Hurom Cold Press Juicer Review — Pros and Cons Explained

Hurom Cold Press Juicer Review — Pros and Cons Explained

The Hurom HP Slow Juicer is a piece of Hurom’s second-age Personal Series. This cold press juice extractor is conservative in size and fits pretty much any place on the counter. It is available in white colour along with green and pink.

Regardless of whether you’re new to squeezing or view yourself as a pro juicer, we propose you think about the conservative, individually estimated Hurom HP Slow Juicer, an alluringly planned machine that produces tasty, supplement rich juice.

Hurom HP Series Cold Press Slow Juicer

A Quick Overview:

With regards to squeezing, particularly sluggish squeezing, Hurom proves to be the most elite. They plan probably the best juicers and best virus press juicers accessible. 

Hurom is notable for its Slow Squeeze Technology that turns at only 43 RPM with an upward drill to smash and afterwards crush out the juice (like how you would hand-press an orange) rather than destroying leafy foods with high velocity cutting edges like divergent juicers and blenders.

This regular movement is limiting harm to fixings, keeping normal taste and nourishment intact. While this technique yields tasty organic product squeezes, it’s additionally incredibly outstanding for extricating the best supplements and squeezes from mixed greens that other juicers just can’t. 

The Huron cold press juicer has some amazing features that will lure your attention. A complete package of a wonderful juicer that gives you original and fresh juice. Look at the specifications of the juicer and enjoy your fresh and healthy juices.

  • Shadings: white, green, pink 
  • Type: slow juicer 
  • Weight: 9.7lb./4.4kg 
  • Materials: ABS, Tritan, Ultem, Stainless Steel 
  • Measurements: 7.6″ x 6.9″ x 15.5″ 
  • String length: 1.4m 
  • RPM: 43rpm 
  • Chamber Capacity: 350ml

What Are The Advantages & Disadvantages of Hurom cold press juicer?

It’s crucial to understand the benefits of any appliance you buy; hence here are a few advantages and disadvantages of the juicer. Have a look at the features and the point that must be taken care of.

Hurom Cold Press Slow Juicer

  • The most reasonable Hurom Slow Juicer
  • Smaller plan, counter space amicable.
  • 43 RPM, upgraded for juice extraction effectiveness
  • 11.8 oz (350 ml) squeezing chamber with a silicon juice cap
  • Programmed cleanup framework
  • Calm activity
  • Can handle a wide range of produce
  • Can deal with wheatgrass more proficient than 80 RPM vertical cold press juicers
  • 72 hours juice time span of usability
  • BPA free parts
  • Constant squeezing with outside mash discharge
  • Can make soy and almond milk
  • Cold Press juicers are lethargic, and this one is the same. It takes time!

Additional Features:

  • It has the best squeezing speed – 43 RPM: That’s actually the least (least is best when we talk about cold press juicers) squeezing speed to press most elevated nutritious juice from a wide range of food items. Slow juicing is awesome and perfect. 
  • Made of the most elevated grade of materials: Crushing screw (drill) made of Ultem, sifters made of Ultem and hardened steel, juice chamber is made of Tritan plastic. 
  • Fine and coarse sifters: The Hp series is a finished bundle of limitless squeezing. It accompanies fine and coarse sifters to make an assortment of heavenly squeezes from any organic products, green vegetables or get ready custom made nut milk from almonds or soy.
  • In the crate: Juicer body, fine sifter, coarse sifter, drill, drum, turning brush, container, squeeze and mash container, pusher, cleaning brush, formula book and client guide. 
  • Its 150 watts single stage super calm engine produces top tier rpm without devouring additional energy. The working voltage is 220 volts. 
  • 10 years guarantee on engine [5+5 extended] and long term on complete machine.

For what reason is Hurom cold press juicer the top choice?

Hurom Cold Press Juicer

Likewise, with all cold press  juicers, it uses gravity to empower self-taking care. To guarantee consistent squeezing, set up your food items before squeezing. The feed chute is more modest to keep fingers from getting hurt. 

Cut everything up into more slender and more modest pieces. In case you’re squeezing things like celery, cleave them into pieces no longer than an inch. 

If you place your food items at a consistent speed, you ought not to experience any issues like machine jamming. In case you experience a jam, turn it off and switch the machine to drive the produce out from the other way. 

Utilize the pusher to tenderly assist your things get on the drill wings. In case you want to blend juices inside the chamber, basically close the cover and permit it to blend inside before permitting it to empty out into the juice holder. 

Is Hurom HP simple to clean?

The ideal way of cleaning Hurom HP parts is the hard way. The turning brush cleans up the mash from the squeezing sifter as it juices and furthermore if you fill it with water while it works.

Cleaning Mesh

Large and small cleaning brushes come with the juicer to make cleaning somewhat simpler. Dismantle the parts and lower them in warm, foamy water. Utilize the brushes to clean off the overabundance mash from the juice sifter. Clear the mash ejector of any extra mash and flush the parts clean. 

And your juicer is clean for the next use!

Juice Quality is refreshing. 

Despite the fact that this model doesn’t hold a similar volume of fluid at different models, the Hurom HP Slow Juicer extricates top-notch juice utilizing Hurom’s protected Slow Squeezing Technology (SST). The drill separates the produce by crushing and squeezing it against the squeezing screen. 

Not at all like radial juicers that oust wet mash, it eliminates maximum amount of juice, leaving behind very dry mash. It clearly means more juice extraction than any other type of juicer. 

The other significant feature is that there is almost no oxidation as Hurom’s juicers have been advancely built to bring you the best-taste juice that stays fresh for longer.

It is likewise loaded with cell reinforcements, phytonutrients, and nutrients. It might have some mash content. However, it very well may be effectively stressed out with a strainer. 

Let’s Express The Final Thoughts About Hurom slow Press Juicer

In case you’re yearning to prepare your own juice mixes at home, Iwe figure you will doubtlessly be happy with the Hurom HP Slow Juicer, regardless in case you’re simply beginning on your squeezing venture or a prepared genius. Gone are the days where even the best blender failed to offer you shop-like juices.

The universe of juicing is huge, juicing conventional natural products, mixed greens, and even nut mixes has become easier with juicers like Hurom cold press juicer. The HP Slow Juicer will permit you to take advantage of every last bit of it. It’s not difficult to utilize, and all the more importantly, it uses several attachments to produce maximum amount of juice.

The included recipe booklet was likewise amazingly accommodating. It helped our experts decide how much organic product to use for a recipe, and obviously, motivation for what to put together. The juicer isn’t troublesome at all, it’s excellent!


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