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Rico Food Processor Detailed Review with Features & Using Method

We all know the amount of time and effort a food processor will save our kitchens. When we look at food processors used by other people’s kitchens, we’d like to have one for us. However, do we have enough knowledge about it to get the correct one?

We’ve conducted an extensive study to assist you in making this choice. After all our studies, we have recommended one of the top food processors you can purchase this holiday season to your home or give to someone.

If you’re planning to establish an e-restaurant or small food delivery business using your home kitchen, Rico food processor will aid in making your work and investment worthwhile.

A kitchen appliance that cuts cooking time by the bare minimum. This food processor is your helper at the table. If you’re a single person who lives far from home or is a professional woman and doesn’t have the time to spend a lot time cutting, slicing, or other tasks, this food processor will become the core in your kitchen.

We’ve covered all specifics to make the analysis and decision-making easier for you.

Let’s get started.

Rico All in One Food Processor

Rico Food Processor 700 Watt’s Quick Overview

This all-in-one food processor is equipped with Japanese “Quick Grind” technology, a 750-watt copper motor that is 100% pure, 20 attachments that can accomplish 28 tasks like cutting, mixing, chopping shredding, kneading, coconut grating, juicing mixing, blending, drying and grinding wet, and numerous other functions.

The total weight of all units weighs in at 8260 grams, and it’s super strong and sturdy. It is equipped with a unique interlock system that makes its complete processing secure and safe for the customer. The ‘Made In India’ product will give you a sense of pride while using it.

Which Specifications Does Rico Food Processor Contain?


This Rico food processor arrives with life satisfaction and a two-year repair or replacement warranty. If you live far from a small town or village, do not fret. The company will cover you in addition. They will cover the courier charges and other fees. Satisfaction of customers is their primary aim.

All-in-One Operation

There is no need for additional cooking appliances in your kitchen once you have this processor. It will perform everything from basic tasks like slicing onions or even a clove of garlic to more complicated tasks such as grating coconut or grinding spicy and hard spices.

Voltage and Capacity

The power for this processor’s food processing is 230V AC 50 Hz at the speed of 3000-5000 turns per minute (RPM).

Features of Rico Food Processor

Motor with extreme power

It is a sturdy model with a powerful motor with 700W, which provides all-around performance. This Rico Food processor is able to take care of all types of daily and occasionally large-scale requirements.


This food processor is standard and is equipped with a range of blades to aid you to make purees, grinding spices and even chopping vegetables. The blades are all made out of stainless steel, making them resistant to rust and lasting for a long time in an Indian family.

It is equipped with a variety of blades, including a fingers chip, a thick shredder, a thin slicing blade and a Chopper blade. Blade holders are also included with it. Other attachments, like the whipper or Atta knife, are made of high-quality food-grade plastic.


You must be cautious when picking the right food processor. Make certain that it comes with a variety of speeds. We’ve included this for you too. This food processor comes with a rotary control that has three speeds and an integral pulse feature. You can choose to process your food at various speeds.

Sleek Design and Storage Space

The sleek and beautiful design makes use of less space on the shelf. It is also easy to keep and manage.

Versatile Application

It’s an essential appliance in your kitchen because it’s an all-in-one model that can be used for all kinds of processes that include the extraction of juice from citrus fruits and hard nuts. It features a unique coconut scraper to meet typical Indian needs, as well as an ice-cream blender equipped with a fruit filter attachment.

Strong Handles

The Rico Food processor comes with an attractive design, sturdy construction, and comfortable-grip handles. It is easy to grind and save a considerable amount of time from spills that you don’t intend to do.

Unbreakable Polycarbonate Jars, Bowls and Anti-Slip Body

Jars and bowls comprise top quality, unbreakable polycarbonate plastic. They are of European standards, and designs come with anti-slip feet. It guarantees the absolute grip when operating the device.

Juicer from citrus fruits

It is possible to get the juice of citrus fruits like sweet limes, oranges, lemon, Malta, keenu, etc.

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What Are The Advantages of Rico Food Processor?


This food processor guarantees your safety. It has an interlock mechanism. The machine will not begin when it isn’t locked properly. It won’t spill contents out of the container. The whole structure of the device is constructed of shockproof materials that guarantee the highest level of safety for the user.


Rico food processor comes with a Rico food processor that is covered by a two-year warranty. Additionally, the company offers the option of free repair or replacement of the item in the event there is a defect. This warranty is more than many food processor brands offer on the market.


All blades are made from stainless steel. The motor contains 100% copper. Other components are there, which have food-grade plastic. The primary device is constructed of shockproof plastic. Rico ensures the highest quality of safety in its product so that users can enjoy it without worry.


As we said, the food processor contains all the essential features you need in kitchens. From cutting, chopping, mixing, grinding, and grating, it all is available. It’s a great combination that meets every need in one unit. The various attachments are useful for all functions as well as provide healthy and delicious meals all day without having to put in a lot of effort. This is truly luxurious!


The entire product contains polycarbonate, which makes them indestructible—the food processor will last a long time within your home when you take care to maintain it properly.

What Are The Disadvantages of Rico Food Processor?

Video module

The video CD that comes with the product have sufficient information and features for explaining. You can recognize content on the disc.

FAQs – Let’s Get Answers

Do you think the food processor is suitable for processing hot ingredients too?

It is best to allow the contents to cool to the temperature of the room before proceeding with the process. The steam that is trapped in the processing jar could cause the contents to spill onto the turning.

What's the use of a special kneading tool for the dough?

This blade for kneading is designed specifically for kneading dough. It is the perfect tool for small kitchen tasks such as kneading dough for three or four people in a family. The mechanical power of the processor provides extra smoothness and stretch to the dough. The knife blade is able to do the kneading task, but it's not as efficient as the blade for kneading.

Are the blades, as well as the chopper attachments to the food processor machine washable?

Yes, the food processor model includes washable parts such as blades, jars, and an indestructible bowl. Be cautious, however, about not cleaning the motor housing in the processor. It's never dishwasher-safe.

What is the purpose of the different speeds in this food processing machine?

More speed is required when working with attachments such as liquidizer, slicer, or shred discs to get better outcomes. When using citrus press and dough tools attachments, slower speeds are recommended to get the most effective results.

Do you have a guarantee for each blade on its own?

The product comes with a 2-year repair or replacement guarantee. Even if you're the buyer of a small village, the business is responsible for the cost of courier fees to repair or replace the product within the warranty.

The Conclusion

With the Rico food processor, a novice can make food like an expert chef. The versatility of the product is a must-have for any household. The product is made in India, and they’ve developed it to be a perfect fit for the needs of an Indian household’s needs. We’d love to recommend Rico food processor as it merits!

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