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Best OTG Oven in India Review & Buying Guide in 2024

Science is evolving so well in kitchen appliances, including Kitchen chimneyConvection microwave, Cold press juicer, refrigerator or we say induction cooktop! Today, we’re discussing an appliance that’s rapidly becoming a part of most of the Indian kitchen due to its multiple functionalities.

The full form here is Oven, Toaster & Grill, and the price of OTG models vary from 2,000 to 20,000 broadly. Similarly, like other kitchen appliances, choosing the right OTG oven is pretty challenging.

We got some highly rated OTG models to our site for testing, and their performance was so unpleasing, we can’t believe it.

So, in case you just read the customer ratings on OTGs on Amazon, and grab it, then you might fall in a dig.

We’ve described an awesome buying guide and the best OTG choices for you. Hang on with the 15-minutes report, and be 200% confident regarding purchase. We’ll save your money, we promise!

Here’s the 5 best OTG oven models in India

Bajaj 2200 TMSS 22L 9.3 Under 8000 Buy on Amazon
AGARO Marvel 38L 9.1 Under 4500 Buy on Amazon
Morphy Richards 18 RSS 18L 8.7 Under 5500 Buy on Amazon
AGARO Marvel 25L 8.6 Under 3500 Buy on Amazon
Amazon Brand Solimo 18L 8.4 Under 3000 Buy on Amazon

What is an OTG Oven?

OTG is the form for the oven, toaster, and grill. You can see this tiny device that is portable can be used for three different purposes. It uses the food to be heated by the heating coil, and this coil exists on top and underside of the meals.

It is possible to use either one of those coils or two coils based on your necessity. The heat in OTG is controlled by the thermostat, which helps you cook any food with relaxation and ease.

Which is better, Microwave Oven or OTG?

The reheating Microwave oven is best since it takes only a moment to heat, but in OTG, it is extremely hard because it must heat up both the coils will probably require some time.

In the case of making tasty food like curry, OTG is best because it warms up both the coils in the bottom and top so that it fries both crust and inner in the outer coating of food.

In both Microwave or OTG, making rice is extremely difficult. Plastic vessels should not use in OTG. Only stainless steel or metal vessels can be used. Even metal vessels shouldn’t use in the microwave.

So finally, for good tasty food, prefer OTG and for quick reheat prefer the microwave. When comparing to OTG. Microwave oven gets more advantage and helps to make meals faster.

In the food manufacturing process, two items were important toasting and heating, and Microwave oven heats OTG Toasts meals and food.

Comparison based on cost and electricity

When comparing predicated on cost, prefer OTG since it costs less when comparing to microwave oven, but OTG needs extra set up charges for plug and use the appliance. But a Microwave oven requires any extra fees.

When comparing according to Electricity, OTG and Microwave ovens absorb the same degree of electricity. But it doesn’t consume more power.


The way to use an OTG Oven

An Oven Toaster Griller is a popular option for baking in India. Here is, in short, how to use an OTG, the way to preheat, the bakeware you could use, and a few tidbits. OTGs have attributes that are similar, but each oven works differently.

So please take this as an overall guide. Do read your user manual for directions, keep baking. With usage, you will figure out how to use it perfectly.


  • Cable rack: The cable rack is for baking, toasting. You might place your baking tray.
  • A nontraditional baking tray for baking bread, pizza. Cookies, too, if it works for you.
  • A crumb tray that always remains in the oven. It will keep the oven’s floor clean; also, you could eliminate, clean, and whatever falls with this and put it back.
  • A rotisserie rod is used chiefly for cooking meat.
  • Tongs to assist you in extracting the baking tray. Using two kitchen towels will supply you with a better grasp.

1.) Bajaj 2200 TMSS 22L Oven Toaster Grill

Bajaj 2200 TMSS 22L Oven Toaster Grill

Here comes our ultimate choice. With a 22L capacity, this Bajaj OTG model is the sturdiest one out there. It’s identical to other same price OTG models, but there’s a huge difference in functionality and performance. It measures 50.4 x 40.4 x 34.9 cm and weighs 7.68 Kg. It can easily accommodate a 5-member family.

Bajaj provides a 1-year warranty here, and the list of functions is lengthy enough to impress you. This 1200W model arrives with a Wire grill cum barbeque tray, Tong for the cooking tray, 4 Skewer rods, Crumb tray, Tong for rotisserie, Extra long rotisserie skewer rod (with 2 forks), Instruction manual, and Warranty card. Its instructional manual is well written.


  • The stainless steel construction of this OTG ensures high dependability and longevity.
  • It’s premium sized, and fitting it in your kitchen is too easy.
  • This model arrives with Motorised Rotisserie and permits you to prepare awesome barbeques with superb taste.
  • Cook variety of dishes can be prepared using different levels of heating as you get the function selection switch.
  • You get all-important accessories.
  • There’s a 60-minute timer letting you control your cooking requirements accurately.
  • once the cooking process is complete, this built-in timer sends you an alert.

The Final Advice

Costing around 7K, this OTG model is doing a ten times better job than those high-rated under 10K OTG models. Perfection is with you here. There aren’t many controls/settings to confuse you.

Especially, the barbeque results are unbeatable. Are you spending for just multiple options or tastes? Obviously, for taste, and that’s the department with Bajaj 2200 TMSS 22-Litre OTG doesn’t leave you desired.

NOTE – If this product isn’t available, then you can go with Philips HD6975/00 25-Litre model, which is almost similar in comparison to this model while providing a few more benefits!

2.) AGARO Marvel 38L Oven Toaster Grill

AGARO Marvel 38L Oven Toaster Grill

Agaro is ruling the cold press juicer market in India, and their excellence in build has made other appliance models defeat many better-established brands also.

Just look at this 38L OTG from Agaro! Yes, guys, 38L cooking space for below 5K rupees, that’s true! You don’t get that much space facility in any other dependable OTG in the Indian market.

This multi-functional appliance provides you appreciable flexibility, and the operation of this OTG is so simple. Durability is one of the positive sides. Agaro has added all features that competitors are providing, and 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty runs well.


  • We hardly find such great grill results with below 5K OTG models, but this one from Agaro is truly a champion at grilling.
  • It was the best OTG in our testing regarding the toasting quality.
  • The 3 STAGE Heating operation is highly appreciable, and it provides a host of selections to choose from.
  • Its motorized rotisserie is perfect, and if you wanna grill veggies and chicken, this feature highly accommodates you.
  • With the illuminated chamber, you can see the process of food being cooked. If you want a specific color in your food, then it’s awesome.
  • The thermostatically controlled timer cuts off the chances of overcooked food, which means you don’t need to pay full attention while you’re grilling, toasting, cooking, etc.
  • The cool-touch handles always ensure safety.

The Final Advice

Many of us simply drop our idea of buying a new kitchen appliance just because the price tags make us bother. 5k is a price limit, which most of us can cope up with.

The return matters the most, and we’re happy to say, AGARO Marvel 38-Liter OTG performs better than most of the 7-8k OTG models on the market. The operation is too simple.

The options are clearly shown on the Function Knob, permitting you to select the setting of your choice. this 38l model will easily assist your joint family, and we highly recommend this low-priced and highly durable Oven.

3.) Morphy Richards 18 RSS 18L Oven Toaster Grill

Morphy Richards 18 RSS 18L Oven Toaster Grill

Now, if you’re putting more focus towards perfection and not much on the capacity, then we’ve brought the Morphy Richards 18 RSS 18-Litremodel for you, which has done an amazing job! 

With super solid Stainless Steel construction, amazing appearance, and a price tag worth 5k (might go up/down with time), this model from Morphy has got everything to attract you.

Measuring 24 x 29 x 27 cm, it weighs just 5.8 Kg. This little appliance eats no space, and Baking, Grilling, toasting, all are done with equal perfection. 

Regarding build quality, we give it a bigger score than our previous two OTG models. Here, the warranty is also double (2 years), and 250+ amazon customer review exist. Let’s go deeper…

Note –  We have recently tested some amazing Morphy Richards OTG models, which truly impressed our experts. we suggest you cherishing Morphy Richards OTG Review to find out what their #1 has that it reached up to 13k+ amazon reviews and over a lakh of sales.


  • Using just 1380 watts, this OTG doesn’t raise your electricity bills even if you catch a habit of using it every day for most of your cooking. 
  • In case of a defect, a refund within 10 days of delivery is ensured by Morphy. Hardly there are any companions in this department. 
  • 18L space proves to be enough for a standard size dinner plate. 
  • Cooking goes much better with this OTG in case you have been using your gas stove or induction cooktop till now. Heat transfer and circulation are perfect for ensuring even cooking.
  • It’s now much convenient to clean food pieces or fallen crumbs with a removable tray.
  • While cooking, there’s no need to stand close to this appliance, as there’s a timer to help you. Set the timer as per the dish’s requirement, and let it do its work. you can watch TV, though.

The Final Advice

No matter you grill chicken, prepare bread, cookies, pizza, or trying your hand on the cake, this OTG provides you better than desired results, and that’s why buyers are so happy. 

Durability isn’t a bother, and Morphy has done well in the warrant section. Its polish doesn’t go due to heat, and that’s also a big advantage. For up to 4 members family, Morphy Richards 18 RSS 18L model is highly recommendable.

4.) AGARO Marvel 25L Oven Toaster Grill

AGARO Marvel 25L Oven Toaster Grill

Here comes another model from Agaro, and if you are just a 4-member family, then this 25L oven is more than enough. You get the exact same construction that we get in our previously discussed model from Agaro.The warranty rolls in the same way as well. Consuming 1600 Watts, this OTG has done enough justice to the buyers.

The main attraction with this OTG is the presence of 5 Heating Modes. These are Bottom Heating, Top Heating, Top & Bottom Heating, Rotisserie with Top & Bottom Heating, and Rotisserie with Bottom Heating.

With all those, there’s a huge list of stuff that you can conveniently prepare. The adjustable temperature limit here is 100°C to 250°C. [/su_box]


  • Besides perfection, you’ve got great flexibility regarding size choices. We’ve already read about the second-largest OTG up there, which was 38L. The even bigger one is 48L, while those wanting something smaller can go with 9 or 19l models.
  • This OTG is a sweet choice for non-veg buyers, as you’ve got the facility of spit-roasting of meat, and the result is truly awesome.
  • Its glass is Heat resistant, meaning what in case you touch it while the operation is going on, your hand won’t hurt. Also, it’s exceptionally strong. 
  • The motorized rotisserie provides you the option of “spit-roasting,” and you get delicious fire-roasted barbeque!
  • Like all three OTGs we discussed up there, the auto-shutoff feature is present here as well. Besides that, you get ready bell feature. 
  • Highly dependable 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

The Final Advice

Agaro has ensured perfection regarding functioning here, and that’s why this OTG has won so many customers’ hearts. The operation is as simple as possible.

Most importantly, the taste of whatever you cook inside this OTG is exactly the same as the bigger and expensive models of this brand. So, compromise is only for the size, and for this price point also, this much size is enough. Read the entire Agaro OTG review for better explanation of features and working process, etc.

Buy on Agarolifestyle

  • Our trust is with Amazon

5.) Amazon Brand Solimo 18L Oven Toaster Grill

Amazon Brand Solimo 18L Oven Toaster Grill

Is Price your biggest concern? Guess what? We’ve got an under 3000 Oven Microwave Grill for you, which is truly awesome.
You get unbelievable performance from this one. This little power-packed appliance can do more than expected. Hence, it made its way and became our best cheap choice out of 7 of these.

Regarding looks and style, we guess you’ll find it the best one in our review. Regarding features, trust us, you aren’t compromising at all.
Nobody exclaimed of any feature missing in Amazon customer reviews either. It measures 44 x 32.3 x 29 cm. , while the internal dimensions are 31 x 27 x 21cm. It weighs just 5.15 Kg. Let’s know more.[/su_box]


  • Were you expecting the auto shut down timer with this much cheap OTG? Well, fortunately, you’re getting it. Also, there’s a heating indicator and 100 cm cable (ISI plug ).
  • Accessible parts of this model are touch-safe and insulated from heat leakages or current.
  • It arrives with the Endurance-tested door and knobs. Our experts exclaimed that these knobs could perfectly work under normal usage for around 5 years. The makers exclaim 3 years.
  • You enjoy 2 years limited warranty.

The Final Advice

This powerful yet lightweight Oven toaster grill can prepare mouth-watering dishes and enhance your cooking experience.
It’s 100% safe to use, and if you don’t possess any experience in cooking, you can conveniently prepare meals for yourself. You get support in all baking, toasting, and grilling tasks, as Solimo has provided with a baking sheet and grill rack.

Solimo has exclaimed, “quality is at the core,” and they have done really well. for smaller families (or couples), buying this 3K thing is more sensible and spending high on bigger models.

Buy on Ideakart

  • Our trust is with Amazon

Note – Besides these top models, Prestige OTG is currently getting famous as well and therefore, we have consucted a dedicated article. Read Prestige OTG Review to find out what makes it special!

Buying Guide

We all like to indulge in scrumptious food. Making meals that are delicious is an art that requires effort & patience to bring the desired results out. 

A few people today abide by frozen food and outside eatables to keep them moving; thoroughly home-cooked meals can be the choice of the majority, though.

Like whipping, grinding, blending, boiling, baking, frying, grilling, toasting, and a lot more different jobs are required by cooking. People who cook on a regular basis must have the appliances necessary for different jobs.

Regarding what type of oven to purchase, nevertheless, when it comes to baking, then they often get confused. 

Especially in case, the microwave ovens have got access to the easiest of kitchens, it will become difficult to determine the utilization of oven toaster grillers (OTG).

An OTG is a must-buy if you abide by the technique of baking, to be frank. It’s for everybody who wants to put in the time and attempts to earn a dish. 

Then OTG would actually cook your food, so the dish becomes cooked thoroughly if you discover microwave as an appliance that is instantaneous, and you get the taste that is perfect.

An OTG is for those who like to cook recipes that are completely delectable. An OTG is a reasonable cooking appliance that can be a part of your own kitchen as soon as you know your own requirements. 

So, this insightful guide is a ready reference to the points that are essential to consider before purchasing an OTG.

Buying Factors

Buying Factors

Capacity — The first and foremost thing to consider before buying an OTG oven is capacity. The power of the oven refers to the “real” size of the oven cavity in which you set the container to bake, grill or heat.

Containers that are massive can be held by an oven but consumes energy. So, you must determine the quantity of food you generally make specific factors like household size before selecting the capacity and these. Given below are some factors.

Family Size — As per the size of your household, you cook small or large amounts of food. The following are some of the suggested oven capacities (in liters) for various family sizes.

2 individuals — Less than 19 Liters

  • 4 individuals — 20 to 29 Liters
  • 6 individuals — Over 30 Liters

Wait, there is more!

Wait, there is more!

Usage — The toaster capacity also depends upon the manner in which you wish to use the oven. You will require greater capacity if you would like to use the OTG for all types of cooking. And should you wish to use it, such as reheating or defrosting meals, an oven may also fit your requirement.

Cookware — Before buying one, please make certain that the dishes (such as pain and other cookware) that you normally use would fit comfortably inside the OTG, so you don’t incur additional cost on purchasing new cookware.

Space & location — Naturally, you have chosen an electrical OTG for part of your culinary travel, but before buying one, consider the distance you can devote to this appliance. OTGs need a small amount of extra space and are big. Ensure you assess the size of this oven against the location in which you would like to get it installed.

Controls — Every OTG has a control panel from where you manage and control the functions and operations of your oven. It may be of different kinds, and you can choose.

Analog — Mechanical switches, which have knobs. Ovens aren’t expensive yet long-lasting. It can also be less precise as to what’s set manually.

Digital — Electronically-controlled push buttons. These ovens are basic presently. They’re durable and more costly, but they have settings as everything is set.

Generally, the control panels have the following components.

Hitter or Timer Displays — Sets the length of time for cooking.

Temperature Settings — Assists in setting the temperature for cooking.

Thermostat — Maintains a preset temperature to prevent or keep the flow of heat for preventing overcooking/overheating of this oven.

Oven Light — helps to see the interior of the oven while the food has been cooked or check on its status.

Functions — As a rule, an OTG can be utilized for broiling, heating, toasting, baking, and grilling. Virtually all OTGs let you perform barbecuing, roasting, and baking. Presently, OTGs also arrive with additional components for helping you cook better.

Rotisserie — A removable grill with a turning spit for better and uniform grilling.

Oven Rack — lets you place more than one dish simultaneously in the oven. Make sure it’s durable and thick.

Cost — Of course, everything comes with a price. Maintaining your needs in your mind, you should choose an OTG that comes in your budget. Higher capacity means a higher price. And the same is appropriate for attributes too. Before choosing an oven for your kitchen, you must check all the points properly.

Guarantee — While buying an OTG, you have to consider the guarantee that the specific manufacturer is offering. On the safer side, it is always great to have a product with a guarantee that is certain to prevent maintenance costs.


Difference between OTG and Microwave Oven

Difference between OTG and Microwave Oven

We will see how these two ovens that are similar-appearing differ from one another. Let’s review a few of the elements that are functioning in a manner for these two.

They both run on power, but the way. OTG uses the electricity to heat the coils made up of Nickel/Chromium up. The food inside starts getting the heat and eventually is cooked. 

When heat is spread by the heating element from the present, the problem with this kind of heating is that it absorbs more energy, and the supply of heat isn’t even.

There is the probability that the outside of this food is overcooked while indoors may stay raw. Microwave oven, on the other hand, uses the microwave. 

Microwave consumes less electricity compared to OTG and food cooks here. There is even distribution of heat in a microwave oven compared to OTG, and there is more space inside the microwave oven.

The rate demanded by OTG to make it heated and cool down is more compared to the microwave oven. This means you should have to wait in the event that you have more meals to cook in OTG. The microwave oven is considerably economical with heating capability. 

The pricing for the two ovens is almost similar, and depending on the manufacturer you select, there is an economic model accessible. 

The cooking period for OTG is somehow more compared to the oven. Talking about the economy, the electricity microwave has better as it consumes less electricity. However, it varies in the quantity of food you want to cook.

In case your mind turned to buy a microwave oven instead of an OTG, you can check our Best Convection Microwave Oven in India 2021 Reviews, in which we’ve selected the 11 best convection microwave ovens providing fantastic performance & features.


There are choices out there for temperature management in OTG and can be handled. The oven temperature is managed. 

Nonetheless, in the microwave oven, then you might as well put the temperature when required. Based on the food that you cook, the temperature can be managed by you in the OTG and microwave oven.

The difference between Microwave and OTG Oven comes in the size of the devices. OTG is small and portable when compared with the microwave oven. 

OTG is currently plugging and uses the appliance and comes with a removable wire rack. You can find the pan in OTG as they’re largely used for baking small cakes.

A microwave oven is one of the very important in addition to essential kitchen appliances that are present in virtually every house nowadays. The reason for the popularity of microwave ovens is due to the “time efficiency.”

The days are gone when people used to use microwave ovens just for the purpose of heating the food. It makes it simple to cook restaurant-style recipes, adding the class of royalty to it. 

There are different kinds of microwave ovens available such as the grilling oven, OTG machine, and convection microwave as well.

How does an OTG Oven Work?

How does an OTG Oven Work

The toaster has grooves along the sidewalls; in some ovens that the groove doesn’t run across the entire wall, which means that your tray may tilt once you try to slip it in.

You can simply place the baking tray or wire rack in among them, adjust the amount to your desire, and what works better for you.
In case your oven has a convection setting, then it will have a fan to circulate the warm air and aid in baking—a light for the chamber. The indicator light on the exterior goes on and off as the oven heats like our iron box.

Ovens with less capacity do not come with fans, have fewer groves, no rotisserie, and no light. OTGs have these heating elements in the base and the top, and it is possible to turn on either one of them or both—more detail about this. The oven includes 3 knobs, manual in OTGs.


The temperature knob

The temperature knob

The lowest is 100 C, whereas the highest is 250 in most ovens. The heat in my oven is indicated. So, if you may need to set the oven at a temperature here, you would have to place it roughly. A fantastic oven thermometer can help you set it and confirm the temperature check.

Infrared or point, as well as shoot thermometers, are considered a lot more accurate and trustworthy. But they can be pricey too!

The function knob

  • This makes it possible to place your oven in different modes based on your need and what works best for you.
  • If you turn the knob into the bake function, just the base heating element heats up.
  • If you turn the knob into the grill, then the top element heats up.
  • When the convection mode is on, the fan, the top, and the bottom elements heat up.
  • Toast with the two components on without a fan
  • When you flip the rotisseries function, the top coil heats up with this pole rotating.
  • It’s better to bake with only the bottom element together with the rack in the next grove. You may also try the convection style, but it could be tricky. (Especially if you’re baking with 2 trays at 2 levels, the cookies at the top Might End up burning off )
  • If you inhale with only the bottom element and need your bake to look a darker color, turn to the top element for a few minutes.
  • Baking simultaneously on both levels may not always work. However, when the oven is large enough, it’s possible to place two tins side by side.

The timer

The timer

Sets to get a max of 90 using the timer bypass feature, you are able to keep the oven for longer than 90 minutes, so it is going to get switched off only once you turn it off manually. Turn the knob anti-clockwise for this.

The bakeware might be silicon, aluminum, ceramic, or oven-safe glass bakeware. Be sure that the baking tin is not huge for your own oven. 

There must be enough space around the tin When you set the tin indoors. You also need to have the ability to shut the door correctly. The heat will keep escaping if it’s even open along with cookies, or your cake may not bake.


Preheating is a very significant step in baking. Let’s see how to preheat in OTG perfectly. You will have to make certain that the oven is heated to the temperature at any time you bake whatever. 

This is known as preheating. Preheating in an OTG takes approximately 10-15 minutes, so it may differ from oven to oven.

That means you will need to begin with the oven to make sure that the oven is ready by the time that the brownie or cake batter is ready. 

When the batter is mixed, you don’t have to wait, and it has to enter the oven immediately. But do follow recipe instructions consistently.

We will need to place the rack in the oven to preheat. For placing the rack, if possible, on your oven, follow recipe instructions. Put the oven thermometer on also the place where you will keep your tray and the rack at the level.

Now, shut the door. Set the function, state bake, at 180C. You’ll get a rough idea regarding how long it takes to preheat as you utilize the oven. 

Based on you could start preparing the batter. Avoid opening the door in between. The heat will escape. The first recipe could be granola. The indicator light of the oven will continue off and on like our iron box.

Once your batter is ready, you must open the doorway and quickly, first check the thermometer, if it’s at 180C and ready. Keep the tin, shut the door, and place the timer as required, say half an hour on your recipe. 

Check at 25 minutes, as the baking time may vary for every oven. After 25 minutes, remove the cake outside, keep the oven, shut the door. Whether the cake is made, Assess if needed, and put it back. Set the timer to get time if needed.

At the close of the time you’ve set the oven, you will hear the bell. Take it out if the cake/bake is made.

Bakeware: You can use silicon, aluminum, and oven safe glassware.

Rotating trays way

Rotating trays way

In certain recipes, such as biscuits, the recipe may instruct you to rotate the tray halfway. In case the total baking time for the cookies is about 16 minutes, you’ll need to remove the tray after eight minutes, turn the tray around and place it back in again to the remaining baking time. This helps ensure that the coconut is even.

In case you want to make cookies on two levels, you would have to reverse the position of the trays from top to lower and lower to upper also.

Change the positions of the baking pans as advocated in the recipe for bread and pies layer cakes. Don’t rotate cakes, or they will fall!

Your oven may sometimes have the area, hot spots, or areas.

Could we reheat in an OTG oven?

Could we reheat in an OTG oven

It’s true; you are able to reheat your meals in an OTG oven.

Since you just can’t use any pan on your OTG, care needs to be taken. Normally silicone molds, aluminum foils, aluminum pans, and borosil utensils are utilized to reheat food within an OTG.

Aluminum foil is perfect for reheating foods within an OTG. Foods such as roasted chicken etc., can be reheated in the OTGs. 

For example, in case you have to reheat the tandoori chicken, first preheat the oven at 180 degrees C for approximately 10 minutes, then wrap the chicken within the foil and put it in the center rack of the oven. 

Keep both upper as well as lower rods on and heat for 10 to 15 minutes. It is possible to use the same temperature and settings for reheating foods too.

And for reheating fried foods such as shame, samosas, and cutlets, you can use your tray or even a Borosil dish that is square. The oven temperature could be set at 150 degrees C, and you can heat for approximately ten minutes in a toaster.

And for gravies reheating curries and stir-fries, etc., Borosil bowls or aluminum pans can be used. Maintain the pan or bowl at 150 degrees C in the oven’s middle rack and heat with the decrease pole On for 15 to 20 minutes.

What are some great mouth-watering recipes you can make in an OTG oven? 

Following are the top 5 recipes that you can easily make in an OTG oven:

Baked Samosa

Baked Samosa

An Indian site that is loved by nearly everybody, samosas would be the star of each get-together. However, a lot of individuals avoid greasy and fatty samosas for health reasons. 

By baking them in an OTG now, you can give a twist. The best part is when you make them in an OTG that you do not need to worry about the calories. Just insert the filling and make the cones. Bake at the right temperature and then serve them hot with chutney.

Did you know? A size samosa has approximately 240 calories, loaded with saturated fats, carbohydrates, and no calories that were essential.

Chocolate Lava Cake

Chocolate Lava Cake

I am using delicious chocolate; who doesn’t love a yummy cake? You can bake a perfect cake in an OTG together with perfection. 

Though it may sound difficult, you just need five ingredients for baking this yummy cake in OTG. Dark chocolate, icing sugar, butter, eggs, and flour is all that you need. While whipping the ingredients in a bowl, preheat the oven and then inhale it. Your cake is prepared.

Barbecue Chips

Barbecue Chips

Potato chips are a must-have snack, which everybody loves. However, chips are packed with unhealthy and carbs. So, a twist that is nutritious and select for barbecue chips made in an OTG. 

Among the best snacks that you could enjoy without adding on almost any calories, you will need just 15 minutes to prepare this snack. Preheat the oven. Mix potato slices, basil, salt, garlic, pepper, oregano, and oil in a large bowl. Place the pieces in a baking tray and bake for 15 minutes. Let them cool before serving.

Vegetable Kebab

Vegetable Kebab

Kebabs are an excellent appetizer, especially for a Christmas celebration. The combination of vegetables along with a tangy chutney makes this kebab a party star. 

Mix healthy vegetables like potatoes, beans, carrots, cheese, and flour. Apply oil onto the baking tray and bake the kebabs for 20 minutes. Serve hot with green chutney.

Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka

When making paneer tikka in an OTG oven, it brings out all of the flavors. Paneer, together with some vegetables such as zucchini, sweet potato, tomatoes, and combine them together with the masala. Bake them evenly at the right temperature and serve with chutney.

The Conclusion

Those OTG ovens mentioned above were all fantastic. Picked out one? What, not yet? Here we’ll do a revision then!

Bajaj 2200 TMSS 22L is our overall ultimate choice. AGARO Marvel 38L model is the best cheap OTG. For singles and couples, Morphy Richards 18 RSS 18L is the best choice. This little one is truly awesome. At low cost, if you want a rapid cooking OTG, go for AGARO Marvel 25L OTG.

If your budget isn’t exceeding 3K rupees, then Amazon Brand Solimo 18L is the most suitable for you.

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    Hey Nishant, your explanation was great about what is better microwave or OTG oven. It helped me a lot because I was so confused what to buy. By the way, I am going for Bajaj OTG oven.

  3. Dhaval

    Will the flavor of pizza change if we cook it in OTG oven rather than microwave?

  4. Jaybee

    An oven that can easily accommodate a five-member family? Great!

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