It is a great grinder for the price, and the number of features includes speed and control. Its safety features are certain things not to be missed.

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3. Philips 600W HL7579/00 Juicer Mixer Grinder

Philips 600W HL757900 Juicer Mixer Grinder

Here’s another of those low-ranking but rewarding products that compromise quality in order to include a plethora of features. If this is how you operate your boat, then you’ll be happy with this one. It’s specially designed for you.

Qualities of the Product

There are some interesting facts to be aware of about this processor before you make the decision to purchase it, since this could make it easier to accept or reject it, both with full enthusiasm.

  • It has a sturdy plastic body and is not very shaky to shocks, and it jerks. This makes it quite durable and, in some ways, the best that all the containers and accessories are of the same or superior quality.
  • Spout with a drip-free design to ensure that there isn’t spillage from it when you’ve made or extracted your juice. So take pleasure in your juice with no worry.
  • Variety of accessories to aid in the preparation of your food and preparing it. Here are a few of them: a multi-purpose container (750Ml), A Nutri juicer, a blend, a carry jar, etc.
  • It provides the ability to control speed to some degree, and there’s nothing to complain about or whine about for such an affordable cost that lets you discover the various elements related to food preparation at a reasonable price.

Which is Unique to it?

It is a matter of pushing when it comes to the Product’s distinctive description and definition in various ways, only to decide what makes it stand out from other products. Then the problem is, what is something special about it?

  • A motor with a locked capacity of 600W can be upgraded to 1600W at voltages between 220 and 240 volts increasing 20000 rounds per minute. This ensures it is overrated and much better.
  • The 3+1 pulse speed setting permit you to alter it to fit your needs, which is not more than the machine can manage but a little bit close to it. It also compensates for the sagging quality of its quality and performance.
  • While it is a low-cost product, it has several impressive characteristics, and that’s the place it shines. If it is properly cared for, it’s quite sturdy but not quite as awful as the majority of reviewers suggest.
  • The Product promises to deliver a high-quality performance when it states it is capable of continuous juicing of 1000kg of fruit that is certified non-stop and bonafide by labs if you want evidence.


  • It’s not as loud as the competition.
  • Installation is simple and requires little power consumption.
  • Being compact and comfortable, it is perfect for the space.


  • Not exactly the top of the line within the department of accessories.
  • This is not among the longest-lasting when compared to other brands.
  • Leaks can be found all over places.
  • Compromise of quality and quantity 


The Product is well-suited to making juices and not for processing hard materials since it does not have that particularity.

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4. Philips 600W HL7578/00 Turbo Juicer Mixer Grinder

Philips 600W HL757800 Turbo Juicer Mixer Grinder

The machine we have listed is quite identical to the one that preceded it, with an impressive decrease in cost and almost identical specifications.

At this moment, it should be obvious and perhaps even have in writing that if the cost here drops and the quality decreases, it will be a problem. Let’s look at what it is that makes it different.

Qualities of the Product

When you purchase yourself a brand new machine, you’re bound to have many expectations of it. They could make your day or ruin your experience. Here are some suggestions about the subject.

  • There’s always the question of whether it is durable and susceptible to destruction. In essence, it’s high-quality plastic that is used.
  • In all cases, it is very portable because of its lightweight material.
  • A beautiful classic style with minimal effort to make it appear more elegant than subtle and more or less is classy and elegant.
  • It claims a surprisingly strong turbocharged motor. The device has a powerful 600W motor that will give you 20000 turns per minute, the maximum.
  • The Jar can easily handle any mildly tough material, but it will struggle with more difficult ones and, in some cases, could result in an entire product failure. It could even result in harming the blades or the Jar in certain instances. Therefore, be careful.

Which is Unique about it?

The uniqueness of a product is certainly one of the factors to consider when purchasing a new item for yourself since it is the most important factor to the purchase.

Here are a few distinctive characteristics that can aid you in making a choice-

  • The machine comes with containers and bodies made from plastic; however, that’s where the shine is because you can see the extent to which food items are processed. It also provides greater insulation.
  • This setting of 3+1 speed allows you to stay away from the boundaries, but at the same moment, it’s not recommended to exceed the limits with any item that isn’t safe for the device.
  • Multiple locking and other types of attachments are removed because there’s no need for them in this masterpiece. It appears to lock automatically whenever it is pushed a bit. This is further enhancing convenience and accessibility.
  • Contrary to the other model, It comes with a complete set of jars that will help you to work the way you’d like with the best equipment at your disposal.


  • The Product comes with a 2-year global warranty.
  • Lightweight and easy for moving from place to location.
  • It is easy to manage and comes at a reasonable cost.
  • Ideal for making juices and smoothies.


  • You can’t fight harder materials like turmeric.
  • Very fragile in the face of massive jerks and bumps.


The processor at this price is an amazing bargain of features that compromise quality in a few places. In addition, there is a significant majority of buyers backing it as a budget choice regardless of its drawbacks.

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5. Philips Mixer Grinder HL7756/00, 775W

Philips Mixer Grinder HL775600, 775W

Another wallet-friendly processor for saving money is available here. It’s packed with many options, including promoting and standing in both quality and quality for the money. This machine is with all its beauty and splendour that works! Let’s see what promises are about:

Qualities of the Product

We have made it a habit of knowing what a processor must provide. Therefore, weighing the previous processing options against expectations as well as cost will not be a problem.

  • It’s not among the top models, but it still has elegant looks with an impressive performance that can give even more expensive models a run for their price.
  • The Product does not do well in terms of looks and has the appearance be expected at this price, but it’s also awe-inspiring in its performance and power, powered by a top-of-the-line motor.
  • The Product here is a plug and play, with no effort needed. However, it could emit an unpleasant smell from the varnish covering the motor. However, it is not a problem as it will go away once you run it 4-5 times.
  • No installation is needed. It’s already assembled or, in other words, there is nothing to put together. It’s a simple machine with speed control and an abundance of vocal power (noise LOL).

What is Unique about it?

Uniqueness is a great high-quality feature that is sought-after and can make the product sparkle like a diamond in a heap of rocks. What is it that makes it adapt to your specific needs?

  • Since it is a budget device, this device delivers exceptional performance because it is fitted with a powerful motor of 750W that is powered by 230 volts and does not exceed that limit.
  • The purchase should not be based on every purchase based on price. They say that the more expensive, the better. However, it’s not the case regarding this piece of equipment because it has a lot of power which means you have to compromise on aesthetics. If you prefer looks, don’t buy them.


  • Specially-designed blades for smooth grinding and leak-proofing Jars too.
  • A superpowered motor guarantees the highest level of performance.
  • Food grade high-quality stainless steel Jars.
  • Advanced ventilation system to let the air vent out.


  • It is not possible to micromanage.
  • Do not have the ability to complete a variety of different tasks.
  • Not as impressive in terms of looks.


Overall, this is not the most budget-friendly option with all the features, be it quality or features, or the flexibility is definitely the most important feature of budget options.

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Parting Words

There are a variety of Philips Food processors available in the market. A few of the Food processors which are outstanding and can benefit your kitchen are highlighted earlier. We hope you can find the perfect balance of quantity and quality in appliances. Five Philips food processors mentioned above have been well-developed from the huge ocean of products available on the marketplace.


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