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Best Pigeon 4 Burner Gas Stoves in India Review

Pigeon India is a privately owned company that provides kitchen appliances and supplies. The company was founded in 2009 as an affiliated Foreign Company.

A few of the products offered by Pigeon include non-stick cookware, different burners, mixer grinders, emergency lamps, chimneys, and kitchen tools like knives and choppers, along with other equipment.

Pigeon provides a variety of top-quality induction cooktops, including 2-burner, 3-burner, and 4-burner. Before purchasing one, ensure that you take note of the crucial aspects to ensure you purchase the right choice.

Best Pigeon Gas Stoves

1. Pigeon Stovekraft Fan Favorite Cooktop (4 Burner)

 Pigeon Stovekraft 4 Burner Fan Favorite Blackline Glass Cooktop

This is another gorgeous four-burner gas stove made by the home of Pigeon. It’s larger than the other stoves that have four burners. The longer length means you’ll be able to put in and cook using four different kitchen utensils simultaneously.

This ISI-approved gas stove’s burners are warranted for 2 years, and the same warranty goes on to the gas valve and glass. Considering the results of our testing, we can exclaim that this stove is more durable than the warranted period. The high-quality brass alloy construction of the four burners seems to be very promising. 

You’ll love the angles and cuts of the stainless steel body, and we’ll give full marks to the appearance. The toughened black glass is exceptionally strong. It also resists scratch marks and stains and can withstand heat extremes, making it suitable for high-pressure cookers.

The burners are fitted with spill trays made of stainless steel that are screwless, which are extremely simple to clean and help keep your kitchen tidy. The burners also come with support for hardpans, which are cleverly created to hold the pans and utensils in their proper place during cooking. Only Elica gas stoves were able to compete in terms of performance with this model.


  • The gas stove is equipped with larger surface areas. This allows cooking with all four burners.
  • It also comes with an inlet gas that can rotate 360 degrees to make it easier to access and use.
  • The gas stove comes with the look of a stainless steel design and is finished with a black, hardened top.
  • The burners are available in two sizes and are constructed of an extremely durable brass alloy.
  • The stove is covered by two years of warranty and an ISI certificate.
  • It features solid-gas knobs designed ergonomically to give you confidence.


  • The knobs may be a bit for some people and may cause discomfort.

2. The Pigeon Stovekraft Blaze Cooktop (4 Burner)

The Pigeon Stovekraft Blaze Cooktop

If you’re searching for a top-performing gas stove, then here comes the Blackline model for you. It’s a stove made of gas that prepares food quickly and looks great when it’s done. The angled holes of the brass burners of the stove ensure great heating. 

The two burners listed are huge burners, while the other two are small. This is a great combination of burners to cater to your cooking needs. Your cooking process remains quick and smooth. They are detachable and sturdy.

Thanks to the drip tray, you don’t need to worry about spillage in your cooking. The burners are protected with heavy pan supports. These provide the highest durability to cooking tools.

The gas stove comes with an extremely modern stainless steel structure. It looks stunning. The cooktop is constructed of toughened black glass that looks great and is impervious to breaking and cracks because of the heat.

The gas knobs have been made to resist wear and tear and are virtually indestructible. They also provide great flame control and are adorned with clear markings. However, the top Faber gas stove models were a bit fast in terms of cooking. 


  • Burners are huge and provide ideal stability to all sizes and sorts of vessels.
  • The stove’s body is constructed from beautifully made stainless steel. You get a hardened glass cooktop.
  • The cooktop has 4 brass burners made to heat food perfectly.
  • The burners have drain plates made of stainless steel to ensure your kitchen is kept clean.


  • Gas can leak out of the gas pipes following a couple of months of usage.

3. Pigeon Ultra Slim Stove (4 Burner)

Pigeon Ultra Slim Stove

Pigeon Sleek Ultra Slim Stove is among the stunning gas stoves with four burners. It’s sure to turn heads when you cook in your kitchen; all credit goes to its attractive black glass, rubber stand, and impressive red inserts. There are 3 sizes in the 4 brass burners, letting you conveniently cook simultaneously. 

The burners are outfitted with a special coated non-stick drip tray that is removable. Your kitchen’s slab will remain spotless, and cleaning your gas stove will stay simple.

Modern and sleek black pan supports for the burners blend amazingly with the stove’s colour scheme. They offer ample support for pan dishes, dishes, and other cooking vessels.

The cooktop comes with 8 mm of resistant, toughened, and heat-resistant glass. It is also impervious to scratches and stains.

In addition to being beautifully constructed, the stand has solid-proof rubber bottoms, which makes the stove extremely durable despite being light. The stove also has beautiful knobs with a stunning design to provide better access.


  • The pan supports slim body colours and can accommodate any kind of utensil.
  • The toughened glass 8 mm thick top is stain and heat-resistant, and unbreakable.
  • Infinity log stove comes with four burners in three different size variations: Jumbo, large, and small. These are for various sizes of utensils.
  • All burners have easily removable spill trays and non-stick coatings, making cleaning the stove simpler.
  • The knobs are located above and offer excellent flame control, preventing burning fuel to waste.


  • The packaging is sometimes shabby as per the customers. The burners are prone to becoming loose after a couple of months.

4. Pigeon Glass Gas Cooktop (4 Burner)

Pigeon Glass 4 Burner Gas Cooktop

This Blackline Oval Gas Stove is currently among the most stylish choices available. Its design is perfect, and the oval body shape provides access to more; as is typical with the gas stoves from Pigeon, four brass burners are available in two sizes.

The burners feature drip trays made of stainless steel that are screwless. Besides that, blackened pan supports are also impressive. 

The cooking time is less, which directly means good fuel conservation. It’s all because of the even distribution of heat. The reason is that you can operate all burners simultaneously without any danger.

This is an essential feature in busy kitchens. The heat-free, toughened glass top needs regular cleaning, but it’s a 10-second job! The matte steel finish of the body appears elegant and stylish.

This gas stove is the ideal combination of effective performance and attractiveness. It has ABS gas knobs that are user-friendly and provide extremely precise control of the flame. Another great feature of the gas cooktop is it’s incredibly simple to clean and requires minimal maintenance. However, it lacks some features that you can find in the Best Whirlpool gas stoves


  • The cooktop is constructed from hardened black glass impervious to scratching and heat.
  • The knobs that control the burners ABS knobs that feel sturdy to hold. They are also extremely precise in heat control.
  • The gas stove is designed ergonomically to provide maximum space.
  • The four burners can be utilized simultaneously because of the additional space available on the cooktop.
  • Four burners comprise a tri-pin, which improves heating efficiency and results in more uniform heat distribution.


  • The burners appear to fail after a couple of months of consistent usage.

5. Pigeon by Stovekraft Gas Stove (4 Burner)

Pigeon by Stovekraft Gas Stove

What makes the Pigeon gas stove better than other stoves is that it has the form of a small size. It can meet your kitchen’s requirements and doesn’t take up much space. The four-burner design offers ample space, which is efficient in reducing time.

You get tri-pin burners for even distribution of flame. Your utensils will never wobble because the pan support mechanism gives more stability. It is heat resistant and has hardened glass on the top to ensure greater longevity.

Cleaning the glass surface is easy, proving to be suitable for daily use. Its glass surface is tough enough to withstand very high heat. Thanks to its ergonomic style, you will get a strong grip. The ABS knobs give a very smooth feel when you hold them. The spill-resistant design will keep any mess from happening.


  • With the pan-support system, you will have more balance.
  • Brass burners assist in evenly distributed flames for the highest effectiveness.
  • The high-quality glass surface is ideal for simple cleaning.


  • The knobs are a bit difficult to use at times.

Also, you two brands give these models tough competition. If you want to read about them, you can Best Pigeon 4 Burner Gas Stoves and Best Vidiem Gas Stoves.

Pigeon Gas Stove Buying Guide

Various gas stoves companies are manufacturing hundreds and thousands of models, which makes the kitchen appliance market tightly packed.

The pricing and features vary greatly, making it tough to pick the best gas stove for your kitchen. Each manufacturer declares itself the ultimate best and claims its products to be an ideal fit for all kitchens. 

It becomes confusing and hard to decide. So, It’s compulsory to thoroughly research every feature provided by various models and determine what features you want.

Neither should you buy a gas stove in a hurry nor should you compromise on features when you’re spending money. Here are some of the points worth in your search for a gas cooktop; after reading them, you’ll reach a solid conclusion:

10 Considerations Before Purchasing a Pidgeon Gas Stove for your home

1. What metal was employed?

Since there is a hot kitchen, most gas stoves are made from stainless steel to ensure that they can ward off the rust in the hot kitchen. This kind of steel is strong and is not susceptible to deterioration. On the Market are gas stoves made from fibre or glass.

They provide a beautiful view. However, they are very costly to maintain. It’s to opt for a product that will help regulate the cooktop’s heat to avoid injuries from burning. Another option is to purchase gas stoves with numerous heat controls that allow cooking various meals.

2. The Uses of ignition

The classification of a gas stove depends on the type of ignition. It is important to determine whether the stove uses more power or energy. Some stoves use a lot of energy while some are efficient.

3. The type of Chimney it uses

It is possible to determine the kind of Chimney when purchasing gas stoves. If there is a flue, it is important to examine the stove to determine if it is of the correct dimensions or not. Ensure that a balanced flue is put in place, and you can install it on any exterior wall when one adheres to some simple guidelines.

4. Amount of Stoves

You can buy a gas stove depending on the number of family members. 2-burner models are perfect for 3-4 member families, which those with the bigger family should go with 3-4 burners. For example, the Preethi 3-burner gas stove can be an economical choice.

A few gas stoves also come with built-in cooktops. These stoves are great choices for people having less counter space in the kitchen. It can make the kitchen’s design modern.

5. Which type of gas is it using?

It is important to determine if the stove matches the gas type – LPG or natural. If the stove is connected directly to the gas mainline, you must use a compatible stove.

The selection of the fuel type is essential in the following. It is important to determine what type of fuel is the most suitable for the stove. The degree to which your home is well-insulated and whether any financial benefits can be gained by making modifications to your home’s insulation are additional factors to consider.

Many savings in the cost of fuel can be expected in insulated rooms. There are numerous options for fuel to your stove, including multifuel, wood pellets, gas, electric, bio-ethanol, and biomass. Many people aren’t aware of what is the most suitable fuel choice. There are a variety of factors that determine how green fuel is.

6. The Price Range

If you consider buying a gas cooktop, one must consider the cost. People use them for a long period and aren’t thrown around as frequently as other appliances. Therefore, the most important aspect is to observe the durability and affordability of branding.

It is also vital to buy a gas stove that permits you to use less time in the gas stove cleaning process and maintenance. It’s a daunting task to dedicate hours of your time every weekend to cleaning dirt and grime out of every corner of your gas cooker. If the range has an enclosed burner, this would be fantastic.

This will prevent food spills from blocking the vents of the burner and makes cleaning less of a demanding task. Even though this stove model might require some extra money, you may also opt for a model with self-cleaning functions, which means you spend less time cleaning your gas stove. For example, the Butterfly gas stove can be an ideal and affordable choice for a family of 4.

7. The number of burners

Gas stoves have many features that could confuse even the most experienced purchasers. If there’s lots of cooking going on, it is possible to require more burners. The thing that is essential for any cook is the burners’ size. One must determine the amount of cooking, and that is based on the burner’s number.

If there’s a burden on you of cooking food for a huge family, buy a gas stove with minimum 3 burners. For small families, 2-burner models prove to be enough. If you want more on which burner can be ideal, you can read this guide.

8. Settings and Functionality

Gas stoves are always different in terms of features and settings to regulate their cooking processes. For commonplace cooking meals, it is not necessary to be able to use a broad array of functions but instead requires an essential purpose.

However, when one wants to try various food preparation methods, one must purchase gas stoves with additional features and settings. The functions and settings can include:

  • Storage cabinets and drawers.
  • Racks with multiple shelves.
  • Auto-cleaning features.
  • Grills that can be removed.
  • Higher BTU burners.
  • Convection ovens with double ovens.
  • Additional burners.

9. Prices by the requirements

In the buying process, the price is another vital aspect. Gas ranges are typically more costly than the cost of electric models. They are classified in an entry-level category. For example, kitchen hobs offers the best performance among all other gas stove types, but they are costly.

They are also in the middle category and advanced category. Avoid spending more money than indeed, and to do that, you need to evaluate your requirements first. If you want to keep your gas stove without yourself while travelling, we suggest you to pick the best backpacking gas stoves in India

10. Space Requirements necessary for the Gas Stove

When buying a gas range, the most important thing is how much space you’ve got in your kitchen to accommodate your gas stove. A typical gas stove comes 30 inches wide, but larger models exist. In addition, you should think about two things.

The first is the size of the oven, and another is the storage cabinets that comes with specific models. Also, you should consider the design that will work with your kitchen.

There are two options for gas stoves. You can set a freestanding stoves wherever in the kitchen. Then you must place the slide-ins and drop-ins in the space between the cabinets. To know more, you can read the entire on how to choose a gas stove.

Besides these 10 considerations, be sure to read about the best gas stove brands to know which company is currently providing the most advance features with their gas stove models. 


It’s tough to buy a gas cooktop in 21st century India. The sheer quantity of products and companies available can leave your head spinning. When you encounter these scenarios, you may purchase a product that has attributes that you don’t need.

Or, you could get a product that is not what you want. It’s good to read the buying guide above and then look into Pigeon’s 4 burner stoves. Also, don’t forget pick a gas lighter of your choice.

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