Top 18 Refrigerators in India 2022 Reviews & The Best Refrigerator Brand Picks

Top 18 Refrigerators in India 2022 Reviews & The Best Refrigerator Brand Picks

In this guide, we’ve brought some amazing models under various price categories. Concluding this review made us test 75+ refrigerators and find the most feature-rich, convenient, and durable refrigerators for you.

If you say family is a universe, then the refrigerator is the sun, as to whether you talk about breakfast, lunch, dinner, everything keeps on revolving around the refrigerator.

You are wondering about which refrigerator is best? Dreaming about the one that stays in your kitchen for years and brings high convenience of storing your food for days, and suck less energy? Wanna know which refrigerant gasses are safe?

This review is for you!

We’ve brought you refrigerators that come with decent cooling and freezing capabilities and provide larger storage space for lesser money!

Besides mentioning the best fridges (all are great energy savers), we will explain internal facts and “things to consider” about a refrigerator in our guide, and also discover which refrigerator brand is best in India.

18 Best Refrigerators in India (Updated July 2022)


Samsung 415L Double Door Refrigerator

1 Year 9.9 Under 45,000 Buy on Amazon

LG 420 L Double Door Refrigerator

1 Year 9.8 Under 44,000 Buy on Amazon

Whirlpool 300 L Multi-Door Refrigerator

1 Year 9.8 Under 33,000 Buy on Amazon

LG 190 L Single Door Refrigerator

1 Year  9.6 Under 18,000 Buy on Amazon

Whirlpool 190 L Single Door Refrigerator

1 Year  9.4 Under 14,000 Buy on Amazon

LG 260 L Double Door Refrigerator

1 Year  9.3 Under 27,000 Buy on Amazon

Samsung 253 L Double Door Refrigerator

1 Year  9.3 Under 20,000 Buy on Amazon

Samsung 253 L  Double Door Refrigerator

1 Year  9.1 Under 20,000 Buy on Amazon

Haier 195 L Single Door Refrigerator

1 Year  8.9 Under 15,000 Buy on Amazon

Whirlpool 190 L Single Door Refrigerator

1 Year  8.8 Under 14,000 Buy on Amazon

Samsung 253 L  Double Door Refrigerator

1 Year  8.8 Under 20,000 Buy on Amazon

Samsung 192 L  Single Door Refrigerator

1 Year  8.6 Under 16,000 Buy on Amazon

Samsung 192 L  Single Door Refrigerator

1 Year  8.5 Under 15,o00 Buy on Amazon

Whirlpool 200 L Single Door Refrigerator

1 Year  8.3 Under 18,000 Buy on Amazon

Haier 170 L  Single Door Refrigerator

1 Year  8.2 Under 12,000 Buy on Amazon

Haier 256 L  Double Door Refrigerator

1 Year  8.2 Under 29,000 Buy on Amazon

Haier 320 L  Double Door Refrigerator

1 Year  8.1 Under 29,000 Buy on Amazon

Whirlpool 245 L Double Door Refrigerator

1 Year  7.9 Under 21,000 Buy on Amazon

Godrej 190 L  Single Door Refrigerator

1 Year  7.8 Under 16,000 Buy on Amazon

Whirlpool 265 L Double Door Refrigerator

1 Year  7.8 Under 17,000 Buy on Amazon

BPL 564 L Side by Side Refrigerator

1 Year  7.6 Under 40,000 Buy on Amazon

Mitashi 52 L  Single Door Refrigerator

1 Year  7.4 Under 8,000 Buy on Amazon

Haier HRF 618  Side by Side Refrigerator

1 Year  7.2 Under 64,000 Buy on Amazon

Bosch 618 L  Side by Side Refrigerator

1 Year  7.1 Under 65,000 Buy on Amazon

Best Refrigerators in India — Reviews

1. Samsung 415L (RT42M553ES8/TL) 4-Star Double Door Fridge

Samsung 415L (RT42M553ES8_TL) 4-Star Double Door Fridge

If you’re searching for a refrigerator that gives you the best brand name value to meet all of your requirements and requirements, the Samsung 415L (RT42M553ES8/TL) 4-Star Frost Free Double Door Fridge is the ideal option for you.

This refrigerator that comes with Smart Convertible technology is ideal for eliminating all concerns about preserving your food items for a longer time. It is equipped with a capacity of 415L, which can be used for a family with 4 to 5 members.

First of all, one of the distinctive aspects that make this refrigerator highly sought-after is its ability to convert it into a freezer. You can effortlessly free up the extra space of 88L from the freezer and use it to store food and other products. This feature can be used for special occasions or functions where you need food in huge quantities.


  • It is suitable for a family with 4-5 members.
  • Convertible freezers are easily made
  • To make this item more appealing, it comes with a digital display from which you can adjust the temperature while also balancing the settings that can be converted. Its twist-ice maker and ice pack give you instant chilling and ice-making effects. The warranty is one year on the item and 10 years of warranty on the compressor included in the product.
  • A separate cabinet is available for salads and dairy products

The Final Advice

This refrigerator is frost-free and also features auto-defrost technology to prevent any formation of frozen crystals on food items. The appealing design of the interiors allows for keeping a wide range of things exactly where they belong. This model’s strong cooling and power freeze ensure your food items will stay in good condition for the longest time.

If you frequently face the issue of food odors within your fridge, the Deodorising filters included in this product are the ideal answer for you. The filters are natural fibers and can instantly eliminate the smell by constantly passing through fresh air. In addition, you also receive a cabinet with fresh air that will preserve your dairy products, salads, etc.

2. LG 420L (GL-I472QPZX) 4-Star Double Door Refrigerator

LG 420L (GL-I472QPZX) 4-Star Double Door Refrigerator

Consuming fresh and healthy meals isn’t less difficult than with the LG. The 420L (GL-I472QPZX) 4-Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator is equipped with unique and ingenious features. Bring this refrigerator home and relish all your favourite foods anytime you like. Thanks to its remarkable technology, you’ll love the performance-oriented features this refrigerator can provide.

The refrigerator comes with a capacity of 420L and is designed to fit three to four members of a family. With its enormous size, buyers also receive a guarantee of a year for the refrigerator and 10 years for the compressor. Inverter compressors inside this product increase its efficiency and make it energy-efficient and durable.


  • Suitable for 3-4 member family
  • The clever inverter compressor in this refrigerator is so efficient that it can adjust the temperature according to the quantity of food available within the fridge. Additionally, it’s an inert feature; it works so quickly that it won’t interfere with your day-to-day or regular tasks. This makes the device highly secure.
  • It can also work using solar energy
  • The fridge’s insides are designed with attention to detail as it takes careful care to arrange everything at its appropriate locations.
  • Smart diagnosis on its own
  • The use of hardened glass in the construction of this item assures customers that breaking or tearing is not feasible for the glass regardless of the effort to break it. The auto-defrost feature in this product reduces or eliminates the growth or forming of any crystals in food items.

The Final Advice

It is equipped with an intelligent diagnosis feature in which the refrigerator can detect any faults that could affect normal operation. In addition, the auto smart connect feature of this appliance lets the refrigerator connect to the inverter quickly and makes it operational even in power outages. The smart solar model by LG can also operate using the sun’s energy. Overall, it is extremely effective in maintaining food products.

3. Whirlpool 30L (FP-313D) 4-Star Refrigerator (Multi-Doors)

Whirlpool 30L (FP-313D) 4-Star Refrigerator (Multi-Doors)

Whirlpool 300L (FP-313D) 4-Star Frost Free Multi-Door Refrigerator takes the stress of worrying about your food getting spoiled or losing freshness. All you need to do is purchase this amazing refrigerator to meet your requirements, and you’ll be in control of the freshness and freshness of your food. The refrigerator has all the most modern technologies and is among the most efficient refrigerators available to every kind of user.

Have you ever thought about how practical it is to own an appliance that provides the user with various storage options? With the Whirlpool 300L (FP-313D) 4-Star Frost Free Multi-Door Refrigerator, you will have a variety of spaces to satisfy your needs and demands. The triple-door refrigerator accommodates the various storage needs of its user’s inefficient manner.


  • It is suitable for 2-3 member family.
  • Its 300L size is adequate for families with 2 or more members. It is covered by a warranty for 1 year on the appliance and 10 years on the compressor.
  • This model helps to prevent the spread of bacteria.
  • The frost-free refrigerator comes with auto-defrost technology, which minimizes the development of ice crystals over food products and ensures that your food is fresh and well-preserved for a longer period.
  • You get air boosters to increase air circulation.

The Final Advice

The unique feature you will find within this model is the 6th Sense ActiveFresh system which guarantees two times the amount of freshness required by the food items. This technology also helps reduce any growth in bacteria and other harmful particles found in food items. It has a stylish three-door design that will delight you from within.

Additionally, you get an active fresh zone, or cabinet, for salads, and dairy products to ensure they’re preserved for a longer period. A unique aspect that this refrigerator offers is the benefit of the technology to retain moisture. This technology ensures that all fruits and vegetables stored in this refrigerator keep the necessary water. Zeolite technology impedes the premature ripening of fruit and vegetables.

4. LG 190 L 4 Star Refrigerator (Direct Cool Single Door)

LG 190 L 4 Star RefrigeratorHaving 20K in the pocket, the LG 190L model is the overall second best refrigerator under 20000 to buy. You’ll be highly impressed with the Amazon ratings and reviews of the LG 190 L 4 Star Refrigerator. It has an almost 90% success rate. It has saved heaps of electricity and brought high convenience by its capabilities of storing food for long.

LG has done a decent job not just with the features & power, but with looks too. Besides energy efficiency, another big benefit is that, even after years of use, this refrigerator doesn’t make high noise. This one served as the best single-door refrigerator in India 2018!


  • Overall, the building material is durable; especially the toughened glass adjustable shelves deeply impress by their weight holding capacity.
  • The noise is hardly noticeable even on silent nights. 
  • 10 years warranty on stabilizer and a 1-year warranty on this 190L model for itself is what you get. The warranty service rolls on smoothly and has earned certain good reviews from the buyers due to a smooth warranty service only.
  • Freezing is wonderful, and so is the cool retention capability. In both cases, your food is saved from getting spoiled.
  • The base drawer is sturdy, and balancing this refrigerator was easy for our experts when we were installing it. When we are talking about a heavy appliance like a refrigerator, then installation needs to be convenient, as you might need to shift it for cleaning and all.

The Final Advice

Fast freezing is up to mark, and so is the durability. The design is highly attractive, and the food smell is also comparatively less. We noticed frequent discounts on LG 190 L 4 Star Refrigerator recently. The price suddenly drops a couple of thousands!

During the time of review writing, LG 190 L 4 Star Refrigerator is costing near 16500, and I hope it again drops when you hit the Amazon button and make sure you grab the opportunity when you find the price is dropped.

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5. Whirlpool 190 L 3 Star Refrigerator (Single-Door Direct-Cool)

Whirlpool 190 L 3 Star RefrigeratorIt was the best single-door refrigerator in India in 2017! If you’re a 4 member of a family, then by spending just a bit more than 10K, you’ll get a decent direct cool 3-star energy-efficient refrigerator, which is Whirlpool 190 L 3 Star Refrigerator. This refrigerator comes with 5 years warranty (on compressor, and one year on the product), several attractive features, and very few chances of complaint! The Whirlpool 190 L is a very economical choice and will suit most of the 3-4 members Indian families.


  • If you have prepared some decent dish after much hard work, and a long power cut happens, then don’t worry. It retains cooling for around 9 hours after power cuts (or turning off). Nothing will be spoiled!
  • Over 2200 Amazon users reviews are there (with a great success rate), which reflects it’s a highly trusted refrigerator. The post-purchase customer service of Whirlpool is amazing.
  • The shelving system is easily customizable and convenient, bringing you is organizing food in your preferred style. Besides that, the shelves are designed thoughtfully for maximizing storage space. It’s pretty helpful in storing large utensils.
  • The easy defrosting mechanism is provided for ensuring the refrigerator is easy to use and also ensures effective cooling. An inbuilt stabilizer saves you from buying a stabilizer additionally.

The Final Advice

Honeycomb moisture lock-in technology is very impressive, and it maintains optimum moisture in your fruits and veggies, due to which they stay fresh longer. You’ve got well-sized compartments for all sorts of food items, and if you own this refrigerator, then there are no chances of bacteria and fungi build up. So, opt for this model and ensure the high hygiene of your family members, and it doesn’t cost high either.

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6. LG 260 L 3 Star Refrigerator (Frost Free Double Door)

LG 260 L 3 Star RefrigeratorNot the world’s best model, this 260 L model brings unbelievable advantages and high dependence. But The LG Refrigerator posses such a stylish and sleek appearance (stainless steel high-gloss exterior finish), which enhances any home décor or kitchen.

 The interior is also pretty stylish and easy to clean. This model packs some amazing features and technology which strive for higher convenience and satisfaction. Adjustable high-quality shelves make arranging food pretty easy.


  • Buying refrigerators with bigger size capacity most of the time leads to heavy energy consumption. Buying the LG 260 L refrigerator won’t bring that issue. It is rated 4-stars for energy saving.
  • If you are a modern-day working couple and get just weekends for looking after the food requirements, then LG 260 L 4 Star Refrigerator is spacey enough to store a whole week’s food and keeping it entirely fresh.
  • Three shelves of toughened glass are there, and the cooling is uniform throughout these shelves.
  • The door comprises a couple of bottle shelves, which are spacey enough to let you store 2L bottles. Besides that, the special large zone at the bottom of this refrigerator allows you to store a large number of vegetables.
  • Features like Anti-Bacterial Gasket and Catechin Deodorizer ensure that the food smell doesn’t trouble you while opening the refrigerator’s door. As a result, other food items will also not catch smell or get spoiled.

The Final Advice

It was the best double door refrigerator in year 2018 at this price, and it has maintained its dominance in the year 2021 also. At the very right value for money pointit met the needs and desires of any urban family, no matter nuclear or joint. This eco-friendly refrigerator comes with a sleek modern vibe. If you are a 4-member family, and your kids have grown up, then rather than going for a 180-200L model, go for something like this fridge as it will serve you the best even if your family expands in the future! We highly recommend you to save around 48% of your energy bills in contrast to regular refrigerators at this price by buying LG 260 L 4 Star Refrigerator. It’s truly an amazing model.

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7. Samsung 244L 3 Star Refrigerator (Frost Free Double Door)

Samsung 244L 3 Star RefrigeratorNow, if you have read about Samsung 244 L 3 Star Refrigerator fully, then we’ve got a similar choice for you. Appearance-wise, features-wise, and durability-wise, this fridge is pretty much similar to the 2-star rated model that we recently discussed. Then why is the price approx 4000 rupees higher here? It is in light of long-term benefits. 

This one is 4star, which means you’ll save double the energy than Samsung 244 L 3 Star model. Now, as the refrigerator is highly durable, then after a few years, you’ll definitely feel double beneficial.


  • Due to an all-around cooling technique, the temperature remains constant and uniform right from top to bottom.
  • The digital inverter technology ensures reliable operation. In case of power cuts, the smart connect inverter function will help you out in maintaining the freshness of your food items.
  • The extra feature, in contrast to the Samsung 2-star rated model, is the convenient digital display. It makes your refrigerator look more sophisticated.
  • Hidden hinges and Recessed handles provide an elegant look and make the refrigerator blend with any modern home décor.
  • A twist ice maker is present, and whenever you need ice, just perform a simple twist. The powerful and perfectly sized freezing area ensures rapid ice cubes making most of the refrigerators costing almost similar.
  • The moist, fresh zone is another add-on that ensures perishable fruits and veggies stay fresher for longer. The tight seal won’t let moisture escape in low humid conditions, while the vent will eliminate the extra moisture during high humidity conditions.

The Final Advice

Energy saving is the biggest advantage with Samsung 244 L 3 Star Refrigerator. A refrigerator is such a high-energy-sucking electrical appliance, and here, even if you save a bit of energy, you’ll see a noticeable difference in your electricity bill. With Samsung 244 L 3 Star Refrigerator, you save approx 45%, and calculations say that you’ll save enough electricity bill that you’ll be able to buy a good quality mixer for your kitchen within 8-10 months!

Not just the benefits but the cooling and freshness supporting features are highly appreciable. At this price, this model is a golden deal!
However, if you don’t want to spend those extra 4000 rupees, then you can go on with the 2-star variable.

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8. Samsung 253L Double Door 4-Star Frost Free Refrigerator

Samsung 253L Double Door 4-Star Frost Free Refrigerator

Its Samsung 253L Double Door (RT28M3424S8/HL) 4-Star Frost Free Refrigerator is yet another design masterpiece created by the well-known company Samsung. When it comes to the quality of the product, you can be confident in the efficiency of this fridge as you are covered by a warranty of one year on this item and a 10-year guarantee on its compressor.

In addition to the warranty duration, Samsung is known worldwide for offering the most efficient after-sales service for any issues its customers have. If you’re searching for an appliance for a family with a couple of members, this is one of the best options you could make.

But it will not be ideal for larger families. The auto-defrost feature in this product gives enough protection from creating ice crystals over food products.


  • Perfect for families with small children
  • Regarding its appearance and design, it’s an oversized refrigerator that features separate doors for the fridge and freezer.
  • Food stays fresh for up to twelve hours throughout the day without a power source.
  • It allows you to keep your food items and other food items in good condition for several days. The large interiors of this fridge will ensure that your leftover food items will find enough room in the refrigerator.
  • Uniform air circulation.

The Final Advice

It also has options like power cool and power freeze, which will preserve the quality of food items for as long as 12 hours. Because of these options, your food will remain fresh even when there is no power. Also, you get a user manual included with this product to make it easy to understand the various functions and operations.

The technology of the convertible freezer is ideal for large occasions when you require extra space to store food items. In these situations, you can convert your freezer to a fridge and then keep all your food items within that space.

In addition, you will also receive All Round Cooling technology from Samsung, which ensures that each area of the refrigerator is cooled with the same amount of airflow. The product is suitable for smaller families to maintain their food items.

5. Haier 195 L 4 Star Refrigerator (Single-Door Direct-Cool)

Haier 195 L 4 Star RefrigeratorHaier HRD-1954BS-R has a pretty efficient performance for the price. The cooling system highly satisfies, and you get 1-hour icing technology, which brings the freezing temperature below -5 degrees Celsius in an hour. In a year, 151 units max is what it will consume.

The exteriors of this refrigerator look so classy for its price. The handle is pretty sturdy. Another thing we liked was the lock positioned on the door side. Your milk, paneer, and dairy products will stay fresh for pretty long as there is a special cool zone in this refrigerator, especially for that purpose.


  • With the large cooling pad, it retains temperature for near to 10 hours when there is a power failure.
  • The cooling takes place pretty uniformly throughout its main shelves, also the door shelves.
  • Defrosting a refrigerator is a headache, but fortunately, you won’t suffer from Haier 195 L 4 Star Refrigerator. You will very less often need to defrost it.
  • Vitamin C Fresh filter keeps veggies and fruits fresh for up to 1 week.
  • The anti-bacterial system ensures no bacteria or fungus touches your family. Child Lock and Stabilizer free operations are other benefits.

The Final Advice

Highly suitable for smaller families of less than 4 membersHaier HRD-1954BS-R appears as cool as its performance. With fairly spacious interiors and an attractive brush metallic finish, you’ll find nothing to complain about. Power efficiency is also high. Overall, it’s a stylish-looking refrigerator, which will fit in the budget of most of you. Regarding performance, Haier 195 L will never let you down, and I won’t hesitate in recommending this decent, affordable refrigerator to you at all.

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6. Whirlpool 190L 3 Star Single Door Refrigerator

Whirlpool 190L 3 Star Single Door Refrigerator

Suppose you’re searching for an appliance with a single door that offers you the ideal blend of functionality and stunning design. In that case, your search is over at the Whirlpool 3 Star Direct Cool 190L Single Door Refrigerator. The refrigerator was created to give its consumers the ideal balance of premium food items and a stylish design. The refrigerator comes with a one-year warranty on the appliance and a five-year warranty for the compressor.

It has an overall capacity of 190L, which is ideal for couples and singles. It is not suggested to be used to cater to large families. Due to the single-door design of this item, it is important to be aware that it requires manual defrosting. Additionally, it isn’t equipped with the feature of auto-defrosting.


  • This model is Ideal for singles or couples.
  • You get a 9-hour cool retention.
  • Despite the small capacity of this product, it offers distinct specific storage space to meet every need. These shelves have been constructed using an advanced moisture slider.
  • These sliders are designed to retain the moisture content of foods, fruits, and other vegetables.
  • This refrigeraotr has Anti-bacterial airflow.

The Final Advice

There is also a separate storage basket for all of your vegetables and fruits, which makes the storage of these items quite easy and simple. This basket for vegetables and fruits gives you more space on your shelves to store your food items and other food items. Additionally, the stability-free operation of this refrigerator permits it to operate without electricity.

The cooling retention of 9 hours of this refrigerator will keep the coolness of the food temperature for up to 9 hours. This means that you do not have to manually alter the refrigerator’s temperature because it will automatically adjust itself. The chiller compartment is specifically designed to hold juice cans and other drinks.

The anti-bacterial function in this refrigerator also helps prevent the growth of infection or bacteria in the food or other foods eaten.

7. Samsung 253 L 2 Star Refrigerator (Frost Free Double Door)

Samsung 253 L 2 Star RefrigeratorThe Samsung 253 L 2 Star Refrigerator is so well built that you’ll hardly need to call a mechanic ever. It’s highly durable and budget-friendly. It has enough space for fulfilling the requirements of max 5-6 members’ families. You’ve got easy access to the food items that you’ve stored. Looks are never the issue with any Samsung Refrigerator! The vegetable crisper is pretty large, and stocking a week’s worth of veggies seems easy. This crisper maintains your fruits and veggies’ freshness for around 10 days.


  • Besides appealing exterior looks, the interiors appear equally attractive, with door racks and two toughened glass shelves providing ample space for various frozen foods.
  • It uses digital inverter compressor technology that operates at 7 different speeds relying on internal and ambient temperature as well as the quantity of food that is kept.
  • The refrigerator automatically maintains the temperature perfectly even when you store a lot of food items and keep on opening the door frequently—pretty few refrigerators of this price offer that perfection.
  • 45 minutes are enough to chill water, and cooling retention quality is appreciable as well.

The Final Advice

Samsung 253 L is priced pretty low, and 324 units of electricity are what it consumes annually. Due to smart connect inverter technology, you can power this refrigerator via an inverter in case of power failure. You don’t need to use a stabilizer even during the voltage fluctuating between 100-300 Volts. Undoubtedly, this fridge is of great value for money. 550+ units are sold on Amazon. Around 83% is the success rate. Samsung warranty (product: 1 year, compressor: 10 years ) also runs smoothly.

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8. Samsung 192L (RR20M1Y2XUT) 5-Star Single Door Refrigerator

Samsung 192L (RR20M1Y2XUT) 5-Star Single Door Refrigerator

If you’re looking for a refrigerator with a single door, you must look into purchasing this model: Samsung 1932L (RR20M1Y2XUT) 5 Star Single Door Refrigerator. Built as part of the Samsung brand and marketed under the Samsung brand, you can consider this refrigerator one of the most reliable and long-lasting products purchased at an affordable price. It has only one door, but it is attractive and can be paired with many decors for homes.

The capacity of 192L that this item has is enough for people living in single-person homes or couples. This product was not created to meet the requirements of huge families. Although you will have enough space to store everything, If you’re planning to keep any leftover food items, there could be some issues.


  • This model is ideal for singles or couples.
  • In addition to its capacity, a different aspect to consider is the manual defrosting option. The product doesn’t have the auto-defrost feature, and you’ll need to do the device by yourself.
  • If you’re concerned about any defects or issues that could arise, you will be able to benefit from the 1-year warranty for the product, and the 10-year warranty for its compressor will be your best bet.
  • This digital inverter compressor makes this device efficient and durable.
  • By using the compressor, you will be able to anticipate no noise from this appliance. It means you can perform everyday tasks without worrying about the noise from your refrigerator.
  • In the event of a power failure, it will work.

The Final Advice

The Interior of this product was specifically designed, keeping customers’ needs in mind. There is enough space to keep everything you need to store your food and beverages without moving them around. The shelves in this fridge are made with toughened glass that will not cause any damage or breakage.

It is easy to access the door of your refrigerator by using the handle of an island since it offers a great grip for the user. Stabilizer-free operations guarantee that your refrigerator functions efficiently even during power outages. Air distribution uniformly keeps food fresh.

9. Samsung 192 L 2 Star Single Door Refrigerator

Samsung 192 L 2 Star Single Door RefrigeratorIf you talk about looks, then Samsung 192 L 2 Star Refrigerator appears the best in under 15000 rupees category. We know by looks this refrigerator will attract a lot of ladies! The Tender Lily Red color with floral design blends with any home décor. Not just looks, but the cooling ability, direct cool technology, and several other features also attract you. Out of the total 192 Litres capacity, the fresh food capacity of this model is 167 Litres, while 25 Litres is the Freezer capacity. These toughened glass shelves are already tested for holding almost 150Kg safely.


  • The warranty period is 1 year on product and 10 Years on Compressor. Most importantly, Samsung is a company that doesn’t need any introduction. It is the biggest name when it comes to home electronics and appliances. The post-purchase support of Samsung is always high.
  • Even if you place heavy food items (such as a big watermelon) on the shelves, then also these shelves won’t bend, as high quality toughened glass is used for making these shelves. Even if there are milk (or other liquids) spills, cleaning will be easy.
  • It has a stabilizer-free operation, which means it works very steadily as well as reliably and also prevents electrical damage\shorting if there’re any voltage fluctuations.
  • The energy-efficient Compressor is very durable. Besides that, its safety cover makes it durable & easy to clean the backside of the refrigerator.

The Final Advice

The veg box keeps the vegetables fresh for a long time with the sturdy and durable veg box cover. The anti-bacterial gasket prevents the entry as well as the build-up of bacteria and fungi inside the refrigerator. The cheap price tag isn’t everything. The refrigerator needs to be beneficial in the long run. A refrigerator is already a high energy-consuming appliance, and if you don’t want to pay heavy bills (and cry after that), then buy Samsung 192 L 2 Star Refrigerator, as it’s durable and cheap in both the short term (price) and long term (energy efficiency and low maintenance) cases. In our testing, Samsung 192 L 2 Star model was better in various departments than Samsung 192 L 4 Star model.

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10. Whirlpool 200 L 4 Star Inverter Refrigerator

Whirlpool 200 L 4 Star Inverter RefrigeratorWhirlpool is among the best American refrigerator manufacturing brands, and they manufacture all sorts of refrigerators. Most of these are durable, and so is Whirlpool 200 L 4 Star Inverter Refrigerator. You’ve got numerous size variations with this model, but the one that we tested was this 200L model. Plasma Inverter Technology starts operations at 80V. Further, it is VDE certified for 25 years of reliability. Besides that, you get 10 years warranty on the compressor and a 1-year warranty on the product.


  • Special technology is used, which ensures your veggies stay fresh for 10 days (that’s amazing) and milk for 5 days. An embedded smart processor is present inside, which senses, adapts, and further regulates cooling inside this refrigerator.
  • In this refrigerator, you’ll find Crisper, which is the bottom-most compartment that is perfect for storing veggies and fruits, as it very well maintains the natural moisture of these veggies and fruits.
  • Flexible Adapta Shelves make it easy to organize food inside it. A removable mini shelf is also provided that helps in systematically storing various cosmetics as well as other tiny stuff (however, that compartment is not meant for that purpose especially, but you can use it for that purpose).
  • The ice-making capability of this refrigerator is decent.

The Final Advice

Firstly, it’s a 4-star energy saver, and secondly, it ensures around 12 hours of cooling retention in case of power cuts. Your food won’t spoil even during long power cuts. If you are getting such enough space, such strong cooling ability, and such a convenient shelving system at that much low price, then Whirlpool 200 L 4 Star is a very suitable purchase for you.

If you’re searching for the best 5-star refrigerator under 15000, then your search isn’t going to end, as such a refrigerator doesn’t exist, and if it does, then the overall performance would surely be not as good as Whirlpool 200 L 4 Star Inverter Refrigerator. So, better buy this one!

11. Haier 170 L 3 Star Refrigerator (Single-Door Direct Cool)

Haier 170 L 3 Star RefrigeratorHere comes the best refrigerator under 10000 rs. If you are a bachelor or having a small family, then we recommend, don’t shed much load from your wallet. Here comes Haier 170 L 3 Star for you, costing pretty much below the 10000 rupees mark. However, I won’t say that this model is as attractive as expensive LG, Samsung, etc., refrigerators, but at its price, this refrigerator is doing a great job. So, how worth is this refrigerator? Let’s know together!


  • The highly efficient cooling system maintains an almost uniform temperature. It makes ice within a 90-120 minutes period, which is impressive at this price.
  • Diamond edge freezer technology is used in the refrigerator. Due to this, it maintains the cooling for nearly 4-5 hours in case switched off.
  • The features include Stabilizer free operation, Child Lock, Anti-fungal gasket, and, most importantly, 3-star Energy ratings. 5 years warranty is also there.
  • You can conveniently adjust the shelves’ height for storing large and small stuff.
  • The vegetable tray is spacious enough for a 4-member family. Besides that, this compact refrigerator won’t consume much space. So, it is recommendable for 3-4 friends living in a dorm also.

The Final Advice

UndoubtedlyHaier 170 L is saving you from spending high and fulfilling all needs of an individual or a small family. 170L space is enough for you. If you feel it is a bit small, then there is a 190L variant tehn thee are other such models available, which carries the same features, and is reasonably priced. This cheap refrigerator ensures uniform cooling, and most importantly, is much durable than other refrigerators around this price. If a basic refrigerator is your need, and you aren’t in a mindset to spend high, then definitely buy this model, as it’s the best for you.

12. Haier 256 L 3 Star Refrigerator (Frost-Free Double Door)

Haier 256 L 3 Star RefrigeratorTalking about budget-friendly appliances, we can’t skip the name of Haier! Haier 256 L 3 Star Refrigerator is a sweet creation of Haier. The price tag is attractive, and no need to compromise on style, features, elegance, functionality, or durability! Regarding durability, we’ve read user reviews, who are rolling on with Haier 256 L 3 Star Refrigerator for 5-10 years and are entirely pleased with the performance. It ensures Stabilizer free function with the voltage varying anyway between 135V-290V.


  • Direct cool technology ensures natural air circulation in the refrigerator without any external aid. As a result, energy consumption is low here, and this brings a deduction in the price also.
  • The size says it’s enough for 5 members’ families, and you don’t need much space for placing this refrigerator in your kitchen.
  • It operates on low noise. It’s a clutter-free design with an easily removable gasket. You won’t hear any odd pops or gurgling noises.
  • The turbo icing feature produces rapid ice cubes. During testing, we found that the turbo icing feature fastens the overall cooling of this refrigerator. Very few refrigerators of this price come with such rapid cooling luxury.

The Final Advice

This frost-free refrigerator is costing a bit than the competitors, providing high efficiency and high durability. It is a no-frills refrigerator, and nothing is missing in features. Those, who have replaced their previous fridge with Haier 256 L, have mentioned that they have saved bills, and this model provided them certain modern features. Keeping all benefits in mind, this is definitely worth investing in.

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13. Haier 320 L 3 Star Refrigerator (Frost Free Double Door)

Haier 320 L 3 Star RefrigeratorTill now, we read about 250-260L refrigerators costing below 25K, and here Haier has provided a bang on the refrigerator, which is of 320L and is costing just around 2000 rupees extra than the bets refrigerators under 25000. You are able to store all sorts of food items pretty conveniently. The complaint percentage against cooling capabilities, warranty, and durability are very low. There is no need for a separate stabilizer because this 320L energy saver model protects the compressor against power fluctuations.

This refrigerator is built, keeping in mind that the user doesn’t have to bend too often. Here, the freezer is at the bottom (as you need your food items much more than those ice cubes or frozen food). Due to this, the bending is reduced up to 90%.


  • It brings 360-degree airflow and a highly reliable 10 years warranty. Haier’s post-purchase support is great.
  • Freezer capacity is 86 Litres, which is pretty much more than the competitors. So, if you prefer storing non-veg stuff, then Haier 320 L is the best for you.
  • Due to innovative 1 Hour Icing Technology, the freezer temperature comes down to -5degree Celsius in 60 minutes.
  • The fridge section of BMR is twice larger than the competitors, which lets you store a huge variety of fruits and veggies conveniently, and all will last long.
  • The cooling pads provided in Haier 320 L 3 Star Refrigerator are larger than normal, ensuring that the cooling effect is retained for over 10 hours when power cuts take place.
  • You get a twin twist ice tray, which lets you collect ice just by a simple twist. Besides that, 360-degree cooling technology rotates the cold air perfectly and evenly in the refrigerator, and air bouncing back takes place in every single direction.

The Final Advice

If you are rejecting Haier 320 L 3 Star Refrigerator and trying the find similar features and energy conservation in other refrigerator models, then you definitely will have to spend a minimum of 4000-5000 rupees extra. In short, even we felt shocked by the price of the Haier 320 L 3 Star model. If your nearby refrigerator showroom is asking for 32000-35000, then we won’t get surprised!

Keeping large capacity in mind, buying it at 5000 less than normal from Amazon is a superb decision, and let me tell you after 14 refrigerators of this price range went through our testing, we concluded choosing Haier 320 L 3 Star Refrigerator as the best one for medium size family (max 7 people). It’s undoubtedly the best-rated fridge under the 30000 category!

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14. Whirlpool 245 L 2 Star Refrigerator (Frost Free Double Door)

Whirlpool 245 L 2 Star RefrigeratorThe best thing about Whirlpool 245 L 2 Star Refrigerator is that, while its competitors are almost touching the 20K rupees figure, this one is consistently available between 15K-17K on Amazon, and definitely you’re saving money! If you ask what the price range for a good quality reliable double-door refrigerator is, then your nearby electronics store’s salesman will say, “it begins to form 20K if you are looking for features, reliability, and looks altogether.” Don’t trouble yourself. Read about the benefits. This refrigerator will surely attract you.


  • Customer reviews and ratings about this refrigerator are awesome on Amazon. This 245L double-door refrigerator is providing more than expectations, and as the brand is Whirlpool here, chances of malfunctioning are pretty less.
  • The auto defrosts feature is present to stop ice-build up. That means even if you forget to close the freezer’s door, you won’t have to do the hassle of cleaning the ice that jams the door of the freezer compartment.
  • You get a year warranty on the refrigerator and a healthy 10-year warranty on its powerful compressor.
  • Due to full circular airflow, your ice-creams will never meltdown, and you’ll find them in the exact shape you kept them inside. (Our experts already did this test).
  • Unique anti-microbial additive prevents nearly 99%* bacterial growth and ensures that your veggies and fruits remain fresh for longer.

The Final Advice

The Vegetable Crisper is loaded with innovative Honey Comb Moisture Lock-in Technology, which condenses your food’s evaporated moisture for ensuring high freshness and balanced air. The freezer compartment is big enough to store meat packets. The chilling gel releases the cool air, which is stored in it during power cuts, maintaining the freshness of your meat, especially. Benefits don’t end there! Freshonizer reduces oxidation, ensuring a long life of fruits and veggies. The active deo prevents food smell. Have you got anything to neglect buying Whirlpool 245 L 2 Star Refrigerator? Just grab this deal with both hands!

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15. Godrej 190 L 3 Star Refrigerator (Single-Door Direct-Cool)

Godrej 190 L 3 Star RefrigeratorIf you buy Godrej 190 L 3 Star Refrigerator, then besides numerous convenient features, you enjoy a 1-year warranty for the product and 10 years for the compressor.

As you can read 190 Liters (162.8 Liters Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity and 27.2 Liters Freezer Capacity) written there, this one is also suitable for a max 4 member family only. 210 Kilowatt Hours is the annual energy consumption of Godrej 190 L 3 Star Refrigerator. Most importantly, the refrigerator doesn’t make much noise as others do.


  • The food organization in this fridge is very easy, and the shelves are also built strongly. The bottle shelves are also convenient.
  • The cooling is fast and consistent. When we kept food inside it, one thing surprised us. When we opened its door, the smell of food was much lighter than the other 6 similarly priced refrigerators, which were a part of the same test.
  • The door locking system is appreciable, and so are the protection properties against bacteria and fungi.
  • The size of this refrigerator is comparatively less, making it suitable for those lacking kitchen space.

The Final Advice

You can’t expect more from a refrigerator at this price! Godrej has brought perfection with this 190L model. Don’t expect high-level features as a special box for beauty products/medicines or open door alarm, but the features which you are getting in this refrigerator at that price will make you appreciate and recommend Godrej 190 L to others as well.

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16. Whirlpool 265L (IF278-ELT) 4-Star Double Door Refrigerator

Whirlpool 265L (IF278-ELT) 4-Star Double Door Refrigerator

The appearance, as well as the performance, are impressive. Whirlpool 265L (IF278-ELT) 4-Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator is ideal for users seeking the most efficient and stylish refrigerator.

The refrigerator comes using the most modern technology, which can deliver instant results in line with customers’ expectations. You can be confident in the performance of this refrigerator since it is covered by a 1-year warranty period on the product and a 10-year guarantee for the compressor.

Beginning with its capacity, it has 265L capacity, which is sufficient for families with 2-3 members. The refrigerator will not do enough to meet the storage requirements of a large household, and it should not be considered an option to buy a large family. However, with its stunning interiors, it can adapt to the needs of a smaller family.


  • Ideal for families with three or more members.
  • DeepFreeze technology and the flexi-vents
  • This product creates little or no sound during every operation and, therefore, can be used in conjunction with normal work hours.
  • IntelliSensors control temperature automatically
  • It’s also frost-free. It is also equipped with auto-defrost, which prevents the formation of an ice-like layer over the different food items that are stored.
  • Apart from the normal functions of the refrigerator, it also looks amazing with its beautiful design.

The Final Advice

One of the distinctive and revolutionary technologies included in this refrigerator comprises 3 IntelliSensors that are equipped with AI Microprocessors. This technology allows the appliance to accurately assess the capacity inside and the outside temperature, allowing for an automated adjustment to the internal temperature. The active deodorization feature in this device prevents the creation of odors within the refrigerator.

If you prefer crystal-filled ice creams, you can take advantage of the DeepFreeze technology used in this product. This technology can keep the entire circle of airflow which ensures the ice cream remains in its ideal solid form. You will also receive several flexi-vents that assure uniform cooling in the refrigerator.

17. BPL 564 L Refrigerator (Frost Free Side-by-Side)

BPL 564 L RefrigeratorIf you talk about highly efficient frost-free side-by-side refrigerators, then they cost crazy and are out of budget for most Indian families. It’s the best side-by-side refrigerator in India currently at this price. However, these refrigerators suit the best for a larger family (no matter a dozen people), and if the refrigerator is durable, then it’s a one-time investment for you. 

But, still, the price issue is there! Side-by-side models of companies like Samsung, Haier, Godrej, etc., were costing high. Certain users felt that these refrigerators aren’t true value for money.

As a result, we chose BPL 564 L after complete testing for you, which brings the same convenience as the refrigerators of the leading companies provide and costs much cheaper in comparison. Even being 564L refrigerators, the makers have designed it compact. The warranty here is – product: 1 year, compressor: 5 years.


  • Generally, the Indian public doesn’t prefer buying such humongous home appliances online, but after seeing near to 400 customer reviews on Amazon, we concluded that users are highly trusting BPL 564 L Refrigerator. The overall rating is also strong.
  • Side by side refrigerators, as they are pretty big, and are doing a massive job, consume tons of energy. Fortunately, BPL 564 L Refrigerator consumes nothing more than 1.1units per day.
  • The in-built LED touch panel, as well as contemporary design, helps you to access and control the temperature settings instantly.
  • Even at night, you can carry on undisturbed conversations, as these refrigerators operate pretty quietly.
  • The multi-airflow system circulates cool air throughout this refrigerator. You’ll find that your food got cooled and froze pretty rapidly and ensures freshness of food for an unbelievably long time.
  • The overall design of this refrigerator ensures easy everyday usage. Each shelf consists of vents for circulating cool air throughout the whole refrigerator, and this also keeps the refrigerator odorless.

The Final Advice

Right from pullout drawers, through efficient and even cooling, rapid cooling and freezing technologies, water dispenser convenience, or the internal and exterior looks of this refrigerator, everything appeals to you to buy BPL 564 L Refrigerator. Cost is probably the biggest factor that made us add this refrigerator to our list. Most importantly, we were concentrating only on single and double-door refrigerators).

It will fulfill all desires related to a side-by-side door refrigerator. It serves as the best value for a money refrigerator for a joint family for years to come! The only drawback is, its compressor is not inverter type (however, the refrigerator is an expert in cool retention). If that doesn’t affect you, then this fridge is 200% worth purchasing.

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18. Mitashi 52 L 2 Star Refrigerator (Single-Door Direct-Cool)

Mitashi 52 L 2 Star RefrigeratorMostly, when you buy a mini-fridge, you are left with certain unfulfilled desires. Storage is the obvious thing to compromise, but there are certain other things also. With Mitashi 52 L 2 Star Refrigerator, you don’t need to worry. It’s a decent direct cool mini refrigerator, which is rated 2 stars for energy saving.

Hardly you find such a big bottle guard for tall bottles in other mini-refrigerators. The small row of beverages is also pleasing. The ice tray has 12 compartments and is flexible, ensuring easy ice cubes release.


  • However, it can’t cool as fast as the bigger refrigerators, but due to direct cool technology, it cools faster than most of the other mini-refrigerators costing something near to it.
  • It comes with wired shelves, which save space and let you store more food.
  • Mechanical temp control, Manual defrost Button (manual defrost helps in saving around 40% of the energy consumption), and adjustable leg is the leading features of Mitashi 52 L 2 Star Refrigerator.
  • Freezer capacity is 4 Liters, which is good for a mini-refrigerator of this price range. 5 Years warranty is there.
  • R600A refrigerant is used in this refrigerator, which gives a higher and consistent performance in cooling and also causes 0% ozone depletion potential.
  • You can place this refrigerator in your bedroom for the purpose of easy access to emergency medicines at night (Several special medicines need to be stored in cool).

The Final Advice

For people with smaller kitchensMitashi 52 L 2 Star Refrigerator is the best, and for those living in dormitories, it’s the super best choice. Also, it’s a decent refrigerator for your bedroom. If at midnight you feel the need to enjoy a beer or lonely ice cream, and this little refrigerator is placed beside your bed, just think how convenient it would be! No need to walk to the kitchen!

This easily portable 15 kg model is definitely worth the purchase, and trust us, if you are looking for a small, reasonable, and long-lasting mini-refrigerator, then you can hunt nothing better than Mitashi 52 L 2 Star Refrigerator.

Buying Guide To Purchase The Best Refrigerator

Buying Guide To Purchase The Best Refrigerator

Finding the very best fridge for your house is very personal. For some, fridges with a top freezer will certainly verify to be the most effective since they fit in tiny spaces. 

For others, refrigerators having a bottom freezer (whether criterion or french door) indicate that they don’t need to flex down frequently to get to veggie as well as fruit drawers. Side-by-side fridges often tend to be bigger, so they take up a lot more space in your kitchen yet also supply even more room for your food.

Variety of styles:

 You’ll go through each type of fridge– and also why you may or could not desire a top freezer or a french door. Keep Reading!

Top-rated models at multiple price points:

Since no one fridge can be the most effective for every person, we set out to find choices that would certainly be a good area to start, regardless of your requirements. 

Our expert team researched 255 hours and also looked at customer reviews on websites to find versions that have confirmed themselves to be most convenient as well as dependable. Our picks are favorites for affordability, efficiency, durability as well as style.

How to Find the Best Refrigerator? Buying Guide

How to Find the Best Refrigerator Buying Guide

For finding the best models to buy, you must know some basic considerations. After knowing the following essential points, picking up the fridges for you will be surely easy:

1. Measure your space

Fridges differ by deepness, width, and height, and it’s essential to know exactly what dimension you need to be searching for. If it’s too big, you invite the risk of not having the ability to fit your new fridge via the kitchen area door, let alone fit it inside your kitchen. If it’s too little, and it could keep an eye out of the area.

Depending upon the quantity of room readily available, you could find that particular types of refrigerators won’t work for your space. If you are working with a little area, your most likely choice will be a top freezer. 

If the space in between your refrigerator and your home’s kitchen area is narrow nevertheless, a refrigerator with two doors will certainly make it simpler to reach in and also get hold of the carton of milk without letting it hit the door on the cabinet.

2. Consider your refrigerator type.

Consider your refrigerator type.

After considering physical restraints, pick your refrigerator based upon the features that are most essential to you.

Top freezers: Top freezers are one of the most affordable, but they do not look particularly fancy as well as usually do not include ice or water dispensers in the door.

French door refrigerators: Normally, a French door refrigerator has nicer glass shelving options as well as drawers. However, they have a tendency to be among one of the most costly refrigerators.

Bottom freezers: The bottom freezer looks relatively attractive, normally being available in stainless steel coatings, and is easy to use. By tucking away icy foods near the bottom, they maintain your everyday food at the eye as well as hand level. This can make it pretty tough to dig up your fully frozen peas, nevertheless, though some versions include freezer baskets to assist in organizing the room.

Side-by-side refrigerators: Side-by-side fridges generally occupy more area in your kitchen than various other designs, for giving you more area in the freezer than with any kind of various other types of the refrigerator. The freezer area often tends to be slightly slim, making it challenging to fit in large pizza boxes.

3. Choose the right size

Larger isn’t always better, considering refrigerators. Your optimal refrigerator size depends first on your offered cooking area space and 2nd on your home dimension as well as cooking preferences. In general, you should approximate between 4 and also 6 cubic feet of storage space for each grownup in your home, or around 20 cubic feet if you have a household of four.

…………………………………………………. If your family prefers making much home-cooked meals or prefers keeping a large gather of icy or fresh food, then choosing s larger size refrigerator will be necessary.

4. Locate your nearest repair center

Locate your nearest repair center

One of the essential aspects of acquiring a significant appliance in purchasing where you can repair it. 

We hope that the refrigerators you’re buying will certainly run smoothly for at the very least ten years without repair work, but if you’re purchasing the refrigerator that our expert team has recommended, then your refrigerator will work smoothly for a very long time.

Nevertheless, if your refrigerator won’t stay chilly or your breaker trips regularly, having repair work at your close-by store or calling a customer care center for a substitute can make your fridge the best entirely. 

Most manufacturers have fridge customer care centers throughout the country, and each company maintains a search web page to aid you in finding the one closest to you.

5. Size, Shape, and Design

Modern refrigerators are available in various sizes, shapes, and also cost brackets. As opposed to acquiring a refrigerator quickly, you should choose one intelligently after having a correct understanding of contemporary fridges. Investing in a refrigerator is a significant financial choice.

As you will have to use this appliance for day-to-day life and a long time in your kitchen, you can get one either with a solitary door, double door, or three-way doors relying on your requirement, taste, and also preference.

Fridges are available in several shade combinations and eye-catching patterns. If you wind up buying the incorrect product, you will regret it later, and your tough generated income will certainly be spoiled. 

For that reason, you must have a proper understanding of all the types of features of fridges to select one. After fully reading our informative guide, you will surely select the right and appropriate item for your family. It is always better to buy just a bit bigger refrigerators, as who knows when visitors visit you!

6. Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

It would be risky to purchase a refrigerator that will certainly offer you a hefty electricity bill. An Energy Star certified refrigerator is provided after being checked for efficiency in power consumption. Energy rankings vary from 1 to 5, and greater ratings represent much less power usage.

 See to it that the fridge you purchase has to be energy efficient with at least a 3-star ranking as the higher the variety of power score, the less you need to spend on electricity costs and also power usage. You can save approximately 30% of energy by purchasing a star-rated fridge.

7. Food Habits of Your Family

You should bear in mind the food routines of your family before choosing the fridge for your household. You ought to consider such factors as how much food you require to save as well as just how many veggies you typically keep in the refrigerator.

 Do inspect the space for bottles, ice trays, and eggs. Only you know how much food you require to store in the refrigerator and also make a decision space accordingly.

8. Interior of the Refrigerator

Interior of the Refrigerator

You have to be particularly alert in the direction of the internal space of the fridge you are preparing to buy, as the interior space will be utilized by you for keeping your food and veggies. That may be because some space inside the fridge will certainly not be functional at all.

 Sometimes, a fridge looks larger from the outside, but actually, when you start utilizing it, you may think that the internal space isn’t as much as you had expected. That may happen as a few refrigerators have unusable internal space, so checking the internal space properly is essential while purchasing a refrigerator.

9. Defrosting Type

Defrosting is also an essential function to consider about. A refrigerator can be totally automated, semi-automatic/frost totally free. You should purchase the one with frost-free technology as it will prevent ice-buildup, which will save you from much trouble. Fridges can be generally divided into 3 types on the basis of their defrosting kind:

10. Direct Cool Refrigerator

Direct Cool Refrigerator

These fridges use the all-natural convection procedure to develop the chilling effect. These refrigerators include a single door choice and also require to be defrosted regularly. As these fridges call for much less electrical power, they are extra economical.

11. Frost Free Refrigerator

Nowadays, nearly all refrigerators come with frost-free technology, which removes frosts regularly at small intervals automatically. Electric fans are made use of to circulate amazing air uniformly inside the refrigerator. They take in use more power than direct cool fridges. Frost-free fridges usually come with longer life.

12. Suitable Place for the Refrigerator

Suitable Place for the Refrigerator

Even more essential is a room where you are going to set up the refrigerator in your home. If you have larger space in the cooking area, you can select a large fridge with side-to-side doors; otherwise, you can go in for a single or dual door fridge that will cover less area.

The size & shape of the fridge can be decided as per the shape of your kitchen, where you will keep the refrigerator.

Make it a point to leave some space on all sides of your refrigerator so that the warmth vents out promptly from the motor.  You will certainly have to invest a lot more money in the long run on the maintenance of the fridge if you do not leave the proper space around the refrigerator.

 Our expert team recommends you leave a minimum of 5cm space on every side of your refrigerator. It will provide optimum results.

Credit: Dealfixkaro

Best Refrigerator Brands In India



Regarding quality, Haier is the best brand. Haier fridges became preferred after they introduced the revolutionary bottom mount refrigerator in India.

 Moreover, they carry value moderately and also are a lot more budget-friendly than other brands in the same course. Haier’s coolest function is a one-hour awesome innovation that is a boon for people who are constantly in a rush.

Qualified as well as budget-friendly, Haier refrigerators likewise come with energy star rankings for lower electrical power expenses. The drawers glide efficiently; the LED illumination makes it very easy to see the food, and also adjustable humidity control lets consumers organize the settings.

 Numerous designs are convertible, have twin twist ice-trays, stabilizer cost-free procedure, as well as a bigger crisper for much better storage space. Altogether, Haier fridges unite convenience and also comfort.



Whirlpool house appliances have been commonly recognized as the very best in a class by many people. It unites advancement, the convenience of usage, design, as well as utility to create highly acclaimed refrigerators. Filled with IntelliSense and also AI microprocessor, Whirlpool fridges are marketed as the best original ones in the category.

Perhaps the most ingenious feature of Whirlpool refrigerators is their ability to optimize temperature levels based upon an evaluation of food items as well as outdoor temperature levels.

 Consistent cooling is achieved with Flexi-vents as well as anti-bacterial filters that make certain fresh and cool air in all sections of the refrigerator. Anti-odor action is, and also, you can obtain optimal quality with lowered oxidation capability. The vegetable crisper is huge. 

Ice twister and collector make it simple to use ice. Deep freeze keeps the ice cream as it must be, without water crystals, as well as complimentary appearances contribute to the charm. Obtain a Whirlpool refrigerator to have a smart, lovely enhancement to your residence appliances.



Once upon a time, Samsung was the best in terms of refrigeratoers. The company has actually been the favorite residence device brand in India now. Many thanks to the excellent products on offer at budget prices.

Quality customer support, as well as service choices, add to its brand value. Samsung fridge offers even more space and is made for all sorts of use. You will generally feel that the storage space capability of Samsung refrigerators is greater than other brands.

The most current technology of temperature level control for the freezer and also refrigerator has actually made Samsung an extensively preferred fridge brand in the nation. 

Other functions consist of digital Inverter modern technology, ice tray that can be twisted, recess handle, and also the hidden hinges all make Samsung refrigerators a deserving investment for a household.

4. LG


High quality, advanced technology, worth for cash, durability are some of the best features of LG products. In general, customer satisfaction has made LG a preferred brand. You can get single-door, double-door, mini-refrigerators as well as side-by-side fridges at great costs from LG. 

Adjustable shelves, thermostat water, ice, and deodorizer, moisture control, control dispensers, designs with built-in stabilizers are all readily available in LG refrigerators. 

Twist ice-maker tray allows you to easily remove the ice cubes from the tray into the container provided. The company understands that fridges in Indian households are used oftentimes in a day. Interest has been paid to the longevity of the item also. Energy-efficient refrigerators from LG make it a trusted brand of refrigerators in India.



Regarding durability, Bosch is the best company in terms of durability of your fridge. Bosch uses a leading range of technically advances house appliances. 

This consists of cleaning devices, dishwashers, and also, of course, refrigerators. Because the brand delights in a lot of reputation throughout the world, thanks to German design behind it, it does enjoy a specific niche market of its very own in India.

Bosch fridges supply superb storage space as well as simple shelves that can be gotten used to aid you in effectively organize the food items. The all-around flow of chilly air within the refrigerator, as well as icy food just in the freezer, make Bosch fridges a preferred choice of customers.

 Reliable in energy intake, together with a sophisticated German innovation for freshness and the lowest noise models, Bosch brings deluxe to your residence. Functions like a new air filter, container grid, all-natural lift shelf, multi airflow-system, large box, active warning system by temperature rise, etc., make it a recommended brand.



It was the overall best refrigerator brand in India 2017 as per leading experts. Similar to Godrej, Videocon appreciates the credibility of home-brand in India. 

While it started with few devices, currently, Videocon provides virtually everything you might require in electronic devices. Whether it is a solitary door or multi-door fridges. Videocon has many designs in each. 

Moreover, refrigerators have been made, maintaining Indian preferences in mind. So, you can select one of the numerous colors that match your house design. While high quality and durability are something we know Videocon for, the brand has actually also presented some innovative refrigeration features in their models.

Personalized glass racks, available setups, air filter, LED light, severe air conditioning, power efficiency, and so on are a few of the features of Videocon refrigerators. They also have outstanding after-sales support, and also spares are easily available.



The ultimate Indian brand credited with introducing an inexpensive range of refrigerators in India. Godrej recognizes the pulse of Indian consumers. 

The brand has actually maintained its customer’s assumptions by presenting fantastic features as well as offering some advanced methods. Godrej refrigerators have a loyal Indian market that declines to switch to other brands. 

The brand delights in a track record for being one of the most budget-friendly refrigerator brands. Godrej offers best-in-class power efficiency, deep bottom refrigerator tray, marginal cooling loss, big capability vegetable tray, thickest insulation, door lock, unbreakable glass racks, and various other various features in its variety of fridges.

 The brand is dedicated to making environment-friendly products. Godrej fridges have no ozone depletion potential and also the lowest International Warming Prospective.



Siemens is Germany based international company, which offers leading-edge modern technology in all its home appliances, consisting of fridges. Great ideas, innovations, and also fantastic technologies are integrated to provide cooling appliances that are more straightforward as well as sophisticated. 

Food stored will stay fresh, healthy, and balanced as well as crisp longer– thanks to the hyper-fresh technology provided by Siemens in their fridges. 

Siemens possess impressive side-by-side fridges and double-door Flexi-refrigerators. Freshness, as well as convenience, is ensured. In-door Digital LED digital panels are there to offer control, which can be set as per the optimal temperature for food stored. Large capability with versatile areas for saving grocery stores of different sizes.

 You can choose between the lower freezer and also the top freezer based on your preferences. They are not economically priced, yet they do supply some world-class technologies. The surface of the Siemens fridges is irresistible, and they are worth all the price.



The multinational home appliances brand from Sweden, Electrolux, is a Swedish company and provides stylishly designed products with great features such as smart and intense air conditioning.

Electrolux is a name to reckon with in the cooking area home appliances market. Electrolux home appliances are additionally commonly used as a business service for several cooking area requirements such as cooking and refrigeration. 

So the brand takes pleasure in popularity in the Indian market. The latest enhancement to Electrolux’s brigade of refrigerators is the three-way door fridge. It is additionally referred to as the French door fridges.

 It additionally boasts of a unique perfect temp drawer where you can pick the temperature level of the food items as well as they will certainly stay complete & ready for serving. 

Electrolux fridges look attractive and grab the attention of customers. The features are appealing, and also, the prices are reasonable. This is what makes Electrolux a top fridge brand in India.



Another leading brand of fridges in India is Panasonic, the Japanese international electronic devices company. You can pick from a variety of bottom freezers, top freezers, dual doors, refrigerator doors, multi-door, frost-free refrigerators at budget-friendly costs.

Panasonic refrigerators feature Econavi Sensing units that can spot and also evaluate problems of usage to preserve suitable cooling and also stay clear of throwing away power. 

They also have consistent air conditioning functionality. Besides that, they have powerful air filters to maintain bacteria, molds, and other hazardous organisms away. You can easily change unbreakable glass shelves; the feature of moisture control is there. Most importantly, the veg crisper contrasts with the very best in class when we talk about storage. 

Now, Let’s Conclude With a Quick Lookup

Now, Let's Conclude With a Quick Lookup

The refrigerator is a necessary element of our kitchen, and we’re mostly making 24 hours use of it. So, picking the perfect refrigerator is always important. We recommend certain sorts of refrigerators and different price points, and we’ll revise everything now.

Haier 170 L 3 Star is the budget choice. If you want a refrigerator for dorms or less-space rooms, then Mitashi 52 L 2 Star mini model serves the best. 

For a 4-member family, our best recommendation is Whirlpool 200 L 4 Star model. At a mid-price, Whirlpool 190 L 3 Star impressed the best regarding fast cooling.

Further, for meat storing, Whirlpool 245 L 2 Star is the best. At mid-range, LG 260 L 4 Star is the best double-door model. 

Talking about user’s convenience, Haier 256 L 3 Star model stands the tallest because of its unique design. In the end, Haier 320 L 3 Star can be the best choice if you are looking for a fridge under 30000. Also, BPL 564 L Frost Free Side-by-Side model is the most impressive selection under 50000! For joint families, it’s the model!

Besides that, we’ve also reviewed three super fantastic single-door refrigerators, read LG Refrigerator Single Door and Haier Refrigerator

In case you’re having a big family and looking for double door refrigerators with big capacity, then read Voltas Beko Refrigerator. You’ll be amazed by knowing what these refrigerators provide!

When you are spending this high on a refrigerator, safety is also a big consideration for ensuring the long life of your refrigerator, and cutting of repairing hassle and costs, lookup for a stabilizer.

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